How to stay calm during a volatile market 📈📉

Okay now here's what's interesting I Haven't lost one share of stock today Right not one share I haven't lost one Bit of business today I haven't lost one Square foot of real estate today I Haven't lost one crypto coin today I Haven't lost anything that I own if I Looked at all in terms of money instead Of what I own then you you that's when You start to freak out I always go to Warren Buffett and through the loom when When he woke up this morning there was No stock price for food alone and I will Tell you right now there might be a tiny Fluctuation in the amount of Dairy Queen Blizzards people buy today but it's not Going to put them out of business he's Not going to lose his business he's not Going to lose his house I'm not going to Lose mine there might be a tiny Fluctuation in the amount of Duracell Batteries but really he's looking from It from a standpoint of cash flow and He's not so much concerned with the the Price

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