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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here that yesterday I was able to generate 350 dollars just In this one affiliate account and you Can see right here the last four weeks Just using totally free strategies I’ve Been able to generate 3 300 now as you Follow me in this video I’m literally Going to share with you a totally free Copy paste method anyone can do Worldwide that will allow you to get Your affiliate Link in front of Thousands of people with just a click of A button so if you’re excited to learn That be sure to smash the like button Right now and let’s go ahead and Dive Right In to this powerful method so the Very first step is you need to have an Affiliate product to promote now one Place you can go is actually digistore24 They have a lot of different products in Many different niches now I’m actually Going to include a link directly below That first link will take you to my Number one affiliate program to promote That pays you 100 instant commissions so If you want to check that out go ahead And click the first link below but you Can also just use digistore24 now if you Go ahead and register if you don’t have An account it takes just a few minutes Now once you’re inside your account you Want to go to the top Tab and you want To click marketplace now they’re going To give you all these different niches

That you can choose from okay now you Can do animals and pets computer and Internet email marketing now I highly Recommend you stick to the three main Evergreen niches these are niches that Are always relevant these are going to Be fitness and health internet marketing And E-Business and then relationships Okay so right here it would actually be Dating love and relationships okay so These are the three Evergreen niches now For the sake of this video I will Actually do fitness and health so I’m Going to open up that category and once You’re in there you want to actually Sort results by popularity okay that’s What I like to do because this shares With you which products are actually the Most popular right now in that specific Niche and chances are they’re selling Really well okay now you can see that The earnings okay are going to be right Here so this one is about 32 dollars for This specific method it’s more of an Impulse by so we want to keep it Anywhere from about twenty five dollars Up to maximum around a hundred dollar Earning per commission okay so most People will decide to buy right away and You don’t really need to follow up with Them okay so I’m gonna do the ultimate Keto meal plan now if you don’t already Have an affiliate link generated you Would just click promote now okay like

This and it would go ahead and generate You that affiliate link but since I Already have one generated I’m just Going to actually copy that right there To the clipboard and I can go ahead and Put this in a notepad file because we’re Going to use this a little bit later With this powerful free method okay the Next step is we want to open up the Sales page okay whether you’re using Digistore24 you can click right there or If you’re using that instant 100 paying Commission program that I recommended You can click that link below and go to That sales page here okay so this one Right here is going to be a sales page With a video okay so what we want to do Is we want to actually take the link to This sales page right so as I did I’ve Saved into this notepad we want to take The link okay after we make sure that it Looks good make sure that it’s pretty Eye-catching and this has a really good Headline at the top this has a video and Then it has a countdown where it you Know will redirect people so this is Looking pretty darn good okay so the Next thing we want to do is once we have Our affiliate link we want to go to a Little-known free website called now all these links Referenced in this tutorial are going to Be down below in the description so once We go to this website what you want to

Do is you want to paste in the sales Page and we want to click here right There now what this does this site Actually converts the web page into a PDF document now this is very very Relevant as you’ll see in just a moment Okay so once we do that we want to Download the converted file to our Computer or to our smartphone okay so Now if I open up this PDF you’re going To see that it’s literally just the Sales page but it’s in a PDF form now You may think you know why why do we Want to do this well keep following me Because this is where it really starts To work with this method the next step Is we want to go to another website Called okay we want to go to the Tool that’s going to be PDF editor okay And again I have the actual link direct Link below okay so this will take you Right to this page now we want to upload The PDF file that we just generated to This site here so let me go ahead and do That okay so it went ahead and generated This PDF you can see it right here now If it’s a longer sales page okay if it’s A lot of text it may not be a video it May be like a lot of you know a sales Letter then this method will still work Incredibly well you’ll just have to do a Little bit more steps as I’ll share in One second okay so if it’s a video all

You have to do is we want to actually Click Text and we want to click right Here okay and we want to type in a text Now because this is a video I can say Click here to watch the video so we’re Putting a piece of text that tells People to click to actually access the Page now if it’s a letter what you can Do is say click here to check out more Info now also if it’s a sales letter if It’s you know a little bit longer you Want to actually take this and copy it Two or three times so every you know a Few pages you want to put it at the top Of the page but since this is a video I Just need one piece of text at the top Of the page click here to watch the Video then I can just click links okay I Can go ahead and copy over that text Like that and we want to actually open Up the notepad get our affiliate link And we want to actually link to external URL and put it in right there and then We want to actually click away so now What this does is when we click apply Changes now what this is doing is Putting in our affiliate links Throughout the sales page and people can Go ahead and click that okay so you can See right here when they click to watch The video it actually goes to that sales Page okay so we want to go back and we Want to actually download this completed Document okay with our link so go ahead

And download that so now again if I open It up you’re going to see this is the Sales page click here to watch the video Boom it goes right to our affiliate Sales page that’s tracked to you and When someone buys okay there will be a Button that appears after a certain Amount of time you will make commissions So now that we have this PDF with our Affiliate link what’s the next step how Do we get thousands of people with a Click of a button rushing to want our PDF open the PDF and then decide to buy Well we want to actually do one more Step before that we want to go to Google And we want to go to Google Drive so if You open these up in a Gmail account if You’re logged into your Gmail account And you go to Google Drive what you want To do is open that up okay so I went to Google Drive and you want to click new You want to click file upload and then You want to find that PDF with the Affiliate link and you want to upload it To Google Drive so let me go ahead and Do that right now okay so that file is Now uploaded now what you want to do is You want to right click on the file in Google Drive click get link and then What you want to do is you want to Actually go in under General access you Want to click anyone with the link so That allows anyone with this link to Actually access the PDF and then just

Click copy link now we want to put this In our notepad and you can actually get Rid of that and then just put the Google Drive Link okay because this is where We’re going to send people now the cool Thing about this method is rather than Just spamming your affiliate link trying To get people directly to go to the Sales page we’re actually offering a PDF Which is viewed as more valuable so a Lot more people will want to get access Go to this and then see the affiliate Page okay so now what we want to do is Use this little known free site and what It’s called is okay so there’s going to Be the link directly below in the Description okay so once you’re on world Profit you just want to click join free Right there and then you just want to Put your name and enter your email okay And then click get started now it takes Just a few minutes they’ll send you an Email with a link to click to confirm That is your actual email address and Once you’re all approved you’ll get Taken to this page right here now once You’re on this page right here we want To ignore all of this stuff right here But we want want to go down to free Classified ads now go ahead and click Place ads free now once you do that You’ll get taken to the area where you Can literally have your ad show up like

This and this will get shown to Thousands and thousands of people so What you want to do is you want to Actually go and click post ad and what We’re going to do is we’re going to Create a very simple ad that has to do With the product we’re promoting okay so What you want to do is you want to put In a title and you want to write the ad Content so for the title you can Actually write something very similar to What the product is about so you can see Right here it says the ultimate Keto Plan so I can you know copy that I can Go here and I can say you know discover The ultimate Keto Plan right and then For the text I can just say something Very very simple to the point peaking People’s curiosity so I can say if you Are struggling to lose weight and you Want to discover the little known C Secret most doctors don’t want you to Know be sure you get access to my free Pdf revealing all of these secrets Something like that very simple and Again you can modify that for your own Niche okay so you can say if you’re Struggling to make money and you want to Discover a little known secret most you Know gurus don’t want you to know okay So take the structure and then make it Your own okay free pdf I want to teach You how to fish not just give you the Fish right so you can make tons of money

Now what we want to do is open up this Notepad we want to click and copy this Google Drive Link and we want to go to a Site called and we just Want to paste in the link right there Okay and we want to click make time URL This shortens this link and we want to Click copy then we want to go back here And for the URL we want to paste that in Right there and then what you want to do Is you want to choose up the two Categories that your product that you’re Promoting is in okay so for me it could Be health and it could also be you know Reports and ebooks okay because it’s a PDF now once that’s all good all you Have to do is then go up here and click Post add once you do that your ad will Literally be listed okay right here and It will start to show up for people to Click on this is an amazing free way Anyone can get tons of traffic and by Creating a PDF with your affiliate links In there you can start to give value and Get way more people wanting to go to the Link and because it’s an Impulse buy They will decide to buy and you can Start to make some pretty darn good Income very very passively so if you Learned a lot in this video and you want Me to make more click the like button Also be sure to subscribe at the Bell Icon I’m gonna be making more videos Just like this very simple ways to

Promote from scratch and last but not Least again if you want to discover my Number one affiliate program to get paid Instant 100 commissions be sure to click The first link directly below and it Anyway my friend thanks so much for Watching and I will see you on my next Video [Music]

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