Why You Should Invest in Real Assets – Robert Kiyosaki, @John MacGregor, Mike Mauceli

Most Americans still think our government will protect them. The world is changing at an alarming rate, yet most people here waddle stubbornly through the crosswalk, so to speak, still believing that this country has the right of way and holding tight to their 401(k)s. Today’s guests make the case for ditching paper assets and putting your money in assets the government can’t print. 

If you think investing for the long term is a sure thing, you may want to listen carefully to this week’s show. John MacGregor, author of the book “The Top 10 Reasons the Rich Go Broke” says, “Most people have a buy and hope strategy. Hope is not a retirement strategy.” 

Mike Mauceli, says, “Most people who have made a lot of money over their career want to put their money where they can generate cash flow and not pay taxes, legally.” 

There are many benefits to investing in commodities like gas and oil, other than the cash flow. As today’s guest explains,  You get to deduct 15 percent of the well’s gross income each year. This is called depletion. It’s like depreciation, only you get it every year, even after you have deducted all of the IDC and the depreciation.

Robert Kiyosaki and guests John MacGregor and Mike Mauceli discuss why you should get out of the rat race and into the fast track, now. 

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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki Mr radio show A very very important program if I could Pop my book here this is richtaz Prophecy It came out in 2013. it says why the Biggest stock market crash in history is Still coming I have bad news for you It’s here we’re going down big time this Year and so that’s why it’s I’m glad you Listened to the Rich Dad radio program So you don’t have to be a victim of all This wokism and uh stupidity out there In the marketplace now here with two Long time friends Um they’re going to bring two different Perspectives on investing and stocks and Most importantly raising capital Mike Maselli and John McGregor and I are Here we’re going to in a few minutes or A few hours we’ll be at Arizona State University And we’re teaching the honors program at Barrett College The Tom Lewis program And we’re going to be talking about Entrepreneurship but how to raise Capital because both so if you’re if You’re going to be an entrepreneur it’s Your number one skill can you raise Capital the difference is is that Mike Maselli raises capital from people like

Me if you’ve played the cash flow board Game you’ll notice as a fast track in The real world those are called Accredited investors in other words if You have money the investing strategies Are different and John McGregor is a Dear friend from Hawaii And he he he uh he raises Capital he Sells Investments or he used to To the E’s and s’s employees and small Business owners So the big important lesson to learn Today is that if you’re rich one of the Reasons you get richer is because by law You can only invest in a certain things So I’m going to be talking about how They raise Capital which is the main Theme of what would be talking about at Arizona State University That’s a very important program because If you want to survive this crash Best to be an entrepreneur so welcome to The program Mike thank you Robert I Appreciate it and John always great to Be here Robert thank you so what’s your Background yeah so I’ve been in the Financial industry for over 27 years now I wore a lot of hats circled the globe In the financial industry a very Successful career Um doing institutional Consulting I did A lot of work with individuals of all Walks of life all wealth ranges a lot of Business owners as well then I was a

National sales director as well so and What was a what was a firm you worked With Um I started with Merrill Lynch and then I went to nuvine and then I ended up at A independent Financial brokerage firm We had over 16 000 advisors the largest In the industry and that was called LPL Financial yeah what was it called LPL Financial yeah and this is John’s book Here it’s called the top 10 reasons the Rich go broke powerful stories that will Transform your financial life forever And this is a very important book Because if you think you’re rich today This book’s going to kick in right now Because a lot of people who are feeling Good today tomorrow will be broke Because as I said in Rich Dad Poor Dad Your house is not an asset and for much Of my generation boomer generation their House is the biggest asset and it’s Crashing right now So the crash is here so anyway tell us About this book John yeah I mean this Was actually your idea Robert these are Based on real life stories of people That I knew that had everything and then Lost it all due to a common Psychological issue that most people Have we call the bear trap and these are People that Robert you and I know that I Mean did extremely well in lost well and Based on you know today’s conversation

One of the key stories that I talk about One of the one of the train wrecks and By the way the overarching mission uh The overarching message of this book is Learning from people’s successes is Smart but learning from their mistakes Is genius and I think that’s why this Book has been so popular but but one of The main stories that pertains to today Is someone saying my company will take Care of me and that is a recipe for Disaster when you think your company or Someone else is going to take care of You that always always leads in Financial despair because you look at Where the layoffs are starting is Starting the banking industry Because they they don’t need no no no Loan processors and stuff like this Because real estate market is crashing And the trouble with the real estate Market is the stock market bond market Real estate market Trouble with the real estate market when It goes down it’s like a sinkhole it Takes businesses neighborhoods it takes Everything with them Because it affects so many more people Where a stock you know you could lose Apple and you’re not an apple it doesn’t Affect you But when you lose a business or real Estate and all this it takes everything Down with them

So that’s why right now there’s Migrations out of certain States and Into certain States And one of the places I’m migrating to Is Texas yeah and this is Mike Maselli And he in fact he talks to investors Like me the accrediteds And again message here is this there’s One of the reasons the rich get richer Is they invest in different Investments So Mike is my oil guy and the reason I Like oil is because you can’t print oil You can print stocks you can print ETFs You can print money but you can’t print Oil yet at least so welcome to the Program Mike well thank you Robert I’m Glad to be here today so give us a Little bit of your background okay I’ve Been in the oil and gas business since Uh 1980 oh quite a while and uh I Started my company my own company in 1987. uh We’ve drilled you know in Argentina we’ve drilled in Canada we’ve Drilled in the United States and and you Know as far as what’s going on in the Industry today I mean it besides what You read in the uh media you know Obviously oil and gas is going to be Around for a long time I mean it’s not Going away anytime soon and I don’t Think solar panels and windmills are Going to supply the energy that we need In the world even though they’re a vital Part you know but we need all forms of

Energy right and what I say is that Civilization runs on energy And if we don’t have enough energy or The price of energy goes up instead of Living has come down And that’s why what happened when our Buddy Biden Took the Keystone XL pipeline offline it Made me richer because oil that Mike and I were selling from our oil wells in North Dakota and Louisiana and Texas We’re selling at 30 bucks a barrel yeah And in 2000 when when Biden got elected Well went to a spike to 130. So suddenly I liked Biden a lot anyway For the oil and industry even tried to Kill it So Mike um A big boom that came to America with Fracking right right can you talk about That really quickly what happened yeah Uh well the United States back you know If if you look back at all the world Wars and the wars that we’ve had in in Around the globe I mean the majority of Them have been fought over oil and uh Even the Ukrainian you know uh thing That’s going on now the water that’s Going on now that’s also being fought Over oil even though it’s not said so Because Ukrainian has some of the Largest reserves of natural gas and you Know in in Europe so you know Russia Obviously doesn’t want that competition

With them entering into into the uh you Know with the other country so that’s One of the reasons why they’re trying to Take it back uh but as far as fracking You know the U.S used to be the number One oil producer in the world and then In about 1970 we had produced a lot of The reserves here in the U.S through the Conventional manners we’ve known these Unconventional reservoirs have been Around for you know ever since people Have been drilling through them they Just didn’t have the technology in order To get the oil out of the ground and uh So it wasn’t until they came in and Started using some old technology which Allowed them to to use horizontal Drilling and hydraulic fracturing Actions have been around since the 1940s And they’ve continued to improve on that And that obviously during the Trump Administration brought us back to the You know number one energy producer in The world and you know we were going to Obviously be the most dominant energy Producer in the world until this Administration came on and started Pushing the green New Deal again why are They doing that I think there’s a lot of lobbyists I Think that you know there’s a lot of Money to be made in this in this big Push that’s a screen the middle class You know because when the price of oil

Goes up inflation goes through the roof I don’t think they really get that get That they said they’re seeing it now Certainly but you know they’re in it for The money and people have made a lot of Money on this green push Yeah I have too because I’ve been Selling carbon credits you know and all That stuff I missed good But can uh if we cut all the oil off Right now could wind and solar replace The energy we need no way in fact uh When in solar I mean they you know well Look at look at Germany for example I Mean a prime example Germany uh you know They tried to push this green green push And now they’ve gone back to burning Coal and wood the top they’re chopping Down trees now yeah because it’s going To be so cold this winter And it and and if you look at China and You look at Russia and you look at India I mean none of these countries are Embracing this climate Accord I mean It’s just the U.S is pushing this and Hoping these other countries are going To come along but China they’re building A new coal-fired power plant every week Jesus And Coles and the biggest pollutants There is especially in in China and now Europe’s gone back they’re they’re Starting to burn coal and I think that I Did hear that uh in in Europe I mean in

England you know they’re going to go Back to fracking Wells now so obviously They’re seeing that this hasn’t worked Either and it’s it’s just been a big Boondoggle where you know these these These green I mean there’s a lot of There’s a small group of green activists That are trying to push and do away with With hydrocarbons and you know one of The things that you can look at you know And you don’t hear a lot of talk about Is that these windmills are actually Killing Fields I mean they kill birds They kill eagles they kill Raptors I Mean they kill all types of birds and You know and they want to continue to Put these massive amount of windmills up And if you look at one gas-powered power Power plant Uh if you were to take that power plant Offline it would take if you use solar It would you would have to have 40 Square miles of solar and produce the Same amount of energy as one gas-fired Power plant right So you know what so that’s that’s our Comments on the um this Grand New Deal Stuff and Trump actually made us back Into a net exporter that’s correct and Uh naturally the Communists of America’s Left nail us I can’t believe it can you believe that John I can believe it um when you think About the motive the left has an

Insatiable appetite for power and Control The end justifies the means they Don’t care who they destroy they hate The middle class because the middle Class is fairly independent they go to Work they get a job they get their Paycheck they have their 401k or maybe a Pension they can’t stand that so we say The left is stupid they’re not stupid They’re doing exactly what they plan on Doing this is not by accident this is Intentional they want to squeeze the Middle and the lower class as much as Possible put their boot on their neck as Hard as possible so they beg for Normalcy and when they beg for normalcy That’s when an authoritarian arises That’s what a dictator comes in every Time there’s hyperinflation dictators Arise revolutions come up that was Stalin Mao uh Lenin and uh Hitler And we’re cruising for that right now Hyperinflation pisses people off can’t Put food on the table they can’t afford To live lifestyle crashes standard of Living crashes But the bad thing is because this energy Is driving a lot of it plus too much Money It makes uh everything expensive and We’re crushing us so anyway I’m going to Tell a quick story before we go to break Here I listen with Dinesh D’Souza he Wrote the he did the documentary 2000

Meals about the uh election that was Stolen from Trump but they said no it Wasn’t stolen I mean Dinesh proves it Was And he says the pr I was I was a Conference in Dallas with him with Prager University and Dinesh gets up There and he says the trouble with America is America was founded on the Revolutionary War it wasn’t a war it was A street fight And it says it wasn’t a big war It was a street fighter what’s the Difference he says Back at the Revolutionary War the British come walking in they’re wearing Red coats you know come shoot me shoot Me shoot me and they’re marching around Their Red Coats you know and the Americans are saying okay we’ll shoot You or something So the Americans hide in the bushes and The trees and you know they shoot them The stupid British just walk around You’re saying they stand up there and They load their muscles Americans are Lying down the British are going you Can’t do that you’re not supposed to lie Down you’re not supposed to hide behind A tree and Americans are shooting for Magic trees so I said where are you Going with us today she goes He says today the conservatives are the Redcoats

Yeah and the left are the they’ll throw Anything they’ll fight dirty look at the Raid Mar-A-Lago they do all these things With drugs and all this Direct the FBI that rigged the elections And we’re marching around the Conservatives the capitalists and red Coats and saying shoot me and they’re Shooting us right now so anyway ladies And gentlemen we’re at War right now but We’re gonna get back to how to raise Capital when we come back we’ll be right Back thank you [Music] 99 of stocks are in the red that’s right The new world economy is volatile enough To 99 of stocks in a single day Like it did just last month This Disaster had many of you asking Robert I’m Diversified why is my portfolio Still in the red but he’s been telling You for years people aren’t diversifying In the right way and Goldman Sachs Agrees they just released a shocking Report declaring the classic 60 40 stock Bond strategy is doomed for the next Decade already down 20 this year and for Those who think they can day trade value Hunter outsmart the market think again Goldman is radically reallocating from Stocks into real assets like Fine Art Which aligns with what Roberts always Preaches invest in real assets real Assets like art can not only protect

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Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show and again we’re in the Room with dear friends for a long time John McGregor and Mike Maselli John John Is in the category of the unwashed it’s Called financial planners but I forgive Him for that I’m recovering recovery and Mike Mike Maselli again if you’ve played The cash flow game is a thing called The Fast Track and the reason you want to Get out of the Rat Race onto the fast Track is that’s where the accredited Investors invest and there’s not that Many of them but one of the reasons They’re rich get richer is they get Better Investments And they pay less taxes so that’s the Difference here so John when you’re Marketing to You know employees and small business Owners and all that what are you telling Them I mean I mean in this market today Look at this thing and this is Rich Dad’s prophecy 2013 Is now 2020 to September 2022 this Mark Is coming going to come down big time Big Time so what what are you saying to People well most most people sadly have A buy and hope strategy they buy their Investments their mutual funds and their 401k and they just hope everything’s Going to work out as I’ve said before in The show hope is not a retirement Strategy and that’s what most people do

They have their head in the sand and so Far they’ve woken up today and they’ve Seen their 401K down by 20 30 25 30 Percent wondering what happened and this Is not over and um if people think that That’s gonna get better it’s not things Are going to get a lot worse as Robert Says and the biggest bubble of all most People don’t know this is corporate Credit and what was happening during the Boom they kept dropping interest rates Into zero interest rates many companies Couldn’t grow their companies so they Would borrow off the balance sheet of Their company and they’d buy back their Stock and they would stock the company Full of this debt to buy back their Stock you know like apple just uses Their credit to buy more Apple stock I Mean that’s what it means And now the stock markets are crashing The same with bond market is recent London or England just went down Is they couldn’t make the pensions to Define benefit pensions for the people So what they did is they borrowed money At zero percent To buy bonds at three percent hoping That would pay for the retirees and There’s like an America 10 000 a day Retiring today And all of a sudden when they raised They when they did that thing with the Reverse and the interest rates dropped

Bond market shrub Bond Mark has been Crushed but most people don’t realize Here’s the thing you can make money in Up markets of course sideways markets And you can definitely be making money In this downward Market people just Don’t understand I mean I teach a very Simple simple investment strategy where You can be making money in any any type Of Market it’s the same strategy my my 92 year old father is generating 12 to 15 000 a month consistently as a hobby He doesn’t even need the money so things You can make money in these markets Regardless of what’s going on right and So the difference here is John stays in Paper He’s never offered me a deal yet because You know I won’t touch it you know I Won’t touch anything you can print As for if you can print it toilet paper Is printable you know I mean that’s how I look at it so Mike um when you talk to An accredited investor like me what’s The difference between talking to a 401k Person Well it says John said you know a lot of People with 401ks they’re a Buy and Hold Strategy I think most people that are Accredited and have made a lot of money In their career I mean one they want to They want to put that money to work Where they can generate cash flow and Two they want to uh not pay taxes and

Lately yeah John and I talk about dancing to Hula And some jail cells a boyfriend you know Well I guess these new 87 000 new IRS Agents are going to make everybody do it Legally but uh But anyway as far as oil and gas you Know you have what’s called uh Intangible drilling costs deductions or Idcs and idc’s is is pretty much you can Write off right at about 70 75 percent Of that in a well so an investor that’s Coming in and uh who has a who is in a Top tax bracket he’s able to actually Create a savings because the federal Government is coming in and they’re Actually uh sliding that off because They want it you know they want people To find regardless of what you read in The paper today I mean we still need oil And gas reserve so those tax advantages Are still there so in essence if you’re In a 35 tax bracket and say you invest a Hundred thousand dollars that’s about a Twenty seven thousand dollar savings uh That that that you’re able to gain you Know right when you invest so that Reduces the amount of risk you have or Money you have at risk right that’s what Tom will write writes about in his Tax-free wealth book you he talks about Tax breaks our incentives so if you Start a business to give you an Incentive for that you go for oil to

Provide housing they’re in tax Incentives But if you’re an employee or a Self-employed small business owner you Could tax the highest So let’s say on top of that when we Strike oil I got a depletion allowance Too right what does that mean whether Depletion allowances on every dollar That that is produced and you make Income from oil the the federal Government allows you to take a 15 you Know depletion allowance and so you’re Able to take that off of your income That you’re generating from oil and gas But the main Plus is that you know you’re looking for Cash flow right you’re looking to strike Oil you’re looking for that oil that Went on to buy hold and pray no that Sounds right I’m not yeah I want money My money back and pay no taxes right Okay and uh so basically you’re drilling Wells uh the areas that we participate In are primarily The Bakken up in North Dakota uh which it’s a you know it’s It’s an unconventional play like we Talked about a little bit earlier the Horizontal uh play but there’s been over 14 000 Wells drilled there now uh the play Actually started in 2008 2009 so it’s no Longer an exploration Play you know a Lot of these plays when they originally

Start out they kind of start out like a Gold Rush right where you know someone Struck oil and all of a sudden you’ve Got all of these entities big companies And and you know everybody’s brother Sister uncle is running out trying to Lease land and so you end up up with you Know a lot of different interest holders In in this land and then you start your Drilling phase and as I said you’re not Going to drill an unsuccessful well you May drill a well that doesn’t pay out Because it doesn’t produce as much oil As you think it’s going to produce but Uh but as far as in in these types of Plays they’ve been defined now where you Know the you know kind of look it’s kind Of like a bullseye right you know where The bullseye is and that’s where you Want to drill it and what’s happened is Some of the things I’ve invested in You’re still paying me right right You’re getting checked every month yeah And that’s that’s why John you know you Don’t find with a 401k you know Celebrating because the cash is Flowing The other way it’s flying through Wall Street and when I invest with Mike Maselli is Flowing towards me and the Government gives me tax breaks anything You want to say that I’m in defense of The financial planner communist papinkos That’s a steep curve The point here is the reason we have the

Cash flow board game is for you to get Out of that race and qualify to invest As an accredited investor on the fast Track but of course they’ll say most People can’t do that because they don’t Have any Financial education But they don’t have enough money anyway I mean 100 and the average 401K is 70 000 I mean it’s And that’s what people are expecting to Retire on at age 65 I mean it’s it’s Absolutely scary how long will 70 000 Last in retirement and so I’m a paper Guy but I firmly believe in oil and gas Other Commodities like gold and silver I Think everyone should have a mixture of Everything I mean you’re even in in Wagyu beef right now I’m in beef because You can’t print a cow yet Wait till the left tries to take the Cows out but I’m a paper guy that’s what I like that’s what I’ve been involved in For many many years you know for three Decades now and and I I can generate Capital gains using a very simple Strategy and cash flow I can turn a 401k Into into into basically a pension for Life Um that’s just the game I play and That’s that’s what I enjoy doing so so How can they find this formula for you Oh well you know what people can contact Me and and then we can arrange Um if you want to take it further um

Contact me on my website at John Mcgregor.net and then we can go from There so would you tell the story of the Time he went because you always check Out the other financial planners in the Industry right and you went to that We call a rubber chicken dinner where They invites you in and all that yeah And the guy was up on stage I’ve never Seen him before I’ve got a lot of Stories like this I like to see what the Competition’s doing and I shouldn’t say Competition I just like to see what Other advisors are doing and so I was Living in LA and I kept hearing about This luncheon lunch and learn kind of Things financial advisor out of Texas Has multiple satellite offices all over The country and they offer these Luncheons And the real enticing thing is he said He had the greatest chopped chocolate Chip cookie if you attend and you know If anyone knows me that’s my kryptonite So I was I was sold on the chocolate Chip cookie and so I went and I was the Youngest by 20 years everyone was Retiring or retired and they couldn’t Wait to hand over their money to this Guy before the presentation even began He wrote a book and he got everyone out Of the market in 2000 2008 he did well Um it was a one-time kind of fluke in my Opinion but anyone still everyone still

Believed that this guy was the Messiah And um So the presentation began and the guy Was you know he was a character and but He gave your General Financial Planning Presentation how the markets work how They manage money Etc he gave some Impressions and so forth of some Characters so everyone in the room Signed up for the follow-up consultation A hundred percent I mean like I said They were ready to write the check right Then so I scheduled my meeting have a Meeting with this this young financial Advisor Who just failed from another another Financial advisor firm they gave her a Script she was she good looking yes she Was a good she was attractive and they Gave her a script to read and I started That’s when my question started and Finally she looked at me and she’s like Wow no one has ever asked me questions Before she’s just can we get going can You are you ready to set up the account And anyway Um In the end I said I said okay I’ll think About it and I said by the way who was That guy who gave the presentation you Know it was kind of interesting guy she Leaned in she goes shh don’t tell Anybody he’s not a financial advisor He’s a Hollywood actor and my jaw just

Dropped it was unbelievable Hollywood Actor doing this financial investment uh Presentation and she goes did you watch The Super Bowl last weekend I said yeah Absolutely she goes well he was the lead In the Papa John’s commercial And there it was I saw the reel on YouTube Um unbelievable that’s that that that so You know I call it the chicken dinner Syndrome people get invited to these Chicken dinners and they’re just Enamored with the financial advisor and The staff and all this stuff and they Don’t do any due diligence on this Person they don’t ask any questions Because they’re afraid to ask questions They don’t know the questions to ask and Then they just Given the their hard-earned money Without any any uh any due diligence at All it’s it’s a train wreck in almost Every situation So uh there’s another which I always Talk about it and we don’t mention it Because we don’t want to get sued but on Fox is that one thing is we don’t make Money unless you do it sometimes What was what what survival what’s Fisher Investments you know they’re out There in the in the in the public in Their commercials and I I I I what They’re saying is so misleading first They say we do things differently than

Other money managers and other money Managers don’t understand what we do They do what every other money manager Does they pick stocks they buy them and Then they sell them and they don’t like Them bottom line that’s what they do Then they say they’re a fiduciary which Makes them holier than thou if people Are pushing fiduciary run that is the New f word in the financial industry and It is so misleading because you’re a Fiduciary you think you’re protected you Are not remember Bernie Sanders uh Bernie Madoff yeah he was a fiduciary Okay and then in the end they say well Our clients we do better when our Clients do better well yes of course That’s how money managers work but They’re doing better when you’re not Doing better so when the Market’s going Down they’re still doing better Um and then they say well we don’t Charge commissions money managers don’t Charge commissions so that that entire Commercial is just bogus it’s so Misleading how to think get away with it I I really don’t know I really I’m sure Their lawyers have looked at everything That they say and they’ve skirted around It very closely but I I don’t know Jesus I mean and they’re raising a ton Of money they’re a marketing machine so What do you think they’re saying right

Now because America this is September 2022. I’m predicting the biggest crash January 2023 just like just like mother Ringling went down because they’re Playing games with money and interest Rates and all the other the garbage But what do you think of financial what Does a financial pla say to a let’s say A 68 year old 70 year old guy It was 401K is toast I’ll tell you Exactly what they’re saying I just had a Conversation with a couple advisors uh The other day they’re saying stay in but It’s by hold it’s not and then they’ll Say it’s not timing we don’t want to Time the market it’s time in the market Don’t worry everything will resolve Itself everything will come back as Usual as it always has in the past those Are the standard bylines that you’re Hearing from in the financial industry Just stay the course so uh if a person I’m not against paper assets it’s just Being an entrepreneur I don’t have to Invest in them you know I I don’t trust Paper at all toilet paper is on it I Don’t trust it but what do people who Will paper has many advantages that I Don’t have I mean a hard ass that guy Doesn’t have yeah I think the big one we Could just focus on is liquidity I mean I could get out like that Um with a click on my on my smartphone Whereas hard assets you don’t have that

Flexibility so that’s the key advantage That I like so when I invite invest with Mike I’m in for the long term right and That’s why I’ve got to be careful what He invests in what he does with the Money So final words Mike I mean um when you Look at the oil industry and all this And the killing of condors and buzzers And all this stuff Um what you know I only invest in what Cannot be printed is that simple But I’m not invited on most of the stock Shows because all they want to do is Sell you more stock So what would you advise somebody wants To switch out of paper into what you’re Doing any advice Well just on the oil issue itself I mean I think you know a lot of people don’t Really understand you know what what oil Is used for oil is in just about Everything we touch fantastic paper bags Paper bags I mean and food and of course We’re going to see real fertilizers Right Fertilizer we’re going to see real food Shortages here this year coming up I Think Europe is in a really bad place But you know I always you know I um a Lot of our clients you know they’re in Paper I mean they take a portion of Their income and they put it into oil And gas or gold or silver or something

You know just to have that Diversification and uh so you know you Or an investor that you know Uh just a normal investor you know a lot Of them they they obviously want that Diversification into energy because I Think everybody sees that you know they They can see through this stuff that These this Administration is trying to Push I mean they go to the gas pump Every day you know diesel is still Selling for close to five dollars a Gallon I mean you know as far as that Gasoline is still you know even though They can continue to say you know that It’s going down I mean they’re depleting Our national reserves I mean what what Is that why are they do why why the one That lets you drill I mean why are they Depleting our reserves they could just Drill more one thing they want to do Away with hydrocarbon secondly is you’ve Got a midterm election coming up that Obviously they don’t want to see high Oil prices I can promise you after the Election is over with they’re going to Stop taking oil out of the national Reserve I mean the defense reserve and Then they’re going to you know we’re Going to see high prices again and uh But that’s the reason why how many Barrels of oil have they how many Millions of barrels I think they’re Releasing a million barrels a day just

To keep the price down so they get Reelected so they get reelected and then They can go forward and push this this Green New Deal even further than it is Today so that’s what Dinesh D’Souza says We we are the conservatives or the Capitalists we’re the Redcoats now And they shoot from the trees Interesting huh So how do um again you have to be in a Creditor wasn’t accredited investor What’s the requirement well an Accredited investor is an is an investor That has made two hundred thousand Dollars for the last two years and Expects to make two hundred thousand Again next year or for a couple it’s Three hundred thousand dollars or it’s An individual that has a million dollars Net worth excluding home and automobile That’s nothing Yeah most homes today or you know Anyway so I’m gonna thank you guys we’re Going like we’re going to Arizona State University we’re going to talk about how The most part of a job of a capitalist Is raise capital And you were telling me that’s you when You started raising Capital you enjoyed It so much right yeah oh I love raising Capital I mean I’ve been doing it since 1980 and uh You know obviously meeting people Talking people trying to help people you

Know take and and that’s the main Benefit I get out of it but the the Inability to raise capital is why people Are using essence right when I see that I go So that’s why when I was in 1974 when I Came back from Vietnam and Rich Dad says You got to learn how to sell you got to Raise capital And uh if we can’t raise Capital it Traps you You know and then I did the same thing You did I got it so good at it you know Hi And uh selling wallets and doing all This stuff and talking to investors and I took my eyes off the business And my accountant Stanley ran off for The money story of my life right Greggy Because it’s such a fun game if you can Handle the raising capital Right absolutely I mean I what my Grandfather told me many many years ago He said John whatever you do learn how To sell because you’re either going to Be selling a product a service or Yourself learn how to sell When I when I was a 74 I’m still in the Marine Corps I don’t want to sell I Don’t want to sell because my poor dad Hated salesman you know that’s the Problem that’s academics that’s the Reason they have no power they can’t Sell

And so he’s telling me so I kept time my Rich does not but I don’t want to sell He says Robert how’s your sex life Non-existent he said because you can’t Sell [Laughter] So anyway thank you gentlemen I trust Everybody thank you for listening to This Rich Dad Radio Show again this is Rich dad’s prophecy this is the top 10 Reasons the rich go broke and right now These books are saying the same thing Because the biggest stock market crash In history is here it’s coming around January 2023. what happened in England is going To happen in Japan already happened in Argentina and we’re toast so ladies and Gentlemen thanks for listening to the Rich Dad radio show and take evasion of Action thanks very much thanks you guys Thank you thank you [Music]

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