BEST Way to Do Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT Website In 2022! (100% FREE)

In this video, I’m going to share how to the best way to do affiliate marketing in 2022!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here one of the Facebook messages i received recently This woman used one of my powerful Strategies and she said thanks yes i Already have like four people or so Saying they’re joining this week already Making commissions Just using my simple strategy and in This video i’m literally going to reveal A 10-minute totally free beginner Strategy you can use to start to make Affiliate commissions starting this week Even if you don’t have a website even if You don’t want to show your face and Even if you don’t have any experience Online so if you’re excited to learn That be sure to smash the like button Right now to let me know and without Further ado let’s go ahead and dive in Right now so the very first step is we Need to find a high converting product To promote now there’s a lot of Different places online and this method Will actually work in any niche now for The sake of this video i’m going to be Using But this isn’t actually my favorite Place to find products i’m going to Include a link directly below to a free Video revealing my number one affiliate Program to promote that pays you instant 100 Commissions but for this video we’re Going to use digistore24 so if you want

To follow me go to this website and then You just click register now now you just Go ahead you sign up takes just a few Minutes you create a username now you Want to make sure you select affiliate Because you’re going to be signing up as An affiliate go ahead fill out all this Information and then click register for Free now once you’re inside your back Office you want to go to the top tab Under marketplace and that’s going to List all these different niches and Categories of products you can find now Like i said this works in any category So if you already have a product you can Use this strategy as well for the sake Of this video we’re actually going to Use fitness and health now once you do That on digit store 24 it’s very good to Sort results by sales rank this is going To share the best selling products at The top of the page now we want to also Make sure that the earnings is a good Amount okay at least above 25 Because it makes it worthwhile this One’s about 27 Now you want to get your affiliate link Okay so for the sake of this video we’re Going to use the ultimate keto meal plan That’s very popular i already have my Affiliate link generated if you don’t Okay i’ll share with you what it looks Like you will see a button like this you Just click promote now and then it

Generates you the affiliate link so let Me go ahead and go back to the product At the top this is my affiliate link Here we just want to copy that okay you Can look at what the sales page looks Like but we just want to go ahead and Copy and we want to put it in a notepad File because we’re going to actually use This a little bit later so once we have That what you want to do is you want to Open up the products affiliate page okay So you can see right here it says click Here for proven affiliate materials the Reason we want to do this is every Different product is going to have its Own affiliate page where it gives you Resources such as ads email copy to Actually promote that product so you can See right here it’s actually saying Click here to access so now we have to Put in our username our first name and Then an email okay so you can go ahead And just put in that information and Click access affiliate tools now once You do that okay it’s going to take you To the affiliate portal now this is what This products affiliate portal looks Like each product is going to be Different but what you’re looking for is A product that has an affiliate portal With videos okay so let me share with You so we scroll down you can see that Towards the bottom right here it says i Want to run youtube ads okay so we’re

Not gonna actually be running youtube Ads we’re not going to be doing anything Related to youtube we just need videos So because this is youtube ads i know This is going to be videos if on your Affiliate page it says you know facebook Ads and it has videos anything with Videos we want to look for that now some Of the affiliate pages don’t have videos So you can just go to another product or If you want to use my number one Recommended program down below or the One in this video you can do that as Well so go ahead click that button it Says click here to download our youtube Ads so we go ahead and open that up and You can see for this specific product They have three different videos that we Can go ahead and use to promote this Product and generate commissions so all Of these videos are going to be good i’m Just going to go ahead and use this First video right here now whenever you Find a video you just want to download It to the device you’re doing this Method on so let me go ahead and Download it right there and i’ll join You in a second okay so that video went Ahead and downloaded to my computer now The next step is we’re going to actually Use a little known site but it’s Actually gaining massive popularity Right now and that is rumble so you want To go over to again this is a

Newer Site to the mainstream but it’s getting More and more popular and we’re going to Actually be able to use the massive Momentum to get tons of free traffic and Sales so you want to go ahead and Register create a free account a name Username password email very basic stuff Agree to the terms and conditions and Then go ahead and register now once you Actually register you want to log in and You’re gonna get taken to this page now You can see it’s very similar to youtube They have titles they have thumbnails And they have different channels okay so What you’re doing is you’re actually Creating a channel okay so what we want To do is we want to click this little Icon click upload video and now what we Want to do is we want to click here and We want to upload the video ad that we Just downloaded from the affiliate page Onto rumble so let me go ahead and do That right now okay so you can see right Here that actually uploaded the video Now the next step is we want to put in a Good video title something that has a Few keywords with the niche or product We’re promoting and also something That’s a bit click-baity that’s going to Get people to want to click so for this We can actually go back to digistore and Now we can open up the sales page Because we want to look if there’s

Anything on here that’s gonna you know Be inspiration for a title you can see On the sales page it doesn’t really say Much about it so then we can go here and We can kind of you know look about what It has to do so it says a ketogenic meal Plan that’s what this product is okay so We just want to look over try to find Something that has to do with this so This is you know the ultimate keto meal Plan so we can even just use that as the Title of the video so i can take that go Back here the ultimate keto meal plan so That’s actually a pretty good title Again take something from the sales page And the title something that’s going to Be peaking people’s interests getting People to want to click especially if They’re in the weight loss niche or Whatever niche your products in now to Make this a little bit better we can add A few words to it to make it more you Know attention-grabbing the ultimate Keto meal plan that sheds fat overnight So something like that you know that’s Going to get people interested that want To lose weight for the video description You just want to basically give a call To action okay so let me break down what That means you want to write a little Bit about what the video is so we can Say discover the ultimate keto meal plan To shed fat even if you don’t have time To exercise

Or don’t want to cut out your favorite Meals then under that little sentence That’s going to just describe the video We uploaded or the product that we’re Promoting now we want to give a call to Action to our product so i can say click Here to discover the best keto meal plan Now and then i just put a little hyphen And now what we want to do is open up The notepad file copy our affiliate link And we don’t just want to put our Affiliate link there because it’s long And unattractive we want to actually go To a site called we want to Paste that in and we want to click make Tinyurl is going to be in The description below so you can go to This website very easily but we just Want to copy that shortened link we want To go back to rumble and we want to Paste that in so now we have the video Uploaded we have the title that’s going To be clickbaity we have a little Sentence and then a call to action with Our affiliate link now for the video Thumbnail it’s going to generate a few From the video we just want to pick one That you know looks decent okay so this One’s pretty good this woman tags you Can add a few tags that have to do with The product so i can do you know keto Keto meal plan best way to lose the idea Here is you just want to write a few Words separated by a comma that have to

Do with words people would be searching For that would ultimately lead them to Want to buy our product okay so this is Things people would search and then we Just want to click upload now it’s going To have different licensing options okay So you can do video management exclusive Management excluding youtube so i Typically you know just do that one and Then we just want to agree to the terms And conditions and then submit okay so You can see right there it’s already Uploaded very quickly okay so i can go Ahead and view that video and you can See right here that it’s you know Encoding the server which is fine it has The title it has the description okay so What’s gonna happen is this video is Gonna start ranking so when someone goes To the search bar they type in keto or Weight loss or something like that They’re gonna see our video they’re Gonna click the video and because this Is an ad okay from the affiliate page It’s gonna sell them on wanting more Information on the product and then They’re gonna read this they’re gonna Click here get taken to our high Converting sales page watch this video Or read the sales page they’re going to Click the button which in this case will Appear after a few minutes and when they Buy through your page you will start to Make affiliate commissions the cool

Thing about this strategy is this video Will always be up so for months if not Years you could still have people Finding your affiliate link and buying And making you affiliate commissions Passively even while you’re hanging out With your friends and family or even Sleeping so i really hope you enjoyed Learning this powerful strategy again go Down to the video below watch that free Video revealing my number one affiliate Program to get paid instant 100 Commissions and you can use this Strategy with that program like the Video if you got value so i know to make More subscribe with the bell icons You’re always notified of my latest Videos until next time my friend thanks So much for watching and i will see you On my next training [Music] You

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