7 Best RECURRING Affiliate Programs For Passive Income (2022 Edition)

In this video I share the TOP 7 recurring affiliate programs to promote in 2022.

Even better you’ll see solid products to promote in multiple different niche for your affiliate marketing business, enjoy!

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Everyone Chad here so from my experience There’s no better way to make passive Income online than promoting a product As an affiliate that pays you out Recurring commissions for life in fact Recurring commissions is what gave me The confidence to quit my job a few Years back because even when I was Making money selling products and Getting a one-off commission the money I Was making from recurring commission Just felt so much more reliable because They continued to come in month after Month so that’s why in this video I’m Gonna be breaking down the top seven Recurring affiliate programs to promote For passive income in 2022 and Beyond And some of these companies and products I’m going to show you I personally Promote them and make money for them Myself so with that being said super Excited to release this video Let’s dive Straight into it so in this video what I Try to do is really diversify the niches So you’re going to see all kinds of Different niches and recurring products You can promote inside of those Different niches so the first one we Have for you guys you guys already know If you follow me is builderall Builderall is my bread and butter it’s One of the main products I promoted over The last couple years and in recurring Commissions it makes me anywhere from 25

To 30 000 per month so anyways as you Can see this is Builder home you can see My name right here I’ve been paid out Almost a million dollars in commissions As you can see I have like sixteen Thousand dollars requested right now Thirty five hundred dollars on hold and As you can see all the commissions are Coming in are mostly from people who Signed up to me months ago years ago Because obviously since builderall it’s A digital marketing platform they create Websites they do email marketing they do Chat Bots they do all kinds of digital Marketing tools it’s a subscription Product so every single month that the Client gets charged that sign up for Under me maybe a year ago two years ago A few months ago I’m gonna continue Getting a recurring commission from them Every single month so the way I started Out promoting this product was just Making different videos around how to Build websites how to build landing Pages I would make reviews on builderall I’d show tutorials on builderall I would Show people how to make money with Builderall so I would say that’s the First Main inch is like the digital Marketing niche in the software so Obviously there’s all kinds of different Softwares in this Niche there’s kartra There’s click funnels there’s all kinds Of different ones I personally just like

To use builderall it’s always worked Great for me I love their website Builder so that’s the first Niche so That’s the first product the second one Is going to be a completely different Industry credit repair so this isn’t Going to be your standard affiliate Program what this is going to be is this Company allows you to White Label their Software and their training to help People improve their credit score right So that’s a huge thing that a lot of you Know people just need in this world is Higher credit so they can apply for Better loans and get better rates so What they allow you to do is white label Their software so basically everything You need is sort of life-changing credit Repair business so again this isn’t the Stan and sand affiliate program but it’s The same concept what we’re doing is We’re going to White Label their Software and training that helps people Increase their credit score then we’re Gonna sell it ourselves to our clients Okay so as you can see if we go to the Pricing it’s 179 dollars per month That’s how much this costs let’s say You’re charging 99 per month to help People increase their credit score they Get all kinds of tools software training All kinds of stuff like that right when You buy this so you can access this for 179 per month and if you’re charging 99

Per month then that means you need like At least two clients to make your money Back to make your profit so they have This little calculator like hey if you Get 100 active clients in your credit Repair business 100 times 99 per month Whatever you’re charging you’re going to Make around nine point nine thousand Dollars per month obviously that’s a Good case scenario so that would be your Long-term 6 to 12 month goal is to get a Hundred active clients and your credit Repair business so that’s another option You can use and obviously what I would Do is I would buy this software I would Set up my own page where I can accept Clients I’m sure they have all kinds of Training in that once you sign up to the Software again I’m not even Affiliated This is just what I would personally do And then I would go and just go really High hard on creating content around Credit Repair on Tick Tock YouTube and Facebook I would build my email list I Would give away a free checklist to help People increase their credit score I’d Put out all kinds of content on Tick Tock and YouTube helping people giving People tips to increase their credit Score and inside of all my content Pieces I have call to actions to get my Free gift right which is my credit Repair cheat sheet and then once they Opt into my email list into my funnel

That’s where I take them to a bridge Page like this and I would basically Just have a short video introducing Myself and upselling my credit repair Service which I charge 99 per month for All right so the third recurring Affiliate program is going to be in a Completely different Niche again and This is going to be in the side hustle Slash make money Niche now this product Is actually just released it just got Launched and it happens to be my own Product right so this is a product I’ve Been working on for the past couple Months and I’ve invested tens of Thousands of dollars into it there’s not Really a product like this on the market And something we do we pay out 40 Recurring commissions for life to our Affiliates so this is my company called Side hustle daily and basically what we Did is we created an education platform Where we basically just put all kinds of Courses on proven side hustles all in One place so what we did as you can see You know basically you just get access To a vault of all kinds of different Courses around different side vessels That are all taught by the different Experts we have inside this platform now The reason it’s a membership product is Because we add in a new side hustle Course and expert every single month Into the platform so what I’m doing to

Promote this product myself and what I’m Telling all my Affiliates is basically Right just put out content around side Hustles go through this side hustle Daily membership go through a platform Take one of the courses start sharing What you learn start doing one the side Hustles document yourself doing it and When people ask how you learned how to Do that side vessel you recommend them To side hustle daily or you can can just Start putting out all kinds of content Like this on Tick Tock like one of my Employees did and just start putting out All kinds of content around side hustles Around different work from home jobs Around different ways to make money and Obviously you can see the link and call To action in her bio is related to side Hustle so she’s attracting that audience Who’s interested in side hustles and We’re promoting a product that’s going To be a good fit for them in this case It’s going to be this side Nestle daily Platform that I built out so anyways if You would like to promote side hustle Daily as an affiliate I’m actually Throwing together a 30-day passive Income challenge so this is the page if You want to learn more about it Basically the goal during this 30 day Challenge is to go from zero to a Thousand dollars per month in recurring Commissions so if you are interested in

Joining this challenge it starts in just A few days you can just click on the First link in the description below or Just go over to this link right here and Just watch this video I’ll have more Information on how to actually join the Challenge and all the resources that We’re going to be giving you to get to Your goal of making some recurring Commissions all right so the fourth Product you can promote to make Recurring commissions is going to be a Software called Sam cart so as you can See Sam car is mainly used to sell Digital products right so online courses Now I actually have a client that I Built out a funnel and email sequence For to sell Sam cards so I’m really Familiar with how to promote Sam car as An affiliate he was one of our launch Clients so basically he wanted to Promote Sam card to people who are Interested in selling an online course What he did is he was really good at Driving Uber he had all kinds of pro Tips to get really good tips driving Uber and stuff like that so what he did Was he made a course on Sam car teaching Uber drivers how to make more money how To increase their income by 30 how to Get more tips and that course started Making him good money right he was Making an extra hundred dollars per day Teaching Uber drivers how to make more

Money so now what he decided to do was Start putting out content on how to make A course how he’s making an extra Hundred dollars per day so now he is Basically promoting Sam car as a Affiliate teaching other people how to Do that same thing so again this Niche Isn’t for everyone the online courses But if you have an online course Yourself or you plan on starting one in The future Sam cart might be a good Product to promote if you’re promoting To people who want to learn how to start Their own course all right so product Number five again let’s go to a Completely different Niche this is going To be the travel Niche now this isn’t Just any travel Niche this is a very Very sub niche of the travel Niche and What this is is private jets so as you Can see there’s this company called Villers and they offer private jet Chartering I know sounds kind of crazy But if you actually go to their Affiliate page check this out the Highest paying luxury affiliate program Refer private jet charter clients and Builders and earn thousands in Commissions for every private jet flight Book so obviously booking a private jet Costs anywhere from fifteen thousand Dollars all the way up to a hundred Thousand dollars they’re willing to pay You thousands of dollars for every

Client that you refer to them right Earned thousands for every fly booked Along with repeat commission for the Lifetime of any private charter jet Client you introduced our 30 profit Share is unmatched anywhere and allows You to truly scale your marketing effort That is absolutely crazy if you get one Solid client that just keeps on booking Private jets because they’re a baller You’re gonna make all kinds of Commissions from every transaction that Comes from them so you might be Wondering Chad how would you actually go About promoting a product like this well I would have to do a little bit more Research being honest here just because I’ve never promoted a product like this And maybe be fun too but I would look Into Facebook groups right I would see Facebook groups around private jets and Stuff like that and I would try to buy One or start one myself or just network With people inside of there I would also Research into maybe promoting on LinkedIn right so putting out all kinds Of content on LinkedIn and specifically Put out content around traveling and Flying private obviously since that’s What we’re promoting and I would Actually just connect with people One-on-one so you’d really have to get Creative with how you’re going to Promote it but again just find out who

Is your audience right it’s going to be Super high net worth individuals where Are those people hanging out what kind Of content are they watching figure out How you can access them so chances are They’re going to go and use your link Once you actually do that promotion for This kind of service so product number Six we’re going to completely change up The niche again and this is going to be The trading Niche stock trading Forex Trading even so if I share my screen Here you can see this is a trading bot So constantly on the wrong side of the Trades get a Competitive Edge so this is Basically a trading bot that you can be An affiliate for I don’t know how well It works I’ve never used the product Myself that would be part of your Research you need to do as an affiliate To see if this is a good product to Promote and something you believe in so What I would do personally if I was Going to promote this as you can see uh You receive a 30 recurring commission For every user you refer every month What I would do to promote this is I Would start testing out this bot right I Would start a tick tock account and I’d Make a video saying testing a trading Bot to see how much money right and I Would just do part one part two and just Keep making videos around that and Obviously I would have call to actions

And I would take them to an opt-in page Like this to get them interested in this Trading bot then that often page you can Take him to a bridge video where you Just introduce yourself you show the Trading bot you show the profits you’re Having from the training Bots if you did Have any then I would recommend the Product be like hey if you want to use The same exact trading bot I’m using Click the button below I’m going to Leave a link and you can go and sign up So again I’ll start a tick tock count Documenting my process using this Trading bot I would do the same thing on A YouTube channel and once I Consistently start making money from What I’m selling right this trading bot And that’s where I can just keep posting Videos every day of how much I’m making How I’m doing it and how they can get Started as well and I would have that Call to action tune that funnel I showed You earlier alright so the last and Final product I’m going to be showing You is gonna be a completely different Dish again and this is going to be more Of the nutrition Niche the more the Health Niche right so this is a product Called organifi and as you can see They’re a massive supplement company Around all kinds of superfoods you know Protein shakes all kinds of stuff like That and it’s you know geared to be you

Know all organic ingredients hence the Name organifi so if I actually go to Their affiliate program page as you can See if you sign up to flex offers so Flex offers is just an affiliate network Organifi has their affiliate program on There so as you can see they offer 16 For regular sales and repurchase so 16 Doesn’t sound like a lot but for Physical products like when you’re Actually ordering something and it gets Shipped to your house and you have this Powder and chances are if people like This powder or you know the supplements They take from them and then keep on Using them they keep ordering new ones Every single month I think 16 recurring Commissions on that is pretty good as Far as like how would you go about Promoting this will it be the same Concept as any other Niche and product You put out content that would attract That audience to you that’s interested In health that’s interested in nutrition And and inside your email marketing you Can recommend and just to prove it to You I’m actually on someone’s email list Who promotes organifi right so check it Out this guy’s check it out this guy’s Name is Thomas and the subject line he Said why everyone is eating fruit all of A sudden good crops hey it has a lot of Sugar so it’s bad for us that would be True if you’re eating fruits with lost

Sugar not oral the same berries for Instance are quite low many of the Fruits out there they don’t have that Much sugar and we also need to Understand a couple very important Things one fructose right and he just Kind of goes on to explain why the sugar In fruit isn’t really bad for you all This being said if you want the benefits Of the fruit and veggies really without The sugars or carbs you might be a good Candidate for a red drink right and boom This is where he has an affiliate link To organify for this red drink right so This red juice right here so again Notice in the email he stated some kind Of problem and then he recommended a Solution that’s all we’re doing as an Affiliates keep your marketing simple You know you can model and email like This and you know he goes on to say it’s 20 off and stuff like that and goes on To talk more about it and kind of how he Uses it so anyways if you got that down Really all you have to focus on from There is building up that email list for People who’s interested in this kind of Content in nutrition for example if I Want to show this guy’s YouTube channel How I got onto this guy’s email list he Has a massive YouTube channel around Nutrition and he posts a new video every Single day as you can see and if you’re Wondering well how would he actually get

You on an email list he does it a couple Different ways but this is how I would Do it I would throw it together an Opt-in page like this offering a free Nutritional newsletter and that’s what I’d offer inside all my pieces of Content I would have a call to action to Join my free nutritional newsletter and Again once I start building that list I Can start sending emails like this where I stay some kind of problem that they Might be going through and I give a Solution as simple as that that’s how You do affiliate marketing in almost any Niche out there so anyways guys I hope You enjoyed this video of me breaking Down the top seven recurring affiliate Programs and again I try to do this in All kinds of different niches that way You guys can go and figure out which one Is best for you in your Niche and go and Start making recurring commissions as Well now if you don’t have a product to Promote or you don’t have a mitch or Maybe you do want to promote in the side Hustle Niche the make money Niche I want To invite you to join Earth challenge For the new product I just launched Called side hustle daily like I said It’s an education platform that teaches You all kinds of different side vessels The membership product we added in a new Course every single month and we have a Recurring affiliate program for our

Affiliates out there so anyways if you Would like to join this challenge you Would like to become an affiliate for Side hustle daily just click on the First link in the description below it’s Going to take you to this page like I Said our goal is to go from zero to a Thousand dollars per month in this Challenge and obviously I’m doing this Because you know I want Affiliates Making money for this product because I Own the product so obviously the more Money you make the more money I make That being said as always I hope you Guys have a great rest your day and I Will see you in my next video

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