How to Make MONEY on Tiktok For Beginners In 2022! (SECRETS For $300+ Days)

Discover how to make money on Tiktok for beginners in 2022!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here in one of the Accounts that I collect payments I Generated 150 a hundred and fifty Dollars fifty dollars fifty dollars and These payments are coming in every Single day like clockwork and a lot of Them have actually come in just using Tick Tock and what I’m gonna do inside This video is I’m gonna share with you Two incredibly simple beginner friendly Strategies that are totally free you can Use to start to generate income even if You’re brand new just using Tick Tock so If you’re excited to learn these totally Simple strategies be sure to smash the Like button to let me know and without Further Ado let’s go ahead and Dive Right In so like I said we’re going to Be using Tick Tock now one of the Methods is going to show your face okay So if you’re okay with actually creating Your own Tick Tock videos building your Own brand making money long term I’m Going to share with you exactly how to Do it and how I’ve been doing it and Then after that I’m going to share with You a method where you don’t have to Show your face at all and you can Actually start generating money without Even creating your own videos which is Pretty pretty powerful so the first step To make money with Tick Tock is we need To actually find a good product to Promote now I’m going to include a link

Directly below to my number one Recommended affiliate program you can Join to actually start promoting and When you get people to sign up through Your link you will get paid instant 100 Commissions so I’ll go ahead and include That link if you want to check that out The first method is you want to actually Figure out what Niche your product is in So for example let’s say you want to Promote a product that has to do with The dating Niche okay so it’s helping People maybe teaching them dating Information dating tips so what we want To do is go to tick tock and we want to Search in the search bar a few words That have to do with that Niche okay so I can say dating information or dating Tips and what’s going to happen is You’re going to see all these videos Okay now these are the top videos when It comes to dating tips so again if you Find a a product that helps people with Dating and you lead with value you Create a video or you find someone Else’s video which I’ll share how to do Legally a little bit later in this video You’re going to be able to get a massive Amount of views and then you’re going to Push them to the link in your bio now With Tick Tock you can actually put a Link in your bio until you have a Thousand followers so not to worry I’m Going to share a little work around a

Little bit later as well so you can go Ahead and start making money before you Get to a thousand followers but what you Want to do is just open up one of these People’s channels okay one of these People’s profiles that are sharing a Video that’s popular in that Niche and We want to actually look we want to make Sure that they didn’t just do one video That got a lot of views okay we want to Make sure that they’re actually covering A lot of videos in that Niche so you can See that this person they’re kind of all Over the place you know they’re doing You know fall fashion and then refunds So this person would not be somebody I Would follow but I know this guy coach Kyle I’ve actually seen some of his Videos before and he mainly only does Dating information and you can see you Know some of his videos are getting you Know quite a bit of views so what we’re Going to do now is now that we’ve opened This profile we’re going to use a Little-known totally free tool to Actually find their most popular videos Okay so what we want to do is go to Google Chrome okay you have to actually Be on a laptop for this specific Strategy and you need to be on Google Chrome and it’s actually a free plugin Called sort for tick tock I’m going to Include a link directly below in the Description once you add that to your

Browser all you have to do is you just Click you can see that icon here okay so If I go back to his profile if I just Click this little icon and hit start It’s going to automatically go through All of his videos and it’s going to show You the top most viewed videos at the Very top of the page so let me go ahead And let it work and I’ll come back in a Second okay so it took about a minute The more videos the profile has the Longer that login is going to take to Find the top videos but basically you Can see seven million four million okay So it’s filtered by the top videos so Why is this important the reason is what We want to do is if you’re creating your Own branded page right you’re going to Actually create videos yourself now Stick with me again because soon I’m Going to share how to actually use other People’s videos and not have to show Your face if you don’t want to but for This strategy it’s good especially long Term to build a branded page what you Can do is you can actually open up their Top videos and what you want to do is You want to watch this video and you Want to figure out what the topic of the Video is so you can see right here okay If you’re a dude that thinks like that You need to watch this video okay so What I would do is I would watch this Video and see again what is he teaching

What is he saying and then I would Create a video very very similar okay You don’t want to say the exact same Thing but you want to say something very Similar this is called modeling this is Where you emulate what’s already working You don’t want to have to reinvent the Wheel and then you could even use these Exact hashtags that he’s used you can Copy a similar caption and you can go Ahead and post that at and because it’s Popular chances are you’re going to get A lot of views as well and what I would Do is I would just go through and Recreate the top videos in my Niche and Start to post that okay you can see Right here I actually have a profile you Know right here and I’ve been posting Videos okay and I do not use tick tock That often okay because I use a lot of Other strategies but just doing it very Very part time I’ve already managed to Get over 29 000 followers and one of my Main strategies is just recreating top Videos using this plug-in okay so again The link below to get this free plugin To see the top videos now what I want to Do is I want to share with you the Totally free simple basically copy paste Way to do it if you don’t want to show Your face so what we want to do is we Want to go to YouTube and we want to Actually search in the name of our Niche Okay so in this example I’m going to use

Weight loss because I know a lot of my Following are promoting weight loss Products okay followed by tips and then Hashtag shorts so if you were in again The dating Niche dating tips sure Works Make money tips shorts okay whatever Niche just like that and search it now What we want to do is we want to go to Filters and we want to go to creative Comments what this is is this filters by Other YouTube shorts that the people Have given us the rights to reuse Creative Commons is a type of license Where we can actually reuse and Re-upload these videos so you just want To find a good one okay so you know this One could be good we want to right click And we want to copy link address then we Want to go to a site called again all the links Are below we want to paste that YouTube Shorts link and then we want to actually Click get link and download and that’s Going to actually download to our phone Or computer now once we download that we Want to go to canva now canva is a free Site where you can actually create Different thumbnails different you know Facebook posts but we’re going to go Ahead and search in and we’re going to Search for tick tock video okay so you Just search that in and once you do it’s Going to actually share all these Different templates for tick tock videos

Now we’re just going to click create a Blank Tick Tock video and what we’re Going to do is we’re going to actually Upload the video that we just downloaded So go ahead and go to uploads and then Upload file and I’m going to go ahead And upload the video the YouTube short That I just downloaded to canva right Now okay so it’s uploaded right here now What I can do is I can just click that Like this I can just drag it like this Okay and then we can just click play to See what it looks like okay So that’s pretty good now some of these Shorts are going to be a little bit Better okay so it may be more Informational now I would spend a little Bit more time watching the video first But I’ll just share with you the process And then you can go ahead and find a Longer a little bit better video as far As informational okay so once we do that The next thing is we want to add a page And we want to actually color this so You can do you know similar color to the Video so this video is has a light blue So I can just make it a similar light Blue then we want to actually go to text Add heading okay and then what we want To do is we want to give a call to Action so at the end of the video after The valuable video whether it gives tips Or maybe if it’s in weight loss it may Show an exercise it may give away a

Recipe something of value now we want to Give a call to action so I can say go to This link to learn my number one way to Lose weight or my number one way to make Money or my number one way to improve Your dating whatever product you’re Promoting okay go to this link to learn My number one way to lose weight okay And then we would just go ahead and put In a link okay now like I said with Tick Tock before you get to a thousand Followers you can’t actually put a link In your bio so once you get to a Thousand followers you would say go to The link in my bio to learn my number One way to lose weight and you would put The link in your bio okay so you would Put your link right here but because we Don’t have a thousand followers yet you Could say go to this link to learn more Or to learn my number one way to lose Weight okay now you may think what link Right well what we want to do is we want To go to this is another Free site that will actually shorten Affiliate links so once you find a Product you become an affiliate Typically it will become a really long Link okay so let me just this is Actually one of my you know long Affiliate links right here so what I can Do is add a few words okay so once we Click make tinyurl it will shorten this Link and it will become and

Then followed by whatever word we put in There so we want to put a word that’s Easily searchable because people can’t Click the link from our video so they Have to actually type it in so we want To make it easy to type in so I could Say something like you know lose weight Today okay and that may already be taken So we can see if I click make time URL Okay it’s not available because that’s Very common so I can say lose weight Today and then I can just add a number After it okay so lose weight today you Know zero zero one and see if that’s Available okay so that is and then we Just copy this link okay so you can Either highlight it or I can click copy Go back to canva and then paste that in Okay just like that I can resize it make It centered and I can even bold it to Make it look a little bit better so it Says go to this link okay and I can even You know do that to make it more Readable go to this link to learn my Number one way to lose weight okay so You can see right here You know want to lose weight Go to this link thumb right away lose Weight then what will happen is people See this video they’ll type in that link And then they’ll go ahead and get Redirected to our affiliate page and Then they’ll go ahead and buy now when You upload this it’s recommended to

Actually create a branded profile so you Would make this profile all about losing Weight or whatever your Niche is you can Make the title something that has to do With losing weight you can put in Something here and then before you get To a thousand followers even when you’re Going to create you know videos branding Yourself before you get to a thousand Followers you want to actually have the Call to action say follow me okay follow Me for more because you want to get as Many followers as possible and then you Can put a link here once you get over a Thousand followers so again what we Would do last is we would just hit share Download and then you would download This video now once it’s downloaded Again all you would do is you would go To your themed profile and you would Post that video now again it’s good to Include hashtags you can include popular Songs okay trending music because that Will help your video get more views and Then once you have a few videos that go Viral okay I had a few videos that got Over a hundred thousand views you’ll Start to get more followers and then You’ll be able to just say go to the Link in my bio because you’ll have a Link in your bio once you hit a thousand Followers so I hope you enjoyed learning How to make money on Tick Tock in 2022 Both of these methods are incredibly

Powerful if you want to do long term Method where you’re building a brand or You want to actually just copy and paste Other people’s videos both work be sure To like the video if you got value also Subscribe the Bell icon I have way more Videos coming that are even better than The method I just shared and also go to The link directly below join my number One affiliate program so you can get Paid instant 100 commissions and use These strategies promoting that program Thanks so much for watching my friend And I will see you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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