Make Your First $1000 With AFFILIATE MARKETING (Without Experience)

I’m going to share how to make your first $1000 with affiliate marketing!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

In this video I'm going to reveal Exactly how you can make your first one Thousand dollars with affiliate Marketing as soon as this week I'm going To share with you three completely Different totally free methods that you Can use all without a following Experience or needing more than 10 Minutes per day that way you can choose Which one you like best and focus just On that one now before I dive in on the Last video I gave away the chance to win Three night stay in a luxurious Hotel in Las Vegas to one lucky viewer the winner From the last video is Praveen Kumar if This is you please email me at Garrettsvacationgiveaways so I Can verify and give you your prize but Without further Ado let me go ahead and Dive Right In so the best and easiest Way to make a thousand dollars with Affiliate marketing is to promote a high Ticket product this is a product that Costs more for someone to buy but you Need way less sales in fact some Commission will pay you as much as two Thousand dollars per commission so you Only need one to double your goal so is one place you can find These type of products you just go here Click Start here right there and then You go ahead and answer these simple Questions to go ahead and register for An account now once you're inside a

ClickBank you go ahead and log in and Access different products so if you Decide to use ClickBank to find products To promote for this strategy then you Want to go to the top tab under Marketplace and they have all these Different categories now for the sake of This video we're going to be using E-Business e-marketing now I will say ClickBank is not my favorite place to Find products to promote the payouts are A little bit slow what you can do is you Can actually go to the first link below Check out that free training which Reveals how to get paid instant 100 Commissions but for this video I'm going To be using ClickBank okay so once You're inside of the E-Business E-marketing category right there we want To actually go up here and sort results By average dollar per conversion and we Want to actually look at this right here Because this is going to allow us to Make a lot more money per sale okay so If our goal is a thousand dollars with Affiliate marketing if we promote one Product that pays us a thousand dollars Then it's going to be a lot easier than Making hundreds of sales making very Small amount of money okay so the next Thing we want to do is we want to look At the gravity score because this tells Us how well this product's selling so You don't just want to look at this you

Actually want to look at this too make Sure it's ideally you know at least 20 At least 30 okay so we can kind of go Through and we want to find one that has A good average dollar per conversion With a higher gravity score this one Right here this has 468 dollars per Average conversion and then a gravity Score of 32 okay which is actually Pretty good um this one actually has a Little bit better gravity score and it's Close to the average dollar per Conversion Perpetual income 365. I'll Just choose this product for this video So again with this you would only need Two sales to hit your goal of 1000 Dollars so now if you're using ClickBank You just click promote and you just Click create hop link and then we copy Our affiliate Link at the bottom right There and then we can put it in a Notepad file to actually keep this handy Now the next step is we're going to use The very first free method to get people To click our link so we can start making Sales so if we go over to Twitter a lot Of people don't realize you can make a Ton of sales from Twitter for free you Want to actually create an account if You don't already have a Twitter account Now what you want to do is you want to Click this little icon here and we want To write a tweet now this has to do with The product you're promoting okay so for

The sake of our example this right here Is teaching people how to make money Online obviously and we can actually Look over it a little bit more and find Out what this product actually is so it Says how Ordinary People are Manipulating this secret algorithm so I Can actually just copy that headline Right there and I can go back to Twitter And I can put that in like this and I Can say discover how or any people are Manipulating the secret algorithm and Making tons of money then once we use The headline to create interest create Curiosity to get people interested then We could say click here for free video Revealing more okay then what we can do Is actually go over to a site called we can go ahead and open up Our affiliate link paste it in here and Then just click make time URL what this Does is this shortens this long Unattractive affiliate link and it makes It more appealing okay you can just go Ahead and copy that right there and we Can go back to Twitter and just paste That in so I can make this you know Space like this discover how Ordinary People are manipulating the secret Algorithm and making tons of money click Here for free video revealing more and Then has our affiliate link that's Shortened now the next thing you can do To make this even better is go to Google

Images and just type in the niche Followed by results so if you're in the Health and fitness Niche you can do Health and fitness results if you're in The dating Niche you can do like dating Results but we're going to make money Online results and just search this and Then we just want to see you know know Someone's posting about making money you Can also type in things like ClickBank Results okay because ClickBank is a way To make money so I can literally just Take this image okay I can download it To my computer and then I can re-upload It on Twitter as I'll share in a second Okay so all I have to do is click this Little icon and then upload the file Okay so you can see I did that right There now this post is looking pretty Darn good now the next thing we want to Do is we actually just want to tweet This out right here okay and then once We tweet it right here one thing I like To do is I like to click here to like it So that adds social proof that starts to Get other people thinking it's a popular Post because people are liking it and Then what we can do is Click these three Dots and just click pin to your profile And that's going to actually pin it to The top now I don't want to do that Because I already have this one pinned Right here but this is another example Of me using this method now once we

Actually pin it right there the next Step is we want to go over to a free Site called all the links are Going to be below in the description What this does is you can connect your Twitter account and it allows you very Very powerful tools to make permissions So I can go to add column I can go to Search and then what we want to do is we Want to put in a quote Mark followed by A phrase that someone who would Potentially want to buy our product Would be typing okay so because we're Giving away a product we're selling a Product that teaches people how to make Money online I can say I want to make More money okay because that would be a Phrase someone would be saying if they Wanted to make more money and then I Could just hit enter now what this Literally does is this searches through All the Twitter accounts for anyone that Said that exact phrase okay I want to Make more money I want to make more Money and do the bare minimum it's crazy Etc let me see I want to make more money Okay and you can see these are three Days ago seven hours ago six hours ago So these are people that literally in This moment are wanting to make more Money and if we get in front of these People and we present our offer it's Going to be very easy to start to make

Commissions so what I would do is I Would just click this right here and I Would just say some something like hey I Saw that you said you want to make more Money this is a bit random okay because It is kind of random messaging them but We say that so they won't say it right We point out the obvious so it gets a Little bit Rapport this is a bit random But if you want to see a very easy way I've found to make money check out the Link in my pinned post okay something Like that and we can literally just copy Tweet and then just go through and Literally just respond to these people Now you don't want to do too many before Switching this up because you know Twitter could get alerted that you're Just kind of posting the same message so Kind of switch it up every few things But this is an incredibly simple free Way you can get laser targeted leads These people are hot they're interested They're ready to have a solution and Again they're going to go here they're Going to read over our pin posts they're Going to see this result and they're Going to click our link and because it's High converting they're going to buy in Many cases giving us our thousand Dollars with affiliate marketing now the Next place to make money is you can Actually just go to okay Now one thing you can do is you can go

Search right here and you can type in a Few words that have to do with the niche Your product is in so in my case making Money online I can go ahead and search That and then we want to sort results by Groups and what this is going to share With us is popular groups of people that Are interested in the topic that our Product is in okay so you can see right Here this has 169 000 members okay so What we want to do is we want to look For groups that are in the niche that Have a lot of members but also have a Lot of frequent posts okay so you can See right here this one has 65 000 Members and 10 posts a day so this is Very active which is what we want okay So once you find a group that's active You want to open that up and now what we Want to do is we want to actually go Down here and we want to make a post That's going to ask people to comment For information okay because we're going To start to generate free leads that we Can send those people the link to our Affiliate link so I have an example Right here that I did on my profile some Time back and all I did was I just Peaked people's interest okay you don't Want to give away too much in this post You just want to capture their attention But I said wow I just found an incident Paying 100 commission opportunity to get Paid from your smartphone comment 100

For info so I'm basically not telling Them what opportunity I'm leaving that Out so they have to ask me for Information to find out and then I'm Telling them to comment a specific word Sometimes it's a hundreds sometimes I Say comment info for more information Okay and you can see I had 86 comments Of people you know 100 100 100 100 and Then all I do is I just open up their Profile and then I would just message Them the link to my affiliate offer okay I'd say hey I saw you commented here's The link for more information and you Just send them the link very easy way to Start to get free leads and again at the First link below if you use that you're Gonna discover how to get paid up to two Thousand dollar instant commission so Very very effective now the last last Method to start to generate free traffic And make these sales is if we go over to YouTube don't worry you don't have to Put your face out there you don't have To create your own videos what you want To do is go to the search bar search in A few words that have to do with the Product you're promoting so in our case Make money online and then all you have To do is go to filters and filter by Creative Commons now what this is is This is a specific type of license that You can upload videos with that gives Other people the right to download and

Reuse your video okay so you can see This video over here make money online Starting from scratch this is a Creative Commons video Um this one right here we typically want To look for some that have higher views So this one right here right the fastest Way to make money online with an email With an email marketing newsletter okay So this is a Creative Commons video so What I could do is I could literally Just right click and go copy link Address and then I can go to a site like again links below and I Can paste in that person's YouTube video Link and what this allows us to do is Download their video okay again they're Giving us the right to do this I can Download this person's video to my Computer to my phone and then I can use It as you'll see in a second so let me Download it right now okay so once you Do that what you can do is go over to a Site called you want to Create a free account and what this Allows you to do is upload videos and Then you can actually put your affiliate Link in the description of that video And as the video ranks it starts to get Views you can start to get clicks and Sales so you would just click this right Here click upload video and what we Would do is click on here and then I Will choose that video that I just

Downloaded from YouTube okay so now that The video is uploaded the next thing is The title now you can go to the actual Video on YouTube and you can copy this Title right here I can go back there and I just want to make it slightly Different okay the fastest way to make Like I say the easiest way to make money With an email list for the video Description I can literally just go Ahead and say this method works great But to see my number one way to make Money or to lose weight or to attract Your ideal lover whatever your Niche is Click here okay and then we would just Go ahead and use the tinyurl link that We used before go ahead and paste that In you can choose a thumbnail if you Want and then we literally just put in Some tags make money online work from Home and then we just click upload now Once it's uploaded this video with this Title and your affiliate link will start Showing up in the results people will See it because it has a you know decent Views on YouTube we already know it's a Good video so people will want to watch It they'll see the description they'll Click the link they'll buy and because We're putting High ticket products we Only need one or two sales to hit our Thousand dollar affiliate marketing goal Well there we have it my friend I really Hope you enjoyed learning these three

Separate strategies I again go down to The link in the description that first Link takes you to my number one Affiliate program to promote that will Literally pay you up to two thousand Dollars so you can double your goal with Just one commission if you like the Video like the video subscribe and the Bell icon so you never miss out on my Latest videos and until next time my Friend thanks for watching and I'll see You on my next training [Music]

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