No-Face Youtube Channels Examples That EARN $500 DAILY

In this video I share how to start a NO-FACE Youtube channel that make $1,000’s of dollars every single month.

I have a friend who does this and has dozens of these channels so you’ll see real niches and ideas he uses on his channels…

Plus you’ll even see how much each one is making him too!

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In this video we’re going to take a deep Dive in how to make money with faceless Youtube channels as a complete beginner And even better i’m going to be showing You real examples of channels like these That are making upwards of 30 000 per Month and i know these channels actually Make that much money because one of my Close friends has over 20 different Faceless youtube channels that he runs And he’s absolute master of youtube so I’m gonna be showing you some examples Of his channels and ultimately the best Way to get started with this as a Complete beginner so that being said Super excited to show this to you guys i Know you’re going to get a ton of value From it so that being said let’s dive Straight into the video so for those of You that don’t know faceless youtube Channels are basically just youtube Videos that are run completely without Showing your face so basically the whole Entire video is just b-roll and Voice-over which means you can stay Completely behind the scenes now some of The best things about these faceless Youtube channels is number one they can Be 100 automated right so since you Don’t actually have to sit there and Film the videos you can automate the Entire thing with different freelancers The second thing is you can monetize Them in multiple different ways just

Like you can with the normal youtube Channel so a lot of these faceless Youtube channels depending on the niche You can monetize with affiliate Marketing you can monetize through Google adsense and another big thing is Sponsorships and brand deals right so That’s where a lot of the money starts Coming in and my absolute favorite part About these faceless channels is they’re A sellable asset like for me for example This youtube channel i have and i’ve Built up over the past five years i Cannot sell it right because it’s me Doing the videos but with a faceless Channel and there’s no one actually Running the videos so if you wanted to 5 10 years down the road you can always Sell it for a huge exit price which is a Pretty cool option as well so anyways Now that you know what a faceless Youtube channel is and kind of like the Benefits of them like i said i actually Have a close friend who does this his Name is devin so you guys can go uh Check him out on instagram but we were Actually childhood friends my dad and His dad were actually really close Friends and we were just like childhood Friends growing up and we kind of just Happened to work in the same careers as We started to grow up so anyways go Check him out on instagram give him a Follow tell him i sent you and like i

Said i want to give you some examples of His channels that are making upwards of Thirty thousand dollars per month right So he actually shares some of these Channels publicly so um anyways this is Like the first step of this process Right is to choose some type of Profitable niche so what he always says Is to choose some type of niche that’s Gonna be educational and evergreen right So something that’s going to be around Forever meaning don’t do trends stay Away from new stuff stay away from like Celebrity type content because Celebrities aren’t always around forever So on youtube right there’s literally Tons of niches so this is one example of His channel um that i know makes over 20 000 per month right i won’t say the Exact number but it makes somewhere Around there and as you can see it’s a Channel called nunny history so for me Personally when i first saw this channel I had no idea channels like these even Existed right because it just doesn’t go Into my home feed doesn’t go into my Algorithm but some people really like Learning about history and you know There’s some interesting topics here Right so as you can see he just makes All kinds of videos around different Topics that went down in history so That’s the theme of the channel nutty History and as you can see right history

Will never disappear it’s an evergreen Niche it’s educational and a niche like This you probably can’t do affiliate Marketing or sell products but there’s a Lot of money in google adsense and Actual sponsorships and brand deals um Stuff like that so if we look into one Of the videos we can see shocking things That were normal for the goss right Pretty interesting let’s check it out All right so we’ll just watch a few Seconds of this so as you can see um There’s just a voiceover talking all Kind of muted but anyways it’s a Voiceover talking they have some type of Script that they’re reading and over That voiceover they’re just putting in B-roll and different clips of what They’re talking about right so that’s Like the editing part of this so you’re Gonna need a couple things to actually Make these videos but i’ll get more into That later the first step is just to Pick some type of profitable niche so That’s step number one as you can see They do their little intro and they go Into this whole entire video so that’s The first example right full-on history Niche they make all kinds of videos Around history and different topics Around history so obviously just a Channel like these there’s unlimited Video ideas and they can always ramp up Production by posting more videos and

That’s how they can make more money Along with actually growing the channel It’s around 400 000 subscribers i think He started this if we go to sort to Oldest he started this two years ago so That’s not bad to go from zero to Upwards of thirty thousand dollars per Month plus have a sellable asset in just Two years i mean that’s really really Good that’s one example another example Is millionaire posts right so this one Is all about millionaires from dead Broke to wealthy nba star inside the Biggest mansion in america winning 10 Million dollars ruined my life lottery Winner right so there’s just all kinds Of topics about different things around Millionaires and stuff like that there’s Another niche like factomio so this one Has 748 000 subscribers and this one’s Kind of similar to this nutty history Channel except this one is all about Space right and different things about Space and as you can see right that’s a Topic that will never go away it’s Evergreen it’s educational there’s rooms For sponsorship there’s rooms for growth Right i pretty much everyone is Interested in space so these videos are Really cool they get a lot of views and This channel makes good money another One is ask planet so this one is all About different reddit topics and They’ll just make videos reading

Different reddit posts another one like Real science right so this one’s all About different things around science Right so we can see the insane biology Of the harpy eagle the problem with deep Space travel or another one then same Biology of the orca right so Just this title alone the insane biology There’s how many animals on this earth They could do that for you know all Kinds of different animals and have all Kinds of different video ideas and That’s just one little topic on the Whole entire channel right so this Channel has pretty much unlimited ideas And content to make for the next 10 20 30 years however long they want to do This so that’s another example and again You can do this in pretty much any niche I know people who even do this in the Make money online niche and they do Affiliate marketing through there There’s people who do this in the crypto Niche the investing niche real estate Niche whatever it is like i said step One is choose some type of profitable Niche that’s going to be evergreen and Educational and real quick if you guys Want to see the exact business model i Do it’s called affiliate marketing like I said you can apply affiliate marketing To a lot of these spaceless youtube Channels so if you want to see how to Get into that and ultimately get five

Permanent steps to quit your Nine-to-five job with affiliate Marketing like i’ve been able to do like I said i have a free cheat sheet for you If you want to download it for Completely free all you have to do is Click the first link in description Below so once you do find a profitable Niche that you want to do your youtube Channel around the second step is to Hire a scriptwriter so they can script The entire video for you so if you Actually go to devin’s instagram again He actually has a free training in his Link And i was just checking it out um just Because to be transparent guys i don’t Have one of these faceless youtube Channels i don’t claim to make money With this but i think it’s a really Interesting topic i think it’s something That can be applied to affiliate Marketing and i’m actually going to be Starting one very soon so if you guys Want to see me document that process uh Let me know in the comments below so Anyways if you go this free training um He has a video on here but this is like The thing you want to post on upwork so Basically you post a job if you go to um you just go over to find Talent and then you can post a job and Or hire a pro right here and this where You can actually post the script to

Actually hire a scriptwriter so they Just say something like hello we run a Youtube channel about blank so whatever Your niche is about and we’re looking For a long-term scriptwriter who can Help write the original scripts for our Channel we provide you with video title And original script blah blah blah um Anyways our budget is 25 dollars per Script right so that’s how much they Actually charge so all in all devin says It costs around 50 to make a video right So that’s after you hire the Scriptwriter a video editor and actually Get a thumbnail done for the channel or If you want to save some money you can Do the thumbnail yourself only if you’re Really good at it because it’s one of The most important things on a youtube Video so once you actually find a Scriptwriter you’re actually going to Want to send them the title of the video That you want them to make and also the Video you’re modeling so if you’re Modeling a certain video or a certain Channel right just send them that over And have them make a similar or a little Bit different script than the one you’re Actually modeling and same thing for the Title as well so that’s step number two Once you get that done the next step Step number three is to actually hire a Video editor that you’re gonna use for Your youtube channel right so like i

Said you basically need three things Right someone to write the script Someone to put b-roll over the entire Video and then the next step is to Actually get a voiceover that fits with The channel so we’ll show you how to do That in just a second but anyways you’re Going to want to do the same thing on Upwork right post some type of job about Editing and use the same kind of script To actually find a video editor for your Youtube channel as well okay so you Found the profitable niche you hired a Scriptwriter hired a video editor now Step number four is actually get someone To do the voice over for your video and Finding someone to do a thumbnail so These two things you’re gonna actually Find on fiverr it’s gonna be probably Your best option over upwork so if you Just go over to and you type In voiceover you can see there’s all Kinds of people um who do voiceovers you Know starting at 20 bucks 15 bucks if You do want to save money and you feel Like you have a good voice for the video Um you can do it yourself obviously and Basically all you do is you got the Script done right you just read the Script or whoever you’re hiring right You’re just telling them to read the Script and they have a professional Voice now one tip i would give you is to Make sure the voice aligns with the

Channel’s niche right so if we go back To this nutty history channel let’s go To the most popular videos right so this One has you know five million views so If we click on this video denotification Was a plan implemented to read german And austrians you can see that he has Like a typical history voice right it’s Kind of like an older guy it just sounds Like a history channel so whatever Channel you’re doing making sure the Voice actually aligns with that channel I think is going to be super important With your branding so that’s going to be The first part of this is getting a Voiceover either doing yourself or going On fiverr and hiring someone to read the Script that you had uh made for you and Then the next thing like i said you can Do this yourself if you feel like you’re Skilled enough for it is the thumbnail Right so if you guys don’t know like With youtube the thumbnail is just as Important as the entire video itself Right so the thumbnail is super Important this is a huge mistake i see a Lot of beginner youtubers make is they Just like get a thumbnail done real Quick guys the thumbnail is so important For the videos i can’t express it enough So you know if we go to a channel like This millionaire post you can see like These channel these thumbnails are Pretty simple to make right like a

Thumbnail like this i could easily go Make this in canva in like five minutes Right and so could you so it depends on The thumbnails kind of this depends on The theme of the channel or this channel As you can see these thumbnails would be Pretty easy to make as well uh if we go Back to these right these would be Pretty easy to make as well so it kind Of just depends if you’re more on a Budget um you should probably just Create the thumbnails yourself just make Sure you actually put a lot of effort Into them and make sure they’re Click-worthy so anyways the last and Final step of this is once you have the Profile niche you send the content ideas To the scriptwriter the scriptwriter Creates the script you get a voiceover For the script you have an editor to do The b-roll for the entire video you have The thumbnail done now all you have to Do is basically upload the video and Keep doing that consistently right so Find some kind of upload schedule i’d Probably recommend doing around two Videos per week right and just do that Consistently for six twelve months Youtube is not a get rich quick some Videos can go viral right but sometimes A viral video can take three months it Can take six months right so give it Time post consistently if you do this And you continue to make it better i

Guarantee you’re going to be making a Bunch of money from this if you do it Consistently so if we go back to this Channel that’s making over 20 000 per Month you can see when they first Started the channel even though they’re Spending money to get the script done to Get the editing done to get the Thumbnails done and the videos weren’t Getting that many views they were still Posting consistently right and they kept On doing this and it wasn’t until you Know probably around um a couple months Into it where they had like their first Viral video and that’s where it started It started to take off and then they had Another viral video right after that so Once you get one viral video it kind of Turns into a spiral effect and it’s a Lot easier for all your other videos to Go viral and from there you can kind of Just keep stacking the views and this is Probably where the channel started to Turn more profitable and they started to Make money and now they’re making tons Of profit from the channel by doing Brand deals sponsorships ad revenue and Overall just growing the channel and Building another digital asset that Makes money in multiple different ways So depending on your niche right maybe You’re in the crypto niche maybe you’re In the make money online niche those Kind of channels you can start to

Monetize in multiple different ways like I said whether it’s affiliate marketing Whether it’s google adsense whether it’s Brand deals sponsorships you kind of get The point so anyways guys with that Being said i hope you enjoyed this video If you did just drop a like and Subscribe if you’re new real quick Before you go if you want a free copy of My affiliate marketing cheat sheet it’s My philly boss cheat sheet that’ll be The first link in the description below Or you can just go to this link right Here affiliate marketing is a business Model that i personally do i’ve made Over a million dollars in commissions From it so if you want to see the five Proven steps to quit your nine-to-five Job with affiliate marketing uh that’s What this affiliate box cheat sheet will Show you how to do and again that will Be the first link in the description Below so as always guys thank you so Much for watching i hope you have a Great richer day like i said i will be Starting one of these faceless youtube Channels so if you want to see me Document that process just comment down Below and that being said i will see you Guys in my next video

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