An URGENT Warning To All Affiliate Marketers

In this video I’m giving an URGENT warning to affiliate marketers.

There’s a few things going on in this industry that feel needs to be talked about…enjoy the video!

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– Chad Bartlett

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Everyone Chad here so I want to make This video to give you a warning about Some of the things going on with Affiliate marketing now even though I Love affiliate marketing and I believe There’s no better business model on the Internet right now there’s just a few Important things that I want to discuss To make sure you don’t go through these Same pitfalls that I went through and Right now I’m seeing so many different Newbies and beginners getting into this Making these same mistakes as well so With that being said let’s just dive Straight into this alright guys so you Don’t have to worry affiliate marketing Is not dead or anything like that in Fact there’s more opportunity than ever Before with affiliate marketing right Now in 2022 but with all this Opportunity nowadays and with so many Different ways to do affiliate marketing I’m talking there’s probably over a Hundred different ways to do affiliate Marketing what starts to happen is Beginners start to get really Overwhelmed they start to think that in Order to do affiliate marketing they Have to do all 100 Methods at once and That’s just not the case so my first Warning too if you’re thinking about Getting into affiliate marketing or if You’re already doing affiliate marketing Right now and you’re struggling but

Focus on learning skill sets and not Just methods so what I mean by this is You know when it comes to marketing like What separates like anyone can get an Affiliate link but what separates Someone who’s crushing it and someone Who’s struggling to get sales is Literally just the skill sets in the Experience right so you have to focus on Just learning skill sets the person Who’s making a hundred thousand dollars Per month with affiliate marketing he Doesn’t know every single method in fact He probably just Masters one method Really really good and the reason he’s Able to make so much just with that one Method is because he has a really sharp Skill sets around you know maybe it’s Chat closing maybe it’s copywriting Maybe it’s running paid advertising Maybe it’s making viral video content Maybe it’s specifically YouTube maybe It’s specifically Facebook groups and They crush it on that whatever it is you Need to pick one method and think about The skill sets you need to learn and Develop in order to crush it with that Method now just to give you an example Of this this is my method sheet so these Are basically all the different methods You can use with affiliate marketing That still work in 2022 pretty dang well So for an example one method is you can Make Tick Tock content run it straight

To your Facebook group ask them Questions start conversations with them And Pitch an offer so this specific Method works really well for selling High ticket methods so now you gotta Look at this right this specific method If you’re going to follow that think About what skill sets do I need to learn And develop to get really good at this And make a ton of money from Specifically that method and this is Going to be viral video content because Of tick tock and then sales basically Just those two things you need to learn In order to crush it with this method or For example we have Facebook groups we Have Facebook organic we have Instagram We have Tick Tock and in Tick Tock you Can run a faceless Tick Tock account you Can hire someone else or partner with Someone to run the tick tock account for You or you can personally make the tick Tock videos yourself alright so you have To like think about okay what specific Method do I want to do in Tick Tock or Maybe you just want to do YouTube videos So what are the skills that you need if You want to crush it with YouTube videos As an affiliate marketer well you need To know SEO well you need to get good at Video marketing right so video marketing As a skill set you’re not going to just Magically get good on camera the first Time filming it takes time it’s a skill

Set you have to learn and develop it and You know get better at it over time just Like you would with a sport or a video Game whatever it is right so again you Can see that you know these are the meth Like these are just some methods out There that I personally have used and I Think work good and again look how many There is right and what’s crazy about This is all these 20 different methods They all work well you can make you know As much money as you want with all these Different methods out there so the key Is not to try every single method it’s To get really good at one and think About the skill sets you need in order To crush it with that method and Hyper Focus all your attention just on that All right so the second warning I have For you as an affiliate marketer is you Have to follow a proven plan now keep in Mind what I said there right you can’t Just follow a plan you have to follow a Proven plan meaning you have to follow a Plan from someone who actually does Affiliate marketing themselves very Successfully and the reason I say this Is for one there’s a lot of people out There who teach affiliate marketing but They don’t actually do it themselves and I know it’s because the first course I Ever bought around affiliate marketing At the time I was doing ubereats I was Trying to save up all this money to buy

This course and I finally got enough I Bought it right I went through it and You know it was about it was just a Bunch of junk there was no Proven Plan There was just a bunch of random videos On random things and like a month later I found out that that guy who I bought The course from he never did affiliate Marketing himself he just sold the Course around it so going back to what I Said earlier right there’s lots of Different plans you can follow there’s Lots of different methods out there pick One and make sure whatever one you’re Picking make sure it’s a proven plan it Actually is working for someone like Someone is making at least 10 to 20 000 Per month with that method if they are And you like the idea that method think About the skill sets you need to learn For that and make a 30 day plan a 60-day Plan a year-long plan for yourself to Crush it with that method and go all in On that and by the way if you do want to Prove and plan to follow when it comes To starting your affiliate business and You want a free community of all kinds Of other Affiliates who are in the same Place as you I want to invite you to Join my completely free Facebook group And when you join that group you Actually get a free copy of my affiliate Boss cheat sheet and I’ll show you the Seven proven steps to quit your job with

Affiliate marketing so if you want Access to this free book and a free Community just click on the first link In the description below and you’ll get Taken straight over to my group where You can download that ebook and join us In that Community alright so the third Warning I have for you is something Called kiss and no I’m not talking about That kiss I’m talking about keep it Simple stupid so this is something that I struggle with because for some reason My brain likes to over complicate things So you know and I I see this as like a Common pattern I think it’s just because There’s so much information online it Goes back to the you know information Overload is the real thing you know so Many people try to overcome complicated But like I said going back to the second Thing I just talked about follow that Proven plan don’t try to change it up if You’re a beginner getting into affiliate Marketing don’t don’t try to put your Own twists on it right don’t try and Reinvent the wheel once you’re making Over 20 000 per month sure then you can Try new things but when you’re under 20 000 per month follow someone’s proven Plan to a t just do that get really good At it because you know that’s what got Them to success and you know usually When your brain tries to think of like Uh different things you can try or

Different things Um you want to do right usually that’s Just a distraction from us to actually Do the work right so this all goes back To the 80 20 rule if you’re familiar With that and I think how the 80 20 rule Applies to affiliate marketing is eighty Percent of all your sales and this is Probably more like 90 90 10. probably 80 To 90 percent of all your sales all your Results all the money coming into your Bank is Gonna Come From two things your Traffic and your follow-up system simple As that whether that traffic is from YouTube Facebook paid ads native ads Tick Tock and then your follow-up system Whether that’s chat marketing whether That’s email marketing whether that’s a Facebook group included whatever it is Think about your traffic and follow-up System those are by far the two most Important things when it comes to Affiliate marketing if you can get more Traffic and you can have a better Follow-up rate a better follow-up Conversion rate you’re gonna make more Money that’s gonna really move the Needle now on the flip side the other 20 The other 10 is what I see so many Beginners get stuck in but like I said This only brings in like 10 of the Results so it doesn’t even matter to Focus on this kind of stuff like I said You should mainly like 90 of your time

Should be focused on the traffic in the Follow-up this other 10 is stuff like Your opt-in page what it looks like the Design of your website the colors your Logo your brand name even your lead Magnet you know and you can even get Caught up into like a morning routine Right people will start talking about How all in order to be successful you Need a morning routine or you have to Read certain books right and you have to Do all this little stuff to become Successful but really you know I think a Lot of that stuff is just a distraction From actually doing the stuff that Actually matters which is traffic and Follow-up in this case when it comes to Affiliate marketing and take it from me Right once I started earning you know Around ten to twenty thousand dollars Per month I was stuck in that 20 game Forever in like probably two years I was Stuck in you know switching my funnels Out trying to read a book every single Week trying to have a morning routine While some of that stuff you know may be Helpful for your mental health or just You find happiness in it it’s not the Stuff that’s actually going to push the Needle and it wasn’t until last year 2021 where I really started focusing on That 80 90 of stuff that matters which Is the traffic and follow-up and my Income literally went from around

Fifteen thousand dollars per month to Now making over eighty thousand dollars Per month which is you know just a Massive difference and I was able to Make that income jump in literally just One year’s time by focusing on the most Important stuff that matters all right So the last and final thing I want to Talk about and this is literally how I Made my first ten thousand dollars Online how I made my first ever sale With affiliate marketing and this is Gonna be the concept of document don’t Create now to show you kind of what I Mean by this I made a post to my Facebook group Um a few weeks back and I said my tip For the week for Affiliates is document Yourself using and getting results with The product you’re promoting don’t just Try to sell it to them you need to prove It works that’s literally your job as an Affiliate marketer once they see you Getting results of that they will want To try the product too AKA buy off your Affiliate link so again it goes back to Like people don’t want to be told what To do they don’t want to be told what They buy they want to see yourself or Someone else crushing it with that Product getting results for that product Solving some kind of problem with that Product that they have and if they see You doing that right or they say someone

Else doing that and chances are they’re Going to want to go and do it themselves So that’s like the best form of Marketing you can do and you can really Apply it to almost any Niche out there Right if you’re promoting VR headsets Document yourself using VR headsets or In my example I’m going back to how I Made my first ever sale online I was Promoting an Amazon FBA course that I Took right so instead of just telling People to buy the course I was Documenting myself doing Amazon FBA I Was showing how I did it and when people Ask where I learned right I would Recommend the course that I took right Because they saw me getting a little bit Of results with it and they wanted to do The same thing themselves and go through The same product that I went through to Get those results and I even still do This now to this day you can see for Example my Tick Tock account you can Even do this with your content so Instead of just teaching side hustles The angle I took for this Tick Tock Account is testing side hustles for you Right so the videos that get the most Amount of views on my Tick Tock account Is where I’m actually docking myself Doing it right so testing Tick Tock side Hustles this one has 231 000 views or For example you know this one on the Right here I paid Fiverr to grow a tick

Tock account for me 536 000 views so people are seeing myself Actually doing different side hustles Doing different methods to make money Online it makes them want to do it it’s More authentic right it’s more natural And that’s why I was able to grow this Account so rapidly and like I said this Is something you can do in pretty much Any Niche so anyways guys I hope you Enjoyed this video about these warnings For affiliate marketers let me know your Biggest takeaway from this video in the Comments down below and like I said if You want a free community of other Affiliates other people who are Successful other people who are in the Same situation as you right now be sure To click on the first link in the Description below to join my free Facebook group and like I said you’ll Also get a free cheat sheet on the seven Steps to quit your job with affiliate Marketing so anyways guys with that Being said I hope you enjoyed this video If you did all I asked you to drop a Like And subscribe if you’re new let me Know you want more videos like this and As always I hope you guys have a great Rest your day and I will see you in my Next video

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