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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So all we have to do is go to Google News right here get an article take and Copy our link right here go ahead and Paste it on this site right here and we Can expect two thousand dollar Commissions coming in every single day Like clockwork what’s going on Garrett Berry here in this video I’m going to Reveal three very simple totally Different methods you can use to make Money just with Google news articles and Copy and pasting within a few minutes Per day now one of the last methods I’m Going to share towards the end of the Video will even allow you to generate up To two thousand dollars for more per day Even if you don’t have a website a Following or any experience online now On the last video I actually gave away The chance to win three nights stay in a Luxurious hotel to one lucky winner now The winner from the last video is Annette Cabral if this is you please Email me at Garrett’s vacationgiveaways Gmail.com so I can verify and give you Your prize now to enter this video’s Contest be sure to subscribe like the Video and comment read them below where I announce the winner on the next video Now without further Ado let’s dive into The very first step okay so the very First step is we want to go over to Google and we want to type in Google News and go ahead and search that now

That’s going to list News.google.com at the very top you just Want to click that first link and that’s Going to take you to Google news now if You don’t know what Google news is Basically it’s a website that will give You up-to-date news articles on things That are trending right now things that Are popular you can see on the side they Have different categories of news such As World business technology okay so if I click business right here you can see It’s going to list the latest articles In the business category now for this First method to make money what we’re Actually going to do is we’re going to Open up one of them and we’re actually Going to go to the entertainment Category okay now what we want to do is We just want to pick any one of these Articles it really does not matter okay So for the sake of this video I’ll open Up this article right here now once we Do that what we want to do is we want to Actually copy the text on this article Okay so if there’s any pop-ups we can go Ahead if there’s any videos we want to Skip over that okay so what we want to Do is we want to go over to another free Site because you can’t just take the Articles from Google news and use that For these methods that’s plagiarizing That’s taking other people’s content Which is not good okay so we’re gonna do

A workaround by going to a site called Spinbot.com what this site does is if You put in text right here and you spin The text it’s going to rewrite the text Using different adjectives different Words to make it our own and then we can Actually just copy and paste these Articles as our own to make money in Three different methods as I’ll share as You keep watching so let’s go ahead we Want to take the first part of the text Copy this go here okay paste that in now We just hit enter we just go through and We literally just want to copy and paste Now again we’re avoiding the videos in In any images in the article and we’re Just getting the text okay so this one Has quite a bit of text you can see Right there and there we go that’s That’s it right there now what we want To do is we just want to click basic Spin and what it’s going to do is it’s Going to go through and spin the text Okay so you can see right here it says The Suicide Squad director James Gunn The self-destruction crew chief James Gunn okay so some of this you know you Just want to look over it very quickly So Suicide Squad okay we don’t want to Rewrite that word because it would make Sense but for the most part it’s really Just gonna you know gun previously Directed gun recently coordinated so it Really just makes it our own now what we

Want to do now is we want to click here And we want to copy this text so now we Have our own unique article on something That’s trending in the news now the First way to make money with these Articles is you can actually go over to A site called whatculture.com now maybe You’ve heard of this site it’s very Popular what this site is it’s all about Entertainment and the latest news and Things like that and what this site will Actually do is they will pay you okay For writing for them so if you submit Articles to the site you will actually Be able to earn money so you can see Right here at the top it says right for Us okay you can actually click that and What’s going to happen is you can Actually write content okay you can Basically just use this article and you Can start to get paid so you can see Right here it says how much do I get Paid while certain content may attract Alternative rates are standard list Format articles are typically this would Be about 45 USD dollars per submission Okay so about 45 dollars per article if You get approved so it says when will You be paid content published in any Given month will be paid out the Beginning of the following month okay so You want to submit these articles and Then you can actually get paid the Following month so this is a great way

To make some extra side income okay this Is not going to make you rich by any Means but why not do it with a click of A button so the way you actually can Submit is you can actually put in your Email address here and click get started Okay it says how do I sign up and what Happens is you’ll actually be notified By by a member of what culture to your Email address and then you can go ahead And share with them the article and if It gets approved you can go ahead and Make about 45 dollars per article okay Very powerful and effective now the next Method you can actually use to make Money with these articles is going to a Site like fiverr.com now if you don’t Know what fiverr.com is basically it’s a Site where you can sign up as a provider Of gigs so they have all these different Gigs such as you can get thumbnails Created you could be a spokesperson you Can create illustrations okay so you Could do a lot of different things to Make money on Fiverr and some people are Just crushing it you can see this girl Here being a video spokesperson her gig Is around ten dollars she’s already done Over a thousand okay so that’s ten Thousand dollars or more that she’s made Just working probably a few minutes a Day doing Simple videos but what we’re Gonna do is we’re interested in being Article writers so you can see that you

Know you can make quite a bit of income To be an article writer on here all you Have to do is kind of copy what these Other people people are doing you list The gig and then when someone purchases The gig from you all you have to do is Take the topic of what they want the Article written go to Google News find An article that is related to the topic They said you can actually search topics Here and then all you have to do is spin That article and then send it to them on Fiverr so you’re basically collecting The money and then you’re just Generating an article and giving it to Them now you may have tried to make Money on Fiverr in the past a lot of People think it’s competitive it’s Difficult to get started what I would Recommend is you lowball the competition When you first start so rather than Trying to charge fifty dollars per Article charge five dollars people are Gonna naturally wanna buy from you Because you’re cheaper and then as you Start to get positive reviews you can Make your price Higher and Higher and You can start to make a lot more money Okay so Fiverr again is an incredible Way to do it and I just wanted to share This because a lot of people are making Tons of money now the last method is Definitely going to pay you the most up To two thousand dollars what we want to

Do is we want to go over to medium.com Now with medium.com you can actually Submit articles now these do not have to Get approved you can literally just Submit an article based on any topic Whatsoever but for this video we’re Going to use business okay because the Product we’re going to promote as an Affiliate to make these two thousand Dollar commissions are going to be in The business and home business Niche so What we want to do is Click get started On medium you can sign up with Google You can sign up with an email it takes Just a few minutes and it’s totally free Now once you log into your account you Can see other people are posting these Articles and these articles get a lot of Views okay so what we want to do is we Want to actually go here and we want to Click this little icon to write an Article now for the title we can Actually just go back to Google news I Can go to the business category right Here and now I can go ahead and just Find a good business article okay so any Of these would really work but you know We want to find one we could even do Make money online since that’s kind of The niche as well just to see if there’s Any Google news articles okay so yeah Two days ago go 15 best websites to make Money online 10 side hustles okay so I Can just open up one of these and what

We want to do is we want to look over This okay make sure it’s a good article Okay so it looks pretty darn good and Then what we can do is we can actually Take this title and go back to medium Here and for the title paste that in now Again rather than just copying it I can Do you know let’s say five side hustles That can actually make you money so We’re just editing it slightly okay now We want to go back here and we want to Just copy let’s say the first five Because we said you know five not ten so I can just copy this right here I can go To spinbot paste that in basic spin okay And now it’s going to make it different So you can see right here and I can just Go ahead and copy that text go back to Medium and I can paste that in like this So you can see that it’s making it our Own and I can go ahead and make this you Know formatted a little bit better like That so that’s looking pretty darn good And you can see we’re doing this in a Matter of minutes okay it’s literally Copy and paste now what you want to do I Highly recommend you go down to the First link under this video that’s going To take you to a free training on how to Set up an affiliate system that will Literally do all this selling and Following up for you so you can generate Up to two thousand dollar commissions That’s exactly how I’m able to make

These two thousand dollar uh commissions You would say Hey Garrett two thousand Dollars okay right here all you have to Do is do that you’ll get taken Eventually to this page here you just Set up your different income streams the First income stream paying you two Thousand dollars per sale and then you Just take your affiliate link right here You can copy that or do this copy that Link go back here and then all we have To do is at the very bottom of the Article put a call to action say these Side hustles work well but if you want My favorite and easiest way to make Income online go here now okay and then We just highlight this part right there We go to this little paper clip we paste In our affiliate link right there okay And now it’s clickable to go to our Affiliate link so we can start making These two thousand dollar commissions And then you just click publish right There you can see the preview publishing To Garrett Berry okay I can add a topic Such as make money online and right There and then just click publish now And now that story is published and you Can see it’s going to show up right There it’s going to start ranking people Are going to get tons of value and then They’re going to read this they’re going To want the easiest way of course and When they click there it’s going to take

Us to our affiliate link which will Ultimately lead us to generating these Two thousand dollar commissions even While we’re sleeping so there we have it My friend I really hope you enjoyed Learning this powerful strategies in This video these three different methods Be sure to like the video subscribe and Also comment down Freedom again I’m Going to be giving away the winner to That three-night luxurious hotel stay on My next video also go down to the link Below access that free training and set Up your system thanks so much for Watching my friend and I will see you on My next video Foreign [Music]

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