48 Hour HIGH TICKET Affiliate Marketing Challenge

If you’re sick of just watching ”tutorials” about affiliate marketing and you’d like to see someone ACTUALLY test the strategy themselves and turn it into a case study…

Then you will love this video!

Inside I’ll be doing a 48 hour HIGH TICKET affiliate marketing challenge so you can see the entire process to close sales from scratch.

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Hey everyone chad here and today we’re Going to be starting another affiliate Marketing challenge except this time i’m Going to do something that’s been highly Requested and it’s going to be doing Affiliate marketing for a high ticket Product instead which means with this Strategy you can earn anywhere from 500 1000 and even two thousand dollars per Sale so i’m super excited to show this To you guys i’m gonna be documenting my Whole process from a to z to closing a High ticket sale and i’m gonna try to Close as many sales as i can in the next 48 hours and no i’m not going to be Using a webinar a phone call or anything Like that it’s going to be a little bit Different strategy so that being said Let’s go ahead and get started all right So the main strategy we’re going to be Using to sell as many high ticket Products as we can in the next 48 hours Is gonna be using something i call chat Marketing now there’s one quote that Comes in mind that explains why chat Marketing works so well and that is Market with them not at them right so so Many people they try to you know do a Webinar where they’re just marketing at People for an hour and a half or maybe They have a video sales letter on a Sales page and the whole time during the Sales video you’re just marketing at the Person or even inside of your emails

Right in your email sequence you know You’re usually just marketing at people But when you’re doing chat marketing and You’re actually having conversations With people and you’re asking them Questions right and you’re making sure They’re a good fit for the product and You’re answering all their questions About the product that’s where you’re Actually marking with them and when you Do it like that the conversion rate is Much much higher so whenever i try to Sell high ticket nowadays i really just Try to stick with the chat marketing Strategy because it works so much better So i have a little flow chart i want to Pull up and now i’m just going to walk You through the process of how we’re Going to close as many high ticket sales As we can in the next 48 hours right so Basically to do high ticket selling Right the first thing you need to do is You need to get people on on an email List through a lead magnet this is how You build leads so typically you don’t Want to sell high ticket products to People right away like i guarantee you You’ve never bought in something that Was a thousand two thousand dollars or a Course or whatever it is from literally Just clicking an ad and then you go Straight to the checkout to buy or maybe It’s from someone’s youtube video Straight to the checkout and buy usually

It takes time for you to develop the Trust with the person to really get to Know them so if you’re gonna sell high Ticket i always recommend you know Offering some type of lead magnet up Front right to get people in the door to Get people on your email list and then Once you have them on your email list That’s where you can start to provide Value and nurture the list so this is Something i do with my email list you Know pretty much three times a week is i Constantly send them emails provide Value with them i send them free gifts That’s going to be helpful for them i Send them over to my youtube videos That’s going to provide value to them Right so i’m always trying to provide Value to my email list to build that Trust factor up build the relationship i Tell stories in my email list right so That’s one of the things you have to do In order to sell high tickets you have To develop that trust now once you do That right you’re going to have a Certain number of leads who are start to Get warm right they start to get warm on Your list they feel like you know they Know you they trust you they like you Right and when they know like and trust You That’s when you can sell high ticket and Make Tons of money so anyways the next part

Of this is now once you actually provide Value nurture the list that’s where you Can apply this chat marketing strategy So basically what i do is i send an Offer email telling them to message me a Certain word right and basically once They do that they click the link and They go over to my chat marketing Strategy so this usually just takes them Straight to my facebook messenger and Like i said i’m going to document this Whole entire process in the next 48 Hours i start doing this i just want to Explain the strategy to you guys first So basically what i do inside this chat Marketing strategy is i ask them a few Questions i see if they’re a good fit For you know whatever i’m selling and Then i share the actual vsl with them Which is the actual affiliate link right And that’s where i can actually make the Sale and if they do have any questions Which people buying a high ticket Product they usually have some questions Right and a lot of these questions are Simple you know it could just be like oh What exactly are we going to be covering Uh you know there’s those have random Questions that will keep them from Buying so you want to make sure you Answer any questions they have and it’s Really easy to do because you’re already Chatting with them So you have direct communication with

Them and this is why it makes the Conversion rate so high and this is Where you go and make a bunch of money With those high ticket sales now for This 48 hour challenge i’m actually Going to be selling my own program my Affiliate marketing bootcamp since that Is the main high ticket product i’m Promoting right now but like i said you Can pretty much apply this to any Product out there whether you’re an Affiliate for a product or you’re Selling your own product or maybe it’s a Service right whatever it is long as It’s high ticket meaning probably above A thousand dollars this strategy is Gonna work really well so as you guys Know i already have an email list i Already provide value and nurture the List so now what we’re gonna work on Right now is i’m gonna go write an email Telling them to message me a certain Word and then i’m gonna start the chat Marketing strategy and we’ll officially Start this 40 hour challenge to see how Much i can make in the next 48 hours so That being said i’m gonna go write the Email and i’ll keep you updated a few Moments later okay guys so i just got Finished writing the email and let me go Ahead and share my screen so this is the Email that i’m going to send out to my List in a couple minutes so basically The subject line is interested in

Partnering with me so you kind of have To look at whatever you’re selling what Is the messaging of the offer what’s the Hook uh what’s the offer itself right What makes the offer unique so you know I have my own offer i’m selling right Now which is my affiliate marketing Bootcamp this is kind of how i angled it Right here but you’re gonna see how you Know eventually i’m gonna tell them to Message me a certain word in this email And i’m gonna apply that chat marketing Strategy so anyways let’s go ahead and Read this so the subject line is Interested in partnering with me so it Basically goes hey name how’s it going I’m looking for a few more affiliates Who want to learn how to make an extra 3 To 5k per month online so anyways Basically my messaging is if you can Prove to me that you’re an action taker And start making sales with the material That i share with you I will invest my time and money into Your business and we will partner Together if you want to which means Instead of just selling you a course Like most people in this industry do i Have a real reason to help you succeed So as you can see just that two past Lines right basically what i did i gave Them like a real reason i’m there to Actually help them succeed because That’s like the main objection when

People buy courses is you know how do i Know that they’re not going to just Leave me hanging right and i never want My students to feel that way so that’s Why i have an incentivized thing where If you start making 3 to 5k per month i Will actually invest my capital in my Time and you’ll get access to my team of Employees and we’re going to help you Scale to the sixth seven-figure mark if You want to partner with us right so That’s kind of the incentive we have and It gets through that main objection so Anyways i say interested notice how this Email is just super simple you know this Is where we have the call to action so This is going to be the actual link so Basically this is just a link to my Messenger and it says message me the Word boss using this link and i’ll ask You a few questions to see if you’d be a Good fit for this case of the group but Hurry i’m only looking to partner with a Few people every three months enjoy your Weekend more soon ciao bartlett so today Is currently friday may 27th so i’m Gonna go ahead and send this email out And then basically 48 hours from now so It’s gonna be like sunday midday i’m Gonna keep you updated with the results And really how much money we made in the Next 48 hours from this single email so That being said i will see you 48 hours From now with all the results the exact

Script i used to message them and close The sale and showing you exactly how Much money i made in these next 48 hours 72 hours later okay so we are back today Is monday may 30th so it’s been around 72 hours since i updated you so i will Show what we did in the first 48 hours And then what we did overall from last Friday when i actually sent out the Email and the results have been Absolutely insane you guys are gonna be Blown away about how many sales how much Money we’ve made the past you know Weekend or so uh just from one single Email and again guys i’m not someone who Has a massive hundred thousand email List right i literally have around Fifteen thousand people on my list which Sounds like a lot but when you see how Much money we made just from a single Email um you know again you’re going to Be blown away by how well this chat Marketing strategy works so anyways to Actually show you the strategy before we Get into the results real quick right This is the strategy that i use so Basically i tell them to mess me a Certain word which is boss um you saw That call the action in my email that i Wrote that i sent out and then we asked Them a few questions right so we Basically say hey name thanks for Reaching out so tell me about your goals And then they reply and then we

Acknowledge what they said right so we Kind of have a framework script that i Follow uh when i do this chat marketing Strategy and again a lot of these Questions are just to make sure that you Know whatever i’m selling they’re gonna Be a good fit for this product because i Don’t want to sell this to everyone i Want to make sure it’s actually going to Be helpful for them to actually go Through and you know purchase Potentially so Again these are just kind of like Pre-qualifying questions i want to ask To make sure we’re going to be a good Fit to work together so um then we kind Of go over you know what do you think is Hitting holding you back from hitting That goal anything specific or just the Overall process and again guys whatever Product you’re promoting you can kind of Take the tank same concept of these Questions and figure out how to apply it To your own offer right i have you know My own offer i sell in a pretty unique Way so we asked specific questions for Us but take the overall idea of what i’m Doing on these questions and apply it to The product you’re promoting all right So one out of ten how big of priority is It for you to hit your goal by the end Of the year right so all goes back to What do they really want what is their Goal and can we actually help them

Achieve that right so anyways we kind of Just go into this and then if they do Seem like a good fit meaning they’re Like above 8 out of 10 priority for this This is where i’d say you know you seem Like a good fit for this case study Group mind if i send you over a quick Video showing you over all the details And this is where you would actually Send your affiliate link so this is Where i send my actual link where i Actually have a video on it and then if They’re interested they’re going to Reply back i’m in and this is where i Literally send the checkout link And this goes to you know the actual Checkout page where they actually pay so As you can see the whole conversation It’s actually not that long it takes Like a couple minutes or so and there’s Only really four main questions that we Do ask them so now let me show you a Real conversation of someone who Actually did purchase from that email Right so anyways uh this is one of them I’m gonna block out his name just for Privacy reasons anyways as you can see He messaged us the word boss and i said Hey thanks for reaching out tell me About your goals right basically just Following the script and he told me the Goal he had and then you know we kind of Just acknowledge what the goal was and Then we go back to you know what do you

Think is holding you back from getting That anything specific or just the Overall process right he kind of Explains that and then we eventually go Into the 1 out of 10 priority question He said definitely a 10 so he seemed Like a really good fit he was really Hungry for it he had realistic goals so Anyways i said it seems like you’d be a Good fit right i sent over the video so The video basically just looks like this Just a simple page with the video There’s no button or anything they have To reply back i’m in if they’re Interested anyways he had a couple Questions about what we’re going to be Teaching and we kind of answered them And then uh basically he eventually got Interested and we sent him over the link And he actually wanted to pay through Paypal so we sent him over a specific Paypal checkout and he said done right And he actually purchased so that’s one Example and this is the whole Conversation we had to get them to buy The product so anyways that’s the whole Chat marketing strategy so basically we Sent an email telling them to message us A certain word we use the chat marketing Strategy and then we eventually sent Them to a video and a checkout page Where they can actually buy so now is The thing you’ve been waiting for how Much money did we make over the past 48

Hours and how much money do we make Overall since i sent that email around Three days ago from the time i’m Actually recording this right now so let Me go into my account and as you can see This is the past um Three days or so so this is may 27th Which is friday this is when i actually Sent out the email and then this goes to May 30th which is the day i’m recording This video right now so as you can see On friday when we sent the email we Actually did 5 000 in sales from this Product and all these sales specifically Just came from that email we don’t sell Really any other products through this Account and again this doesn’t include Any affiliate marketing money or any Other products i have this specifically Just includes the bootcamp for this Account so All this money literally came from that Email so friday we did five thousand Saturday we did around two thousand and Keep in mind some of these people are on Payment plans so there’s actually gonna Be more revenue coming from them next Month uh so we actually did more than What it says just because there’s gonna Be more revenue coming um from the Payment plan and then uh halfway through Sunday right because again we sent it Out friday midday around two o’clock or So um so from like friday to sunday 2

Pm-ish that’s like 48 hours total um so We probably did half of that so 2 000 Here but total we ended the day with 4 600 in revenue and then today as i’m Recording this video it’s 1 57 p.m right Now uh but we’ve done around 3 400 so Far today so anyways in the 48 hours in Total right you probably did half of This so let’s say 2 000 And then another 2 000 and then 5 000. So in total that’s around 9 000 In just 48 hours from a single email and If we look at how much that email has Made me total since i sent it right Which has only been around three days so Far um we’ve made around fifteen Thousand dollars from a single email now Here’s the craziest thing about that is If i would have just sent an email and Had a call to action straight over to my Bootcamp sales page and we did nothing With the chat marketing right i probably Only would have made around one to two Thousand dollars but since i added that One extra step and actually marketed With the people and i actually Pre-qualified them and they actually you Know felt more safe chatting with me and I was able to answer all their questions About the boot camp right there in that Conversation right i literally 15x my Conversion rate um so instead of making You know one to two thousand we’ve made Fifteen thousand dollars so far from

That single email so hopefully this Video shows you the importance of a Couple things one how important it is to Build your email list whatever you have To do to build your email list give away Some type of free gift build up your Facebook group collect emails in there That’s the first thing is build your Email list it’s an asset that no one can Ever take from you instagram can’t shut It down youtube can’t shut it down the Second thing is once you have an email List don’t just send emails to them Right there’s other ways that you can Market to your leads rather than just Sending emails now of course i still Recommend sending emails on a weekly Basis or a daily basis but you also want To send them other places like a Facebook group a phone call or in this Case like you saw during this challenge Send them over to a chat marketing Strategy and sell them through there Which is my personal favorite and if you Would like to learn more about how we do Chat marketing and you want to see exact Framework and how to apply it to pretty Much any affiliate marketing product and Give you more examples of it Again this is something we talk about in Depth actually inside of my affiliate Marketing bootcamp so if you want to see Not only how to build an affiliate Marketing business from scratch in an

Eight week period but you’d also like to Learn how to build your email list build A funnel build a facebook group and use This chat marketing strategy i’ll leave A link to my bootcamp that’ll be the First link in the description below so Anyways guys with that being said if you Did enjoy this video only ask to drop a Like and subscribe if you’re new it lets Me know you want more videos like this With that being said i hope you guys Have a great rest your day go ahead and Apply this to your own product go take Action go make some money from this and As always i will see you guys in my next Video

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