2 INSANELY Easy Paid Traffic Methods For Affiliate Marketing! (CLICK & Profit)

I’m going to share how to get paid traffic for affiliate marketing!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

You can see right here in one of the Facebook messages I received recently From one of my viewers Garrett your Training literally changed my life my First 300 day going for 2K this week now I love helping people and sharing real Actionable information and what I’m Gonna do inside this video is reveal two Incredibly easy paid traffic methods for Affiliate marketing that will allow you To generate hundreds of clicks from real People from Top tier countries instantly To your affiliate link with no moving Pieces and with just a click of a button Now before I dive into that every video I give away the chance to win three Night stay in a luxurious hotel to one Lucky viewer now the winner randomly Chosen from the last video is Alan Jarvis okay so if you are Alan charvis Please email me at Garrett’s Vacationgiveaways gmail.com so I can Verify and I can give you your prize now In this video I’m going to be giving Away the chance again to win a Three-night stay in Las Vegas so to Qualify you just have to subscribe to my Channel like the video and then comment The word Freedom below I’m gonna be Announcing the random winner on my next Video so be sure you stay tuned okay so When it comes to paid traffic there’s Often a lot of moving pieces you have to Test different images test different

Copy it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot Of trial and error but the first traffic Method I want to share with you is Called traffic Authority now all the Links are going to be directly below in The description that are mentioned in This video now the reason I love traffic Authority is not only is it incredibly High quality traffic but when you go to The traffic store right here you can Just choose a package of clicks and it Will deliver over a period of two to Four weeks so this traffic on traffic Authority that I personally use myself And I’m going to share with you in a Second an active order that I’ve Actually made and invested so you can See what it looks like when you go ahead And buy a package of traffic but Essentially what this is is great for is If you are in the home business or make Money online Niche which I know a lot of My audience is if you’re promoting a Product in that Niche this site is Perfect for you now the way it works is Basically they have all these different Packages of clicks from basic okay which You can see is 170 to 190 clicks and the Price is 220 dollars all the way up to The Diamond package which you get you Know 8 100 clicks which is eight Thousand three hundred ninety seven Dollars so if we do the math right here You can see that if I take two hundred

And twenty dollars for this basic Package divided by let’s say 180 clicks That’s about a dollar and 22 cents per Click now to some people that may seem Expensive right that may seem like a lot Of money per click this is not per lead This is per click but I want you to Understand that it’s less about the Price and more about the quality see if You could pay a little bit more money But you make a lot more affiliate Commissions then obviously you would Want to do that and all of this traffic Is top tier meaning it’s from countries Like United States Canada Australia Countries where people have a lot more Money to invest and these clicks are From real people that are interested in Either starting an online business or Making money online so even though it’s A little bit more expensive the quality Is a lot higher okay now if you were to Go ahead and do this the gold package is One of the most common and all you have To do is Click there and then you just Go to other website and you just put in Your affiliate link now with this type Of traffic often you want to follow up Okay you want to follow up through Emails a lot of people they don’t know How to write follow-up emails or they Don’t even have a capture page I want to Share with you a link directly below That first link is going to take you to

A page that looks something like this Now there’s going to be a button if you Click the button you’ll be able to Actually put in your best email that’s Going to send you information on how to Set up the system that I’m personally Using that’s been allowing me to Generate two thousand dollar instant Commissions now what happens is after After you put your email in there’s Going to be a webinar you can watch but Essentially all you have to do is set up These different income streams here okay There’s four main income streams and you Can watch this video here to learn how To do that and then you just take your Affiliate link here and that’s what you Can promote so if I go here you can see It it gives you a capture page okay so You can see it’s the same page here and It actually collects your leads email And it will follow up for you so if we Actually go back to traffic Authority Here we put in that link one thing also You want to do is replace this right Here you can do traffic Authority so When you start making sales you’ll know That you made a sale through traffic Authority and you can scale up you can Buy more traffic okay and all you have To do in traffic Authority you go down Here you add a new card debit or credit You put in the code you agree to the Terms and then you place order now once

You do that within a day or so it’s Going to start running and you can just Go to active orders and you can see that The status so I did 220 I’ve used 109 I Still have 100 and ten dollars remaining And I’ve gotten 84 clicks now the cool Thing about traffic Authority also is You can manage it and you can actually Edit your link at any time unlike others And you can see I’m sending it directly To my affiliate link I’m not teaching You to do something I’m not personally Doing and all you have to do is do that Okay put your affiliate link or if you Wanted to change it and then update Order and it will automatically update Okay so traffic Authority is the first Place to get paid traffic very effective No moving pieces the next place is Really powerful I use this as well it’s Called udemy.com again the links Directly below what udemy does is it Actually allows you to buy solo ads now Solo ads are basically where these People here have email lists okay they Have lists of email addresses in the Make money online in the home business Niche as well okay so if you’re in that Niche this is going to be great for you And what these people do is you can Actually purchase the ability for them To send out an email to their email list Promoting whatever affiliate link you Want so the first thing you want to do

Though though is there’s a lot of people On udemy okay there’s tons and tons of People you can buy from what I want to Do inside this video is share with you How to actually find the right people to Buy from and then how to actually Purchase a solo ad from these people Okay so what you want to do is you want To actually look right here this is the Filter you can put this is typically the One that I use so for Price Max you can See it’s a lot cheaper on traffic Authority but again it may not be as High quality so don’t always use this as A gauge but I typically do 75 cents a Click got sales okay so this is how many People reported they’ve gotten sales From buying solo ads from these people So 30 is pretty good I do 30 or higher Repeat orders I don’t really touch that Ratings I typically do 400 plus okay so That’s how many people you can see this Was you know 1210 this is over two Thousand so how many positive ratings Did they get and then you can also sort By sales so you can see that these People okay where it says promoted you Know those people that are actually Getting promoted so I kind of look past That now you can see right here that These people okay qualify for our filter But there’s still one other thing I do So let’s say Thomas right here what I Would do is I would open up his profile

In a new tab and then what I would do is And you can see I’ve actually purchased From him before okay again I’m Practicing what I’m preaching I actually Purchased solo ads what you typically Want to do is you want to look at the Dates okay so the timer recording this Video it is October 12th so what you Want to do is within the last 30 to 60 Days you want to make sure that at least Three people have reported they’ve Gotten sales from this person okay Because sometimes they’re outdated Sometimes they’re they’re not great Delivery okay so you want to make sure They’re up to date and they’re actually Making sales within the last 30 to 60 Days so you can go through okay so this Person said got sales but typically I Like to see them say that they got sales Because you could just click a button so Let’s say if they okay so sales that’s One person okay let’s see if we see Three people okay that’s one okay that’s The same person but that’s two different Times okay so that’s two go down go down You can see it’s September member okay So it’s still not 30 days okay sales the Same person I typically like to see okay I got a sale and let’s look for one more Just to make sure it’s three different People and we can go through and again This is part of the process no sales you Just want to make sure that you know

Different people are getting sales I got Three signups I got sales okay right There so I August 26 okay so if it was August 10th then that would actually be 60 days so because three people three Different people got sales within the Last 60 days I would actually consider Buying from this person what you can do Is go here and this is where you choose How many clicks you want to buy from This person on udemy now what I highly Recommend is you don’t just even if you Have the money you don’t buy right away Like a thousand clicks because you don’t Know if this person will convert with The offer you’re promoting what I can do Is I can go to you know anywhere from Like 200 to 300 clicks to test and you Can actually if you have an ad you can Do ad text you can put in the subject Line here I could put in the actual ad Right there but to make it even easier You could literally just just do only Link and they will actually put in the Text for you so again we want to put in The link so if you’re promoting this System here like I am you can just copy Your affiliate link go back here paste It in okay and then replace me you want To replace with the person okay so this Is Thomas so I could do Thomas S A for Thomas solo ad and then again you can See the price okay 207 dollars because It’s 68 cents per click for this person

For 300 clicks and then I would just Check out and you can pay with PayPal or A debit or a credit card and that’s Really it my friend so I really hope you Enjoyed learning these two incredibly Simple and easy paid traffic methods These are two that I personally use Myself if you’re in the make money Online the home business Niche these are Incredibly powerful because you don’t Have to do a lot of testing you don’t Have to do any like image creation or Video creation you just click a button And send traffic so all the links are Going to be directly below again be sure You enter into that contest I’m going to Be announcing the winner on my next Video and I really hope you enjoyed it Thanks so much for watching and and I’ll See you on my next training [Music]

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