Turn $500 into $5,000 Monthly With This PASSIVE Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for the best way to make passive income with affiliate marketing, don’t use paid ads.

In this video, I’ll be sharing a much more profitable strategy to invest your hard-earned money by purchasing digital assets.


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Hey guys chad here so when i first Started affiliate marketing i was Absolutely terrified to show my face so Much that it took me over an hour just To record my first youtube video now Even though i got over that fear and i Have no problem with it now i wish Someone showed me this strategy that i’m Going to be showing you today in this Video much sooner because it would have Allowed me to take action right away Rather than putting it off for literally Months so in this video i’m going to be Showing you how a beginner can turn a 500 investment into around 5 000 per Month in passive income every single Month and i guarantee you haven’t seen Anybody else talk about this strategy Like i said you don’t have to film Videos you don’t have to show your face And it’s something anyone can do so with That being said i’m super excited to Show this to you guys if you guys Wondering where i am i’m in an airbnb in Newport beach taking a little vacation But you guys already know i had to make This video for you so without further Ado super excited to show this to you Guys let’s go into my computer and walk You guys through this strategy okay so Before we get into the first step of Turning 500 Into 5 000 every single month with Affiliate marketing i first want you to

Ask yourself the question like what is The actual best way to keep making money Consistently with affiliate marketing Each month and if you guys watch my Channel you know it’s gonna be building Some kind of digital asset that Continues to bring you in not only Traffic not only leads but obviously Continues to bring you in sales every Single month and that digital asset that We’re gonna be talking about and Focusing on today is going to be a Facebook group but instead of starting a Facebook group from scratch i’m gonna be Showing you how to simply buy a facebook Group turn it into a sales funnel which Builds your email list and let it bring You in commissions passively each month So the first step of this is you’re Going to go on facebook here and all i’m Going to do is i’m going to type in some Kind of niche into the search bar so i’m Just going to type in nutrition for Example and what we’re going to do is Obviously we’re going to go down to the Left here and we’re going to press on Groups and as you can see there’s going To be all kinds of groups about Nutrition so for example we can see Exercise diet and nutrition fitness Nutrition and motivation nutrition and Weight loss and you can see all kinds of Different groups of just people who want To learn more about nutrition and

Obviously want to transform their lives In some way so if we actually go to one Of these groups for example i’m going to Click on this one it has 462 000 members The first thing i would do when it comes To finding a facebook group is you want To analyze how many members it’s getting Every single day or every single week Because if it’s getting let’s say 200 Members every single day i know i can Collect at least 50 emails from that so Take at least 25 to 40 so if it’s Getting 100 members today you know you Can get 25 to 40 emails per day from it So if i know i can get 25 to 40 emails Per day i’m willing to offer at least a Couple thousand dollars for this group And obviously if you’re more on a budget Just go after the groups that have less Members maybe buy a group with 20 000 Members pay 300 for five hundred dollars For it and i guarantee you when you do It this way your money is going to be Much more well spent versus just going And wasting your money on facebook ads Or youtube ads or google ads when you’re Actually buying one of these digital Assets and you’re buying it from someone Who doesn’t really monetize it well they Don’t really know how to make money from It our money’s gonna go way longer plus We’re actually buying an asset that can Continue to bring us in leads every Single month because keep in mind when

This group has 462 000 members they’re Not promoting this group on their Youtube channel or anything like that What facebook is doing is they’re taking This group they know it’s a good group For people who want to learn more about Exercise diet nutrition and they’re Going to go recommend it to people on Facebook and that’s how they’re getting All their members so what i would do Here is i would literally go in here so I can see today is let’s say tuesday it Has 462 000 members as you can see right Here so what i would do is i would check Back tomorrow and then i would check Back on thursday then i’ll check out on Friday now check back on saturday i Would see how many members does it have So i would come back on friday and if i See it has 463 000 members or has 462.9 000 members i can see how many Members it’s averaging each and every Day and based on that and also based on You know just the engagement in the Group seeing how often people are Posting seeing if there’s a lot of spam In here that’s where i can determine a Price that i want to pay based on how Many leads i’m going to get from the Group and like i said you can pretty Much do this in any niche maybe it’s the Keto diet right so we would just go to a Keto diet group maybe it’s credit repair So we would type in credit repair and

We’d see all the groups that come up for That or maybe it’s just a regular weight Loss group so i just type in weight loss And then i would just go over to groups Here and again i would go through all The weight loss groups see how many Members they’re getting see the Engagement in there see if there’s any Spam if there is a lot of spam and There’s the group isn’t really moderated I would probably stay away from those Groups you want to find a good quality Group that’s growing every single day All right so once you find a group that You want to buy and you analyze how many Members it’s getting per day now what You want to do step number two is you Want to negotiate a price and actually Purchase this group i’m going to show You how to actually do that so a lot of People don’t know this but yeah you can Buy a facebook group i’ve done it myself With the woodworking group i bought it For i believe fifteen hundred dollars And i had a couple hundred thousand Members i actually made a video on this On my youtube channel like a few maybe Like it over a year ago and anyways all You’re gonna do for this is you’re gonna Just go to members so i’m just gonna Click on members right here if we go Back to this nutrition group and as you Can see we’re gonna see who the admins Are of this group so it’s just going to

Show up right here i don’t know if this Is 100 accurate but i think usually the Top person up here is the owner of the Group so what i would do is i would add Lynn as a friend and then i literally Reach out to them and i would just say Something like hey lynn i love being a Part of your exercise diet and nutrition Group i was wondering if you’d be Willing to sell it for me for a fair Price right and i would just send the Message and obviously if a couple days Go by or even a couple weeks and he Doesn’t reply either what i would do is I would go find lyn’s email so i would Actually go to his facebook profile Maybe comment on some of his recent Posts and just like hey i sent you a Message could you check your request Real quick or sometimes you can find Their email in their facebook profile or Maybe find their instagram nowadays with The internet and all the social media Platforms there’s always some kind of Way to get a hold of people so just get Creative with how you’re gonna get a Hold of this guy but usually they will Respond to the messages and if you tried All the different ways to get a hold of Them all you have to do is move on to Another group find another group in that Niche that you want to buy track how Many members it has so i would first do This with you know find 10 groups you

Want to buy analyze all the numbers with Them and then go send out 10 different Messages and all you need is one person To respond and be interested and chances Are you’re going to be able to buy one Of these groups for anywhere from you Know 500 like i said if it’s a smaller Group to you know 2 000 3 000 so again It just depends on your budget and how Much the group is growing but that’s the Second step is actually negotiating a Price now once you actually get the Person to agree to it what i would do is I would make a deposit to them so Usually i would make a 20 deposit so Let’s say you’re buying the group for a Thousand dollars i would say hey are you Cool with the 20 deposit so basically What that would look like is i would pay Him 200 through paypal or something and Then what i would need to do is i would Need to have him add me as an admin of The group so if you’re already a member Of the group what they can do is they Can add any member as an admin so for Example i’ll just show you this in one Of my groups so you guys can see kind of How this works if i go to my members Here what i can do if i go down as you Can see denise my girlfriend she’s one Of my admins so all you have to do is go On one of your members so for example i Can go on jason here and i can just push Add as admin so once you see that they

Add you as an admin you just have to go And accept it on your facebook profile You just literally click confirm and Then the last step the person you’re Buying the group from would have to do Is he would have to remove himself from The group and that way you’re the only Admin in there now obviously if there’s Multiple admins i would have them Removed as well or just turn them into a Moderator instead or something like that So anyways as you can see since i’m the Owner of this group what i could do is i Could just click on this so this is what The group owner you would basically just Show them how to do i’d send them a Video you know you can just press leave Group and now you’re going to be the Only admin in there which means you’re Gonna officially own the group okay and The third and final step to this process Now that we actually bought a digital Asset we have something that’s gonna get Us emails and build our lists every Single month now we have to find related Products that these group members would Want to buy so basically what we need to Do is we need to turn our facebook group Into a sales funnel so the way this Looks like is i would just go over to Your group to whatever group you bought Whatever one you owned what you’re going To need to do is you’re going to go to Manage and the most important thing is

You’re just going to go over to Membership questions you’re going to ask A couple questions so again if this is Around nutrition for example you just Say this group is for aspiring people Who want to work on their nutrition and Individuals who are serious about Building a healthy lifestyle does this Does not sound like you yes or no right So you can just apply it to your own Niche these three questions i have the Next question is where you actually Build your email list so like i said This is where if you get a hundred new Members every single day usually around 25 to 40 percent of members will Actually enter their email if you have a Good lead magnet so my lead magnet for My affiliate bosses group is would you Like a free copy of my five step cheat Sheet give us your best email to get Access to get instant access from our Team and they’ll just drop their email In the answer section so for example if You had a nutrition group or going back To the nutrition example this is an Example so this is one of my funnels for Nutrition jumpstart your health with my Free nutritional newsletter and i could Just say something like would you like To join my free newsletter where you’re Going to get my exact meals tips and Supplements i used to build muscle and Burn fat something like that and i would

Throw that sentence into the second Question and that way for any of the Members joining my group if they want to Join that free nutritional newsletter They’re going to put their email inside And then if you sell some kind of high Ticket product you can add a third Question in where you actually implement A chat marketing strategy so for this One i changed this out depending on what I’m promoting at the time but this is Where i’m saying i’m starting a new case Study group this month i’m looking for a Handful affiliates to partner with who Want to make an extra 3 to 5k per month Online are you interested in joining us Financial and time commitment required And there’s a yes or no question if they Click yes that’s where i’d actually go And manually reach out to them via Messenger and i would start to ask them A few questions to see if they’d be a Good fit for whatever product you’re Promoting that’s where you can go and Send your affiliate link through Messenger but again i would only add in This third question if you have some Kind of high ticket product to promote All right so now you found a group you Negotiate a price you put in those Membership questions you turned your Facebook group into a sales funnel the Last and final step is all the emails You’re getting from all your member

Requests every single day you’re just Gonna put those into your funnel Personally i just have my va go in there Once a day and they’ll manually enter Emails into my funnel and once they do That they’ll start going through my Email sequence automatically and i’ll Start promoting the products to there And that’s how i’m able to start making Commissions and in case you don’t know How email marketing works the way i do It is like i said now that they’re opted Into my funnel right they’re gonna start Getting my email follow-up sequence and This is where we can start promoting Those products that we’re an affiliate For so think about the facebook group You own the members who are joining it What are they trying to do with their Lives what products would is gonna help Them out the most right so for example If we’re doing nutrition what i would do Is i would literally just go over to Google and i would type in nutrition Affiliate programs and i would just Search that up and all we have to do is Click on some of these and i can see What kind of products can we promote in That nutrition niche so we can see we Can obviously promote stuff like Supplements that’s going to be a big one For the nutrition niche i’m sure there’s Different coaching programs you can Promote stuff like thrive markets so

They’re like a healthy online grocery Store and i believe this actually pays Out recurring commissions so that’s Another thing you can promote in the Nutrition niche and anyways that’s what You do you start writing emails Introduce yourself in these first couple Emails give some tips give some value And then you’re gonna start promoting Products and start sending them over to Your affiliate links and that’s how You’re gonna start building up those Commissions so if you don’t know how to Write your emails or you know really What to say on them i actually have my Exact email framework i use inside this Affiliate boss book if you scroll up Here page 13 of my free book i show Exactly how to write your emails give Different examples all kinds of stuff Like that so if you don’t want help Writing your emails you want to see more Examples of different niches different Products you promote different examples Of lead magnets that you can offer to Your facebook group be sure to download My affiliate marketing book it’s Completely free all you have to do is Click on the first link in the Description below or just go to this Link right here and like i said i’ll Send it over to you for completely free So anyways guys i hope you enjoyed that Strategy of how to turn a 500 investment

Into potentially thousands of dollars Per month passively every single month Once you get that email sequence set up Once you turn that group into a sales Funnel and obviously most importantly Once you purchase one of these digital Assets like a facebook group this is a Real strategy it works go try it out let Me know how it goes for you guys if you Have any questions as always feel free To let me know in the comments below or Send me a message on my facebook profile That will be linked down below in the Description as well so anyways guys i Hope you enjoyed this video if you did Only ask to drop a like and subscribe if You’re new to the channel lets me know You want more videos like this hope you Guys have a great rest your day and i Will see you in my next video

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