Earn Your First $1,000 With Affiliate Marketing In 30 Days (PROOF INSIDE)

In this video you’re going to see a proven strategy to go from complete zero to your first $1,000 with affiliate marketing.

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Hey everyone chad here so i’m in the Process of doing a test with one of my Employees to find a way to make your First thousand dollars with affiliate Marketing and we found something that Works really well and it’s something Anyone can do because it requires no Money to start and no technical skills Or website or anything like that so with That being said i’m super excited to Share this experiment with you let’s go Ahead and dive straight into it okay so First off i just want to show you some Of the results of the experiment that We’ve been doing so far so if i share my Screen here you can see i actually Posted this inside of my facebook group And as you can see we started monetizing On july 5th uh we made 66 dollars the First day so on the screenshot since she Started monetizing it’s been around Seven days so far so she’s made around 166 dollars in commission so far now Keep in mind 100 of this is profit Because there’s no ad cost there’s no Money to spend at all um so all this is Profit so 166 dollars in a week that’s Not bad and i think she’ll be able to Get to her first thousand dollars in Commissions in around six weeks from Actually starting this so i think that’s Pretty good and especially because you Know as time goes on momentum only Carries itself so the first week she

Might make 160 then the next week she Might make 200 then 250 and it just goes On and on from there as we start to get More momentum using this strategy now Real quick before we dive into the three Steps to get started with this method um I just want to talk about a few things As far as like you know your first Thousand dollars goes or even making Your first sale online you know because Making your first thousand dollars or Your first you know 60 100 500 Commission it may not seem like a lot at First you know since you can’t quit your Job or anything like that but i think It’s one of the most important things to Actually achieve because if you can Prove to you know your family your Friends and most importantly yourself That you can make your first thousand Dollars online or even your first sale Online you know there’s no reason you Can’t go and make your first ten Thousand and then your first hundred Thousand and then your first two hundred Thousand right and it just goes on and On from there so always celebrate your Wins whether it’s small or big right Because i know when i made my first Thousand dollars with affiliate Marketing it was probably one of the Best days of my life because it gave me The confidence and hope that i can do This full-time for a living which

Obviously now i’ve been able to do all Right so now that we got that little Mindset talk the next step of this There’s three steps total the first step Is to find some kind of high converting And highly valuable product that you can Promote right so think about you know What niche you want to go into what kind Of product you want to promote so for This specific strategy we’re actually Promoting a product on clickbank Obviously i showed you the clickbank Earnings earlier and it’s a basically a Product where you can get paid to use Facebook twitter and youtube so this is The work from home niche now i actually Do promote this product on one of my Other clickbank accounts and taylor my Employee chose to promote the same exact Product because she manages that account For me so she’s kind of familiar with The niche already so this is the product That she chose to promote and this Product converts pretty well because you Know lots of people are looking for an Online job and be able to work from home And the refund rate is actually pretty Low i’d say for me it’s like under five Percent so i’d say this is a pretty Valuable product people usually keep it They don’t refund another example of a Product to promote is credit cards right This is something pretty much everyone Needs in a first world country is credit

Cards and anyways as you can see If you go to creditcards.com You can actually set up an affiliate Program where this is your affiliate Link and you can basically have your Name here recommends credit cards right So it could be john’s finance recommends Credit cards right and you can have all Your top picks for your credit cards They’re going to show you the pros and Cons of all the different credit cards And if anyone buys a credit card or You know applies to get a credit card Because credit cards are free obviously You’re going to get a commission if they Sign up so this is another product you Can promote as an affiliate is just Credit cards now maybe you don’t want to Do work from home you don’t want to do Credit cards maybe you’re more into Nutrition and supplements and maybe bio Hacking right you can promote all kinds Of vitamin supplements you can promote All kinds of bio hacking gear that helps You sleep better that helps you recover Faster right so think about the things That you have interest experience or Passion around and find a product inside That niche that you want to actually Promote okay step number two for this Guaranteed way to make your first Thousand dollars with affiliate Marketing is you need to start Attracting people who would be

Interested in the product you’re Promoting so the best way to do this is To not chase people to not get them to Buy but attract them to you right Attract that audience and then recommend The products that’s going to help the Most that you think they’re going to Like the most and that’s your job as an Affiliate it’s just help solve their Problem with whatever product you’re Promoting so if you do want a guaranteed Way to at least get your first sale or Get your first thousand dollars in Commissions i’d recommend posting 30 Pieces of content on tick tock and Instagram reels so do a challenge for Yourself post five pieces of content per Week so monday through friday for six Weeks straight right and that’s going to Give you 30 pieces of content and that Should get you to you know your first Thousand dollars in commissions as long As your content does decently well so if I show you taylor’s account the girl Who’s actually doing this experiment With me right she started from scratch On tick tock you know just a couple Weeks ago now we weren’t able to Monetize her account right away um so Obviously this would be a lot more in Commissions and then she had some Problems with her affiliate link we Actually sent over a thousand clicks to Her affiliate link but for some reason

The philly link wasn’t tracking because We’re using bitly so if you’re using Tick tock i don’t recommend using bitly We had some issues with that so she Would probably be at like over 300 in Commissions her first week but again we Had all kinds of issues uh with the Tracking so anyways i’ve been getting a Lot of people say like oh tick tock is Kind of dying it’s not working anymore We’re not getting as many views and Really i just don’t see that as true at All right you can see she started her Tick tock account like i said a few Weeks ago her first video 7 000 views 22 000 views 53 000 views 30 000 views and Then we had a video really pop off got 622 000 views and as you can see she’s Already at 13 000 followers so for Anyone saying tick tock is dead or it’s Not getting traffic anymore right This is you know a clear example of that Right we just started this a few weeks Ago and she’s already at 13 000 Followers and getting viral videos so Tick tock is still alive it’s still Working you just have to make really High quality videos and ultimately make Videos that’s going to attract the right Audience for the product that you’re Actually promoting because sure anyone Can get a viral video but the real key Is getting a viral video that’s going to Attract the right audience so it

Actually turns into sales and Commissions for you going back to the Credit card example we can see this girl She’s just a normal girl she doesn’t Claim to be a millionaire or a financial Expert and she just makes all kinds of Content around basically credit cards Right and credit and finance and all That different stuff but she makes a lot Of content around you know best beginner Credit cards credit card uses and credit Card reports getting approved for your First apartment right so just she just Makes all kinds of things finance Related for the everyday average person And obviously she can be an affiliate For credit cards um i actually don’t Know what she promotes so let’s actually See Looks like she’s selling um Diy kits so let’s see welcome to Financial education that you can Actually understand So it looks like she actually promotes Her own course so she has a credit Bootcamp so how to build your credit Score so That’s another option if you want to Teach people how to build their credit Score you can do that if you want you Can be an affiliate for this girl’s Course right so each niche is going to Have different products different topics That you can promote and talk about so

Think about what you really want to dive Into and stick to that um while you’re Still growing your account as you can See she’s been doing this for a while She has over 800 000 followers because You know building your credit credit Cards that reaches a really broad Audience so a lot of these videos can You know go viral and um help a lot of People or we take this guy for example He has a youtube channel his name is ask Sebby and all he does literally all he Does is make reviews on different credit Cards right so pretty much every single Video he’s making a review on a Different credit card or he’s talking About different benefits of a different Credit card and that’s his whole entire Channel and as you can see these videos Are getting tens of thousands of views Sometimes hundreds of thousands of views And not only is he making a lot of money Just from youtube adsense but most of This money is coming from his affiliate Commission so if i actually click on This video you can see the first link in The description is sebby’s card pick so He gives his most recommended picks for Credit cards and as you can see it goes Straight to his affiliate link and it Goes to that website i showed you Earlier where you can recommend all These credit cards and you’ll get a Commission on anyone they sign up on

Another example i could show you is Maybe you want to talk more about Nutrition bio hacking and just overall Personal development or health right This is a guy actually subscribed to Just because i’m trying to work on my Health more and um his name is simlin And all he does is makes you know Different kinds of content around like i Said bio hacking health performance so You can see he makes videos like five Supplements to avoid fasting your way to 100 years old we tracked our blood sugar All day best blood test for longevity Right number one anti-aging hormone all Kinds of different stuff like that so if We actually click on one of his videos Let’s just click on the first one so you Can see just a normal guy making normal Videos in his room and if we go to the Link in description you can see you know Kind of all the things he’s an affiliate For and the most important thing i want You to see right is not just you know Different things he’s an affiliate for On here but his supplement list as you Can see if we open this link up right it Goes to an opt-in page so this is really Important this is his lead magnet and This is where he actually starts Building his email list so as you can See it basically just shows you a full List of supplements that he’s taking and What amounts and when so as you can see

Get the free list right he asked for Your name and email and inside that Ebook because i actually downloaded it Myself Inside that ebook he has affiliate links For all the different supplements that He takes and obviously if you buy off His recommendation right if you click The link in his lead magnet he’ll get a Commission on all those purchases okay And the last step i have for you this is More of an optional step and i’d only Recommend doing this if you’re selling More of a high ticket product so Anything above 500 a thousand two Thousand dollars that you’re selling i’d Recommend adding in a dm strategy right So basically how this works is you can See my instagram account we just started Applying this and we’ve already made a Thousand dollars from this in just Around a few days right so you can see The call to action on my instagram Account right is dme boss to get started People dm me a certain word which is Boss right and then we have basically You know a few questions to ask them to See if they’d be a good fit for the Product i’m selling and then we Eventually go and sell the product to Them so as you can see i have a really Small instagram account i’ve only been Doing this for a few days and we already Made a thousand dollars from this just

Because the chat marketing we’re using Dms and actually talking to people You’re able to answer all their Questions all their objections right There it usually converts pretty well Especially on higher ticket products Right or if you’re on tick tock like a Way you could do this Is for example this guy just makes all Kinds of content around you know the Business model that he does so he sells A faceless youtube automation course And as you can see he just says dm me on Instagram to start and normally if You’re on tick tock in your phone you’ll Have a little instagram icon so you can Just they’ll just click on that they’ll Go straight to his instagram and then They’ll actually message him and that’s Where he’ll actually ask him a few Questions same concept as i do on my Instagram account that’s where he goes And sells his product that he’s Promoting as well so i know what you Might be thinking you might be saying Chad what about building an email list So i would say email list is the most Important thing for affiliates But when you’re first starting out i’d Probably recommend sending people Straight to your affiliate link or Sending people straight to the dms and Just get your first thousand dollars in Commissions or at least get your first

Few sales before you work on those Longer term strategies like building Your nemo list now the reason i say to Do this is basically two reasons right Number one once you see your first Thousand dollars and your first sales Coming in it’s going to give you the Confidence to keep on going and work on Those longer term strategies like Building your email list building a Funnel building a facebook group all the Stuff like that the second reason is you Want to see if your product actually Converts well right and actually Converts the audience that you’re Promoting to so if you like send a bunch Of traffic to it and it’s just not Converting at all and you’re sending Them straight to your affiliate link you Might want to consider a different Product or making different kind of Content that tracks the right audience For that product so that way before you Put in a bunch of work to build your Funnel set up an email list do all this Different stuff at least you’ll actually Know if it’s working before you go and Do all that longer term stuff and the Email list the facebook group the funnel That’s where the real money comes in and That’s where you can start to make a Full-time income as you start to build All that stuff up for the next few Months or so so anyways guys just to

Recap this the first thing is to pick a High converting product that’s going to Be super valuable and solve some type of Problem for your audience the second Thing is put out 30 pieces of content Whether that’s on instagram tik tok Youtube or all of them combined put out 30 pieces of content whether that takes You a month or two months just do it and I guarantee you’ll see your first Commission coming in and just making Sure that you have call to actions at The end of your videos to go and click The link so you can actually go and get The sale and the last thing is if you’re Selling a high ticket product add in a Dm strategy Actually talk with your leads and you Know ask them a couple questions to see If they’d be a good fit for the product That usually converts way better and Then once you do see your first sale Your first 500 and ultimately your first Thousand dollars in commissions that’s Where you can go and add in those longer Term strategies like building an email List creating a funnel all that Different stuff and if you need help With all that different stuff be sure to Going to give you all download Frameworks and formulas i use to Actually get all that stuff set up so Anyways if you don’t want a free copy of My philly boss cheat sheet all you have

To do is click the first link Description below or just go to this Link right here to download it that Being said guys i hope you enjoyed this Video if you did only ask drop a like And subscribe if you’re new let me know You want more videos like this with that Being said as always i hope you guys Have a great rest your day and i will See you in my next video

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