I Made A Secret FACELESS Youtube Channel (FROM SCRATCH)

In this video I reveal a SECRET faceless Youtube channel I’ve been working on for the past 30 days!

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– Chad Bartlett

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Hey guys Chad here so over the past 30 Days I’ve been working on a secret YouTube channel completely behind the Scenes that doesn’t show my face at all Now the goal of this channel is two Things number one to get it completely 100 outsourced so I don’t have to do a Single ounce of work and number two to Make anywhere from 15 to 20 000 per Month through YouTube ad Revenue Affiliate marketing and sponsorships so I’m super excited to show you guys this Process I’m actually going to be Revealing the channel in this video so You guys are going to see the results I’ve gotten so far and kind of how I got Served with this and hopefully how you Can do it for yourself so that being Said super excited for this let’s go Ahead and dive straight into it alright So in just a minute I’m revealing the Channel I’ve been working on from Scratch over the past 30 days but before We do that the first thing I want to Talk about is the first step of starting A faceless YouTube channel and actually Making money from it which is choosing Some kind of Niche that you want the Channel to be around so the guy I Learned from that taught me how to do This faceless Channel basically said to Pick some kind of Niche that’s going to Be education based so these are things Like stuff around business stuff around

History stuff around the space traveling Stuff around animals it could be around The military all kinds of things like That so those are like some of the most Common niches on here so let me go and Share my screen and really just show you Some examples of very successful Faceless YouTube channels that are Making anywhere from that 15 to 20K per Month Mark that I’m trying to get to for My Channel all right so this is the First channel right here it’s logically Answered and as you can see they do more Of like you know General stuff they Don’t really have a niche their their Niche is basically just showing logical Answers around just really interesting News topics really interesting stuff Around business they even do some History stuff so their Niche is a little Bit unique because it’s more General This is probably going to be a little Bit more competitive when you’re Starting out so if you want to go into a Niche that’s kind of more General you Have to really focus on high quality Videos if you notice inside the video It’s all just b-roll and a voiceover Right so all these faceless channels There’s no like face of the brand it’s Not like my channel here it’s basically All just voice over and b-roll that’s The whole entire Channel another example Is not a history right this so this is

Basically just a History Channel talks About all kinds of interesting topics Around history obviously this has Unlimited video ideas uh so this is a Really cool Channel idea as well and you Can see again it’s just b-roll and voice Over that’s the whole entire video That’s the whole entire Channel next one Is more in the business Niche right so This shows different people’s net worth Their stories all kinds of stuff so it’s Called millionaire posts and obviously This attracts the audience who’s Interested in business luxury stuff like That so as you can see these videos are Just voice over and b-roll once again All right so now is what you guys have Been waiting for where I’m going to Reveal my channel so the first thing I Ask is please don’t go to my channel and Watch my video and watch two seconds of It and then just leave it does hurt my Watch time so I’m gonna show you the Channel I’m going to show you the video How it works but that’s all I ask for You guys I’m showing this for free I’m Not I don’t ask for anything in return Other than that so anyways the niche I Chose for this channel is actually Around the military so I know super Random Channel but it is a good Niche on YouTube and obviously with the war going On it’s kind of trending right now the Goal of this Niche is basically to talk

About all kinds of things around weapons In the military different things going On in the military so kind of news Updates stuff like that we’ll also be Doing stuff around history that went Down in the past with military kind of Like I showed you on that channel just a Minute ago so that’s what my channel is About so let me go ahead and share my Screen and this is my channel as you can See we posted our first video three days Ago three days ago it’s already at 17 000 views guys this is insane this is Super cool so I’ve never seen this Happen before you know because just look At my channel like my personal Channel I Don’t try to make these videos go viral I’m mainly targeting affiliate marketers Inside dinosaurs but you can see like Most of my videos don’t even get 17 000 Views and the fact that the very first Video on a faceless Channel got 17 000 Views I’m already at 100 subscribers in Less than three days it’s pretty Mind-blowing so that’s the channel Reveal hopefully the momentum keeps up And this video goes more viral we plan To post on this channel I believe Anywhere from two to three times per Week so this is the channel so let me Actually show you guys the video and Kind of show you how it works and then We’ll go into actually how I started This channel from complete scraps

Alright so as you can see the title is Russia panics us new suicide drone to Destroy Russian helicopters [Music] Foreign S have officially changed how Wars are Fought in the modern day even though it Is the 21st century so notice again Right it’s all just b-roll and voice Over that’s it so let’s play a little Bit more of the video three and there Should be absolutely no Wars the world Has got to make the best of what they Have and the superpowers do not hold Back today drones come in all shapes and Sizes from basic military drones to Kamikaze variants some drones can even Mess up the enemy’s communication and Air defense all right so there you have It it’s pretty cool right pretty well Produced it’s something interesting to Watch I I don’t I’m not that interested In the military but I know a lot of People who are and would watch this kind Of stuff so this is an example of how You want to make these faceless channels You don’t want to just get a Text-to-speech and get some crappy B-roll off a free website if you’re Gonna start a faceless Channel you have To invest money into it and you have to Set it up the right way that way your Videos go viral you can monetize fast And you can start getting to that you

Know 15 to 20K per month Mark or Whatever you your goal may be all right So now that you saw the Channel that I Started you see it’s actually working Let’s go out and walk through the Three-step process talk about how much Money it costs to make these videos all That good stuff so you can see if this Side hustle is actually right for you Okay so the first step to this Three-step process is the set of things Right so this is where you want to pick A niche like I talked about before and You want to Brand your channel so notice On my channel right as you can see it’s Military base right we have a good Branding for the military Center you can Get one of these done on Fiverr and we Have a profile picture we have the name That is the first step of this is the Setup phase basically just setting up Your channel branding it and actually Choosing a niche that you want to go Into now the second step of this process Is going to be the production phase so This is actually making the videos right So the way we made this video come to Life and get it to 18 000 views in three Days I didn’t do much of the work right In fact I didn’t really do any work at All what we do is we put together a team To do all the stuff for you so the first Step to the actual production phase for Making a video so keep in mind this

Production phase you’re going to use the Same phase on every single video you Make so the first step of this is Research you want to research your Niche You want to research other channels in Your Niche that are competitors and see What they are doing well what videos They’re doing and that will kind of Bring you over to the next step of the Production phase which is coming up with A viral idea right so again this is Where you want to go to your competitors See what videos are doing really well For them over the past few months and Put your own spin on it try to find a Different angle to one of the videos They did and try to come up with a viral Idea right so this is basically just a Title of the video so as you can see Right this is obviously kind of trending Right now our viral idea for the first Video was Russia panics us new suicide Drone to destroy Russia something like That that is the second step is actually Coming up with your video idea looking At competitors and putting your own spin To making your own video the third step Of this production phase right now you Need to write the script for it so Obviously like when I’m making these Videos right now on my YouTube channel I Don’t script this video out I have a few Notes on my computer to help me like not Talk about a random thing or to help me

Stay on track of the video but for these Kind of videos the whole thing is Scripted every single word in the video Is scripted so what we do is we go on Fiverr we go on upwork we hire a script Writer and we pay them anywhere from I Believe I paid mine 25 right so I paid Her 25 to write the entire script for an Eight minute video not bad right so that Is the third step is actually hiring a Scriptwriter so after that what do you Need you need someone to read the script And notice in my video if I play it once Again phones come in all shapes and Sizes from basic military drones to Notice the voice right the voice over Really fits the Channel’s Vibe right It’s got that military voice to it it’s Got that intense voice so you want to Make sure whatever Channel you’re doing The voice matches the brand of the Channel the niche to the channel that’s Really important when you’re doing your Voiceover so again we found our Voiceover guy on Fiverr so my guy I paid Him around thirty dollars to do this Voiceover so again we research we got The viral idea we got the script we got The voiceover now the last couple steps Right step five of this production phase Is the actual editor right so notice all The b-roll throughout the whole entire Video that is the video editor so we Also hire a video editor to do that

Service I believe we paid her around Fifty dollars for this video so that’s Another thing that you’re gonna have to Do and obviously if you have one of These skill sets yourself maybe you’re a Really good scriptwriter maybe you’re Have a good voice for your Channel or Maybe you’re really good at editing you Can do one of these and save costs on Your channel if you want to all right And the last two final steps of this Production phase is making a thumbnail And actually uploading the video that’s It that’s the entire steps of each video That you’re gonna make for your faceless Channel so every single video I’m gonna Go through these steps and I’m going to Do it for all these videos now we know How to set it up we know how to make a Video every time the third phase is the Monetization phase this is where you Actually start making money so if you Don’t know on YouTube you need at least A thousand subscribers in order to put Ads on your videos so unfortunately this Channel even though it got 18 000 views In three days which would be probably Around a hundred dollars or so that’s a Guess I’m not making any money from this Video yet just because I don’t have a Thousand subscribers yet I have to wait For YouTube to accept me into the Partner program and the only way to do That is to have at least a thousand

Subscribers or 4 000 hours of watch time So I’ll be getting there in the next Couple weeks or so so if you guys want Me to keep you updated on this series Comment down below faceless YouTube Channels and I’ll keep making these Videos keep giving you updates on how Much this channel is making me so when It comes to monetization like I said There’s really three ways I plan on Monetizing this channel number one is Through YouTube ad Revenue number two Through affiliate marketing so believe It or not there’s a lot of military Products that you can promote as an Affiliate that pay out decent Commissions so maybe in the future I’ll Do a little promotion with my affiliate Link in the description and the last way To monetize this channel is actual brand Deals so if companies want to pay me to Do a sponsorship to do a brand deal Inside the YouTube video I can do that And make some extra money from the Channel as well so I’m sure you’re Wondering by now how much it actually Costs to make one of these faceless YouTube videos and make it super high Quality to where the video actually goes Viral and has high watch time and Everything like that so the answer is it Really depends it can cost anywhere from A hundred dollars on the low end to some Faceless YouTube channel spend 300 500

But again keep in mind if they’re gonna Spend three or five hundred dollars they Know that video will make them at least One to two thousand or three thousand Depending on how many views it gets so When you’re first starting out Devin the Guy I learned from he recommends to Spend anywhere from you know 100 to 150 Dollars per video so if I plan to post Three times per week on my channel that Means I’m gonna put out around 12 videos Per month so if I put out 12 videos per Month and I’m spending 100 fifty dollars Per video it’s gonna cost me around Eighteen hundred dollars per month to Actually run this channel without me Having to do a thing right which is my Goal because I’m busy with other Businesses I don’t want to do a single Ounce of work so my goal is in a few Months from now it starts to break even I start to make anywhere from one to two Thousand dollars per month in YouTube ad Revenue from the channel that’d be Awesome that’s kind of my goal in the Next few months obviously I’m gonna keep You guys updated if you guys want me to The second goal I have is within six Months or so as I start to get more Traction on the channel as my videos Start to pick up more and more views Over time as I start to build my Subscriber base that’s where I can start Seeing that five to ten thousand dollar

Per month Mark and eventually plug in Sponsorships do affiliate marketing Stuff and I’ll just bring in way more Money and it’s gonna cover my costs and Ultimately make me a huge profit on what The channel actually costs to run right Because that cost usually won’t go up It’s not like I’m paying the Scriptwriters more money I’m not paying The voiceovers more money so that’s kind Of the goal of the channel that’s kind Of the numbers behind it so you will Need a level of budget to start the side Hustle but regardless if you have a few Thousand dollars a budget I think you Can definitely get started maybe just Post only once a week or twice a week And then only cost you 400 per month to Run the channel so you kind of have to See and play with your budget and what Your actual goals are for the channel Based on how much you can spend early on So anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this Video like I said if you want to see a Part two to this series and update on me Actually starting to make money once I Actually get a thousand subscribers Leave a comment down below just comment Down below faceless YouTube channels and I’ll make another video for you guys in A few months from now inside guys if you Enjoyed this video all I ask to drop a Like And subscribe if you’re new let me Know you want more videos like this hope

You guys have a great rest your day and As always I will see you in my next Video

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