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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here in one of my Payment accounts i’ve been able to Generate 300 50 300 300 Over and over and over again and inside This video i’m gonna reveal a totally Automated way you can start to generate Massive free organic traffic to promote Whatever affiliate offer you want to Promote and later on in the video i’m Even going to share with you a totally Free tool you can use to ramp up your Results and make this method work even Better so if you’re excited to learn That be sure to smash the like button Right now to let me know and without Further ado let’s go ahead and dive in Right now so the very first step with This powerful method is we need to find A product to promote there’s a lot of Places one place is digistore24 Now if you don’t have an account you can Actually go there go to the top right Register now and then you can go ahead And log in and go to your marketplace Now i’m actually going to include a link Directly below to my number one Affiliate program to join and promote That pays you 100 Instant commissions but if you want to Use digi store we can go ahead and use That as well okay so once you’re inside You’re going to want to choose a

Category now for the sake of this video I’m going to do dating love and Relationships but you really can use any Category for this method now i’m Actually going to look and you want to See you know what’s the average earnings Okay you want to keep in mind you want To make this ideally as high as possible 31 is not too bad 90 commission and this One right here has insane conversions so If you just want to use the dating niche You can promote this product as well so It’s his secret obsession it’s a product That has to do with helping thousands of Women improve their relationships okay So if you don’t have the link right here You just want to click promote now this Will automatically generate the link and Then we can go ahead and copy that there Now i’m going to put it in a notepad File so i can go ahead and keep this Handy okay we’re going to use this a Little bit later in the video now the Next step is we want to go over to Youtube and we want to actually start Typing a few words that have to do with What our product teaches or helps people With so in this case it’s dating tips For women okay so i just want to type That in and i want to see any keywords That drop down like this okay because What we’re going to do is we’re going to Actually find a keyword on youtube and Then use this a little bit later so

Dating tips for like i said women for Girls for older guys okay so you can get A lot of information here but i’m Actually just gonna do the keyword Dating tips for women now whatever Keyword you use that youtube shows you And it’s relevant to your product you Now want to go to google and you want to Type in that keyword and search it and You want to find an article that Actually gives tips around that topic Okay so for this example it’s dating Tips for women so i can open up this Article and you can see right here they Have all these different tips okay Number one know your non-negotiables Don’t limit yourself what i want to do Is i want to copy this entire article And i want to paste it into a google Document or a notepad file okay just Paste it somewhere where you can edit This very quickly okay so i actually Pasted it in a google document and what You want to do is you want to remove any Text that isn’t the exact tip okay so You can see right here it says don’t Limit yourself and then it gives you This paragraph we don’t need this Paragraph you just need the tips now if There’s like 15 tips this method’s gonna Work anywhere from about five to ten Tips at the most okay so i’m just gonna Do five just for the sake of this video So i’m gonna erase all the other ones

Now the next step we want to do is we Don’t want to just use this exactly Because that’s plagiarizing and we’re Just kind of taking the article so what We’re going to do is use a little known Free tool okay if i copy this and i go To a site called What this site does is this actually Spins and changes text to make it your Own so if i paste this in right here Okay and i click this little icon here i Make sure i finish the captcha okay to Prove i’m not a robot and you can see Right here that it actually edited okay So know your non-negotiables that first One is is the same don’t limit yourself Try not to restrict yourself don’t lie Don’t even inflate the truth try not to Lie don’t for even moments swell reality Okay so it’s very similar but it’s Different enough now the next step is We’re actually going to use a little Known free software with this powerful Method to get organic traffic so what we Want to do is go to a website called now there’s going to be a Link directly below in the description And what you can do is you can actually Get started totally for free okay so you Can use this for free just click that Button right there and then you just Create a free account you can sign up With a google or facebook or you can Just put in your email create a password

And then create account now within video There are different plans okay now you Can do this method totally for free with The free plan but i do highly recommend If you really like this method and you Want to continue and do it long term you Think about getting at least the Business level it’s 15 a month and it Allows you to use this without any Watermark which adds to the method okay So you’ll see in just a second but like I said you can just use the free plan so Now once you create an account inside of In video you want to log in and there’s Different types of templates you can Create now what this website does is This literally creates videos based on Text that you enter okay so what we’re Going to be doing is using videos that You don’t have to create yourself you Don’t have to put your face out there That will literally be compelling and we Can use this for free organic traffic so Click text to video and then once you do That you want to actually make sure that It’s the 16×9 and you want to look down And you can really choose any of these Templates okay so all of them are pretty Good i’m just going to choose the Professional business template just for The sake of this video okay and i can go Ahead and click use this template okay So for the headline it doesn’t really Matter this is more for you but i can

Put in you know dating tips for women Just to understand for myself and Remember as i create more videos now for The ad story you just want to copy in Those tips that you swiped and change Slightly okay so the next thing we want To add spaces because when you add Spaces what this tells this free Software is to make each one of these Lines a different slide in the video Make sure you click auto suggest images And videos and then just click next and What this does is this is literally Creating a video out of what we put in Okay so i went ahead and created a video Now you can see this is absolutely Incredible it has the title right there And it has all these different slides With the tips so know your Non-negotiables and it has an image try Not to restrict yourself it has an image Try not to lie okay so you can see that It automatically created all these Slides just with a click of a button now You can actually you know edit this Media if you want to drag and drop you Can actually go to images as well and You can go ahead and just change this Image if you want or you can just go Ahead and use it so if i wanted to Change it i could even search okay so i Could say you know women right because This has to do with women and i can go Ahead and search that like that and then

If i want to replace it i can go ahead And do that okay so i can just literally Drag it right there and it edits very Very simply so it’s really really drag And drop and this is an incredible free Software like i said if you do the plan It will actually remove this little Watermark but once you do that if you Want to edit even more you can go to Advanced editor but again this is not Necessary okay so you can see right here In the advanced editor we can actually Edit each of the slides you can add as You can see right here different music Different text you can add a video if You want but again if you really just Want to make this automated and simple You can literally just go ahead and Export right here and then you can go Ahead and export it to a computer or Wherever you’re actually using this Software but i want to play this just For a few seconds so you can see what it Looks like and realize how powerful this Actually is Okay pretty darn amazing right so once You export it the next step we want to Do is we want to go to youtube and you Want to actually create a channel now You want to create a channel that’s Actually in the niche that your product You’re promoting is in now you can see Right here this one is in dating tips You can see they have a cover photo they

Have a profile photo now this channel is Using very similar videos to the ones in Video can create for free you can see That it doesn’t show anyone’s actual Face you don’t know who owns this Channel but they’re just using very Similar slides and animated videos and They’re getting a ton of views you can See 14 000 views 10 000 views okay you Don’t need a lot of views it’s more About targeted views from people that Want problem solved and then the next Step is what happens is when you upload This video what you want to do is you Want to go to a site called and remember we saved our Affiliate link you want to open that up You want to put it in here and you want To click make time url because what this Does is it actually shortens your Affiliate link making it more attractive Okay so you just want to copy that there And then you want to upload your video Okay so you can see right here this is a Video that someone uploaded in the Dating niche when you want to upload the Video and you want to put in your tiny Url your affiliate link in the first Line of your description and then what You want to do to make sure this ranks For the keyword is you want to add that Keyword remember how we found dating Tips for women we know that’s a good Keyword because it’s actually showing up

In the searches meaning youtube is Recommending that telling us other People are searching that we want to use That in the title okay so you could say Dating tips for women that you must know Okay so you can add a few words to it to Make it more clickbaity make it more Interesting but you do want to include The keyword here and ideally put the Keyword a few times in your description And also in your tags now if you do that That video will start showing up in the Searches and then people will watch your Video they’ll get value they’ll see you Know it’s interesting they’ll learn Something and then a lot of people will Click the link in your description going To the high converting affiliate offer Buying and making you money now the cool Thing about this method is as these Videos get more and more views over time You can see this video was posted in 2017 it’s still getting 40 views an hour And this guy can still be making sales For years to come and you can too so i Really hope you enjoyed learning this Powerful strategy be sure to click the Links directly below if you want to Discover my number one affiliate program To promote with this method and also to Access that software so you can create These free videos and generate free Organic traffic on autopilot anyway my Friend thanks so much for watching and i

Will see you on my next video You

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