Earn $100 DAILY With The Amazon Influencer Program (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

In this video I go over how to make money with the amazon influencer program even without being an influencer.

There’s 2 strategies you can go about it, where I even show real example of everyday people making a full-time income with this alone, enjoy!

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So as most of you guys know Amazon has Their own affiliate program called Amazon Associates but recently they just Released something called the Amazon Influencer program which gives Affiliates a much bigger opportunity to Make money with it so today not only am I going to be showing you what it is and Exactly how it works but I'm also going To be showing you two strategies with Real examples you can use to earn a Hundred dollars daily with the Amazon Influencer program and one of the Strategies you don't need any followers Audience or experience to make Surprisingly good money using it in fact It's a brand new strategy and method That you probably never seen before I've Never seen it before myself up until a Few weeks ago so that being said super Excited to show you guys what it is and How it works and how you guys can start Getting paid from this okay so first off If you guys just type into Google Amazon Influencer program it's gonna have the First link up here you're just going to Click on this and this is where you can Actually sign up and create accounts so Basically their you know message is Inspire Shoppers as an Amazon influence Answers so like I said there's going to Be two different strategies I'm gonna be Showing you one of the strategies you're Going to be able to influence people to

Buy products and basically showing Different trendy products on Amazon that You're going to recommend and earn Commissions from that's affiliate Marketing 101 towards the end of this Video the second strategy you don't need Any followers any audience or anything Like that so anyways as you can see You're just going to sign up here and It's going to take you to this page You're just going to sign up uh with Your you know existing Amazon account And me personally I already did this Process so as you can see this is my Page so if anyone comes to amazon.com Shop Bartlett they're going to go over To what's called my storefront so as you Can see here's where you just put a Profile picture of yourself a little Banner doesn't really matter too much There and you can just say something Like I create educational videos that Help people make a buying decision for Products they're thinking about buying So this is basically what you're doing To make money with this program so Anyways that's the first step you're Going to take now let me actually go Into the two different strategies you're Going to use all right so the first Strategy the name of this what I like to Call it is The Tick Tock trendy product Stretch I kind of just made up this name But this is how it works and this is a

Real strategy that literally hundreds And hundreds of people are using to make You know around 100 per day in Commissions in profit since there's no Expenses with this with this Amazon Influencer program the reason I call This The Tick Tock trendy product Strategy is if you type in Amazon Must-haves into Tick Tock as you can see There's all kinds of people making Videos around different Amazon products That are trendy right that are cool that Kind of catch your attention be like oh That's a good idea I should check this Out right this would be useful so you Know there's stuff for the bathroom Specifically there's stuff for your car Right Amazon car must-haves Amazon Gadget must-haves right so these people Create all kinds of different hooks Around different Amazon products and Just share all kinds of cool Amazon Products that they're basically Recommending as an influencer or as an Affiliate so anyways if we just click on One of this for example we can go to my Birthday buys and first off they don't Show their face so that's kind of cool But all they're doing is showing Different Amazon products that you know Must have right favorite Buys so they're Making all kinds of videos like this and You know some of them are going viral Like this one got two point 2.1 million

Views some of them are getting 40 000 Views some of them you know not as Trendy products or getting you know a Couple thousand views as you can see so For example let's check out this 2 Million view video right so I'm just Gonna play this real quick and as you Can see I'm not sure what this even is Yet so it looks like let's see what this Is okay is this a white okay yeah it's An LED light so that's kind of cool to Have it like shine in your kitchen or Something like that so what's gonna Happen is like I said this video got 2.1 Million views a certain percentage of People who watch this video be like oh That's really cool I'm gonna go buy that And it may be a super small percentage If you think about it if you could take Two million people let's just say point Zero one percent of people end up Actually buying this product product Based on this video they just saw if we Do the math on that right if you take Two million times point zero zero one Percent that's around 2 000 people who Go and buy this product so let's Actually do the math and see how much Money this video could potentially make Them right so let me actually go to Their account so what's going to happen Is you know this you know will usually Say like Lincoln bio right so this is a Mistake this influencer made is they're

Not putting Link in BIO because chances Are someone's just gonna go to their Amazon app and buy it instead right off The bat let's divide that 2 000 people Who would potentially buy it in half Right because half the people are just Going to go straight to their Amazon app The other half might actually go and Click the link in their bio right so Let's say a thousand people go here and You can see right stuff I love on Amazon Amazon buys they have their link as you Can see it goes over to that same page That I had pulled up earlier which is Your Amazon storefront right this is the Amazon influencer program and as you can See this is all the products there Recommending now maybe it's right here So let's check this out Um so let's see let's go down here okay So here it is right we found it right Here so if I was them I would have it Listed on the top since it's their most Viable video but as you can see if Someone goes and clicks on this and you Know goes and buys it they would make a Commission of this 46 dollars right of The price point since it was recommended From this so let's actually do the math Right like I said we're going to cut This number in half since half the People are going to go straight and use Their App instead so let's just divide This by two so that's a thousand people

Now like I said they're going to get a Certain Commission of that 46 dollars so Typically on Amazon the commission rate Is like three to five percent kind of Depends on the category of the product So let's just say three percent so what I'm gonna do bear with me here we're Doing a lot of math here so I'm gonna do 46 times .03 so that's their commission Rate so they're gonna make around a Dollar and 38 cents per sale they make Now obviously that doesn't sound like a Lot at all it's not a lot of money per Sale but again if we go and times this By that a thousand people and that's a Pretty conservative number that's Thirteen hundred dollars they made from A single video think about that that's Very powerful and if you can get you Know dozens and dozens of these videos Going viral and all kinds of people keep On coming to your Amazon storefront Buying the products off your Recommendation this number can really Start to build up over time and this is How so many people are making around a Hundred dollars per day with the Amazon Influencer program now we can also take A look at some more examples right we Can search on something like Amazon made Me buy it we can look at all these Different videos of you know just saying You know Tick Tock made me buy it or Amazon made me buy it so I pulled up a

Couple different influencers who do this So this guy has a way bigger audience His videos are way more high quality They're more faster paced obviously They're getting way more views right so This guy is probably making anywhere From 500 to a thousand dollars per day If I had to guess and it's the same Concept he's making a video around the Product and recommending people to buy It right so let's go and watch this Finds it just slap this 15 in one Multifunctional workstation has Everything you need to work remotely and In the most organized fashion it sets up On any flat surface and has an LED Conferencing light a magnetic dry erase Board so as you can see he's really Putting more effort into his videos he's Putting a lot of time into them and Obviously it's paying off for him so It's the same concept again people are Going to go click this link in his bio And it's going to go over to this page And this is where he's going to Recommend all the products that he has Videos on on his Tick Tock account this Guy is probably making anywhere from 500 To a thousand dollars per day in Commissions and profit based on how many Followers he has how much effort he puts In his videos and ultimately how viral The videos are going alright so that was The first six strategy is pretty

Self-explanatory it's basically just Finding different Amazon trending Products and basically making viral Videos around them on social media and Having your links in the bio so now Let's tune over and talk about strategy Number two which is going to be like I Said where you don't need any followers You don't need viral videos but you're Still making commissions from products So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Share my screen once again and this is a Strategy I just started testing out so To be fully transparent I haven't made Any money from this strategy yet but I Have a good friend who's making around Fifteen thousand dollars profit per Month from strategy number two and he Just started doing it around eight Months ago all right so check this out What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to my Amazon storefront again and as you can See you can actually post videos on your Amazon storefront along with products Right and you can kind of separate them So if I go specifically just to my Videos you can see that again I just Started doing this but what you're doing Is you're making reviews on different Products right so basically as you can See I just made a short little review on A dehydrator I bought and you might be Wondering Well Chad well don't you need People to see this video in order to

Make a commission yes you do but you Don't need to post these videos on Social media what they're doing is these Videos are being posted straight over to Amazon so what you'll notice is if I go Over to this listing so as you can see This is the kasori food dehydrator and What happens a lot of times when you're Going to buy a product on Amazon you're Gonna look at the pricing you're going To look at some of the reviews you're Going to look at some of the pictures But nowadays especially with the Internet and videos kind of taking over A lot of people are going over to the Video so usually the the brand has their Own you know marketing video and then as You can see there's this section called Related videos and this is where normal People like you and me will actually Review the products and make their own Video so here's where it gets really Cool right if I click on this guy's Video as you can see it's just a normal Guy in his kitchen kind of like I was And what happens is if people watch 30 Seconds of this video and they end up Buying the product you're gonna earn a Commission of that sale now obviously as You can see this one's a little bit more There's already four videos on here so It's gonna be a little bit harder right So there's not as much opportunity but There's literally millions and millions

And millions and millions of products on Amazon that don't have these videos yet And you know some people are looking for These videos and looking for an honest Review but there's no videos which means There's opportunity for people like you And me to make money from this right and Sometimes a lot of money so as we can See if we go over to a random product Let's say a bath mat right super random As you can see this one's way less Competitive it only has 79 reviews and If we go to the pictures you can see There's some you know good pictures and If we go to the video we can see that There's the normal marketing video from The actual product company but there's No like review videos from everyday People like you and me so on average There's probably you know a couple sales Per day from this product so if we have Our video ranked here chances are we're Probably gonna make at least one Commission per day and we can keep on Making that commission every single day Every time someone watches 30 seconds or More of our video and they end up buying The products this is a perfect example Where there's no competition if we post A video on this chances are it's going To get ranked and we're going to start Making commissions and what's cool about This if you pump out you know dozens and Dozens and hundreds and even thousands

Of these little review videos it'll keep Pumping out commissions right as long as There's like no you know really bad Competition your video is good right It's going to keep staying ranked on This page for potentially you know Months if not years and years to come And if you have you know like I said Hundreds of these videos that's where The commissions can really start to Compound and that's how one of my Buddies is now making anywhere from 15 To 20 000 profit per month with this Exact strategy now you might be Wondering Chad this sounds great but Don't you have to buy the product in Order to make a review how could I do a Review for hundreds if not thousands of These different products right how can I Make all these mini reviews right it's Going to require me to go and buy a Bunch of products two things on that Number one is first off to start this Strategy I guarantee you buy all kinds Of products off Amazon every single day Right or every single month right so What you can do is go to your orders on Amazon and go find all the products that You bought over the past couple years And you can start off with that and Hopefully that alone will start making You some commissions and letting them Kind of roll in passively and the second Thing I have on that because I asked

This to my buddy who's doing this Strategy and making you know over Fifteen thousand dollars per month and He basically told me that he gets all The products for free so he has a way Where he can actually reach out to these Product owners to these product listings And they'll send him free products in Exchange for a review of the product Right a video review because obviously The more videos there are right here and Obviously if it's a good review the more Money that this company is going to make Right this uh Coker store so what he Does is he reaches out to all these Different stores and all these different Product listings and they'll learn Really ship him all kinds of products For free I'm talking hundreds and Hundreds of products for free then he'll Just go make a review on them and it Makes it so he doesn't have to spend any Money and all he's really risking is his Time of making a quick you know 30 Second to two minute video reviewing a Random product that he got for free and Will potentially earning commissions for Months if not years to come so that's Basically the strategy again I'm not an Expert on strategy number two I'm just Testing it out myself but like I said my Buddy is and he's actually killing it With this so much that I actually Convinced them to do a free live

Training going over exactly how he's Reaching out to these product owners Getting free products to ship to him and Exactly how he's making his videos how He's ranking his videos how he's finding Products to actually do this for that Have you know little to no competition And basically just going over how he's Making anywhere from you know like I Said 15 to 20 000 profit per month using This exact strategy without having any Audience followers or anything like that So again if you do want to see that free Training we're not going to post it Publicly on this YouTube channel it's Going to be in a private Zoom call so if You guys do want to attend this training It's been highly requested for me guys I Posted inside of our Facebook group and I send an email out to you guys and it Seemed like a lot of you guys want to See this training so for those of you That didn't get that email or didn't see My post in my Facebook group about this Live training we're actually hosting it On November 9th at 2PM eastern time so That's November 9th 2pmaster time it's a Couple days after I'm actually posting This video so all you have to do is Click on the first link in the Description below I'm Gonna Be Live on The call my buddy John is going to be Teaching the majority of the call I'll Be there to answer all you guys

Questions and we're just gonna hang out For a few hours and just be talking About this strategy so anyways guys if You do want to register for that Training like I said that'll be the First link in the description below it Will actually be live it's not one of Those fake webinars where you just watch A replay right it's actually going to be A live training taking place this November 9th at 2 p.m eastern time so We're only going to have around 250 Spots available on live calls so if you Want us to carry your seat and secure The spot make sure you click that first Link in the description below and Register for that free live train stop Being said if you guys did enjoy this Video all I ask you to drop a like And Subscribe if you're new lets me know you Want more videos like this I look Forward to seeing you live on that call As always I hope you guys have a great Rest your day and I will see you in my Next video peace

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