RENT IS DUE 🏡 what side do you want to be on? #shorts #richdad

So my rich dad for my education he says You want a real education kid oh of Course of course so you own four Deck Home slums buy a rich Texas I’m a Low-income housing provider I mean it’s Just definitions he says but knock on Doors and collect rent everyone wants to Invest in real estate but they don’t Want to collect rent or fix the toilet You know what I mean so I’m 10 year old 10 to 12 I’m Uh your rent is due I heard more bullets These are grown adults like Hey kid beat It up you know I don’t have money it’s You it’s you sons of a capitalist so we Can’t afford it they got big screen TV In the room they’re watching TV but they Can’t pay the rent and they have kids What are they teaching their kids knock On doors asking grown-ups for overdue Rent fried my brains that I don’t want To be like

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