30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge On Clickbank (FROM SCRATCH)

In this video I’m doing a 30 day affiliate marketing challenge on Clickbank from scratch!

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Everyone chad here in this video we’re Going to be doing a favorite series on My channel and this is going to be doing Another affiliate marketing challenge But this time it’s going to be for a Full 30 days now to spice things up a Little i thought instead of me doing the Challenge myself i thought why not teach Someone else how to do it who’s never Done affiliate marketing before so we’re Going to have one of my employees taylor Actually do this challenge for the next 30 days and basically i’m just going to Be walking her through all the steps in This video so hopefully you guys can Model this for yourself now not only are We doing this challenge from scratch but We’re actually going to be doing this Challenge with no money at all so with That being said i’m super excited to Start this let’s go ahead and meet Taylor All right everyone this is taylor so i’m Gonna be teaching her how to do Affiliate marketing for the next 30 days So taylor have you ever done affiliate Marketing before Nope i’ve never done affiliate marketing I’ve just seen other people do it And so she actually reached out to me She lived local in the area so what did You do before you actually work for me And reach out to me i actually worked as A dental assistant at a local pediatric

Dental office all right and what Strategy do you want to use for this 30 Day affiliate marketing challenge i Really want to use tick tock because i Feel like it has the potential to grow Quicker than other traffic options okay And you’re okay with putting your face On camera and just filming the videos Yourself I didn’t used to be but i think i am Okay with it yeah i think it’s gonna be Worth it i hope so all right so last Question for you what product and what Niche do you want to promote on your Take top account I want to do the work from home niche Because i’m already managing your work From home grill tick tock so if you guys Don’t know i have an account called work From home girl and i basically pay a Freelancer to do all the videos for me And taylor one of the things she does For me is she actually manages the Account and researches all the videos so She actually has like experience with Researching that niche so she knows a Lot about it So i think it makes sense for you to Actually go and just kind of promote the Same thing there what do you think i Think so it’s easier to because i’m Already in that niche as far as looking Up the videos alright guys so we’re Gonna go ahead and get started and we’re

Just gonna update you along the way So i just finished filming a couple of Videos for tick tock and i wanted to Walk you through my process step one i Go through content that’s similar to Mine and i find what is doing well so Anything with a lot of views um i like To model my videos off of once i find a Video that i want to use then i’ll go Ahead and write out a script so Basically i decide exactly what words i Want to use i usually will change it up Just a little bit and then i start Filming filming for me usually takes About probably like 30ish minutes and Then about 15 minutes of editing once i Have all the filming done and i have all The text and sounds and everything done The way i like then i go ahead and go Through And do my voiceover or find my hashtags Whatever final touches i need to do and Then i go ahead and Post right guys we are back again i Think it is day 12 now or so And we ran into a few problems um the First thing was she got a thousand Followers right and the first problem we Had was her link wasn’t working for a While do you want to explain that a Little bit Yeah so i Not so close Yeah so i used bitly to shorten my link

And i was tracking it on bitly and it Was showing that i had A thousand clicks but my hops on Clickbank weren’t reflecting that so i Asked chad and yeah so it showed she had A thousand clicks on her bitly link and Then The actual clickbank the hops said it Was like What 10 or so yeah it was like eight Yeah so we lost like a bunch of sales Already i don’t know what happened there So Probably wouldn’t recommend using bitly Especially on tick tock so anyways now We just switched the link so it should Be all working now so we should start to See commissions coming in over the next Couple days or so Once we get another viral video so any Other problems you’ve had with your Account or anything like that um well i Did post two videos that got community Violations so i had to appeal them and Both of them came back that they weren’t Going to allow my videos anymore yeah so Pretty common on tick tock they’re Pretty strict especially in niches like Weight loss or work from home make money Online stuff like that so i always Recommend if you do get community Violations just appeal them most of the Time they’ll actually make it so your Videos will come back up but you didn’t

Have any that came back up Um actually i had one that came back up Two that didn’t so i guess i had three Community violations all right guys so Now that we got the link in there it’s Ready to go it’s working we’re gonna go Ahead and actually some post some more Videos and kind of see what happens from Here if we start making some sales All right guys so we are back around a Week later it is i think day 19 now and We have some pretty cool updates for you Guys so this is her account she just hit 11k followers and as you can see one of Her videos went super viral it’s at About 500 000 followers now which is Helping out all her other videos she’s Getting more followers so she has more Momentum on account now like we said we Finally put the link in there so this is Her clickbank earnings so far so it Looks like she made her first commission Like literally a few days after we Actually got the link working and it Looks like we made 66 so we’re just Going to refresh the screen so you guys Can see And another 37 in today so it looks like Total so far we’re at 160. so i’d say The results are pretty good so far since You just put the link in around a week Ago we’re not spending any money to get This traffic or get these sales so 160 a Week not bad what are your thoughts so

Far are you happy with the results yeah I’m happy i was actually really shocked To see like how quickly i was able to Get sales so i’m excited to see where i Go from now cool so it’s day 19 right Now so if i do the math right we have 11 Days left So what is your goal how much money do You want to make by the time we hit These 30 days Um i’d say Like another 160 So double it let’s say 300 can we do 300 Total yeah all right let’s do it and Real quick guys i want to interrupt this Challenge with my free affiliate Marketing book that you can download Using the first link description below So as you know videos and challenges Like these are great to learn from you Can learn a lot but sometimes we can’t Put everything inside the video so if You want a full a to z guide on pretty Much everything you need to know to get Started with affiliate marketing Including successful examples funnel Examples niche ideas how i write my Emails everything you need to know get Started with affiliate marketing be sure To Like i said it’s download free you can Download it to your phone to your laptop And go back to it at any time anytime You’re feeling overwhelmed inside your

Affiliate marketing business so anyways That’ll be the first link description Below to download it with that being Said let’s get back to the challenge All right so let’s take a look and see Where i’m at on my clickbank right now I haven’t looked for today but we can go Ahead and get it pulled up oh sweet look I got a sale today awesome i did go two Days without a sale i took a little bit Of a vacation and a little break from Tick tock which i shouldn’t have Especially because i just got started And i Wanted to see how much i could make but Anyways i’m back to posting and i got a Sale today so that’s great on the week I’m at 7408 last week i did 137.65 The week before i did 66.06 so honestly I’m pretty proud and impressed with Myself just because i had no experience And i’ve never done this before so i’m Excited to see where it goes from here Officially day 30 of this affiliate Marketing challenge and we have some Updates for you guys so taylor what was Our goal for this challenge again could You remind us yes so my goal was to do 300 This month my first month and that’s Profit because we’re not spending any Money correct All right so this is her clickbank Account and as you can see

Uh we last update you on july 19th it Looks like there’s a couple more sales And then we had a few more the past Couple days so Let me just refresh the screen so you Guys can see this is real Okay so we just added it all up and as You can see um the total is around 367 Dollars in commissions so that’s how Much we’ve made total if we go to our Tick tock account as you can see she’s At almost 14 000 followers she’s still Posting Um pretty much what every other day yeah I’m trying to do every day but it’s Ending up being about every other day All right guys so i’d say this challenge Has been a success so far so taylor what Are your plans going forward do you want To scale this do you want to keep doing This what’s your plan going forward yeah I do want to scale it i wouldn’t mind um Doing my own funnel so i can start Collecting emails and start my own email List Yeah guys so you might be wondering like Why didn’t we build an email list during This challenge well the main reason is Number one we wanted to see if the Product actually converted well before We went and built a funnel and a whole Email sequence around it so it looks Like the product did convert pretty well For her account so that kind of gives us

Confirmation that we can go ahead and do Those longer term strategies and number Two she wanted to get the confidence of Actually seeing real commissions coming In before we go and work on those longer Term strategies so Next plan going forward is you’re going To Start building your email list Post more consistently because you did Take a trip to disneyland and didn’t Post for a week and then number three She also wants to introduce some kind of Higher ticket product because we are Promoting a lower ticket and it has some Upsells in the funnel but the main Product only like one sale only makes us Around 17 in commissions so i think a Higher ticket product would help her Scale their income a lot more so anyways Guys i hope you enjoyed this affiliate Marketing challenge let me know down Below in the comments if you want to see Taylor back on the channel again uh Maybe in a few months we could update You on her results how much money she’s Making everything like that so again if You want to see her back on just leave Us a comment below and also guys if you Haven’t already be sure to How i write my downl Everything a to z so again that’ll be The first link in the description below Or just go to this link right here you

Can download it for completely free so Anyways guys if you did enjoy this video All you ask drop a like and subscribe if You’re new let me know you want more Videos like this as always i hope you Guys have a great rest your day and i Will see you in my next video

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