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Foreign this is the Rich Dad radio show The good news and bad news about money Here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show The good news and the really bad news About what the hell is going to happen Next And um we’re in for a serious trouble And the question is are you prepared for It and another better question is how do You prepare for it and how do we get Through how do you get through what’s About to happen because it’s one thing To crash But the king can you survive it so we Have a very very very great friend he’s An old friend not not that he’s old but We’ve been friends for over 25 years now And his name is Richard Duncan years and Years and years ago I was in Borders Bookstore when there was a Borders Bookstore And I walked past this little counter I Mean this this book display all the Different books the new the new arrivals And there was a book called The Dollar Crisis In the book would pick me up pick me up And so I said okay I’ll pick the book up And I read the book went oh my God this Guy is saying exactly what I think so my As you may know my definition of Intelligence is if you agree with me You’re intelligent so Richard Duncan

Some so many years ago was definitely Intelligent And we became close friends and this Other book is called the corruption of Capitalism Now I want you to know 25 years ago what Richard was saying was Blasphemous you Know it’s treasonous how dare he talk About that And the problem is it’s true today and So his books were prophetic you know I Mean they were calling what’s coming Right now so one of the benefits of Having Richard as a friend you know he’s A classically trained Economist uh smart Guy really smart because he lives in Thailand not America And uh he’s an advisor to some of the Biggest funds in the world about what’s Going on the macro economy And let me let me give the definition Because Rich Dad we keep things simple Problem with most people is they’re Stuck in micro economy you know they They don’t they don’t see the big Picture And I talked to I would estimate 90 of Americans just believe that the you know Don’t worry America will bounce back I Think it’d be happy Happy Days Are Here Again And as a former as a U.S marine you know We call the people who are stuck in the Micro economy they got their heads up

Their asses they can’t even see what’s Happening in the real world So our guest today is Richard Duncan and His book him and his Services called Macro watch so let me get this me Micro And macro So I’m talking to a real talk to many Real estate agents here in Arizona and Says oh don’t worry you know interest Rates are going up and all this stuff But don’t worry Arizona is hot That’s true because people are migrating Out of California Chicago to New York And now Florida they’re moving here you Know So Arizona is good so on the micro scale These real estate agents are accurate They’re going yeah I don’t have to wear It man I live in Arizona so that’s Having your head up your ass as far as I’m concerned because you can’t see the Macro and when you look at the macro the Whole world is collapsing around them And it’s going to be good for Arizona Maybe because people will move here and All this stuff Well let’s say let’s say that China Waxed Taiwan Well that’s good for me in Hawaii Because all those Taiwanese will move to Either California Arizona or Hawaii so That’s micro and macro so let me give The definition of my cruise you got your Head up your ass you better stand around

And take a look at what’s going on so That’s our dear friend years and years And years and years ago Rich Richard has Been to our events and he’s taught and People always get blown away Because they find out how micro they are So our guest today is Richard Duncan He’s an author and Economist he’s the Author of the dollar crisis the Corruption of capitalism and other books And he also has a subscription model Called macro watch now if you want to Pull your head out of your butt Subscribe to macro watch And Richard is offering today a 50 Discount just use the code crash C-r-a-s-h I mean pull your head out of You you know what subscribe to macro Watch and you get 50 off I cannot stress This more importantly especially today Because look we’re crashing like it or Not the question is how will you survive It And that’s why I’m very happy to welcome Richard Duncan my friend from Thailand And uh he has a macro view of the world Where most Americans don’t even know Where Thailand is welcome to the program Richard Robert thank you so much it’s so So great to see you and great to be back On thank you for having me So my friend uh you’ve been calling this For a long time the dollar is in crisis Isn’t it

Well so our economic system is in crisis And I’m I’m really worried now that We’re on the verge of a serious economic Crisis that could see the destruction of Trillions of dollars of additional Wealth before this thing is over yeah And then when you wrote the book the Corruption of capitalism I mean Give me a break are we corrupt or what Has it been corrupted So capitalism in my view became Corrupted at the fundamental level when We stopped backing dollars with gold yes And to make a long story not not too Complicated story but to make a long Story short this Unleashed an explosion Of credit The credit absolutely exploded the total Credit or total debt in the United States Grew From one trillion dollars When I was three years old in 1964 to 91 Trillion dollars now from 1 to 91 Trillion dollars in my lifetime and During that process that created a great Deal of wealth a great deal of economic Growth in the United States and all Around the world but our economy became Addicted to credit growth we must our Economy must have credit growth to stay Out of Crisis and now credit is Contracting when you adjust it for Inflation so this is a very serious Problem for for our economic system Which I call creditism rather than

Capitalism since it’s driven by credit Growth so that’s why you’re about the Corruption of capitalism and the dollar Crisis are essential I mean they’re more Timely today than ever before and once Again the code is crashed c-r-a-s-h the 50 discount because I want you to pull Your head out of your butt and take a Look at the world because Richard sits In Thailand he’s an American He sits out there and he can see the World but Americans can’t be can’t see Past their house you know micro is this He is standing at the you pumping gas Into your leased SUV and you’re going Why is the price of oil going up That’s micro I mean they can’t see it But inflation I’m afraid is systemic now And a lot of this because what Richard Was talking about is criticism they just Print so much money instead of solving The problems they print money and now It’s going to backfire on everybody So Richard there’s a lot of things I Want to talk to you about one is the Nordstream 2 the torpedoed the pipeline You have the war in the Ukraine the English pound crashed Japan’s yen is in Serious trouble and I’ll guess North Korea fired some rocket at the Japanese You have inflation being systemic and You have the bricks you know B-r-i-c-s Brazil Russia India China South Africa

I mean nothing macro here So you want to take anyone on what first Of all what happened to the English Pound because that’s the to me you know With the guilt and all the other stuff Guilts is a is a Government Bond or Something like that from England Right so That was the second blow we’ve Experienced in the last two weeks what Happened there was the new English prime Minister and her Finance Minister and Now it’s a very large tax cuts very very Large tax cuts with a lot of this going To the wealthy people the wealthiest Parts of society and that meant that the UK government was going to have to Borrow a great deal of additional money Just at the time when the bank of England which had been buying government Bonds through its quantitative easing Program it was planning to start selling Government bonds so suddenly England Looked like a third world country it’s Interest rates on its government’s bonds Doubled in about a two-week period they Went from two percent on a 10-year Government bond yield to four percent And it normally that would make the Currency appreciate but the English Pounds started dropping like a rock it Fell from 115 to the Dollar on Monday Last week by Friday morning it was 112. By Friday afternoon it was 109 and on

Monday morning it dropped to 103 the Lowest in history and so this huge Swings in the currency and more Importantly in the interest rates on the Government bonds Was so violent and so unprecedented that The UK Pension funds thought that they Had cleverly hedged their positions with These derivatives contracts known as Liability driven Investments but the Moves were so large that the people they Had these derivative positions hedging Positions were if started calling in Their margins and they couldn’t put up Their markets so they got they got sold Out of these hedging positions and it Looked like the entire UK pension system The various Pension funds were on the Brink of uh going bankrupt so the bank Of England had to jump in and at the Beginning of the week they intended to Start reversing quantitative easing they Were going to do quantit quantitative Tightening but by the end of the week They reverse course and announced that They were going to do even more Quantitative easing they said that by 65 Billion pounds of additional government Bonds over the next month or so and that Has restored calm temporarily and in Fact this injected a bit of euphoria in All the markets yesterday and today Because The markets and the investors hope that

Since the bank of England reverse course And started loosening monetary policy They hope the FED is going to do the Same thing right Yeah Richard we’ve got to speak English Here because these are the rich debt Audience here The the point here is this is they what Does it mean to the English people Because they were their pensions were About to collapse Because what the what in the and the Bank of England is the fed the same as Our fed and um so what does that mean so When they they start printing more money What does that mean inflation or they’re Trying to avoid a depression what were They doing Well the first move is to try to avoid a Depression that was what they had to do First they had to act as a lender of The Last Resort no one else would provide Money to support the financial system in England and so the bank of England said We’ll do it we’ll create a bunch of Money and we’ll restore order and they Did That’s been the problem since about 1998 When ltcm long-term Capital Management Crashed and the FED had to bail out a Hedge fund and Jim records is a friend Of ours who wrote the book currency Wars And all that His question was back then who bails out

The fed and I think we’re kind of there Now I mean that’s what you’ve been Writing about in dollar crisis and the Corruption of capitalism who’s going to Bail out the bank of England and who’s Going to bail out the fed and all the Other the bank of Japan and all these Central banks Well the central banks have had it very Easy for the last three and a half Decades because globalization was Extremely deflationary it was pushing Down prices and and the inflation rate Was very low so interest rates were very Low so they could get away with printing A whole lot of money without causing High rates of inflation and that and by Printing a lot of money they would buy Government bonds and that would Finance Government spending and let the Government spend a lot of money and Stimulate the economy that way so this Is a Goldilocks for three and a half Decades but suddenly now globalization Is going at least partially into reverse First we had covid in our supply chain Bottlenecks all around the world next Thing you know Russia has invaded Ukraine pushing up Energy prices oil Prices gas prices wheat prices corn Prices another big ground of inflation And suddenly the central banks are in Shock because For the First Simon 35 Years they have to deal with inflation

Inflation in the UK is at 10 is 10 in Germany it’s practically 10 percent in The United States and so now if they try To support the economy by printing more Money that’s going to just fan the Inflationary in Flames but if they don’t Print more money then credit’s going to Contract and the economy is going to Spiral into crisis yeah Rich Richard we Got the message okay so we need to go on So How in your book The Dollar crisis and Corruption of capitalism one more time Please subscribe to Richard’s macro Watch pull your head out of your butt Because the English people still have no Idea most of them most Americans have no Idea what happened and they actually Believe the FED can save them but as Um My friend Jim record says who’s going to Bail out the FED who’s going to bail out The bank of England the central bank System is under crisis also right now And that’s what Richard was alluding to 20 something years ago And so the question is next is what’s Happening in China I mean they have the Biggest bubble in real estate ever right Absolutely and well beyond real estate They had excess capacity of everything On a mammoth scale Um I once was told by a Chinese Professor that in his town the the city

Government had built two beautiful big New Bridges The only thing is they hadn’t built the River yet [Laughter] So let’s move on because we’ve got we Got so much to cover we covered English Pound what’s going to happen with the Japanese Yen and why is North Korea Firing rockets at them Well so I can’t talk about what North Korea is doing but I can say something About what’s happening with the yeah Um the bank the bank of Japan the Japanese Central Bank is determined to Keep their interest rates at a very low Level Even though interest rates in the United States and everywhere else most other Countries are going up very rapidly and So if the U.S interest rates are Three and a half percent Japanese interest rates are only one Quarter of one percent and the bank of Japan plans to keep them there And they can do that but that means no One’s going to want to hold the end Because it has you can’t earn any money On if the interest rates 25 basis points They want to sell their Yen and buy Dollars and because a dollar you can get Three and a half percent interest so That means the Japanese yen is falling Instead of 20-year low unless the bank

Of Japan changes its policy it looks Like it’s going to keep falling right And this is the thing and I’m being I’m Fourth generation Japanese American and I always laugh about it because And you know the Japanese per capita the Highest savings rate of all in the Demographic the highest savings rate of Any any population and that’s why the Japanese aren’t the smartest you know I Mean why would you save money when the Governments are printing it so that’s Why in Rich Dad Poor to put Savers or Losers and now American Savers again Their butts send it to them because They’re going to print even more So the other thing too then is did what Do you think about the bricks you know Brazil Russia India China South Africa See Americans can’t see the bricks it’s Out of their picture Brazil Russia India China and South Africa And the Belton Road Project or the Silk Road Project what do you think those Guys are up to against the dollar So they used to all be very strong and Moving together so they could be grouped Together under this heading of the Bricks but now they’re all moving in Different directions for different Reasons Russia’s economies in serious Trouble because of its ill-advised Invasion of Ukraine and it’s not doing Very well and they’ve got lots of

Sanctions imposed on them they can Import any high-tech uh semiconductors For instance so they’re going to run out Of the weapons so their economies in Crisis and of course I as you know I Believe that 20 years from now oil is Not going to be have any value Whatsoever in their economy is entirely Fueled by their earnings from oil and Gas so they’re looking at a very dire Future in my opinion China They’re probably they have the biggest Bubble in history probably but since They have a totalitarian government That can make the banks continue lending And continuing to invest their bubble Will probably not collapse into any kind Of Great Depression but it is not at all Inconceivable that they’ll just stop Growing the way Japan stopped growing 20 Years ago and that’ll be a huge change For the world because China China’s Growth has driven the global economy Since 2008 when the U.S stopped playing That role so no growth in China is a Very big deal India has better prospects Because it is a little more friendly With the United States and a lot of Companies now realize that they’d Probably better move their factories out Of China which the United States isn’t Becoming increasingly hostile toward and Move it somewhere safer with a lot of Low-cost labor like India so India

Prospects are are the best among the Bricks in my opinion let me give you one More point out there the um for all you Guys who are working from home home Right now Your job replacement lives in India Today because if you can see you can Come in via the computer And you don’t need to go to the office Because you don’t want to go to the Office like many workers don’t Then guys like me are going to say well Why why don’t I just hire somebody in India Because that’s what technology is doing So ladies and gentlemen our guest today Is Richard Duncan he’s author a long Time foreign Economist he’s author of The dollar crisis Corruption of Capitalism And he produces a thing called macro Watch the great thing about Richard’s Macro watch he uses pictures for guys Like me And all you have to use the code name Crash c-r-a-s-h to receive a 50 discount Off the price because the problem with Most people and I I see it every day Micro means that you got your head up Your butt and you can’t see anything Outside of your neighborhood or your gas Pump So please subscribe to macro watch and See what’s going on throughout the world

And then you may be able to take what we Call Escape and evasion tactics you can Figure out what you should do in the in The in what’s going on throughout the World They can’t people cannot see it because It’s out of sight so we come back with More and more into with Richard Duncan What’s going on in the world of macro Economics we’ll be right back [Music] The elite backed by the accreditation Laws have had access to all the early Investment opportunities They have had the opportunity to invest In tech companies in the private markets Before dumping their winners into the Public markets for huge gains But now you can take back your power Introducing the chainrace platform the Platform built for the People by the People on chain Rays you will find Blockchain companies Tech startups real Estate deals and more that you can Invest in Anyone 18 and over across the world can Create a diversified portfolio with Under one thousand dollars go hunting For the next tech unicorn or look for Cash flow opportunities all through one Platform Join us in taking back your power go to Chainraise.io today Everyone it’s

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Have taken Robert’s advice now it’s your Turn attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at richdadfree.com don’t wait access Is limited go to richdadfree.com that’s Richdadfree.com Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki Mr radio Show the good news and bad news about Money and today it could be bad news or Good news depending on how you look at It Because I think you know if you’re Prepared for what’s about to happen or What is happening today It’s good news but if you’re not Prepared you’re going to get your butt Handed to you and our guest today is Richard Duncan he’s a long time friend Uh 20 something years now his two books Are the dollar crisis the corruption of Capitalism and he offers a subscription To his very important uh site called Macro watch and if you he’s offering a 50 discount all you use code name crash C-r-a-s-h the reason this is important Because we’re crashing like it or not You know I’m a marine pilot I went down Three times and the question is not if You’re going to crash the question is Will you survive the crash And that’s what I loved about the Marine Corps we practice crashing every single Day and so when the three times that Happened in Vietnam

We survived So the reason I suggest you subscribe to Macro watch and get a 50 discount is Because the question is not the question Are we going to crash we are crashing Question are you going to survive And you can subscribe to macro wash by Going to Richard Duncan economics Richard Duncan economics.com And I said micro is you got your head up Your butt and that’s where most Americans are why people I meet oh don’t Worry the fed’s got my back the FED will Save the stock market oh don’t worry my Pension is safe and all this but if You’ve read most of my books like who Stole my pension and prophecy and all That stuff you know this is his book Here Rich dad’s prophecy and it says why the Biggest stock market crash in history is Still coming let’s hear sports fans I Published this book in 2013 just to have An artifact to prove I knew what I was Talking about but how you can prepare Yourself and profit from it so today you Know I’m making more money hand over Fist But unfortunately the rest of the World’s going broke you know like I I Went to school my background is oil I Joined oil tankers with standard oil And so today I own oil wells I don’t own Oil stocks

And when when uh Biden cut off the uh The uh Exxon the Keystone XL pipeline in 2000s the First Act he did was the act Of sabotage but Biden did in my opinion I was selling oil at thirty dollars a Barrel Immediately when he cut that off it went To 130 a barrel meanwhile the middle Class and poor got poorer and guys like Me got richer and that’s what I mean About rich dad’s prophecy if you prepare You’ll come out okay but you got your Micro watch and you got your head up Your butt thinking oh they you know the Fed’s going to save me America is the Greatest I don’t have to worry I got a Pension I got a 401k I’ll take laps around the rosary beads Tonight so our guest today is Richard Duncan he lives in Thailand he’s an American Classically trained economists unlike me And he sits outside so we’re going to Ask his opinions There was so just as Biden cut off the Keystone XL pipeline which ran from Canada to America Recently the Nordstrom 2 the pipeline Running out of Russia Was torpeded was bombed it was two it’s In 200 feet of water I mean the charge to blow that thing up I mean God God you have I’m you know I’m A marine I’ve fought and all this stuff

But I wouldn’t know how to blow up a Pipeline you know I mean that is really Really big but the question is what does It mean and Richard has some opinions on And I remind you it’s just an opinion But what’s the significance like Biden Cutting off the Keystone XL pipeline in America which is an act of terrorism and Treason in my opinion And then they the noise stream 2 Pipeline gets demolished intentionally And as Russia’s Major source of income is exporting Power Or energy So Richard what is what is your opinion And I use a key word opinion what is the Significance of Nordstrom 2 Being torpedoed or social charge in the Marine Corps term right so well there’s No hard evidence about who did it so This is purely speculation on my part But if I had to guess I I believe that Russia blew them up it was not just North stream too which hasn’t begun Operating yet there was also North Street one both of them got blown up at The same day the same nearly the same Time so North stream 2 hadn’t started Pumping any gas yet but North game one Had been pumping gas for a very long Time until recently Putin has cut off Recently Putin stopped all the gas going Through North stream one so there was no

Gas going to Europe from Russia through North stream one or North stream two and The day that they blew up was the the Day or the day before that a new Pipeline opened between Norway and Germany that’s going to supply a great Deal of gas from Norway to Europe this Winter and I believe that by following Up these pipelines which we’re doing Russia no good anyway because they Weren’t pumping any gas anymore he was Sending a signal that he could blow up The Norwegian pipe climb to Germany as Well and if he did that then it will be A very cold winter for the Europeans and They won’t be able to run their Factories and so their economy will have A very severe crisis so that seems to be The message he was sending now you know Of course he’s also threatening to use Nuclear weapons Which is the most frightening statements I’ve seen coming out of any world leader Since I was a child right we’re back and Another question because you live in Thailand and I’m kind of American in the China is in trouble I mean historically Every time there’s inflation despots Rise like Stalin and Hitler and Mao and All those guys rise out of Um you know hyperinflation and things Like this if China’s in trouble and you Know Russia hit Ukraine From an American’s point of view sitting

In Thailand what are the odds of China Going after Taiwan Your opinion opinion It’s a possibility but you know probably It’s a possibility it’s a possibility I’ll be six foot five next week you know But it probably won’t happen because It would it would lead to a war between The United States and China and at the Very least it would result in an Economic Calamity in China because China’s Trade Surplus with the United States they’re not the goods China sells To the U.S over and above the amount the U.S sells to China is more than one Billion dollars every day More than 400 billion dollars a year so Right away how much a day One billion dollars is a day that’s the Trade coming back and forth between China and America China That’s China’s Trade Surplus that’s how much profit They make every day More than 400 billion dollars a year That they would lose overnight and never To recover if they invade Taiwan well That’s a very big incentive for them not To do it because unemployment would go Up it would cause social instability That also end up having some of their Cities wrecked and the Communist Party Might be overthrown so that’s probably The biggest reason they’re not going to

Do it this decade and and the reason I Asked that question was to set up your Book The Dollar crisis and Corruption of Capitalism one of the things you said You know in the dollar crisis was after Nixon took the dollar off the goals 10 In 1971 which was the corruption of Capitalism because you could print money To pay bills the US dollar What you said was that the reason there Was an inflation was because China was Producing so much They could send Goods over to America Like even our Pharmaceuticals At such low prices that Americans didn’t Feel the inflation once again it’s a High productivity of the Chinese people That kept inflation low in America since 1971. anything you want to say about That And they’re very low wages of course When this started in in in in magnitude Or in quantity around 1990 the Chinese Factory workers when I first saw the Chinese Factory it was 1989 and it was Full of 19 year old women earning five Dollars a day and there were factories Like that even then 30 plus years ago as Far as the eye could see in all Directions full of people working for Five dollars a day and that was the main Source of global deflation and Disinflation that held that brought the Interest rates in the U.S down from

Interest rates and inflation you know in 1980 were double-digit in early 2015 They were practically negative but it Also meant the export of jobs to China Is that correct that’s right that’s Right and and that’s why look I’m going To say this one more time and I’ll keep Saying it subscribe to macro watch code Name or the code is Crash c-r-a-s-h 50 Discount to Rich Dad versus Rich Dad Radio And go to Richard Duncan economics.com Because micro was where most I would say 90 percent of the people are And the Marine would say micro means you Got your head up your butt But you better start taking a look at What’s going on throughout the world Right now Because like when I was talking to real Estate agents like going I don’t have to Worry Arizona’s hot well good because People are migrating here but where They’re migrating from is another issue And what’s happening to interest rates So Richard this is a big question today Um what do you think is going to happen To interest rates that this guy you talk About this guy Jay Powell he has to stop Inflation because inflation’s not Systemic it means it’s now going to keep Going And the more inflation runs it’s like The person standing at the pump with the

Gas pumping gas into their leased SUV Worried about their job and the price of Oils going up they’re micro they cannot See past their butt So can Biden I mean uh Powell J paulus The head of the FED U.S fed Can he stop inflation Well it can if he increases his interest Rates high enough and all hell broke out Two weeks ago when the when Paul put out The fed’s new projections for how high They would increase interest rates in June they said that interest rates would Be 3.4 percent at this the end of this Year three months later in September two Weeks ago they said they’re going to be Not 3.4 but 4.4 percent and by the end Of next year he said there will be 4.6 Percent so this was a radical adjustment Upward in their projections for how high They’re going to increase interest rates Just over the next few months and Afterwards that caused a big sell-off From the stock market the dollar got a Lot stronger that caused problems for The UK pound and all hell broke loose in The financial markets and on top of that Not only are they hiking interest rates But at the same time they’re reversing Quantitative easing instead of creating Money they’re now destroying 95 billion In dollars every month this is the U.S Fed this is the U.S feds doing this That’s right the FED is destroying 95

Billion dollars a month multiply that Times 12 months and that’s going to be 1.1 trillion dollars that don’t exist One year from now that it exists today That’s about 13 of all the dollars as Long as the FED is carrying out Quantitative tightening or destroying Dollars like that it’s very likely that Asset prices are going to keep falling Because all the asset prices are Floating on this this ocean of liquidity That the FED is now draining so it’s Like a bathtub the bathtub is being Drained of water and all the asset Prices are going down Until the FED stops so let me explain What that means to Mrs Mrs micro That that means that they’re Um real estate is going to come down Because there’s fewer buyers I was at a Major Bank yesterday the bank was empty You know why it was empty because they Don’t need loan officers the biggest Layoffs are coming into Banks right now Because Banks cannot loan money because People cannot afford to borrow that was Just yesterday So that’s micro And so that’s why we have Richard Duncan Go to Richard Duncan economics code name Crash c-r-a-s-a subscribe for 50 off for His uh program macro watch Richard you Know we could go on forever and ever and Ever and I’ve I’ve kind of led the

Agenda Anything you’d like to say to the Listener the Rich Dad radio and how to Prepare for the crash [Music] On such an aggressive scale and Hiking Interest rates the the 30-year fixed Mortgage rate is now moved up to 6.7 Percent All the asset classes are likely to fall Together in the past it didn’t work like That stocks would go up and bonds would Go down and vice versa but today they All move up and down together because They’re all floating on this ocean of Liquidity but the FED is now draining so As long as the FED keeps draining Liquidity through quantitative Tightening all of the asset classes are Likely to fall together So I still had a in the Wall Street Journal today one pundit advised his Clients to resort to prayer That may not be bad advice at least for Investors or being you know more Practical Times like these Are not times to look to make a great Deal of money this might be a good time To start thinking about improving your Business creating your own business Getting in the business for yourself Something you can control building up Your own business and worrying less

About speculating and speculative assets And hope that they’ll go higher in the Near term because they’re probably going Lower Last year I was very bullish on the Stock market because the Fed was Creating 120 billion dollars every month And pumping it into the markets and as Long as that carried on it was clear Asset prices would probably keep moving Higher at least I thought so but now the Reverse is happening so it’s not at all Surprising that the stock markets are Down between 20 and 30 so far this year They probably had significantly further To fall property prices are probably Going to start falling at a double-digit Rate by the middle of next year and Things are not going to turn around for A while and and the reason that’s Important is because you know I said in Rich Dad Poor Dad your house is not an Asset that was 25 years ago this year And for many of the middle class with The Boomers of my generation their house Is their biggest asset they have and I Said it’s not and today they’re crashing And their housing fires this their 401K Is probably crashing and how does uh Quantitative tightening or stopping Printing money affect bonds because Bond Markets are the biggest markets around Right so if they just stop printing then Things would more or less be level but

They’re not only they not only stop Printing but they’re actually destroying Money now instead of printing money you Can say they’re unprinting money at the Rate of 95 billion dollars a month and When they do that what they do is they They have these bonds that the Government has issued when they mature The FED takes the money from the Government And that takes and then the government Has to get money from somewhere else From from the public and that reduces The amount of money that exists in the Economy so it and so with less money That pushes up interest rates That makes the bond prices go down and The interest rates the bond yields go up So quantitative tightening is another Way of tightening monetary policy and Pushing up interest rates and making it More expensive for people to borrow and Consume or borrow and invest So let me keep it really simple if I Have if I have a bond that was paying Five percent But the new Bond is eight percent what Does that do for the value of the bond So All right so it pushes it down right Because because no one is going to want To own the bond that’s yielding five Percent if the new bonds they can buy Yielding eight percent so it causes the

Price of the old bond to fall until its Equivalent yield is also comes into line If it falls enough then if the yield Would be eight percent on that Bond as Well and and see let me explain why what Richard is saying is so important is Because Wall Street for years has been Selling 60 40. 60 Equity 40 bonds and They’re all dropping You know it’s all dropping right now So that’s the reason I suggest again Code name crash you know Richard Duncan Economics.com 50 discount to macro watch Pull your heads out of your butt because You need this is you’re just getting This now And there’s a lot more to gain because I’ve known Richard for over 25 years and This is all we talk about we could see This coming and his two books are Arthur The dollar crisis and Corruption of Capitalism so Richard I want to thank You for your contribution to me Personally because your guidance is you Know your wisdom is I’m going to get richer in this crash Which I am happy about but I’m concerned About my fellow human beings who got Their heads up their butt so Richard Thank you thank you very much Well Robert thank you very much for Having me on and back thank you for Recommending macro watch it’s a video Newsletter that comes out every couple

Of weeks explaining something important Happening in the global economy and how That’s going to impact asset prices Stocks bonds Commodities currencies Etc so I hope your listeners will check It out at Richardson economics.com and The reason I like macro watch use Pictures because I like pictures better Than words Okay 100 hours of videos now on the macro Watch archives that are available Immediately upon subscription okay well Thank you And so Richard thank you and we come Back we have a final word the wrap up on What does it mean to you we’ll be right Back [Music] Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Radio show the good news and bad news About money and special thanks to our Guests Richard Duncan is a long time Friend of ours and again this book saw The dollar crisis Corruption of Capitalism and his subscription model is Called macro watch and it’s a 50 Discount to Rich Dad uh radio Subscribers and the code name is Crash Go to Richard Duncan economics and FYI We take nothing from that you know a lot Of these guys work for tips and they Want a percentage of what Richard says We don’t do that we don’t need the money

Because the information Richard has Is more important than a 10 tip you know A commission from the whatever we sell Them so we charge no money at the same Time we don’t recommend what he says you Know our job is to give you information Knowledge and then you make up your own Mind So again we take nothing from that Because we don’t need to because what Richard provides is knowledge and Information and wisdom and a macro view Of the world economy is priceless So all these guys who are cheap scares That want to work for tips you know give Me a give me a commission we don’t do That do we sir no So again you know uses it uses work as Your caution Because we at Rich Dad believe in Financial education not Financial advice It’s a very big difference So uh one more thing if you listen to Rich Dad ready anytime anywhere on ITunes Android or YouTube and I suggest This this podcast and all podcasts get Together with friends and family and Listen to it discuss it figure out What’s going on so you can listen to This podcast at richdadradio.com Rich Dad radio.com get your friends family And tell them to pull their heads out of Their butts and start to figure out What’s going on in the macro world and

Get out of the micro world So Sarah any comments anything what you Pick up so two a couple things two Things first it I I don’t know if Anybody else caught on to this when he Was talking about the FED draining the Liquidity out of the out these propped Up assets quantity of tightening correct So in my mind and this is just a tip for Our listeners this is what I see and Probably most parents can relate but if You see a bathtub and all the toys kind Of floating on top the yellow rubber Duckies that’s what’s been happening Right and now that the FED is doing Quantitative tightening it’s slowly Draining all of that water out of the Tub and pretty soon those toys are just Gonna be sitting at the bottom of the Tub with no water in it so I thought That was a great kind of visual he Talked about the second thing we touched On China production And we’ve we’ve learned in the past that Inflation is always an increase in money Supply and no production right and so Increasing production and and so that’s What world we’re living in right now Correct And it’s a macro world And it’s a very dangerous world right Now And the reason I mention all this is you Know 25 years ago when I read the dollar

Crisis like I was walking in Borders Bookstores that picked me up And then Rich and I became good friends Because you know definition of Intelligence if you agree with me you’re Intelligent And then he came out the corruption of Capitalism which I agree with because 1972 I was flying in Vietnam as a marine Pilot and I went behind the enemy Alliance to buy gold And today on gold mines Silver Mines I Own real oil I don’t have oil stocks I Own cattle I own everything the FED Cannot print so remember when they say Bank of England and they say the FED They’re the same things and the English Pound nearly took it and the reason they Had to start printing again which is Causing more inflation for the English People is that the pensions are going to Collapse the same thing is going to Happen to America because it’s already Happened people they’ll know that thus Wrote the book who stole my pension by Myself and Ted sedel who’s also going to Be on one of the rich dead Radio podcasts so ladies and gentlemen This is the most dangerous time in world History but let me give you some bright News In the Marine Corps before I went to Vietnam I was stationed at Camp Pendleton where an advanced weapons you

Know guns and Rockets Machine guns and all this stuff we had To practice crashing three times a day Now crashing on empty helicopter is Different than crashing helicopter with Guns Rockets machine guns and ammunition On board but we practiced and we Practiced and we practiced So when it came three times in Vietnam Because the odds were you know my life Expectancy as a marine pilot Gunship Pilot was 30 days we didn’t live very Long So if we practice crashing which as a Surviving so I went down three times And my crew and I came back home back in 19 January 10th 1973 only to get spit on Hit by eggs by the commie pinkel hippies From the Woodstock generation here we Are today and there’s no Financial Education in our schools So that’s why I listen to people like Richard Duncan who sits in Thailand is American he can see the world and that’s His job as macro most important thing You can do right now final words of Sarah final words is always a wealth of Knowledge we’ll put the link to his Website in the description but like you Always say listen to the show two or Three times because you’ll pick up Something new each time and discuss it And if you want to hear something Interesting to go back and study I made

A note of it we talked about bricks with The Indie checkman video that we had Published a couple weeks ago he made a Case for opposite of of brick stations Growing in strength and if you listen he Goes through right you know what’s Happening in Russia what’s happening in India and China so It’s kind of cool to see both sides of The coin while the world is crashing I Don’t know if people understand that Because in 1971 Nixon took the dollar Off the gold standard 1944 during the Bretton Woods agreement The dollar became the reserve currency Of the world but we made a promise to The world that the US dollar would be as Good as gold the trouble is as Andy Scheckman talks about in all this is That we started fighting the war in Vietnam and the war on poverty in America socialism And we we didn’t have enough money so we We broke the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971 Nixon took us off the gold standard And that was the corruption of Capitalism they could print money rather Than make work for money so ladies and Gentlemen we’re as crude prepare for the Crash and thank you for listening to the Rich Dad radio show and remember micro Means pull your head out of your butt Thanks for listening to Rich Dad Radio Thank you

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