How I Made $10,000+ From ONE TikTok Video (New TikTok Growth Strategy)

If you’re looking to grow and monetize your TikTok account, this is going to be the perfect video for you.

Inside I show I made over $10,000 from a single TikTok video and how you can do this in just about any niche out there.

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Everyone chad here in this video i’m Gonna be showing you how i made over ten Thousand dollars from just one tick tock Video and really the way i was able to Make that much amount of money from a Single tic talk video is you need two Things number one is you need a viral Video so i define a viral video as over 500 000 views and in this video i’m Going to be showing you a new tick tock Growth strategy i’m using to pretty much Get around half of my videos going viral Number two is once you get a video to go Viral you need a way to monetize the People who are watching your video you Need a way to monetize your audience and No i’m not talking about the creator Front or brand deals or anything like That those options are not going to make You a lot of money unless you have Millions of followers and i personally Don’t have millions of followers myself Either so that being said i’m going to Be walking you through those two things In this video so i’m super excited to Share this new tick tock growth strategy With you guys so with that being said Let’s dive straight into it okay so like I said if you want to make a full-time Income from your tick tock account Without having millions of followers you Really need two things number one a way To monetize your audience so this is the Most important thing because there’s all

Kinds of videos that can go viral on Tick tock but there’s no way to monetize The videos therefore they’re kind of Pointless to even make unless you’re Just doing it for fun right if you’re Watching this video you’re probably Wanting to make money from your tick Tock account so this is why it’s Important to have a tick tock account Around a certain topic around a certain Niche and that way you can sell related Products around that so for example i Have a client named ken and he has a Whole tick tock account just around Giving tips to uber drivers so notice How specific that is right his whole Account is just around giving tips to Uber drivers he gives tips on how uber Drivers can make more money he documents How much money he makes himself driving Uber every day and then what does he do To monetize right he sells a course that Shows you how to make more money from Uber so he has some strategies that he Uses for driving uber that makes it so People give him more tips he gets longer Rides he gets more rides right so he has All kinds of secret tips he uses that a Lot of other uber drivers that follow Him can benefit from and obviously some Of them will go and buy his course so That’s one way to monetize is through Some type of digital product the second Way to monetize is through my favorite

Business model which is affiliate Marketing if you’re a beginner this is Probably the best option to do because You don’t have to create your own Product you can just go find someone Else’s product that’s already proven to Sell that already has you know a website A sales page all that stuff in place so You can just get an affiliate link for That product or for those different Products and send all your audience and All the people watching video to that Affiliate link and then you’ll get a Commission every time they buy through That link now me personally i think the Best way to do affiliate marketing is Building some type of email list up First so for example what you could do Is let’s say you had a keto tick tock Account you made content around the keto Diet so what you would do is you would Offer some type of keto recipes for free Right you build some type of free gift And put it in a little pdf on a google Doc give them all kinds of recipes they Can use for the keto diet and all they Have to do to get that free guide that You made them right is give you their Email address and now you can promote Those free recipes on your tik tok Account and you’re going to get all Kinds of people giving you their email You’re going to build a massive email List of all people who are interested in

The keto diet and the way you actually Make money is in your emails in your Email marketing that’s where you start Sending promotions to them recommending Them different keto diet products to buy Whether it’s a keto diet course a keto Diet coaching program or maybe it’s Different keto diet snacks keto diet Meal plans you can be an affiliate for All these different products that you Know that your email list is going to be Interested in because they originally Downloaded that keto recipe guides so if They’re interested in that then chances Are they’re also going to be interested In those other products that are related To that guide and like i said you can Pretty much build an email list on tick Tock i don’t know And like i said you can pretty much Build one of those email lists in any Niche so if you want to learn more about How to build your email list how to set Up an opt-in page how to set up that Free gift that you’re going to give them All the stuff that goes into it be sure To How to build your downl magnet how to Write your emails pretty much everything You need to know with affiliate Marketing so again if you want to Download that just go to the first link Description below or just go to this Link right here all right so once you

Have some type of topic or niche picked Out for your tick tock account you have A plan of how you’re going to monetize Your ticket account by building an email List and recommending products that You’re an affiliate for that’s related To that topic that your niche is about The third step of this like i said is You basically just need a viral video in Your niche because ultimately that’s What’s really going to grow your tic tac Account and give you all kinds of Momentum because what i found is once You get one viral video it’s a lot Easier for all your other videos to get More viral and get just way more views In general because not only because you Have more followers but the algorithm is Kind of just in your favor you got the Momentum going so really that first Viral video is absolute key to growing On tick tock so when it comes to getting A viral video it really comes down to One thing now some people will argue With me on this but what i found from All my videos it all comes down to this One thing and what that is is having a Really good hook and i’ll prove that to You right now you wouldn’t be watching This video that you’re watching right Now unless i didn’t have a good hook to Bring you into this video to teach you How to grow and monetize your tick tock Account if i didn’t have the hook of how

I made you know ten thousand dollars From one tick tock video you probably Wouldn’t be watching this video now tick Tock is a little bit different than Youtube because you don’t actually have To click on the thumbnail on the title For you to watch the video right tick Tock you’re literally just in the video You’re scrolling and what determines if You’re going to keep scrolling or not on The for you page is the first two Seconds of the video so that’s what the Hook is on tick tock is what is the First two seconds and do those two Seconds make you want to watch and Finish the entire video if you can nail That one thing down your video will go Viral so now that you know your hook is Pretty much the most important part of Your whole entire tick tock video your Whole tick tock account and ultimately Determines how much money you’re going To make from tick tock let me give you Some tips on how to get a really good Hook in pretty much any niche that You’re in all right so the first tip i Have for you is make your hooks Contrarian right so don’t do what Everyone else is saying don’t do what Everyone else thinks you have to make it Something where you know people are Gonna be like wait really why is he Telling me that i thought it was the Other way around right so make your

Hooks contrained i’ll give you an Example of that all right so i’m on to My tick tock account and if i scroll Down here you can see um one of my Videos that didn’t end up doing you know Pretty decently was this one has 28 000 Views and if we look at the hook at this Video right notice how contrarian it is Right it says why drop shipping is the Worst side hustle Now the reason i think this video did Pretty good because keep in mind i never Talk about drop shipping on this account So i wasn’t sure if this video was gonna Do too good but since i had a good hook It ended up doing pretty well and the Reason why this is a contrarian hook is Because if you type in drop shipping Into tick tock or you’re just interested In drop shipping and you watch drop Shipping tick tock videos right they’re All going to say why drop shipping is The best side hustle right how to make a Hundred dollars a day from drop shipping How to do this and all the people making Dropshipping content will glorify it They’ll talk about how good it is all The pros of it how much money they’re Making from it right so that’s what Everyone is saying but when i go on the Flip side and say the complete opposite And i say why drop shipping is the worst Side hustle all the people watching Those drop shipping videos see this

Video and they’re like huh I wonder why he says that right maybe Does he have experience has he done drop Shipping himself and they want to find Out why and what that causes them to do Is since the hook was so good it causes Them to keep watching the whole video to See why drop shipping is the worst side Hustle so as you can see if you have a Good hook right it’s automatically going To make your watch time good like i said If you have a good hook they’re going to Want to finish the video to the end and See why that is all right now let me go To another one of my videos this is Actually the video that’s made me over Ten thousand dollars to this day and That’s simply just from building up my Email list from this video i believe This video alone has brought me in like Um probably over five thousand emails And those five thousand emails i’ve Collected have turned into way over ten Thousand dollars and commissions in Money uh from selling products to them That i’m an affiliate for so this is This video right here i’m gonna click on It as you can see it has 1.5 million Views and if you look at the hook right It’s testing side hustles for you part Number one now the reason why that hook That two second line did so well and This video ended up performing so well Over a hundred thousand likes ten

Thousand shares is because most people On tick tock just talk about hey here’s The best side hustle you can do hey Check out this side hustle that no one Talks about right that’s what everyone Is doing in this specific niche right so I’m in the side hustle niche for my tech Doc account um so in this specific niche You have to know like what is everyone Doing and how can you be a contrarian And kind of do the opposite but still Have a similar hook right so instead of Saying hey guys here’s the best side Hustle you can do and everyone being Kind of skeptical i took the opposite Approach instead of just showing them Instead of just telling them i said Testing tick tock side hustle so you Don’t have to part number one right so It makes it so instead of just showing You how to do side hustle i’m actually Testing it myself i’m actually doing the Side hustle and i’m showing you how much Money you can make instead of just Telling you right and taking that Opposite approach sure the video was a Little bit more work for me to do Because i actually had to test it myself But it ended up paying off 10 fold right I guarantee you if the hook was just Like hey here’s one of the best sound Hustles to do for 2022 right the video Probably would have gotten like 10 000 Views versus 1.5 million views so really

There’s three parts to a tick tock video There’s a hook there’s a story and There’s a call to action but like i said Before if you can dial in the hook and Make that really good it’s going to take Care of the story as well because if the Hook is really good and it really pulls Them into the video then they’re Automatically going to want to watch the Next thing of the video which is the Story right what you’re actually talking About in the video so if i go back to That video where i said testing to talk Side hustles part number one the reason Why it went so viral was because the Watch time was high right so the hook Was so good it pulled them in and it Made them want to see the results of the Side hustle if i actually made money or Not how much i made uh what i rated the Side hustle everything like that so like I said the hook is pretty much 80 in the Video and then like the other 20 the Video that’s gonna determine whether It’s gonna do well or not is just the Little things like is the audio good is The lighting okay right but like i said You can have really bad lighting you can Have really bad audio but if you have a Really good hook the video will still Probably go viral but on the flip side If you have really good lighting really Good audio but you have a bad hook the Video is not going to do well right so

Follow the 80 20 rule when it comes to That and if you have a really good hook And you dial that in right just making Sure you have the little stuff like you Know like i said good audio good Lighting and then transition in between Scenes so if you watch this video you Can notice how you know first i’m Talking on the camera then i put a B-roll picture behind me then i’m Flipping screens to my computer then i’m Showing my face right so there’s all Kinds of different things going on the Video and it just makes it so people Don’t get bored while watching the video I was actually watching a podcast the Other day of a really successful tick Tocker daniel mack i’m sure a lot of you Guys have heard of them and he said like One of the things they try to do in Their videos is they try to like crack Them out that’s what they call it they Try to turn them into crack videos and Basically what that means is just all Kinds of things are going on there’s Transition there’s splits there’s words Popping up on the screen and as sad as It sounds right nowadays the attention Span is so low especially on the tick Tock app that you pretty much have to do Those things in order for the video to Go viral but like i said that’s still The little stuff right the most Important thing the 80

Is all about the first two seconds which Is the hook so anyways the last part of Your tick tock video is your call to Action so this is where the money Actually comes in so i personally don’t Sell in all my tick tock videos so i’ll Kind of switch it up so one video i’ll Say follow for more right the next video I’ll say comment what you want to see Next right ask for engagement that could Be a call to action the third call to Action is click the link in my bio to Get your free gift right so whatever Free gift you have we gave that free Keto recipe example earlier in this Video for me i have a free affiliate Marketing cheat sheet that you can Download in the link description below So that’s the third type of call to Action is just getting them to go and Download your free gift whatever that Gift is and making sure whatever you’re Offering right it’s gonna be relevant to That video gonna be relevant to your Audience and ultimately gonna provide a Ton of value to them and help them solve Whatever that problem is and if you can Do that in your free gift chances are They’re going to take you up on the Products that you’re recommending inside Of your email marketing that you’re an Affiliate for and that’s ultimately how You’re going to start making money from All of your tick tock videos even if you

Don’t have millions of followers so Anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this Video on how to get a video to go viral On tick tock and how to monetize and Actually make money from your tech talk Again guys if you want to see the number One way to monetize your tick tock Account i think that is through a Business model called affiliate Marketing so if you want to see how to Actually get started with affiliate Marketing how to find products from well All kinds of examples of people doing it Successfully be sure to Said guys i downl you enjoyed this video If you did just drop a like and Subscribe if you’re new let me know you Want more videos like this hope you have A great rest your day and as always i Will see you in my next video

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