I Tried Clickbank With NO MONEY For 60 Days (UPDATE)

I tried Clickbank affiliate marketing with no money for 60 days.

Here is the update video to the 30-day challenge video I posted a few months ago, enjoy!

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Hey everyone chad here so around a month Ago from today i taught one of my Employees taylor how to do clickbank Affiliate marketing with no money for 30 Days straight now when we started this 30 day challenge she started from Complete scratch which means she had no Following no email list and no prior Experience so we ended up finishing that Challenge with her making around 367 Dollars and that’s all profit now at the Time of recording this video it’s Officially been 60 days since we started That affiliate marketing challenge and Since i got such great feedback on the Video i thought i’d make an update for You guys so with that being said let’s Go ahead and see how much taylor is Making now and what kind of things she’s Been doing different to scale her income Higher okay so like i said we last Updated you on day 30 where she made a Total of just over 350 in commissions And keep in mind that is all profit now I think that’s not too bad from starting From complete scratch with no money for Just 30 days but the thing i really like About affiliate marketing especially if You’re building up a digital asset like A social media following a facebook Group a youtube channel an email list is It can slowly build your income up over Time so maybe the first month is kind of Your learning phase and then month two

You have a few commissions here and There and then you can just slowly build It up over time so anyways i want to Update you on her progress and how much She’s banking because i think the Results are pretty dang good so anyways I’m gonna show her tick tock account as You can see This is at the time of recording this Video she’s at almost 20 000 followers Right so what she’s been doing is she’s Been being way more consistent on her Tick tock videos so even during the 30-day challenge and i think this goes For everyone is it’s really hard to stay Consistent especially if you’re not Seeing a lot of results but once she Started seeing more results and she saw More commissions coming in it made her Want to be more consistent right so as You start making money I think it actually gets easier to start Putting in the work and taking more Action because you’re actually seeing Results so ever since that first month She’s been way more consistent as you Can see she’s literally posting every Single day and some of the videos will Not get many views But you know she keeps going on and the Next video will get 30 000 views it Doesn’t do so good next video does Really good next video does okay next Video doesn’t do too good doesn’t do too

Good doesn’t do too good and then boom This video does really good so really i Think it’s all just about being super Consistent that’s one of the most Important things in affiliate marketing So that’s something she probably lacked A little bit during the 30 day challenge But we won’t mention that to her anyways Now she’s being more consistent she’s Getting better at actually making the Videos so another thing when you’re Starting affiliate marketing is you’re Going to lack the skill set of Copywriting of writing headlines of Making videos if that’s your strategy Right so as you do it more and more over Time you start to get better at the Skill set so that’s going to give you an Advantage that’s going to help you make More money and then the last thing like I said earlier in this video is she has A digital asset she has more traction Now so it’s easier for her videos to go More viral as you can see she posted This video i think yesterday it’s Already at 81 000 views so since she has All these followers it’s easier for her To get more traction on her videos go More viral get more views get more People clicking the link in her bio and Ultimately make more money so as far as What kind of product she’s promoting on Her account right now the last video she Was only promoting a clickbank product

She’s promoting the work from home jobs Product and anyways if you actually look At the link in her bio let’s actually Click on this and as you can see she’s Actually promoting two products right Now so she’s promoting the free quiz Learn the best work from home jobs this Is a clickbank product so it takes him Straight to a free quiz this is her Affiliate link and then the next link Says how he got started making money Online right so how she got started was Learning from my course so this goes Over to my affiliate marketing challenge So this is another product she recently Added in To that link in her bio now you guys Might be wondering chad why is she Sending people straight to her affiliate Link why isn’t she collecting any emails Yet so it first started off as she just Want to start making commissions and not Worry about building a funnel in the Email sequence she kind of want to prove To herself that it actually works and Kind of give her the confidence and Knowing that she keeps wanting to do This Now she should be building an email list By now but the reason she hasn’t been is One we just been really busy with our Other businesses and things we’re doing Because keep in mind she is part of my Team she is one of my employees so she

Has other things she’s doing She’s only working on this business this Affiliate marketing and tick tock Account she’s only spending around two To three hours per week on this at the Most the second reason is because i’m Actually launching a new product around Side hustles in october it’s going to Pay recurring commissions for life so She’s actually going to be an affiliate For that and we’re kind of just waiting Until we launch that product before we Actually build out a funnel and an email Sequence a facebook group all that Different stuff for her brand And her account so That’s the main reason we’re just Waiting until i launch my new product Which is coming out in october so we Figure you know instead of taking the Time to build a funnel right now let’s Just wait until we launch that new Product and then we’re going to build a Funnel for that product that she’s going To promote on her tik tok account so Anyways now let’s go and talk about what You guys have been waiting for which is The actual results right how much money Is she actually making is she going to Make more on the second month in the First month let’s go ahead and show you Some of the screenshots she’s been Sending me so anyways this is the first Update i got from her so this is

Actually on day 50 of this challenge so Like i said the last challenge ended on Day 30. this is the day 50 screenshot so As you can see this is posted on or she Sent me this on august 11th but anyway She just said you know look how many Sales i got today i posted two tick Socks instead of one and i opted to get A ten percent commission bump so today Was my first day getting 85 commissions Instead of 75 the best part my tick Tocks only have 1500 views each not even The views right so i think this is her First 100 day which is pretty good Because you know Like the first 30 days we started this She made like 350 an entire month so to Go from that to making 113 in a single Day she was pretty stoked on that so That was the day 50 update and then Around two days later she sent me this As you can see this is august 13th and As you can see right she had her first Hundred dollar day this is the Screenshot i just showed you august 11th 133 dollars she ended up making And then boom all sudden it started Picking up right she had 128 a day she Had 165 day right so she went from Making you know a few commissions here And there i think she’s a little bit Inconsistent on this period but anyways It started really just picking up as Some of her videos started getting more

Views she started being more consistent And this is where it started to really Pick up traction so like i said this is Day 52 and then day 55 two days later Again she sent me this as you can see That 120 dollars turned into 185 on August 13th and then she had a few Commissions on 14th and 15th right so Again when it comes to sales it can be Random some some people will just Purchase all the upsells and you’ll have A really big day or maybe your videos Got a bunch of views and they kind of Slowed down so this is why it’s so Important to be consistent because sales Are always like up and down so you Always have to make your traffic super Consistent to make your sales as Consistent as possible now like i said This is day 55 now here’s where it gets Pretty exciting so as you can see that Other screenshot left off on august 15th Where she ended up making a couple more Sales after she sent me that screenshot So it went up to 62 And then boom august 16th right the next Day she had a 300 day so just think About it 300 In profit in a single day which the Entire month of the first 30 day Challenge that’s how much she made for The entire month right she made a little Bit more than that the entire month so To do that in a single day uh was really

Exciting for not only me but also her so Really cool to see that what happens When you really start being consistent So like i said right here i think this Is day 56 of sending me this screenshot So that was a few days ago at the Retirement record in this video it is August 22nd so now i’m gonna go and pass The camera over to taylor and she’s Gonna give you an update on her total Commissions and you know just things That she’s been doing different to get More views to you know ultimately just Scale her income so much so with that Being said let’s go and pass it over to Taylor to give you that update so i’m Back it has been 60 days since i started My tick tock account so i’m here to Update you now i’m gonna show you my Clickbank and my amb commissions that I’ve made so let me go ahead and show You my screen okay so here is my Dashboard let me go to this really quick Um so as you can see These are the commissions that i made i Actually had a really big day this day i Got super excited because i hit 404 Dollars and today i’m hoping i can pass That right now i’m at 386.51 Um i had a couple of other days where i Was almost to 200 right here you know Over 100 on these days so that was Exciting um so this shows right here That this week curry

Current week today i’m at 7 14 Last week i was at 9 67 and then i had a Couple of slow weeks right here But i definitely ramped it up last Weekend this week for sure so just to Show you let me go ahead and refresh my Screen so that you can see it load again So that’s where we’re at right there And then if i come over here Let’s see reporting I can come over here and show you um My transactions Let’s see Okay So there we go 1857 47 right there And this just shows all my transactions That i have for That time frame and then the next page That i’m going to show you right here is My Affiliate dashboard for amb So i’m at Forty 558.40 i also do get a Commission bump up to sixty percent this Is just reflecting the forty percent so The difference is like two hundred and Eighty dollars about that i um add to This total and that’s where i’m at on my Amv commissions So yeah that’s my screen and i’ll Refresh this too so you can see There’s the 558.40 That i am at so that’s exciting all

Right so as you just saw she’s made a Total of 2 49 And 45 cents so that means on month one Like i said she did a total of 367 Dollars in profit and month two if we Subtract that to the total earnings as You can see month two was two thousand And eighty two dollars in profit so Again guys this is why it’s so important To stay consistent at first she had some Problems with her affiliate links um so This would have actually been more she Had some community violations right so It wasn’t all perfect nothing went Smoothly and again after she saw that First 350 in those 30 days i told her to Double down stay more consistent and That’s what she did and as you can see It’s starting to pay off big time so Anyways guys if you have any questions For me or taylor drop in the comments Below and real quick before you go if You want to learn exactly how to do this And get started with affiliate marketing And ultimately start making money on Clickbank be sure to download my free Affiliate marketing book it’s going to Give you all the steps all kinds of Niche examples funnel examples traffic Examples how i write my emails Everything you need to know a to z to Get started with your affiliate Marketing business so again if you want

Access free book all you have to do is Click on the first link in the Description below or just go to this Link right here and i’ll send it to you For completely free with that being said Guys hope you enjoyed this video as Always if you did drop a like and Subscribe if you’re new let me know you Have more videos like this i hope you Guys have a great rush today and as Always i will see you in my next video

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