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Foreign this is the Rich Dad radio show The good news and bad news about money Here's Robert Kiyosaki morning morning It's Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio Show the good news and bad news today About gold my one of my favorite Subjects and all you gold bugs are People that need to be gold and silver Bugs this is your program today So um You know I've been collecting I started Collecting silver in 1964. When I noticed that My silver coins had copper in them And I went what the hell why do they Have copper in silver So that's when I started collecting These silver coins you know dimes Quarters and half dollars And uh so I I collected them and then my Mother spent them so they're gone you Know it's funny that you say that Because I I when I was really young then But I was collecting it also I don't Know why I was collecting it but I have A little box of of silver quarters Silver dimes I don't know why I was Doing it but I was doing it yeah we're Gonna go into that because there's a Spiritual component of silver and gold Now all your religious freaks out there You may want to run because if you think The love of money is the root of all Evil this isn't your program we're going

To be talking about God's money silver And gold And then there's also Bitcoin which is People's money but anyway uh and then I Started collecting gold in 1973 When after it was after Nixon took the Dollar off the gold standard in 781 August 15 1971 and for some reason I was I was flying in Vietnam as a marine Pilot My Rich Dad warned me he says you better Go get some gold I said what the hell is Gold And of course we didn't have any money But uh Gold back then was illegal Americans Were not allowed to own gold so I found All this out and the more I found out The more Curious I got So since I was in Vietnam I was reading The map and there was this little gold Mine It said Au for gold and a pick and a Shovel There's only one problem the gold mine Was Behind Enemy Lines So being Marines we're not the brightest Guys on Earth so no problem let's go Let's go find some gold so we flew Behind anymore I read about this my book Fake And I'm standing at this little gold Window with a little Vietnamese woman With red teeth because they eat Beetle

Nuts And I'm just trying to gold was now Floating from 35 to about 50 an ounce And I was trying to get a discount Because she was Behind Enemy Lines She just laughed at me she laughed at us She goes spot and although we didn't Speak Vietnamese I understood spot you Know it's a lot of spot means a Basically for those who may not know What spot means that means gold is the Same price all over the world it's Different in different currencies like It's more expensive in pesos than Dollars bus spot is gold's price all Over the world and then the lights Started to go on and went what the hell How come we don't learn about this in School so I was been a gold bug in Silver bucks in 64 and 72. And my plan for Success was just save Silver and gold Right yep yeah I used to introduced me To Silver in 1985 86 we started buying silver and now With the market so crazy in the gold and Silver markets right now this is a Really really appropriate show to do Very timely show to do right now so we Love silver and gold we're going to get Into that the thing that was funny was That we started saving silver in our House and in our little condo in La Jolla California

And then we said well it's silver and Gold all liquid you can go to cash Pretty quickly that's what we like about It So we bought a house in Portland whether It's now on fire but anyway Um Him had to go down the street lugging These huge packs of silver well they Said they said I needed like uh like 23 000 deposit or down down payment and I'm Like oh my God we don't have that and Robert you were out of town and I opened Up our little closet in the bedroom uh Closet and there's stacks of silver bars I'm like here we go and I just cashed it In and we bought our house we have a Very special guest today and our guest Today is is Chris Powell and he's a Secretary treasurer and director of the Gold Anti-Trust action committee Gata And it was organized in January 1999 Um and he's going to tell you all about It and what why he started it or what What the what the What the reason is for for starting this Important organization so Chris welcome To the show yeah and the main reason is Because the gold and silver prices are Manipulated Because anything everything's Manipulated today But I'm really happy to have Chris on Because I keep hearing about the gatta

And there go against the grain they go Against Wall Street and the big Banks And all this so anyway Chris you know Thank you for your coverage to go Against the powers to be so tell us a Little bit about your background and What does Gata do Well I've been uh in the newspaper Business since I got out of high school In 1967 I Was a reporter uh managing editor of a Daily paper in Connecticut uh oh until About uh two years ago when I retired I'm a columnist for the paper now Um I was looking for contrarian Investment uh options uh back in late 1998 and I uh Came Upon an ad maybe in The Wall Street Journal One of Those ads Where they say hey send us ten dollars And we'll we'll get you a dozen uh you Know free trial subscriptions to some Financial letters I I did that one of The letters I got was uh Jim Blanchard's Gold newsletter which is now being run By uh Brian London uh Blanchard uh Yeah well where are the cult now and you Can't get out Uh Blanchard was writing uh in late 98 That uh you know gold was really Unusually low uh and I had heard Somewhere Milo and so high uh so I uh Subscribed to Gold newsletter and I Quickly came across uh Bill Murphy's Internet site uh La Metropol Cafe which

Concentrated on the gold and silver Markets bill was a former Futures Trader Bill very quickly uh identified what Seemed to be uh manipulation in the gold And silver markets he was attuned to uh You know technical analysis and uh he uh Saw that whenever gold and silver came To uh price points that uh technical Analysis would deem significant uh the The medals were pounded back into Submission by the the bullion banks that Uh dominated the Futures markets the Bill began writing in his nightly Commentary to which I was subscribing That uh gold and silver were being Manipulated by the Banks and after a few Weeks I I tired of this uh I'd had at The newspaper a fair amount of Experience with the antitrust law Because the newspaper I worked for was Independently owned by a local family And was always Being attacked by the chain owned papers Nearby that were trying to prevent us From getting the necessary Syndicate Syndicated features that every paper has To have we had to sue them once or twice Under antitrust law so I had some Familiarity from that and from my uh College education such as it was and uh Uh in American history and antitrust law So finally I wrote Bill a note saying Listen uh there's a lot of evidence to Suggest that you've you're correct here

That the markets are the golden silver Markets are being manipulated but if if They are being manipulated by these guys It would seem to be a violation of the Sherman Act and The Clayton Act and 15 State antitrust acts and if that's the Case then somebody ought to start a Committee to hire a uh antitrust Law Firm on a contingency basis uh to sue The bastards for uh triple damages and Either state or federal court and if Somebody wanted to uh start such a Committee I would uh contribute 500 to It uh Bill thought that was a good idea And uh so we started the committee uh Fortuitously we got a very large Contribution uh from a South African Gold entrepreneur not long after that we Did hire A very big antitrust law law firm in Philadelphia Bridger and Montague gave Him our money and after a few months of Research they came back to us and said Well you're screwed because under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 the federal Government has the authority to uh to Rig the gold market uh completely uh and Uh if uh the bullion banks are just Acting as government agents here then There's there's no recourse in antitrust Law so hang on hang on Chris so the Federal government Passed legislation that said it could Manipulate the price of gold and silver

Yes it's uh really it's a it's been Public policy for for many years the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 uh uh under Which uh the gold confiscation that President Roosevelt arranged was was Implemented and that's why it was Illegal for Americans to own gold yes Until 1974 monetary gold anyway anyway The gold Reserve Act of 1934 created The Exchange stabilization Fund in the Treasury Department and the exchange Stabilization fund like the exchange Equalization account and uh I want Everybody to listen what this meant what Chris is saying here it's very important Because the price of money is Manipulated by gold yeah well and that's Why it was illegal in 1933 for America They were required to turn in their gold And I think they paid them with 28 bucks For their gold and then they jacked it Up yeah then they revalued it to uh 30 35 but but anyway this is the law it has Been the law since 1934. you can look it Up the gold Reserve Act of 1934 created The Exchange stabilization Fund in the Treasury Department and authorized uh The Exchange stabilization fund to uh uh Trade in gold and related uh items on Behalf of the Treasury Department uh and In fact if you go to the treasury Department's Internet site uh today I Haven't been there for a few weeks but I Don't think they've changed it and you

Look up The Exchange stabilization fund You find that the exchange exchange Stabilization fund has the authority not Only to intervene uh surreptitiously in The gold market it has the authority to Intervene surreptitiously on behalf of The U.S government in any Market in the World not just U.S markets but any Market in the world Um so we we found very fairly quickly That we had no recourse under antitrust Law uh we we did bring a case in uh Federal court uh U.S District Court in Boston back in 2001 against the back for National settlements the treasury Department the fed the the bullion Banks Uh looking for a somewhat different Interpretation of uh the gold Reserve Act of 1934 uh our case uh which was Conducted by uh Red Chow was a hard Harbor trained lawyer who happened to Own shares in the bank for international Settlement which really was the the core Of the case uh he he did not win that Case the case was dismissed on a Jurisdictional technicality but there Was a single hearing Chris please give It something an assistant U.S attorney Got up before the judge moved through Dismissal of the case uh on the grounds That the government claimed the power to Do exactly what the lawsuit complained Of that is the government claimed that Under the gold Reserve Act of 1934 the

Government had the power to rig the gold Market exactly as our lawsuit complained Of so I'm just saying under the gold Reserve Act of 34 as interpreted Recently by the justice department the U.S government has the full power to rig Not only the Old Market in in secret but To do so to any Market in the world so It is legal for the U.S government to Manipulate the price of gold And not only manipulate it but to do so In secrets so as to deceive investors in Other countries good good good good good Good so what happened in 2000 the price Of gold went down to around 300 bucks And today is pushing 2 000. I want you to talk about when we come Back from the break Why does two thousand dollar gold Threaten the powers to be I'm gonna be Right back Hello hello To show the good news and bad news about The manipulation of the price of gold And silver That's a very important show because as We speak you know today is around August 2020. And the price of gold is bouncing it Went to an all-time high just past 1900 Bucks the question is what's it going to Do from here That's the question everybody wants to Know and who does that threaten does two

Thousand dollar goal or what Jim Rickards is calling for is fifteen Thousand dollar an ounce gold in the Year 2025. it's going to piss somebody Off And we want to know who so our guest Today is Chris Paul he's a secretary Treasurer and director of the gold Anti-Trust action committee so one That's a very important it's a very Important program and you can listen to This program anytime anywhere on iTunes Android and YouTube and leave us a Review whenever you want to listen and All of our part our podcasts are Archived at richdadradio.com we archive Them because we don't sell gold and Silver stock sponge or real estate we're An education company We want you to understand what's going On in the financial matters markets and The purpose of Rich chat is to keep it Simple k-i-s-s keep it super simple So if you have friends family family Members or business partners who are Saving dollars or pesos or Yen this is Your most important show Because what happened in 1971 President Nixon took the dollar off the gold Standard which turned the U.S dollar Into debt And that's why Kim and I are Mega Millionaires today because we use debt As money

And we don't save cash we save Gold Silver and Bitcoin But now that finally goal has hit 2 000 Approximately 2 000 an ounce and Records Is calling for fifteen thousand an ounce Our Guest today is a very important Guest because he's going to explain Possibly there's no guarantees Who does two thousand to fifteen Thousand dollar announce gold threaten And what might happen like any comments Well I just found it fascinating that You know that Chris Um and and gotta brought out the fact That the gold Reserve Act of 1934 said That hey the government can manipulate The gold and silver markets and any Markets all over the world they can they Have the legal right to do that so Chris What we want to know is with the gold Over 2000 Um who is threatened if if this keeps Rising who is threatened and what what Do you see where do you see gold going To Well gold is uh a currency just like the Dollar the pound the Euro and as a Currency it competes with government Currencies governments don't like that They don't like competition with their With their currency because if uh one Currency does well uh people will flee The currency that doesn't do well and And go into you know the other currency

Uh governments do not want to see a Flight out of their currencies into gold Uh gold is something that potentially They cannot control it's it's outside uh To a great extent of the central banking System uh if people are are using gold As money instead of you know dollars or Euros or or Pounds or other government Currencies governments lose control over The public they lose control over the Economy they lose they lose power Generally and that is the threat uh that Gold uh in the hands of ordinary people Throughout the world being used used his Money again poses to governments So how are they going to manipulate this One now that's the question I mean you Know it took a long time for gold to Break 1915 or whatever it was 19 1 915 Whatever it is it went shooting back up And then was pushed right back down I Know people were clearing you know the People were taking not taking their Profits But right now What is mnuchin and all these what's the FED thinking about this price of gold And will they try and keep it lower Well it's they certainly uh tried to uh To keep it lower this week uh somebody Hit the uh Futures markets with a lot of Imaginary gold that they sold and uh no Doubt the government did this through The bullion Banks the trade on the

Futures markets as government agents Um but there's a school of thought that Uh the governments eventually will want To raise the gold price precisely to Devalue their currencies and to devalue Uh debt uh the economists uh uh Paul Brodsky and Lee quaintance wrote a paper Eight years ago saying that this was Actually the probably the the big Worldwide Central Banking scheme that They they know they need to devalue the Currencies they need to devalue uh debt That the the debt is consuming the world In in interest rate interest payments They're unpayable uh Brodsky Acquaintance hypothesized That central Banks were trying to redistribute the World's gold reserves among themselves So doesn't this go back to 1934 because That's what Roosevelt did he was buying Gold let's say 28 but then he moved the Price up to 35. So that he could make make the dollar More value I don't know what he was Doing but that's really the correlation Between then and now Yes they they can use central banks can Use gold to re-liquify themselves to Hedge themselves against the valuation Of their own currencies The Economist Brodsky acquaintance hypothesized eight Years ago that that was the long-term Scheme here and I think their hypothesis Is is very plausible but for the

Meantime uh central banks use bullion Banks to sell what's called paper gold Imaginary gold on the Futures markets to Control the price uh the problem with This is that it leaves the world with You know perhaps 80 90 percent of the Gold it thinks it owns doesn't exist It's just paper claims on financial Institutions that don't have the medal Yes Chris could you explain that point Because that's how a lot of people you Know like I have a hard time with that You sell something in the Futures Market And that's how they're manipulating the Price can you explain that one well the Futures Market uh you know is supposed To be a delivery Market every few months But as a practical matter uh Futures are Cash settled they're not casual they're Not settled by delivery of the commodity Being uh being traded Um so bullion Banks the trade the Futures markets in gold and silver have Sold a lot of not only Futures contracts But they have they have issued claims on What's called unallocated gold it's they Give you a certificate that says oh we We we owe you this amount of gold and uh We'll we'll keep it for you the problem Is they've sold more certificates when They've got gold in the vault and this Fractional Reserve gold banking system You know worked very well for them and Governments for many years but in you

Know recent months with the economy Declining and the the virus epidemic uh Shutting down economies there's been a a Much increased man for real metal and This we believe is collapsing the Fractional Reserve gold backing system Because they don't have the metal to Back up all the gold the paper gold that They okay so so can I ask you this how Does that affect the ETFs SLV and GLD Yeah that's a very good question whether Those those exchange traded funds have The metal that they they report the Researcher for the bullion star bullion Operation in Singapore Ronan Manley Discovered a few weeks ago that the uh The GLD Gold exchange traded fund was actually Borrowing uh gold from the bank of England to to stuff its portfolio with That that goal that GLD was reporting Wasn't really gld's gold uh there's uh Many games like this being played around The world in the gold banking system Because there isn't enough gold to cover All the claims to Gold that have been Sold so so do people if they have the ETFs of gold and silver ETFs Um will anybody ever say hey I want gold Or silver instead of just pay me the Cash Uh the the the rules the rules of the The exchange traded funds are that you Can take gold out of them only if you

Are first what's called an authorized Participant that is a a big International uh bullion bank and I Think if you you uh assemble I think Something like a hundred thousand shares For conversion into metal is a practical Matter that makes it impossible person Cannot so ordinary investors Interrupt again Hard money people like myself and my Friends are the reason we don't like GLD And SLV is let's say the price of a goal Goes to ten thousand we go to them we Say okay we want our we want our goal They said no we'll give you ten thousand Dollars It's in the prospectus now ordinary Investors can't convert from GLD or SLV That's correct and so those guys like us Who are hard currency people That don't like that's why when you go To a a coin store to buy gold and silver They'll never recommend silver or gold ETFs but you go to a stock broker They'll say buy gold in gold and silver ETFs because they're paper Investor who who invests in the the ETFs Those two ETFs might as well flush his Money down the toilet because those Those funds are used to short the market When they need the banks need to knock The price down they will borrow gold Borrow shares out of the ETFs and hit The Futures Market with it uh it's like

Uh look just look who the the custodian Of of the metal and those funds is the Custodian of GLD uh the gold exchange Traded fund is HSBC which is a big short In the gold market a big bullion Bank The custodian of the silver claimed to Be an SLV is JP Morgan Chase you know Which is another big bullion bank that Shorts the market uh you you don't Invest with those Banks if you want the Medal to go up if you if you invest with Those Banks uh you might as well be Throwing your money away Chris now You're talking man now you're talking to Our audience you sound like me now I I Would I would call the the shares a Piece of you know what but anyway the Biggest Point here is to understand the Different points of view out there you Go to a stock broker it's GLD SLV But you come to Kim and myself or my Friends they won't touch that stuff the Good advice is if you can't hold it in Your hand or if you can't get access to It know you can hold it in your hand you Don't own it So in your crystal ball Chris what do You see happening in the future do you See gold taking off do you see more Manipulation happening what's your Crystal ball say Well I I do think the Brodsky Acquaintance hypothesis is is very very Plausible we know that there have been

The valuations against Gold by Governments uh with their currencies Many times over the years I think what Has happened before will happen again Currencies do devalue uh gradually and Sometimes suddenly against gold I I do Expect there will be another International currency revaluation in uh You know next year to five years Something like that which will involve Gold at a much uh much higher price you Already see governments around the world Trying to get out of the tyranny of the U.S dollar and the International Financial system Russia and China of Course are the the big players uh in That but many other central banks have Been buying gold and in recent years and They they've been doing this uh because They they don't want so much of their Reserves in in the US dollar they Realize that if they are locked into the Dollar system uh they basically are are Slaves of the United States against the United States increasingly is putting Sanctions on other countries and and Other officials that cross the United States and in foreign policy that that Wakes countries up they realize oh if we Rely on the dollar for our Reserve Currency we're the slave of the United States they need some uh diversification And and we see that in the gold Purchases that other central banks have

Been making in recent years I think for Really for the last 10 years uh central Banks have been net buyers of gold now That doesn't mean this revaluation is Going to happen tomorrow it could happen Over this weekend I think it will be Done on a Sunday night before the Asian Markets open because that's that's when They do currency revaluations uh but uh There is a split among central banks and Governments in the world there's a U.S Centric faction and there's there's the The other faction and Those those other countries are trying To move away from the dollar gradually Without crashing the dollars in their Foreign exchange reserves China is Trying to acquire more Gold without Crashing the dollar Russia's been doing The same they're walking in a tightrope But the trend away from the dollar and Toward gold is a a more neutral a much Fairer International Reserve currency That's pretty apparent right now I don't Know if I'll live to see it I think you Guys will but uh that kind of thing Revaluations of gold uh that that's Happened before it will happen again Well I really thank you thank you thank You thank you thank you for your uh Diligence and you're taking those Bastards on and explain it to other People because you know we Tim and I Kind of do it just by buying physical

Gold and silver you know that's the most Revolutionary act any any person on this Planet can undertake yeah so so let me Ask you this one because everybody wants To know your crystal ball okay so when Guys like records as a friend of ours Says 15 000 gold By 2025 What pops up in Chris Powell's head Well you know I think Jim has also said Uh you know you got to be careful what You you wish for I think 15 000 gold is Is you know entirely plausible on a you Know what a his historic uh ratio uh but Uh you know on a 15 000 Gold World a Big Mac maybe you know four hundred dollars That's a good point are there many Points you know there may be you know You know War uh shortages I I don't uh I Don't know uh Bobby godzill who is the Uh chairman of uh CEO of angle gold in South Africa for many years uh he said We want a good gold price in a in a good World and uh I I'm not sure that uh Objective is going to be reached so You're saying that if the price of gold Starts to Skyrocket it's going to be bad For the economies worldwide well not Necessarily but it could it could signal Great disruptions that were not prepared For uh if if the central banks are smart And they see what must happen which is That their their currencies and debts Must be devalued in order to save the

Real economy Um maybe a gold revaluation and a Devaluation of the dollar and the other Major currencies uh can be arranged in a A well-organized way uh I have to think That they they're they're thinking about This uh the the trend of central banks Away from uh from from from the dollar And into gold is is playing will there Be the necessary International Cooperation to arrange uh something like This without a lot of uh disruption to The world economy I don't know so that You know there's a you know there's Going to be a pessimist and an optimist In this real world But one of the reasons I hesitate when you know records calls For fifteen thousand dollar gold That means everything else is in big Trouble so isn't that what it means it's Almost like a doomsday thing that would Happen well it means the uh the Currencies and the government bonds are Overextended but good Lord uh can Anybody see that right now I mean is There anything left to the market Economy in the world uh you know in my In my work I mean I keep running to People who who acknowledge that Everything is being manipulated to the Markets except gold That's their position that you know gold Is the only thing that central banks

Aren't playing with I mean In my view the real danger here has been For some years uh with all this this Central Bank intervention uh there you Know there are no markets anymore there Are just interventions Chris I agree With you a hundred percent so I'll Really thank you for being so adamant And being so forthright and being a Member of Gata and thank you for Contributing to the Rich Dad audience And the the Rich Dad Radio Show so keep Up the good luck would like to have you Back again okay well thanks very much Gold's fifteen thousand we'll call it The phones work the phones work okay Thank you Chris thank you Chris thank You guys fantastic thank you so we'll Come back we'll be a little wrap up with Kim and I because we've been gold and Silver bugs for a long time and now We're Bitcoin simply because you know When I was in Vietnam that little Vietnamese woman she schooled me you Know she schooled me as to what gold is Gold is God's money so we'll be right Back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad ready to show the good news and bad News about gold and silver this morning And once again listen to the Richter Radio program anytime anywhere on iTunes Or Android and YouTube then please leave A comment and ask your friends to listen

To this show because it's a very Important show about money And once again you can go to Richdadradio.com all of our programs are Archived because we're we're solely an Educational program we don't sell goals Over Bitcoin real estate or newsletters Which is purely educational and the Reason we archive them is if you listen To this program again you'll be twice as Smart but more importantly please get Your friends family members and business Associates listen to this program and Discuss and you will you'll understand Far more than 99.99 of the world's Population but that's not saying much Most people know nothing about gold Silver and money so let's I want to Thank Chris Powell again he's a Secretary treasure director of a gold Anti-Trust action committee you can tell He's hot on this thing yeah he is Because it's about manipulation but my God we're in the middle of the election Year everything's manipulated Everything's fake these days I don't Know who to believe you know I don't Know what's true or not but we're all Used to this but one thing is important They might manipulate gold and silver I Mean they played the world economy so The reason what Chris Powell was saying Is so important is if they just and I Think they have to keep printing money

And so the more they print money The more valuable all silver and Bitcoin Become because exactly as Chris Powell Says call Sovereign Bitcoin operate Outside The money system and that's what it Really pisses off the banks okay so That's why it's important so Kim and I Have been gold bugs for years uh we've Actually started a silver mine in Argentina And a gold mine in China and we learned The hard way Don't trust the Chinese I mean They're not only steal intellectual Property they'll steal your gold lines They did take it once we found gold not Until we found gold and put a lot Millions of dollars into this were they Interested but then once we found gold They were very interested yes funny how That works so ladies and gentlemen you Know so Chris is talking about the Manipulate manipulational gold price Try the stealing of a billion dollar Gold mine it kind of Kim and I were a Little depressed for a couple of hours But would you tell everybody about one Of our best teachers Frank Frank was the Best teacher because he was the guy that Got us into this crazy business Of finding gold mines in China Silver Mines and Argentina and then we took Them public on the Toronto Stock

Exchange at TSC And and that guy Frank was the biggest Optimist I've never met a guy like him No he was a he was the ultimate Entrepreneur he was a great he was an Optimist but and he was a marketing guy And he could raise money oh my God That's what I learned most from Frank Was how to raise money and if you if you Think that the federal government is Manipulating look at the characters Behind the gold and silver markets holy Mackerel they're they're telling all Kinds of stories out there so he was a Great great great teacher for business For me and for raising Capital yeah you Guys think You know Obama and Biden and Trump and All those guys are Crux I mean the Biggest Crooks live in Canada you know Because Kim and I hung out in the uh the Vancouver stock exchange for every Fredo Bandido lived up there and it's so much Fun because they're all full of [ __ ] Well well sure if you can I mean if you Can raise money when you have nothing You have nothing except this dream and What you think is going to happen It's about all you had but they're still Raising money and they're raising Millions I mean that's a skill and That's an art You know and Mr always teach us you have To have a team and you know Frank will

Assemble this team of other [ __ ] Artists he's got those mining Engineers Well here is uh what was his name uh he Was with a hat but he was supposed to be This famous mining engineer And we would find this piece of Nothing a piece of dirt and the mining Engineer would go out there and bless it And say this thing is loaded with gold And we And then we'd all get excited and then There's like nothing there there's Nothing there Really And but the next one but the next wait For the next one the next test it'll Show there's gold there's gold and this Is before golden silver was like a Golden silver at all-time lows It just shows the power of raising money And talking to people about the Possibility Of striking it rich of getting rich now The reason Tim and I were in it it was Because of what happened in 1971 and 1964 when they took all the you know the The Basically I wrapped us all off through Our money so that's really the reason we Do it but we learned more about front Money and gold in the world markets they Are Frank right yeah although that was He's one of our greatest mentors by far By far so we did it for the reason for

71 but we also did it because we wanted To learn we wanted to learn what Frank Knew I went to uh we've told the story Before you know we're putting together The cash flow board game and Kim had to It was supposed to be in Dallas to Videotape the video that was supposed to Go inside the cash flow game and I was Still bugging Frank I said Frank I want To learn how to take a company public Through an IPO So I kept bugging him he wouldn't talk To me and so finally he let me into his Office one day up in Northern North Phoenix And he said he finally looked at me and Says you really want to learn don't you You're not here to ask for money right You're not here to ask for a job are you I said no you really want to learn how To take a company public don't you I Said yes He says Be On A Plane Saturday night Remember that well I remember because we Were supposed to be on a plane Friday Night to go to Austin Texas to film this Video that we've been working on for six Months and the big filming was happening And so Robert I hopped on a plane Friday Went to Austin did the video Robert Hopped on a plane Saturday went to Peru And it changed our lives you know I was Up at 17 000 feet and thirteen thousands No oxygen up there by the way Sports

Fence and I'm stumbling along out there Looking at gold mines and Graves and all This stuff shining path was up there Shining past with a terrorists and our Lives were in danger all the time and I Come all the way back to Phoenix I said So Frank says what'd you find out I said Frank There's no gold up there he says I could have told you that He said I just wanted to know how bad You wanted it I think really that's the lust of the Life is how bad you want to learn yep That is that is because we have so many People so many people that come to us And say oh you know what's the secret Answer what's the answer how do I get Rich what's the secret pill what's the Secret recipe and there's no secret Recipe you just have to you have to want It bad enough because what you what it Takes to become financially free is a Lot of time a lot of effort a lot of Education a lot of mistakes but what Happened is always the ripple effect was That I understood how valuable gold was Because you can't find the damn stuff You know it's it's what they say gold May be God's money but the devil Distributed it and the devil distributed That stuff in the worst places on planet Earth And I saw that and so I said I'm gonna

Buy as much gold chemist we're going to Buy as much gold as possible we're Buying it at around 350 an ounce we Loaded up Just because we knew how rare and hard It was to get But ladies and gentlemen gold and silver Are God's money Bitcoin is people's Money and the US government is printing Fake money as fast as they can right now So I want to thank Chris Powell Chris Powell yes excellent excellent and Really uh check out gotta g-a-t-a the Gold Anti-Trust action committee Um which he was uh mainly responsible For founding and really what he wanted To do was bring out the truth of what Was happening in the gold markets which Now is happening in all the markets as He says so listen to the show again Because there's a ton of information in There and then we went to I was yelling At him about you know you sound like I Went to a gold conference when you go to A gold conference like Brian lundeen who Was Jim Blanchard's partner who made Gold leagues help make all legal he puts On the New Orleans investment conference You know if you really want to find out What guys like that are saying just sit There for three days listen to these Guys proud a lot about gold you don't Need sleeping pills you'll be sound Asleep well what's interesting about

These conferences are the people you Meet at like I met Tucker Carlson there I go to all the booths I got to talk to All the other gold miners who are Selling holes in the ground with the Hopes and dreams of starting to get rich But it doesn't you know Life's a daring Adventure and that's why I love gold and Silver thank you that's right so anyway Thank you all for listening it's a very Exciting time I highly recommend getting Gold Silver and Bitcoin because the Federal government and the treasury The Federal Bank the government and the Treasury are printing as fast as they Can thank you very much Foreign Foreign Thank you Before With him Give me My eyes Foreign

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