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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So all you have to do is go over here Copy your link right there go to this Simple website paste it in Click submit Add and you can start to generate as Much as two thousand dollars per Commission in as little as just five Minutes of work per day that's right in This video I'm gonna reveal an Incredibly powerful copy paste free Method you can use online to generate 247.38 every five minutes even if you Don't have a website of following or any Experience online I'm gonna share every Single step as far as how to find a good Product that will pay you well a Specific little-known website to copy Paste your link on and even towards the End of the video how to use this site And method to rake in as much as six Thousand dollars or more a week so be Sure you watch the entire training now If you're excited to learn this be sure To like the video comment let's go to Show others you're serious about Creating income online and without Further Ado let's dive into the very First step so the very first step is we Need to find a good product to promote One place to do this is You just go here you can click Start Here like this and you can go through These simple questions and start to Create a free account in a matter of Minutes now once you're inside your

Account you want to go to the top tab Under Marketplace and they have all These different categories of products You can find to promote such as betting Systems E-Business e-marketing health And fitness Etc now ClickBank is not my favorite Place to find products to promote it can Take a while to get paid out and you Don't earn 100 commissions to find out My number one affiliate system to Promote that pays you instant 100 Commissions click the first link below And that will take you to more Information but in this video we're Going to use ClickBank and let's go to The E-Business e-marketing category so Just go ahead and click that now if you Use ClickBank to find the best Converting the best selling products we Want to sort results by gravity and this Will list the products that have the Highest gravity score you can see this One right here has 300 anything above 30 Is good so this is very good and you can See you'll make about 30 dollars per Commission per referral so once we find A product what we want to do is we want To click promote here and we want to Click create hop link and then we want To copy this link this is our affiliate Link so if someone goes to this link Right here it's going to take them to This page and if they click Start quiz

With this specific product it will Eventually take them to a page where the Person can buy making us money so what I Like to do is open up a notepad file and I like to just paste in the affiliate Link to keep everything nice and Organized now the next step is we need To actually go over to another site That's totally free called Now once you're on this site what you Want to do is paste in your affiliate Link no matter where you find your Product to promote you want to paste it In there and we just click make time URL And what this does is you can see right Here it made it shortened okay and more Attractive so this is going to get more People to want to click on it rather Than this long unattractive link here so We just copy that there and I like to Again add it to the notepad file we're Going to be using this in a second and In fact you can actually erase the Original so now we just have this tiny URL that leads to our product so now we Need to go to the free site that's Little known to start to get massive Clicks to our affiliate link and it's now there's going to be all The links directly below in the Description now if you've heard of this Before I highly recommend you keep Watching this video I'm going to share Some secret strategies to make even more

Money and what you want to do on this Site is you want to actually click sign Up here and what this will do is allow You to create a totally free account now You just want to put in your first name Last name okay a username a password you Want to put in a Gmail okay it's Recommended and then you just want to Click here to agree to the terms I'm not A robot and create account now it takes Just a few minutes you'll get an email Where you have to click the link Verifying your email address but once You do that you'll be able to log in to Your account now upon logging in they're Gonna try to get you to upgrade to the Different levels honestly you can use This powerful method and make hundreds Of dollars a day if not thousands just Using the free plan so you can go ahead And click continue free and once you do That you'll eventually get taken to this Page okay so they have all these Different things you can do we're going To ignore 90 of this and we're just Gonna look here now you can see it says Submit to 302 255 Hercules members daily so what this Allows you to do is you can actually Promote to thousands of people for free Every single day so what you want to do Is you want to click here and then Eventually you're gonna get taken to Your back office and again you can go

Ahead and click submit daily email and Web app now the way this site works is Basically this site shows members ads or Advertisements and when someone goes Ahead and sees the ad and they click our Tinyurl link right here which I'll share How to use in a second they're going to Get taken to our product and because It's high converting a good amount of People are going to decide to buy so This site works great in the make money Online home business Niche so once you Click there what you want to do is you Want to come down and you want to go to This side here now like I said you get One ad to post per day so what I highly Recommend is you come in here once a day If you have time in the morning if you Have time on your lunch break you come In you post the ad and then you get out Okay and over time you're gonna start to Really get a lot of clicks and even Sales now I'm going to share how to even Post more ads a day so be sure you keep Watching but what we want to do is we Want to open this up go to tinyurl okay Copy that put for test URL right there Okay so this is where we want this ad What link we want people to click on now For the subject line and the ad body I'm Going to share two different methods you Can use to find High converting ads that You don't even have to create yourself So the first method is you go back to

ClickBank and every single product on ClickBank and even at the first link Directly below when you check out my Number number one program it has ads you Can post as well but what you want to do Is open up this affiliate page and if It's a good product they're going to Give you resources so you can see right Here it gives you quite a bit of Resources now what we can do is Click Email swipes and open up any one of These okay and we can use this as our ad So you can see right here the subjects Get paid to scroll I can copy this I can Go back to Hercules and just paste that In as the subject line literally copy And paste it and then right here the Body high name Etc I can copy all of This and what I can do is I can put it In right here now we want to make sure That it looks good if we need to edit it Okay so hi name you could just say hi my Friend because typically it would Replace the person's name but in this Case we're not going to do that click Here to complete your application if You're interested you can also add the Link in the ad okay so I can do that go To our shortened affiliate link paste That in just see if there's anywhere Else click here okay yes boom and then Signature you can put your name looking Out for you Garrett okay now once that's Good we can go ahead and literally just

Click submit add now real quick I'm Going to share another place you can get Ads created If the product you're Promoting doesn't have a lot of ads you Can copy paste go over to a site called This is a totally free Site and what this does is this Literally creates articles YouTube Descriptions all kinds of things with a Click of a button so I can click start Writing for free and then once I'm Inside my dashboard all you have to do Is go over to ads and marketing tools And just click Facebook ads and all you Have to do a product service name we can Go to ClickBank and kind of see what the Name of this product is so it says get Paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube So I can copy this paste that in product Service description I can just write a Few words learn how to get paid just Using social media and then occasion we Don't have to put anything there and Then generate and what this will do is Literally generate some ads in a matter Of seconds with just a click of a button Okay so you can see right here that this Ad is pretty darn good it's very short But sometimes short ads work really well Get paid to use Facebook Twitter Youtube Sounds too gonna be true it isn't learn How in this article I go ahead and copy This paste it as the ad and once you're Done again you would add the tinyurl

Affiliate link the shortened link right There check over it and then we just Click submit add now you can see right Here ad successfully submitted to 1 000 Members so what this does is each day it Sends it to a thousand members if you're On the free plan out of those 300 000 Members it sends them to a thousand People a day okay which is incredible And you can see this is an example of Someone else that is using this site so As people use the site they get Presented ads a lot of people are going To click here and then again if the Product is good they're gonna convert Into a sale now how do you get access to More people on the free plan well one Way is you can just create more accounts You can literally go to Hercules again Put in a different username password a Different email address and then you Could literally just log in to both of These accounts every single day let's Say in the morning before you go to work Or school or whatever you're doing you Go in here you log in you paste an ad You log into the other account you paste Another ad and then you check your Commissions and you can start to if You're promoting something good get These emails like I do and so many of The people that watch my videos do on a Daily basis now as I said before be sure To click the first link below to see a

Free video revealing how to easily set Up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video [Music]

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