#1 Asset Everyone Can Afford – Robert Kiyosaki, @Silver Slayer

Today, silver is hovering around $19 per ounce. Silver—unlike real estate, which can require a lot of money, some finance skills, lots of due diligence, and property management skills to do it well— is affordable to the masses, and management skills are minimal. Just buy some silver, put it in a safety deposit box at a bank, and your management nightmares are over. Today’s guest details how silver is the perfect investment. 

Silver Slayer, a silver enthusiast, and YouTuber says, “Silver is used for everything.” The reason this is a good fundamental reason to get into the metal today is that silver stockpiles are dwindling, so its price is driven by supply and demand.

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Silver Slayer, discuss the importance of owning silver, and how it’s the number one asset everyone can afford.


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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is ”The
Rich Dad Radio Show”, The good news and bad news about money. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. – Hello, hello, hello. Robert Kiyosaki, ”The
Rich Dad Radio Show”, The good news and bad news about money. And today we have both
good news and bad news. And the bad news is the
world economy is collapsing. But the good news is the
number one investment That everybody in the world can afford Is silver. Everybody. And that’s the good news. But will most people buy it? No. They’ll save money instead, And they’ll save money
in spite of the fact That they’re printing trillions of it. So our guest today is Silver Slayer, And he comes from the great state of Ohio, And I want, he’s a silver enthusiast, So we’re gonna interview him As to why he thinks silver, I mean, that’s pretty
narrow bandwidth there. Silver, you know, most
people are in this stocks, Bonds, real deal and stuff. But why silver? So anyway, welcome to the program, Mr. Silver Slayer. Slayer. – Nice to have you. Thank you so much. I appreciate this opportunity. So. – Well, thank you. And the thing, What I thought was funny
after I invited you on, You did a spectacular,

I don’t really call a podcast, But, you called me a celebrity And I started cracking up. Because.
– You are. – Well, I don’t think I am, am I? Do I think I’m a celebrity? – [Sara] No.
(Silver Slayer laughs) – [Sara] You text me and
you said, am I a celebrity? (Robert laughs) – I mean, you are in
the investing world, so. – Well in the silver world especially. – Yeah. – So anyway, let me ask you this. A young guy like you, how did
you get turned on to silver? – I don’t, it clicked from the beginning. I, kind of, started researching Various different things, you know, Even going as far as real estate, But something about silver clicked. It started with gold, I think with most
people, gold’s the mascot And then they hear about
this more affordable, More opportunistic
investment, which is silver. And it clicked right away. I found this silver stacking
community on YouTube And, kind of, Just went down that rabbit hole. And it’s probably been about 2014 When I really started stacking. So. – And the reason I say it
is the number one, I mean, Let’s say I can buy
today even a silver eagle Or a silver buffalo or silver bar. And I’m paying about 20 to 25 bucks. Now everybody in the world
can afford 20 to 25 bucks.

But very few people know about it. And so that’s why I think this is a very
important Rich Dad Radio Show Because it’s about the
number one investment. Everybody in the world can afford As the whole world economy
collapses on top of you. So.
– Yeah. – Let me explain, ask this. So what do you like about silver? Cause I know why I like
it. I’ll go into that. – There’s a million things. I mean, I call it the perfect investment. Even back in like biblical times. They thought silver was magical. Silver can purify water. You put silver and milk,
keeps the milk fresh longer. You know, it responds to other
metals like nothing else. You know, it’s the most
highly conductive metal, For thermal conductivity, electricity, Even light sensitivity. It’s scarce, but it’s more, for me lately, The industrial sector, Not only the monetary, like
a lot of people focus on, But the industrial sector,
– Right. – We need so much silver heading forwards. The Green New Deal just started. We exceeded 1.112 billion
ounces this year alone. How many billions of
ounces by the year 2030? But we could barely keep up
with that demand already. I mean, solar panels, Increasing electric
vehicles by the year 2030, Every automobile company. How, where’s that silver gonna come from? We don’t have enough.

And I think for me, my stance is, I think that’s really what’s
gonna take the price forwards, Is the lack of silver. But also including that with
the monetary side of things. I mean, nothing else makes much sense. – But you are enthusiastic, Mr. Slayer. (both laughing) – I’m past, I mean, yeah, I try, I tried to reach the person That’s never even
invested a single dollar. You know, that’s my goal. – And I enthusiastically
support what you do. At Rich Dad, We have the
definition of intelligences. If you agree with me, you’re intelligent. So you’re a very intelligent young man. – [Silver] Thank you.
– FYI. If I could correct something. I thank you for calling me a celebrity, But you can ask Sara, That’s not why I do it. I think I do it for the same
reason you do what we do. We have to educate people. – Yeah.
– Do you know what I mean? – Yeah. And I really like that as well. You know, I say celebrity because You really are in the investing world, I can’t imagine how many people you got Into the world of silver. I mean, I get emails
all the time, you know, I started stacking
silver ’cause, you know, I have a very small channel, you know, Compared to your platform,

I’m sure you’ve saved
so many people’s lives. (laughing) I mean it’s true though. You know, we’re talking about Financial security and putting our money Into something that holds its value. You know, it’s pretty important. So. – Well really, we are saving them From financial stupidity.
– Yeah. – That’s the reason you buy
silver, you know what I mean? So let me get a little bit of
my background really quick, ’cause you said I’m kind of new to this. I’m not new to this. I became a silver bug in 1964. – Oh wow. Right. Wow. Right. (laughs) – Yeah. So you’re saying
– That’s funny. That’s, – And there is, I was
17 years old in 1964, I was holding up a dime, you know, And then the dime had copper on it. I’m like, shit’s going on here. And then, I didn’t know this at the time ’cause I’m only 17 years old,
you know, I’m a surfer kid. Flunking outta high school and all this. I’m looking at this dime going, Then I saw the quarter
had copper around it And then back then we had half dollars. And I saw this copper around it. I’m going, something’s on here. But for the, It took me years to find out later on That I was looking at Gresham’s law. And Gresham’s laws states, When bad money enters the system,

Good money goes into hiding. So at 17 years old, I used to caddie, you know, I go and take golf club, you know, Carry golf clubs around. And I’d go to my bank And I would buy silver, dimes
and quarters, not nickels. And then I’d look for all
the ones with a copper on ’em And I’d throw it back in the bag And take it back to the bank. But I kept all the silver coins. Again, that’s Gresham’s law. And the reason I like what
you’re saying, Mr. Silver Slayer, Is that Gresham’s law is
in full force right now. Bad money is pumping into this system And all these idiots, you know, It’s called financial stupidity. They’re saving dollars.
You gotta be kidding me. And they’re printing, They’re printing so much money. And the beauty of silver,
let me say it again. Everybody in the world can afford 20 bucks Or you can afford a dime. You know what I mean? You can go to a coin store.
– Yeah. – I’d like a 1963 dime. You might pay a buck for it. But that’s how stupid people are. They don’t realize that Silver has not only been
an industrial metal, But it’s also a monetary metal. It’s been used as, you know, Payments for years and years and years. So I was 17 years old going to that.

And it took me to 1972 When after Nixon took the
dollar off the gold standard. And now what’s going on there? If you read my books, I’m
talk, I talk about flying. I was a marine pilot in Vietnam. I flew behind enemy lines ’cause the NVA, North Vietnamese Army, overran The position of the gold mine. But I was such a gold bug. I flew behind enemy lines And tried to negotiate
gold at a better price. And back then gold was just, It went from 35 to 50, And I write about it, I’m standing in front
of this little woman, Vietnamese woman with red teeth ’cause they chewed betel nuts.
(Silver laughs) And my co-pilot and I, And we’re both college graduates, And I said, I will, I’ll take gold at a discount. She looked, she just looked at me, I said, you know, of course 35 to 50, I thought maybe she’d
sell it to me for 40. And with a little red tea,
– Wow. – With a little red tea,
she goes, ”Spot, spot.” (laughing) – That’s great. – Do I have a spot on my shirt or what? (laughing) So here’s this woman. I doubt she went to Harvard, And I don’t think she’s economics degree, But she was schooling to Americans

Who had no idea what spot meant. So what does spot mean to you, Mr. Slayer? – Spot price. – What does that mean to you? – Spot price is what
the price of silver is, Actually, spot price is irrelevant. If you wanna get real deep, I mean spot price is relevant, But that’s what the
set price of silver is. Any, you know, At any point throughout the day. But premiums nowadays, kind of, Erase what spot price is.
– I understand. – Yeah. – You getting too deep on this thing. – Yeah. (laughs) ’Cause, cause, look, I’m a US Marine. Marines aren’t the brightest
matches in the box. I just keep it simple. Spot is the price of that
product all over the world. So that’s why I’ve always
recommended gold and silver Because it’s universal. It’s global money. Also gold and gold and
silver are God’s money. It wasn’t printed by
the Federal Reserve Bank Or the Bank of England
or the Bank of Tokyo. Gold and silver were put here by God, I’m not really religious. But they’re on the periodic
table of elements, you know? I forget what’s, gold’s something And silver’s 74 or something like that. So that’s why I recommend gold and silver. But it took me to 1972 To stand in front of this
little Vietnamese woman,

In front of her gold. That wasn’t a gold mine, but she was, She was the vendor for the mine. And she goes, ”Spot.” And I was doing my best to
negotiate the thing down Because if she’s behind an enemy lines, I should get a discount.
(Silver laughs) – And she could give a shit. (laughs) And that’s when I became a
gold bug and a silver bug. Anyway, that’s kind of my story. So I’m not an FNG, you know, A fuckin’ new guy to this whole thing. I’m hardcore and I, you know, I’m almost on layer capital, Saying I recommend silver
and things like that. And I think it’s the
biggest, biggest bargain. Again, this is October 2022,
its still about 20 bucks. IRS is buying silver at 50 bucks. Everything else has gone
up. Even gold’s gone up. But silver stays depressed. And if you don’t take advantage
of this, they’re idiots. Won’t you say? – Yeah, I mean, It’s honestly insane, you know, like, If we could fast forward in the future, Or even back in time and say, This is what’s going on in the
economy right now, you know, Yada yada yada, the dollar, What do you think silver’s price is? And I’m sure everyone would
say it’s probably 100, 200, $300, but it’s not, you know. On paper it should be. But then you could go into, you know, Manipulation or whatever’s going on.

But in my opinion, You can’t throw dollars to, Or no matter how many
dollars you throw at silver Or throw against silver, Is gonna be able to stop
the inevitable. You know? – And there’s one more
big thing about silver, It’s consumed. – [Silver] Yeah, yeah, that’s, yeah. – Gold is not consumed. It’s stored. They stack, so they stack
gold, they burn silver. – [Silver] Yeah. – Am I correct on that? – Yeah. Gold is a monetary,
it’s used for jewelry, coins, Bars, a little bit in electronic. I used to scrap gold outta cell phones. But silver is mainly used
in the industrial world. It’s used for everything. You know, solar panels, electric vehicles, 5G towers, silver-lithium
ion batteries, everything. There’s even colloidal
silver in the medical world. And I can’t imagine, you know, I always say Elon Musk is like the mascot. Imagine a day where Elon
Musk comes out and says, Says, you know, ”We have to cut down the
amount of Tesla production Because we don’t have enough silver.” Or the Green New Deal has to, you know, Get prolonged or something ’cause we don’t have enough silver. And that would be the reality. And that that silver is literally What’s going to save the planet. I mean, we’re talking about global warming And climate change, but how are we,

Where are we gonna find the silver To make these solar panels at this rate? You know, it’s not realistic. And that’s the craziest
part about this, you know? – Yeah. So we’re gonna go to a break, But I think I wanna thank you one ’cause you were talking about, You’re recording my, I think my tweet or something, Where there’s micro and
macro economics, all this. So macro, silver’s being depleted, Is used for the Green New Deal. The question is, can you get any of it? And that’s what go into right now. Because as you, as I tweeted, As I, you recorded me,
as I called my gold, My gold and silver guy, Who I’ve been dealing
with him for 25 years. He says I can’t get silver. When we come back, We’ll be talking about what’s
going on in the silver market And why, in my opinion
and Slayer’s opinion, That silver is the best investment. October 10, 2022. As a world economy collapses, And you don’t buy silver
around $20 an ounce. You’re the biggest loser of
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Don’t wait. Access is limited. Go to richdadfree.com. That’s richdadfree.com. (upbeat music) – Welcome back. Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad Radio Show. The good news and bad news about money. The bad news, the world
economy is collapsing. The good news is the best investment Is cheaper than ever before. And the good news is, Everybody in the world can
afford to buy some silver. And as I said in ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Came out 25 years ago, Savers are losers. And these idiots are still saving money. And the Fed is printing it like crazy. The English pound almost went down. The Japanese yen is about to take a dive. China is in serious trouble ’cause they have the biggest
real estate bubble in the world And people has, (laughs) And the Fed has been printing
trillions of dollars, And people are still saving money. You’ve got to be crazy. So you can listen to Rich
Dad Radio Program anytime, Anywhere on iTunes, Android, or YouTube. And the reason we do that is, You can listen to this
again and again and again, But most important, if you
go to richdadradio.com, You can listen to this podcast again. And the most important thing about, The reason we replay it, Is get together with your
friends who need salvation,

And find out that they too can
afford to buy in October ’22. Because things are gonna change
really quickly from here. October ’22, the biggest
investment bargain in the world Is silver. You can buy silver, about
20 bucks US. 20 bucks. Everybody in the world
can afford 20 bucks. Even a beggar on the street Makes more money than 20 bucks
a day. You know what I mean? But they’d rather save the
dollar. I mean it is ridiculous. So our guest today is
Silver Slayer, his used, His YouTube channel is
Silver Slayer Official. And I’m honored to have you on the program And you called me a celebrity. But you and I on the same bolt of cloth, We do what we do Because we need to educate people. – [Silver] Yeah. – Because they need, they need salvation. You know? (laughs) So I, yeah. So let me ask this question. Give me two other reasons Why people should buy silver Other than the fact that
it’s cheap. (laughs) – I think that The two most important reasons are, It’s like putting your
money in a time capsule. I’m just gonna give one
short kind of explanation Of how this could apply And how did it apply in real life? A walking liberty half
dollar back in the day Could get you a gallon
of gas, 50 cents, right? Gallon of gas. – A half dollar, 50 cents.
– Yeah.

That same exact coin can get
you a gallon of gas today. Not the 50 cents face value, But I could take that walking liberty, Walk down to my local coin shop, Sell for $10, and give myself
a couple gallons of gas. The same coin can get me back in the day What it can today. Nothing else can do that.
– That’s great. That’s a great metaphor. Great analogy. – Yeah. – That’s a reason. – I would say the other reason is, Probably it’s just, it’s money. I mean, the dollar’s lost 98% Of its original purchasing power. If you keep $50,000 in your bank account Compared to $50,000 in silver, I mean, what would happen? You know, the, It’s something that I think A lot of people are under, I guess, underestimating, like, When you were saying that
in the beginning, you know, You could buy a silver right now for $28. I pictured some people
like five years from now Watching this and saying, ”Man, I wish I listened
to him.” Right? You know? You know, it’s something that I feel, like, too many people are gonna be Looking back on wishing
that they did listen. – Well there’s another reason,
like, you know, when I, I owned silver mines,
I started a gold mine, I mean, a silver mine in Argentina And a gold mine in China.

And I owned the richest gold
mine in the world, in Utah. – [Silver] Wow. – So I’m a gold and silver fanatic. I am nuts on this whole thing. But, you know, When the biggest advantage is like, When I buy silver coins, like the Eagles, But not necessary recommend the Eagles, So you can’t get ’em
today, gold or silver. But that stuff will last. I mean, if I bought a say a box of 500, I call ’em green boxes or yellow boxes, Depending what they are. So 500 silver eagles, you know, I can give ’em as Christmas
presents every year Or birthday presents and
all that. And guess what? If your kid or relative hangs on that, It’ll last as long as they live. It’ll always be valuable. You give ’em five bucks, it’s toast. Does that make, you know what I mean? It’s the intrinsic long lasting value Of what you can do today. This is October, 2022. ’cause my prediction is, and we’ll get to What your prediction will be, 2022, silver is the biggest
bargain in the world. And every loser on planet
Earth can afford 20 bucks. But they would’ve know
even where to find it. Which is why our friend
Andy Schectman is a good guy Because you can still get
gold and silver from him. I couldn’t get it from my dealer, But Andy Schectman can get.
– Yeah. – Yeah, he’s one of the
few authorized dealers.

Yeah, he’s a good friend. He, kind of, took me
under his wing recently. Brought a lot of opportunities to me, So I’m grateful for him. – Good. – But yeah, I mean, I look at like eagles
coins, like that, as, It’s, kind of, risky in terms of premiums Because, I’ll be,
– What’s a premium? What’s a premium versus spot? – Spot price is what
you could get silver at. Well, what the price is. Premium is however many dollars on top That you have to pay. So let’s say spot price is $20, But you have to pay $24.50 for that coin. That’s a $4.50 premium. – That’s primarily on Eagles. So I don’t buy Eagles – Yeah, eagles are,
– I don’t buy eagles anymore. – Yeah, eagles have it.
– I buy, I buy buffaloes ’cause it was less, And bars, even less. – Yeah, I saw your tweet. I actually made a video yesterday about. (Robert laughs) Yeah I cover, I mean, I love covering your stuff And people, you know, that,
that are bigger names. There’s a lot of billionaires
actually recently, That have been coming out as well. I’m sure you heard about
that lady from Texas, That billionaire that bought $50 million of silver from Andy.

It’s Warren Buffet, Jim Rogers, you know, big names Are stepping up and I think that’s gonna Give a lot more notoriety
to silver as well. – Yeah. – So I’ll, (indistinct)
make plug myself right now. I was 17 years old in 1964
and I realized silver was it. – [Silver] Yeah. – Gresham’s law. Gresham’s law is when bad
money enters a system, Good money goes into hiding. And the Federal Reserve
Bank cannot print much more. I don’t know if they can print much more. They’re gonna try to. But everybody who, Saving dollars is gonna be
the biggest loser of all. So that’s why you and
I speak about silver, I’ll say it again, everybody in the world Can afford a $20 silver coin, Without the premium.
– Yeah. – So my question for you is this, What is, everybody wants to know, Well, how much is it going to go to? But before I ask you that question, Why is the price of silver suppressed? – Well silver’s a direct
threat to the US dollar. I mean it’s, Directly or negatively correlated, Direct negatively, you know, When the dollar index is high, Silver’s low. What were you gonna say? – Can I add something?
with, when I, I’m so old, I used to pick up a dollar, US dollar, a paper dollar.

It had a silver certificate on it. You could redeem it for silver. Today it says federal reserve note. – [Silver] Yeah. – You know, but we say
in the Marine Corps, Stand over and pick up the, Bend over and pick up
the soap in the shower. You know what I mean? It’s, You’re getting screwed. The Federal Reserve is screwing you, But you’re still trying to save That Federal Reserve note. But they already told you And they broadcast it, It’s no longer a silver certificate. – Yeah.
– Right? Anything else?
– And, oh, sorry, To answer your question a little further. When you have your money, Actual dollars, even stocks, You are in, You are, Basically, you know, A slave to the system, you know? They have power, control over you. When you’re in debt, When you’re in debt, you’re
a slave to the system. – Right. – Anything pegged to the dollar, When it collapses, you’re
going down with it. It’s like switching seats on the Titanic. As soon as you put, As soon as you put that
dollar into silver, You’ve taken the power away from them

And put it into your own hands. They don’t want that. Even cryptocurrency, It’s decentralized Bitcoin. As soon as you buy crypto, You took the power away from them, And you are in complete
control of your wealth. They don’t want that. – Right.
– So. – So I’ma ask you this question. What happened with JP Morgan? They got fined for manipulation. Do you know much about that?
– They, Yes. I know a lot about, I’ve been covering JP Morgan Doing this for a long time. It’s called spoofing. It’s when they will place Fake buy or sell orders on these exchanges And cancel the order
before it goes through With the intent to cancel it. See the problem is, You’re allowed to cancel orders. So how can you catch someone
when they’re doing it, You know, premeditated? So, what it does is, It tricks everyone else on the market To see the volume and thinking That the market’s gonna do
something else than it really is. So then it influences those other people To place more buy or sell orders And they’re basically, you
know, manipulating other people. – Right.
– Yeah. – Let me ask you this. You know, I,

I don’t have a gold of silver ETFs ’cause I don’t trust
anything that’s paper. I just don’t trust it. So why wouldn’t you trust
a silver SLV, a silver ETF? – My favorite, My favorite saying is, If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it. (both laughing) That’s,
– I’m gonna, I’m gonna quote you from that one out. – Yeah. It’s the truth though. You know, and actually,
on the COMEX, you know, The ounce of silver you hold in your hand, Theoretically 250 other
people own the same ounce, Online, digitally. But you’re the only one
that owns it. Right? That’s, you know, That’s another really
important thing to note of is, You know, if it’s on, if it’s, It’s good as stocks, If it’s, you know, Still with this, on, You know, a screen just digit. – Yeah. My saying is that, ”They
print it, I don’t want it.” It’s really is really quite simple. So let me ask this other question. Is it possible That the SLV, which is
the gold, the silver ETF, And GLD, which is the gold ETF, Are you saying That there are more ETFs, There’s more paper gold and silver Than real gold and silver? – Yes. Yes. Tenfold.

And I think one day the
COMEX will collapse. Some people say it will a lot sooner, But I think that eventually the, The facade will, Will come crashing down. I mean the LBMA and COMEX
vaults are near empty now And I don’t see how they can
keep this up for much longer. And when this does happen, I think that will even Expose silver’s true value, you know? I mean a lot of people
say that silver’s price Could skyrocket from this,
this or this or this. It’s not a matter of which one,
you know, sparks the flame. It’s just, it’s all going to, I mean, nothing else. I could give you 10 reasons
why silver’s gonna explode In the next 10 years. I can give you 10 reasons
why stocks will crash In the next 10 years. You know, so. – And so my prediction is, And predictions are only as just, They’re just predictions
that don’t mean anything. So don’t believe it word I say. But I think silver is gonna to go To 100 to 500 by 2025. That’s my guess. And it’s wishful thinking and all this. But I also do it the same reason why They pump silver and all that, They dump silver and all this stuff, Is to get the call forward guidance. You know, so you could get excited Or they dump it.

So what is, do you have a prediction? Let’s say we’re 2025, which
is three years from now. – It’s funny ’cause when I
talk about triple digit silver, That’s the exact year I say. I say 2025
– Really? You must be intelligent.
– to 2026. (Robert laughs) Yeah. And I, I say that, Because I feel like by then, We’ll be deep enough
into the Green New Deal. By then we’ll be deep enough To where big industry will realize They don’t have enough. Right now, you and I know this, you know? The listeners know this,
but I feel like by then, What will, How many billions of ounces
will we need by then? You know? – So wait, wait, wait. So what you’re saying is
the industrial use alone Will drive up the price. And what I’m saying is the
corruption price alone, – Yes. Will drive the, you know, The fake gold, fake silver Is gonna drive the price up.
– Yes That’s the,
– One is the real reason, And one is a corrupt reason. – Yes. That’s insane to think about. We could go on just off yours alone And it would be a strong
reason to buy silver. But to also add that factor in, What I was talking about. It’s almost overwhelming.

You know, if someone else came, Let’s say someone saw this interview, For the first time that
never heard about silver, And they heard this. If it didn’t click for them, I don’t know what will, you know, Or someone that’s investing in the stocks That hears about this, If they try to disregard it, That means it’s ego driven. You know, they have a biased opinion. They don’t wanna admit That maybe something else is better Or they’re just silly because it, Nothing makes as much sense. – So, Mr. Slayer, I thank
you for your contribution For the younger generation. Like I said, I was 17 years old in 1964. And I knew we were being screwed. Something told me. But that’s been going on for centuries. You know, the Romans used to trip, Clip the silver off of coins
to pay the Roman soldiers. I mean, they were screwing, you know, Their own soldiers. But that’s what the Fed and
the treasurers are doing, The Wall Street’s doing right now. So I appreciate your contribution. Key up the good work. And then, how do people get in
touch with you and all this? – My YouTube channel is Silver Slayer. If you just Google it, I think that’s the best way right now. I’m just trying to push that.

You could also email me, But, you know, I make daily silver
stacking videos on YouTube. A lot of different types of stuff. So I think that you guys would enjoy it If you liked what you
hear on this podcast. – All right. So thank you for your
contribution, Mr. Slayer. And we come back, We’ll go on the final
words on why I think silver Is the best investment of the
world today, October 22nd. We’ll be right back. Thank you, Slayer. (upbeat music) Welcome back. Robert Kiyosaki.
The Rich Dad Radio Show. The good news and bad news about money. Again, the bad news, the
world economy is collapsing. The good news is, The best investment in
the world is silver. It is October, 2022. It’ll probably change pretty quickly. That’s why the date October, 2022. Very important date here. And the best investment
in the world is silver. Today is about $20 an
ounce, approximately, Plus premiums and all the others do. But I was buying silver 20 years ago, 30 years ago at $50 an
ounce. Think about that. It is still half off and exactly is, And Silver Slayer talks about, There is, the demand’s
gonna keep going up. Demand’s gonna keep going up And everybody can afford 20 bucks. So pull your head out of you know what.

And find, you know,
talk to Andy Schechtman. What, what is his, what is his company? – [Sara] Miles Franklin. – Miles Franklin. ’Cause he can get silver. I can’t get silver from
some of my dealers. That’s how bad it is. I can’t get gold either, Because people know
the US dollar is trash. So all, all fiat, Fiat stands for government. I call it fake money. People are waking up to the
idea that money is fake. The US dollar is fake. And that started in 1971 When the Nixon took the
dollar off the gold standard. But as I said, his taxes started in 1964, When I was 17 years old. And I saw a silver coin was copper, When somebody’s screwing me. So with that said, that’s
why I wanna thank Slayer. I love his intelligence. He understands his stuff. He’s well pleased, tuned into
his sights, Silver Slayer. And stay tuned with what he has to say ’cause this market’s
gonna be volatile as hell. Don’t miss it. Any comments there, Sara? – [Sara] Yeah, I really
appreciated his, kind of, – Wisdom. – [Sara] Wisdom at such a young guy And he is so passionate About spreading the, – Word. Yeah.
– [Sara] the word

The word and getting, you
know, everybody educated. He talks about silver stacking And I, (Sara laughs) So that’s what we, My brother and sister-in-law Have said for my nieces, No more Christmas gifts. I don’t want toys,
clothes, shoes for them. They’re 10 and 11. Only buy them silver. – Right. – [Sara] And I just love that, like, Foresight for them because I’m thinking, When they’re 21, you know, Where could this be for them or, you know? – And they could pass it on to their kids. – [Sara] Absolutely. So tons of opportunity And I love that you stress That this is the number one Affordable investment for everyone. Who knows where it’ll be in a year. But you’re right. I think that’s, The key is, you know, Kim and you, Always talk about getting your feet wet, Just getting a little
bit of skin in the game And this is your perfect opportunity. – Right And I’ll say it again. Back in the 80’s, I forget when. I was buying silver at 50 And I thought I was
Donald Trump, you know, The thing, the damn thing crashed.

So I bought more And today I have tons of the stuff. I own silver mine, own gold mines. I own tons. Of course not, course
they’re in storage vaults All over the world Because I don’t trust, you know, I don’t trust the US government period. Anything the government
can print, I don’t want. It’s that simple. – [Sara] Is there something, you know, ’cause we’re talking about
buffaloes and eagles. Can you talk about new numismatic coins And why you generally
stay away from those? – Yeah. Numismatic is like
antique coins,, you know, And you have to be an expert at. But a lot of times, You’ll go into a silver dealer Or a gold dealer, you know? I go to Jerry Williams here,
American Precious Metals. And he doesn’t, he, you know, He has them, but he won’t sell ’em to me Because I know better.
– [Sara] Yeah. – You know, that’s like saying, Well this 1956 Ford is worth this. Well, I don’t know
anything about ’56 Fords. You know, it might be, it might not be. But I just want liquidity. – [Sara] That’s great. – You know, I don’t wanna know About the potential value of it And of all these other reasons. And anybody tries to
sell you a numismatic, I wouldn’t say run,

But you better get educated
before you buy something. – [Sara] Yeah. And that’s
a lot like, you know, Jim Rickards talks about fine art. – Yeah. – [Sara] And that’s
kind of the same realm. You have to, for it to be liquid, You have to have an expert Who’s willing to buy it
for, you know, whatever. But so that’s a good point. So thank you for answering that Because I’ve always wondered. – Yeah. It’s not bad, But you’ve gotta be really, really smart. I’m not a car, I mean, I love cars, But I don’t know much about cars. So like, you know, There’s a movie called ”The
Bullitt”, Steve McQueen. They drove a ’68 Mustang. I’ve always wanted one,
but I’ll never buy one. Number one, cause I can’t fix ’em. And number two, I wouldn’t
know if it was good or bad. But I’d rather buy a brand new Mustang, Go to the dealers and say
fix it if it’s broken. You know what I mean?
(Sara laughs) And the biggest thing
about gold and silver, It’s world money. It’s global money. I can carry it anywhere in the world And there’s a market for it. It’s liquid. I can get in and out of it in a day. The trouble with real estate, And I love real estate, as you know, Real estate is available
for a different reason. It’s debt and taxes. I buy a lot of real estate
on debt and I pay no taxes.

But I save my money. I don’t save dollars, I save gold and silver.
Now if I need the money, I can go to Jerry, Jerry Williams, American Precious Metals, And I can, you know, liquid. – [Sara] Yeah. – I’ll be liquid that day.
– Right. – He gives me cash for it.
– Right. – So that’s for liquidity where
real estate is not liquid. And so those are some of
the fine thing, differences. But I liked what Stacker
or Slayer was saying, The demand for silver
with a Green New Deal And all this stuff is only gonna go up And they can’t produce it fast enough. – [Sara] Yep. Yep. – And so it’s 20 bucks,
2022, October, 2022, As the world economy, you know, the, The pound, the English pound collapsed, The Chinese, the Japanese
yen is gonna collapse. The Chinese yuan is in trouble, It’s probably going to go to
a crypto gold-backed yuan. But all the Americans
who are saving dollars Are living in la la land. So please listen to what
Slayer is talking about And buy some. Final words is. – [Sara] Final words is, It was just great to hear
a different perspective And have a young voice on Who’s really advocating,
you know, for education. – Yeah. Yeah.
– [Sara] In these assets. So, ’cause you don’t
really hear gold and silver Coming out of mouths of young people. – No, no.
– [Sara] You know, It’s all about Bitcoin so,

So it was just really refreshing. – Right. The other thing too Is about, don’t buy paper
gold and silver. ETFs. – [Sara] Right. – Because there might not
be any gold or silver there. It’s one of the biggest
con jobs I’ve ever seen. All right. So I wanna thank Mr. Slayer And thank you all for listening To The Rich Dad Radio Show. (upbeat music)

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