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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki and Rich that radio show the Good news and bad news about money and We broadcast some beautiful uh old towns Scottsdale Arizona let’s see the heaven Or hell right now it’s Heaven it’s the Most beautiful spot and we have a great Program for you Um Kim is in South Carolina At our home there and I’m in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona And our guest today comes in from Chile Now this is amazing you know a hundred Years ago this one taken years to get Done you’d have to send Crews all over The world to get this done but now it’s Done instantaneously so that’s just Magical magical magical So uh Kim you want to introduce Introduce Our Guest please oh we had a Very very special day this is going to Be a jam-packed I can tell already it’s Going to be a jam-packed because we Already we got together and we start Talking talking our producers Like Whoa We need to start the show so our guest Today is Simon black International Investor entrepreneur and founder of a Very very great organization called Sovereign man I think it’s Sovereignman.com if you want to check Him out

Um but he has a wealth of experience he Was also in the U.S military academy West Point served as an Army Intelligence officer but um now he’s Really dedicated his life to I would say The best way to explain it is to allow People to have the freedom that they Want in their lives and that’s where Sovereign man comes in and he can Explain that so much more better than I Can and I want to welcome Simon black to The show Welcome Simon thanks very much It’s great to see you guys again Um you know he’s in blueberry Harvest Now in Chile that’s right that’s right Yeah it’s just despite this uh less than Glamorous very boring white background Behind me Um yeah I met a I met a basically 1100 Acre Farm in central Chile about 250 Kilometers south of the of the capital And um a company that I founded here uh Some years ago is is a very large Um blueberry producer so we’re in the we Just started the Harvest about a week And a half ago uh so it’s interesting There’s hundreds of people just outside The window they’re out harvesting Blueberries it’s a you know it’s a great Company it’s a great business and uh It’s uh you know it’s it’s delicious but Uh pleased to be here and appreciate the Invitation well I hope there are a mask And social distancing you know what I

Mean Well the I would say at least the nice Thing about Is uh you know when you have 1100 Acres It’s actually kind of a you know you Sort of socially distanced uh by by Default anyways but Um you know the tone here is a lot more Easy going than than in in a lot of Other places where they want to lock Everybody down and take away all of your All of your rights and all of your Freedom it’s it’s um it’s a little bit Easier going down here now than it is in A lot of places in North America and Europe at least at the moment and Simon You didn’t just go to Chile you’ve been In Chile for quite a while so why why Chili why are you there Well I mean really for the business Um end of it it’s uh for for what I Wanted to do in agriculture this was an Ideal place Um just with respect to uh you know and And I mean you guys love real estate It’s kind of a real estate play right so You’ve got the the land costs down here So much cheaper than they are in North America you know the price per per acre Of Farmland here is remarkably cheaper Than it is in North America and yet the Price that you get for the production uh You know what we produce is is the same Because it’s an international market so

You have international prices uh so Obviously it means your your return on Investment is really high in a way it Would almost be like as if you had an Apartment building And you could bring all of your tenants To a foreign country paying exactly the Same rate and yet by the apartment Building in a foreign country for a Fraction of the price obviously your Yield is going to go through the roof And so that was sort of the the Investment thesis behind this and and uh You know so far so good So uh we’ll want to get into a subject Near and dear our hearts here is this um Mark this is Cuomo the governor of New York he just awarded and I mean Or [ __ ] I mean I’m going are you Kidding me I mean what is going on this Guy gets an Emmy he had the most covet Deaths of any person going because he’s Stuffed sick people in with old people And he gets an Emmy and dinero and What’s another guy’s name I forget his Name but these commies out of Hollywood You know they go oh he’s such a good Actor I think that’s what he is he’s a Actor Anyway Simon uh what I want to get was You’re a West Point graduate you know Which is a prestigious military school And people don’t know that And I went to King’s Point you went to

West Point And I was a marine and you’re an army Guy I mean So that’s what we fought against what’s Going on in America communism Yeah I mean it you know what it is it’s It’s uh There’s there’s so many people that Think this is a great idea now and and There’s there’s there’s nobody really to Keep them in check anymore because Anybody that tries to is what we were Talking about earlier you know you’ve Got all the you have the big tech Companies now that You know kind of funny like it used to Sort of be more a Libertarian than they They sort of stood for personal freedom That’s the whole idea is that the Technology was there to power empower The individual and and create uh you Know really amplify voices and now it’s Just sort of become you know like a Censorship board for the Chinese Communist Party Um you know they’re there to shut down Discussions and prevent you know and It’s not even about the election you Know God forbid You say something that goes against you Know the the World Health Organization You know about covet because then you Know Google’s going to come in and shut You down Zuckerberg’s going to come in

And shut you down dorsey’s going to come In and shut you down then you know you Have anything to say about the election That happens to go you know in in the Direction that they don’t want you to go You can say whatever you want about the Election as long as it’s not something That’s you know favorable to the guys That they don’t like you know so if you Could say whatever you want is like you Know if you’re pro-abiden it’s fine you Can get away with anything you know but If you’re not you’re not allowed to you Need to even say things that are Rational we were talking about earlier You can’t even ask a question anymore You can’t look at things and go well That seems kind of unusual to me that You know truckloads of of ballots sort Of just to materialize out of nowhere at Three o’clock in the morning not even to Make any any accusations Or assertions but just ask a question And say can we at least ask is this Normal was this sort of standard Practice what’s the protocol for this Just normal questions you might want to Ask because I’m 42 years old I’ve never Seen that before in my life in 42 years I’ve never seen that and so it seems to Me that it’s least worth a rational Person going well let’s let’s at least Talk about this but you’re not allowed To you can’t ask the question you’re

Denounced as you know you’re that’s a Crazy person you know Twitter shuts you Down Google shuts you down you know MSNBC cuts to a commercial nobody wants To hear it and like we were talking About earlier I just to me this is a Huge problem in the United States of America that you’re not allowed to ask a Question anymore you can’t even ask a Question in the United States of America I think that really gives a sense for You know they you can’t ask a question They give Cuomo and Emmy you know he Gets to write a book about leadership You know you know leading the way and Killing the most people from the Coronavirus this is the book this guy is Writing a book telling other people how To leave All right but you can’t you know other People aren’t allowed to ask a question Right and this this is sort of the state Of where things are right now And it’s gotten to this point you know Where Simon you’re right I think they’re Simon Simon yeah look you know West Point is pretty hardcore I mean to get Into West Point You’ve got to be pretty pretty Down the line hard and then you go and You become a military intelligence Officer where did where did you serve After that after you got I was actually my first Duty station was

Down in uh in Cochise County Arizona Where it’s the home of the uh home of The intelligence Corps yeah so I don’t Know if you’ve ever been down there Yeah exactly yeah yeah so they they used To uh they used to every Friday they Would still do a reenactment of the Shoot out of the okay Corral high noon Uh every Friday I don’t know if they Still do that or not they they probably Don’t I go Wyatt Earp has to social Distance now uh you know from all those Guys so you know it’s just you know it’s Just what what did travesty that that You know this whole thing has turned Into and it’s funny we were just Um actually right about this today I I Read about this this is a study in the New England Journal of Medicine and You’ll appreciate this Robert in the New England Journal of Medicine They did a study but they actually used Marines because they said you know we Need people that are disciplined that Are hardcore we can we can make rules uh And they’re going to follow them and and So they went you know they went to the Marines and so they had a bunch of uh if I remember this study they put a bunch Of Marines on lockdown and so you know You tell the Marines like you’re on Lockdown And the brain’s gonna you know the Marines are gonna follow instructions

They’re gonna follow the orders right And and they actually did a comparison And they said well let’s you know the Idea was to study and see how effective Are the lockdowns you’re going to take People’s freedom away With the idea that we’ve got a you know Save Society save our civilization from This from this from this virus and so Let’s see actually how effective that is And so they did like any real experiment They had a control group and they had The experimental group and and they said Okay we’ll see people that follow Lockdown orders and we went to the Marines because you know the Marines are Going to follow the orders and then they Had other people that they knew aren’t Going to follow the orders or people That were just out there roaming around Society and let’s see what the Infections were and what they found was Actually negligible and the Marines on Lockdown are actually spread the virus Ever so slightly more than the control Group that wasn’t in lockdown and you Kind of look at this and then you hear These people like Cuomo and they say We’re going to listen to the scientists We’re going to listen to the scientists Right and say well there’s the science Right there’s the science and but you Know the funny thing is they only want To they want to listen to one science

Right they want to listen to the signs That you know keeps them in power and Lets them have dictatorial control of Everybody but not any kind of sensible Science uh you know that lets people Keep their jobs and live their lives oh That one they hired Marines to do that They went sub-human there because it was A lack of a brain power and there’s more And more science coming out and learn More studies that are showing that People that are locked down and people That are in in it’s the people that are Indoors more that are getting covered Than the people that are not so people That are locked down it’s having a Negative effect versus just to your Point but they don’t want to hear that Well this says nothing about you know Suicide rates and depression domestic Abuse drug use alcoholism child abuse I Mean and you know the fact that you’ve Got children in their most important Developmental years that have been Ripped away from their lives from their Opportunity to grow and develop And this the the opportunity cost of That is incalculable I mean how how much People’s lives will be impacted Especially you know young people Especially children you know what is That you know you look at this and say Like somebody that’s six You know and they’re and they’re

Supposed to grow and learn and so forth And you take away all of their stimulus And all these things uh you know to be Able to grow and actually develop into a Young person the opportunity cost is Incalculable right and it’s just one of Those things that say we you know we Cannot lose a single person to code and So forth It’s like [ __ ] all these Things I mean if if if the if the Priority was always we must save lives Then they’d go and they’d say okay well What’s you know what are the biggest Cause of death you know heart disease You know so what are we gonna do we’re Gonna nobody’s allowed to eat beef Anymore you know which I’m sure would Really you know please a lot of people That you know if beef were outlawed or They say you know we’re not we’re going To get rid of automobiles because you Know a lot of people die in car crashes And all these things it’s like no it Seems ironic to me that it’s perfectly Acceptable for somebody to die of Pneumonia as long as the pneumonia Wasn’t caused by covet right that Somebody dies at ammonia that’s okay but If it’s covered induced pneumonia then Oh my God we have to shut down the Entire economy uh for for all these Sorts of things and so I you know and I Think now all these politicians and People like Cuomo they’ve gotten to

Taste of the power and now they feel Like they can do whatever you want and It goes back to what you’re saying Robert I think sorry go ahead I was looking at some stats you know Because you look at the opinions and you Look at the stats in 2019 they estimated That 606 000 people would die of lung cancer from Smoking 606 000 and I think we’re at three Hundred thousand you know some somebody Somebody in Phoenix was killed in an uh In a motorcycle accident of course he Had covid just before he crashed into The poll or something you know but the Point here is this you know I mean it is Such bullsh and I meet Kim and Kim is Running into her girlfriends and she has Three girlfriends now they could pass as Triplets they looked the same they act The same they don’t know this and They’re so hardcore right I’m going holy A macro right Kim I mean your your Girlfriend’s like um And I love them dearly uh my concern Right now is um Simon if you look at all the media in The U.S right now oh my God every day They’re saying more cases more cases It’s getting worse it’s getting worse And they’re setting it up they’re Totally setting it up for another Lockdown and they I mean you know today

And everybody every minute somebody’s Dying of covet is such BS Leslie’s Leslie is married to a marine Pilot also so but he was first round Financing in uh Facebook and Bitcoin so You’re doing pretty well But Leslie is pretty hardcore right I Mean she is so up in arms in this thing Oh she’s she’s very mad she’s she’s a Fighter she’s a fighter and that’s what I’m hoping for more people stand up and Make their voice heard and and speak out And I I just I would love to see some Truth come out of this somewhere Um I don’t know if that’s possible or Not but if whatever the truth is I’d Love to see it well with me to go to a Break right now so we come back we’ll be Join again with Um dear friend of ours Simon black uh He’s out in blueberry land I think if they outlaw blueberries You’re in trouble but anyway you know They Blueberry spit covet or something Hopefully hopefully they won’t cancel Blueberries So when we come back we’re going to find Out what it means to be a sovereign Man Simply because years and years and years And years ago when Kim and I were just Getting kind of on the circuit back in The 8th 19 1890s 1990s we ran into Jim Rogers and um

He was talking about being a sovereign Man also where and you know Rogers Floats all over the world he wrote the Book Investment Bank biker and all of This stuff so today You know the people that are trapped are Actually trapped in their minds Do I mean today we are talking to South Carolina And Chile and Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona And and people are locked down That’s the insanity of it so we come Back when I find out what it takes to be More of a sovereign human being where You’re not trapped by the idiosyncrasies And ideologies of these whack jobs we’ll Be right back Ready to show the good news and bad news About money you can listen to the rich Jet radio program anytime anywhere on ITunes Android and YouTube and please Give me a review whenever you listen and All of our programs are archived at Rich Dadradio.com we archive them because We’re a financial education show we Don’t recommend any Investments anybody Says we recommend anything that’s not True And the reason we archive them is Because we You know education repetition is one of The best ways you learn so if you listen To this program again you’ll learn twice As much

A paradigm of thought will shift but Also be our friends family members and Business associates who need some Shifting this would be a good program Especially if they voted for Biden and Kamala and they wear a model outfit all Day long but anyway we’re in the most Divisive time in my time in history I’ve Never seen it this bad I was talking to A young lady the other day and she says You know I have a twin sister And this young woman says I travel all Over the world so she says I just travel All over the world I think she’s like 35 Or something and my sister’s quite happy To sit someplace in Wisconsin and get Her 401k This is where I tell Uncle twins but What what is so different about us so as We all know there’s a lot of people who Are quite happy to sit in Wisconsin Freeze their butts off and collect their 401k But other people are traveling the world Right now it’s a sovereign individual so That’s what we want to talk about is the Idea that we’re only limited by our Thoughts today That much agree with that oh absolutely Absolutely this is I mean this is as you Say Robert this can be your greatest Asset or your greatest liability and I’m Seeing it every single day people that Are talking themselves out of their

Freedoms and talking themselves into Basically imprisonment entrapment and All of this but um this the the mind and Your thoughts and your emotions make all The difference and what’s really bad About how bad this is this will be come Out after Thanksgiving but they’re going To take Thanksgiving away Give me a break I mean you know the Turkish the turkey is going to put a Mask on the old turkey or something what Are they what are they thinking but Anyway with that so um Simon black You’re The Sovereign man you know like Jim Rogers was a sovereign Man Kim and I Travel all over the world we do business All over the world so what call what What shifted for you you know Simon why Did you say I’m out of here I’m going to Be afraid human being uh you know it was Uh it was actually when I was in the Military and and uh I will never forget The day you probably remember it when They brought Colin Powell out To uh testify to the United Nations and Say you know he’s got those weapons and I think a lot of people that night were Looking at that saying this is [ __ ] And at that point it was obvious that You know when Powell Uh you know when on later and so you Know call that the biggest mistake of His life uh you know a black a black eye Black stain on an otherwise impeccable

Career you know and he was right and I Think he just sort of knew that it was Uh you know shaky and and you know but Just saluted and tried to play the good Soldier and and you know follow orders But I think he had a lot of sort of Moral and ethical misgivings about it And a lot of people that night and I was One of them looked at and said no this Is this is wrong what made me realize That I I to me yeah so Simon is a Military and uh information intelligence Officer and he actually see he knew what Was really going on And Colin Colin Powell explained who he Is or was well Colin Powell at the time Was the Secretary of State but prior to That a lot of a lot of people might be Too young to remember but he used to be The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 1990s and so he was Uh he was a famous guy he had Far and Away the most credibility of of anybody On the international stage in the Bush Administration at the time and so that’s The reason they sent Colin Powell to the United Nations U.S army four-star General yeah so that’s that’s the Difference And the reason I say that is because as A marine marine pilot We had to take orders from Washington And we’re flying in Vietnam and going Where are they getting their information

From This is not true And so you were kind of in the same Position being an Army intelligence Officer And what you see in here are not the Same Washington saying Right exactly and so we’re you know You’re kind of looking at this and that Was when it really hit me It’s a it’s a lie And they’re about to go to war based on The LIE and it made me think well if They’re lying about this Then what else are they lying about amen Turned out to be quite a bit Yeah quite A bit so that kind of I went down this Little rabbit hole of just you know Getting my hands on everything that I Could reading as much as I could of Everything everything you know not even Stuff that I necessarily agreed with or Disagree with I just wanted to read as Much as I could to really expand my mind And it’s just what you guys were saying You know Kim Uh that’s that’s really where it all Starts and to me it’s not Necessarily even about travel or going Out and seeing the world it’s really What you do here it’s what you do in Your mind And I think this is actually uh you know Not to dwell on what we were talking

About earlier but I think this is Actually a big part of the problem uh Today is that you know you were saying Robert that it’s the most divisive time That you that you can remember and I Think it’s because Really people just they draw lines they Take sides they’re not willing to ever Really have a discussion or concede Anything or understand you know the Other side and and I think you know to To truly be I think an independent Person independent thinker I think it’s Important to try and you know at least Get an understanding of as much as you Possibly can and open your mind far Beyond what’s right in front of your Face whether it’s your geography or your You know uh personal ideology and so Forth and I kind of joke with people Sometimes I see another there’s probably Some things that I agree with Alexandra Ocasio-cortez about Now for the life of me I can’t think of A single example But who knows maybe we’re both maybe We’re both really irritated with the Dallas Cowboys right now there’s Something we can agree about I don’t Know Um but I I think you know when people Just say uh you know they’re sort of Against people and against personalities And they sort of dig their heels in what

It really creates is an intellectual Closed-mindedness and I think that’s Where we stop growing uh as people is When we close our mind off to other Ideas Especially before you understand it well Enough to be able to form an opinion and Then you know properly uh you know Rendered opinion based on facts as Opposed to you know as as opposed to Just some gut feeling or opinion so I Think it’s part a big part of just being A sort of a sovereign person uh you know Just being really independent minded and Open-minded and trying to learn as much As you can even from people that you Don’t you think you might not agree with So uh We’ll talk about You have a second passport and the Reason that Simon puts on these fabulous Programs pretty cool of it of course But every time I went to his programs And of course there were not on U.S soil For some reason Simon I can’t understand Why he didn’t do that but I would go Offshore with Simon and I would hear Things that nobody should hear about Because of most Americans uh you know They’re like this is oh don’t tell me Don’t tell me don’t tell me That’s uh was that one of Simon’s Sovereign men conferences he’s talking About second passports and all this

And I was still at the stage going what The heck is he talking about you know I Mean I understood second passports but I Didn’t know why I should have one and Kim and I are now looking at second Passports right Kim yes absolutely we Just want we just want options we want Options and I want to say to your point To Simon about Independent thinking is so lacking right Now and unfortunately I think one of the Problems too is everybody’s acting so Many people are acting off of opinions And not facts and they’re not even their Own opinions they don’t even know what Their opinion is but it’s all emotion It’s all all of this craziness is driven By emotion not independent thinking and We often say one of the most important Things you can do is think for yourself Question everything which is what you Did and I think that’s a great starting Point to be a sovereign man or Sovereign Woman today I mean I think that’s Crucial it’s what you said Kim I mean It’s it’s just really about having Another option Um if you have you know when you think About your passport confers citizenship And your citizenship you know basically Entitles you to certain benefits and you Know Theory also certain liabilities you Know everybody that’s a citizen of the United States has you know certain

Benefits being able to you know live and Work and so forth in the United States And you know that’s a that’s a pretty Big benefit uh at the same time you know You’re also signed up for some pretty Big liabilities like your share of the 60 plus trillion dollars in financial Liabilities uh that’s owed by the US Federal government your liability of the Taxes that they want to charge in their Sole discretion you know whenever they Want you know all those sorts of things Uh you’re talking about you know our Events And you know the things that people Don’t really like to hear Um you know and to be clear there’s Things like second passwords there’s There’s they’re a hundred percent uh Legal this is there’s nothing about it In the United States it’s against the Law as a matter of fact uh there’s a There’s a quite a body of of law as well As executive orders that demonstrate is A hundred percent uh legal to to have Them to acquire them Um but certain things that that are Uncomfortable uh for example you know we Stand on stage and you know read Directly from primary sources for Example talk about things like Social Security and say you know don’t take my Word for it this is what the treasury Secretary of the United States has to

Say you know and this thing is going to Be bankrupt and before the decade is out They’re gonna you know the trust funds Are going to run out of money this isn’t Me saying this this is the treasury Secretary of the United States uh and You know some of these things are very Uncomfortable for people to hear because They sort of stick their head in the Sand and think like oh when I retire I’m Going to do you know they have all these Plans for what they think their life is Going to be and you know sudden he would Say well guess what that’s that’s Probably not going to happen you know And there are a lot of these things that Are facts not opinions that might Actually throw a monkey wrench in that So here are some potential solutions to That and the idea behind a second Passport is to say well you know what Instead of having all of my eggs in one Basket I’m going to start diversifying a Little bit and the second passport is Really a way to diversify because it Means that no matter what happens no Matter what happens or no matter what Happens even things that whatever Whatever doesn’t happen you’ll always Have another place to go you’ll have Another place or you can live and work And invest and start a business and Bring your family and do anything that You want to do

Um you know that welcomes you with open Arms we have the right to do that and I Think for a lot of people That that benefit might have been Interesting but almost cerebral academic And then 2020 came around and all of a Sudden everybody was locked down in Their homes couldn’t go anywhere Couldn’t travel anywhere but if you had A second passport you could right you Couldn’t go to this place or that place Before but you had if you had a second Passport suddenly all these other Countries saying well of course well Welcome if you’re a citizen of course We’ll welcome you right so you could do These things with a second passport I Think 2020 has sort of showed that the Benefit of having those things is Actually pretty phenomenal so I could Honest honestly think while Simon’s Still on because we’re running out of Time here I want to go to his Sovereign Man conference And I’m listening to all these different He had all these different people from Me from all over the world and they’re Pitching their deal as to which passport To get and I’m sitting there going holy Mackerel well you get if you come to our Country we’ll give you this deal and This time going holy it was like an Auction but the best one was the Georgia And Georgia is a former Soviet satellite

And all this stuff but the first thing I Noticed is the people who actually have Been in communist countries like Georgia And Bulgaria and those countries they’re The most anti-communism They’re the most vehemently Anti-communism and you know Kim and I Have friends who escaped from Hungary Back in the 56 Hungarian Revolution they Hate communism and Kim where Kim is Right now there’s a huge huge Cuban Contingency they hate communism and they Hate ocasio-cortez on top of it and She’s one of them you know what I mean And it’s like but when I was at the Sovereign man this woman from Georgia Stands up there she says George is the Best I’m going you know que pasa why is Treasure the best she says well when the Russians came to our Capital we stopped Them at the gates And I went that’s a sales pitch I never Heard before I can stop Russians at the Gate I said Georgia went high on my list Of passports anyway that’s the kind of Stuff that Simon puts on and I I hope You get back to putting those Conferences on again because we really Do need to open our minds in the Comments on that Kim Well I I just wanted one comment and Actually in terms of your events are you Doing online events are you doing Digital events

We do for uh you know we we have uh uh We we have some online things from time To time for our uh certain of our Members and I think we’ll be in pretty Short order getting back to the In-person stuff we have most of our Members we actually kind of did some Polls and most people said yeah we’d Love to do something in person the Problem is just finding the place to do It because uh you know everybody’s just You know locked down to get these hotels That say well you can do an event here You know but everybody’s got to be six Feet apart and you can’t sit down and Have a dinner and all these sorts of Things so it’s it’s uh it’s a Complicated time uh to try and do events But we’re I think we’re going to get it Figured out here in the next couple Months here’s the question I wanted to Ask too is is I know you you’re a very Optimistic person and you see Opportunities and so given all that’s Happening Um do you see opportunities coming out Of this or that are existing now to the Average person what could what could Somebody do today Yeah look Um there of course there are um there Always are there you know you look at The uh I was actually talking to Kenny About this not too long ago I mean

Somebody’s gonna have to figure out what To do with all this commercial real Estate for example I mean there’s a lot Of office property uh that is never Going to be used again at least for Office purposes and so that’s that needs To be repurposed somehow and I think Somebody’s gonna make a ton of money on On that sort of thing but I mean no Matter what happens in the world I think There’s always you know there’s always Opportunities and there’s companies that Fall into bankruptcy and you know There’s opportunities to to to pick up Very high quality assets Um uh you know out of bankruptcy I think There’s I think there’s always going to Be opportunity out there and it’s one Thing to say I just want to stay home And be angry but it’s another to say you Know what I’m going to change my way of Thinking and go out and look for the Opportunities I think that’s a better Approach that could be the biggest Opportunity of all for somebody to say Hey maybe I better do something Different maybe I better look at a new Way of thinking maybe I better change Some of the things I’ve been doing this Could be a great up this alone could be The opportunity Unity Open your brains anyway uh Simon I want To thank you again you can get a free Newsletter it’s called notes from this

From the field at his website or is it Website again good stoverman.com Sovereignman.com please uh please check It out because if you want your mind Open Simon has done a great job of Opening my mind to things I never saw as A loyal American And like I said when that woman from Georgia said we stopped the Russians at The border I’m going A mackerel how do you do that you know What I mean Anyway so there’s so much going on and You know Simon is a West Point graduate I’m a King’s Point graduate a marine I Fought in Vietnam he fought in uh in um Middle East and we’re still fighting it The trouble is They’re in our offices today There are elected officials and that’s What’s really frightening how about that Simon thank you very much thank you Simon thank you guys great to see you Again so we come back we’ll be going Into Kim and I will have some final Comments on uh This very important subject called being Sovereign individuals and uh It really is time to open our minds so We come back we’ll be coming back with Our final words thank you very much We’ll be right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki Michelle Radio show the good news and bad news

About money once again Nicholas into Rich Dad ready a program anytime Anywhere on iTunes Android and YouTube And please leave us a review anytime you Listen all of our programs are archived At richdadradio.com we archive them Because we are Financial education Company we do not make recommendations However we we ask you to listen to this Program again because if you listen to It again you’ll pick up twice as much But I’ll see our friends family members And business associates especially Somebody who’s Hardcore either a socialist communist or I don’t know whatever whatever they are Today But America Has Changed America Has Changed dramatically So that’s why go to richtetradio.com Listen to this program is Simon block He’s a West Point graduate and he was an Army intelligence and that’s what he Said about Colin Powell I I said the Same thing Because when I was flying in Vietnam What we heard from Washington wasn’t What was going on in the field And that’s when I turned also I said I’m Not I’m not going to participate in this [ __ ] anymore So with that I wanted to Um Sarah what’s your comment our Producer here so it’s a great show

Always great to hear from Simon Um I think he’s been on some real estate Cruises with you guys like he’s traveled With you guys so very you know close Friend of Rich Dad company but I think Um two things I took away one his Perspective I think you asked the Question what made him become a Sovereign man what was it and it was That a discussion about Colin Powell I Think that if we as Americans don’t Start questioning our government we’re Going to find ourself in a place of no Return and I so I I liked that Perspective that he had like here’s a Guy here you know here’s a military guy Who had a clean credibility he was Probably the most trusted and then he Himself said you know it was all crap so That’s the first thing that I took away But then the second thing I think was What Kim said about our mindset that if We don’t Stop telling ourselves we can’t or you Know that opportunities don’t exist then They won’t that in order to be free we Have to free those thoughts in our mind Correct that’s that’s the most important Lesson yeah I just think one of the Healthiest things people can do today is To as as Simon said be an independent Thinker um the U.S is changing as you Said Robert and are you going to change Or you know is is this an opportunity

For you to go oh God I better start Doing something differently but the Healthiest thing I think we can do is Just start questioning everything and Start thinking as Simon said when he Started out he just started questioning Everything and researching and getting The facts and not just operating off of Thoughts and emotions and opinions as so Many people do I just think it’s a Healthy healthy attitude that’s one Thing I’m that’s one of my biggest Takeaways is I’m going to even start Questioning more and digging even deeper A question of what the media is pumping Out you know like Trump says it’s all Fake anyway so I mean he stuck with that It’s his fault But anyway I was just you know like with Simon I could have told Kim this story Many times is that uh when we were in Vietnam we always went by Body Count oh America’s winning because we shot 3 000 Vietcong and we only lost 200 you know Next day well we shot six thousand Vietcong and we only lost a hundred That’s how they ran the war and we’re Going I’m going out there and I said I Don’t see any 3 000 dead people you know I mean because we’re flying right over The battlefields And um I think one day the day I changed I’m Well an aircraft carrier and I’m sitting

In the ready room and our I called I Used to call them cap the colonel Happy Feet just missed a positive and I hate Positive people those guys up there Dancing around because he’s trying to Get to be a general or something But he’s talking about how America’s Winning how this [ __ ] and I’m in Vietnam in 72. and I’m going well that’s Not what I see I see it from the air They’re kicking our asses they’re Kicking our asses And so I raised my hand and this was the End of my career as a Marine I said you Know Colonel I have a quick question Why do their Vietnamese fight harder Than our Vietnamese Is what are you saying I said I said Colonel we might be on the wrong side And with that it was over And you know so sometimes you look out The window and you go that’s not what’s Going on And that was the end of it so Kim Kim has known what it’s like for me to Get back in good graces with my fellow Marines as we went to the uh November 10th 2020 a Marine Corps Birthday ball They they still welcome me back right Yep It reminds me of the time we were in Malaysia In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and we started Getting phone calls from our friends and

And I think this is part of why Americans sometimes are hesitant to Travel overseas because the media makes It like all the countries outside the US Are dangerous and you don’t want to go There and we started getting all these Calls while we’re in Malaysia and it’s Like are you okay are you okay or can You get out get where are you getting Out where’s your next flight and I’m Like we’re like what the heck are you Talking about oh all the riots and the Protests and the and this Mass this Mass Violin protest that’s going on we’re Like what are you talking about There were 50 people having a peaceful Protest in the Town Square that was it And the U.S Media made it sound like Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was on fire and it Was so that was a big wake-up call for Me going well they do not report Anything that’s really happening so That reminds me during the summer and I Think it was in Minneapolis there was a Police precinct on fire and the CNN Reporter standing in front of the police Precinct Precinct totally Ablaze going See mostly peaceful protests going on Around here like this So yes I agree with you what the media Reports is not true that’s going to Bring ratings that’s what they’re going To do and and Foreign

To the way they want you to think yeah Well CNN used to be you know I used to Have tremendous respect for Ted Turner Because he drove a 12 meter yacht won The America’s Cup I went to school to Sail 12 meters in New York But CNN has turned into communist News Network you know or continuous negative News Network and they they really thrive On Making things look horrible but they Really aren’t that bad or they lie about Things that are really horrible When they I don’t know I just don’t Trust them I think that’s the worst Thing this is the election right now I Don’t trust it I don’t care who wins Right now I’ll forever never trust the Election process I think that’s the Casualty And I think the other casualty which we Were talking about at the start of the Show was losing the our right to free Speech and being censored because we’re Not agreeing with what the media and What the those in power want us to you Know that we’re not Towing the line We’re questioning it and we’re rebelling Against it You canceled the subscription right To a magazine that I’ve been a I’ve been Subscribing to for probably six seven Years and all of a sudden within the Last eight issues I notice it’s gone

Very one-sided very biased against Trump Against Trump All Pro covid you know It’s a terrible thing I gotta I got a Text today that said every minute in the U.S somebody is dying of covid I’m like Really really I mean I don’t trust any Of those numbers it’s it’s sad it’s sad Where I don’t trust the media I don’t Trust the governments I just don’t it’s Sad it’s really hard to figure out What’s real and what’s fake and even in The investment news I was watching CNBC You know And their communist organization also They were bragging about Dick’s Sporting Goods you know this innocent Sporting Goods store their sales are up and all That and the reason is is because they Stopped selling guns oh yes Second Amendment that’s ridiculous it’s Second Amendment because everybody’s doing Exercise at home and they’re outside Exercising because they can’t get to the Gyms come on oh that’s ridiculous That’s frustrating So anyway sports fans out there you know We always say all coins at three sides Heads tails on the other side and the Edge of it so I Stand On The Edge look At both sides and make up your mind I Want to thank um Simon black Sovereign Man I I would love to have him get back In operation because his his conferences Definitely open up your mind

So thank you all for listening to Rich Dad radio show and checking out next Time thank you Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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