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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert show The good news and bad news about money Today we have a very important show like All our shows are important a very Special guest one of our favorites of All times he’s one of my favorites he’s A neighbor of ours in Hawaii for Kim and I And he is a legend wherever he goes Because his accuracy in calling markets And all that is there’s very few people As Akron as Bert Doman and he’s our Guest today any comments Kim well I just I’m just looking forward to talking with Him and especially so much going on Today and uh bird is one of the best Researchers and 45 years of experience I Think he knows what he’s talking about So let’s get started well it’s more than That so Bert I’m going to shamelessly Plug your Wellington letter I’m going to Show it on screen here so people can Look at it and it’s my Bible because in This world of fake news and as you know Most I think much of the news is either Fake or biased you know they’re trying To promote something the reason I like The Wellington letter so so much is Because it’s real news it’s real Important news that you can use to make Your decisions about your future and I’ve been a subscriber to yours for

Years I won’t let everybody know I’m not Being paid to say this I have to pay for My own letter but that’s how much I Respect this man Bert um dolman and uh Bert quickly how in the world you get Such I mean his information is fabulous Because it’s comprehensive it’s not just About the bond marketers stock market or Ticks or this or that it’s comprehensive It’s a wide-ranging view how do you get So much information for all these years Well rather than Kim first of all let me Just say it’s beautiful to be with you Here for the first time in this year and It’s been my pleasure and thank you for Your attention remark uh I’ve been doing This for 45 years in my business that’s How old my businesses investment and Economic research we don’t manage money But Before that I was trading for myself my Own money for about 10 years so Um I’m an old-timer in this business and After a while you kind of figure out What what’s happening in the market you Know I’m just supposed to help people You want to listen to uh to an analyst Listen to an old one because They they’ve seen it before because the Things that we repeat you know and Um for example what’s happening now I I Think is pretty similar to the late 1970s the Jimmy Carter years and um and And I said that last year even before

The election now I’m I say God that time Stem because now we have an election Which actually gives us a Jimmy Carter And uh so I I think there’s there’s a Lot of similarity and that’s important That’s what launched our Wellington Letter in 1977 Were basically the only ones is that Higher interest rates are going people The rich first facts Wall Street there’s Nothing that would happen but the Interest rates a rose to 1980 the prime Rate was 21.5 the base was about 15 and Stocks went up and until early 1980 as We were right Wall Street was wrong and This is a very similar environment so if You if you live long enough you would Have seen what is happening now and at Other occasions you know and and that’s That’s how we work you know everything Repeats yeah so let me let me show you Here’s the Wellington letter the thing I Like about it Bert always has pictures And you know versus YouTube I can sit Here and read and reread and then you Can see I I do study I have notes on the Sides and all this so that’s where I get My information so in a world of fake News and there’s a lot of it or biased News You know I mean the Wellington Wellington letter is priceless so all of You out there I highly recommend if you Want to know what’s going to be

Happening in 2021 I think it could be The best of times of the worst of times But if you don’t want to get your butt Handed to you then I would I would have The Wellington letter how much does it Cost Bert Uh I think it’s 595 a year to keep it Twice because it comes out about two or Three times a month and it’s probably The most comprehensive uh investment Newsletter you will find anywhere I I would agree it is comprehensive like I’m reading your thing you’re talking We’re going to talk about Bitcoin Because that’s what’s in everybody’s Mind and everybody knows prices are Going up you don’t have to tell somebody The CPI Consumer Price Index is going up We can see it we can see it everywhere And then they’ll say well it’s not going Up you know I mean and you sit there and Go why but at least you go into why The other thing I like is because you Know I went I wasn’t shipping for as a Student and you talked about you know How why container rates are going up Well the reason container rate is going Up nothing’s being shipped and then it’s Stacking up in the in the docks in China So that means more inflation if you know What I mean it’s not just well inflation Is going up The thing I love about Bert’s Wellington Letter is that he goes into what’s going

On really not some news reader just Talking about why you know when Inflation is going up well tell me Something I don’t know you know tell me Something I don’t know and that’s why I Like the Wellington litter so Bert how’s That for an unbiased Right it was I could not have said it Better you know So I love your letter man and I want Everybody to get a 5.95 you know that’s One PPI check whatever the PPP check Whatever it is I don’t know what it is Anymore so so I gotta let so I’ve got to Put to that point Bert you know your Your letters are so jam-packed full of Information you do so much research I’ve Heard so many scary scenarios of what’s Coming down the pipeline with Biden and All of the Democrats in office and it’s Scary what is your take on what we’re Going to be seeing with this new Administration and with all these new Regulations and policies which are take Well my opinion is if you are an Informed individual it is very scary if You are not informed you think Everything is wonderful you get the Checks from the government uh I think We’re gonna have this Ubi which is Universal basic income which means Everybody gets it back from the Government every two weeks and uh you Know these are the things that will

Happen and uh you know if you’re not Very informed you will love all these Things you know you will love you know 100 million illegal immigrants coming in And providing keep labor and so on you Will love these things until you look Back into things and say of course A lot Of these millions of illegals are Criminals we’re gang members MS-13 Etc and they say but this isn’t really Helping our country is it and uh so but This is the agenda so it’s it’s Important to figure out what the agenda Is and nothing in the realm of politics Happens by chance you know and this is An old old wisdom uh hundreds of years Old uh everything is planned and this What is happening right now is planned So well and it was planned years ahead Uh along with the corporate crisis and Uh so I have to add it to the people who Pulled it up it’s just amazing how they Did it And then you said in your one your December Wellington letter which I Highly recommend everybody get You have information and I’ve never seen Anywhere else and you said the vaccine Was developed in what two hours or like 10 minutes or something because it was Very difficult They were the people who worked the Scientists who worked in developing this New type of vaccine it’s an RNA

Messenger type of the technology which Has not been used on vaccines before and It was the you know so everything was Theirs was the easiest to remember they Said they basically Drew up the plan of For the vaccine in a couple hours on a Piece of paper these were the scientists That developed a vaccine so you know That that’s what you’re getting and so Maybe they say oh it’s almost easy and It was all worked on for the last 20 Years but you know I would much rather Have more thorough work and especially Looking at the safety aspects the long Term not the safety aspects are you Going to die the next day after getting The vaccine you know what happens to you After a year or two or three years this Is where the big unknown is in the Virologists who are familiar with the RNA technology warn about that they’ve Learned about it how these long-term Effects Can come into play because they are Known And what what is RNA messenger what does That mean what does that means Nucleic acid that’s the purpose you know Basically and and the message they send Messages to other parts of uh to genome And so it’s a pretty complicated Biotechnology that is only different Technology to them the one work just Abandoned they were trying to come up

With a regular vaccine like the old Style basically them taking live virus And weakening it you know and that they Inject into a body and then the body Reduces antibodies to fight this virus That’s how vaccines were always done and They just abandoned that Yeah I think it was yesterday right you Know we have to go to a break but you Know the reason I want everybody to get You a letter You know like it’s it’s Priceless is What the thing is is it’s real Financial Edu information your analysis your Charts your pictures your insights I’m Not saying to believe everything Bert Says because we don’t do that but I’m Just saying what Bert’s newsletter the Wellington letter does is open up your Mind to things you will never hear about In the news I’m just surprised you Haven’t been de-platformed you know Because I’ve platformed all the time I De-platform myself on Twitter I was only On Twitter I uh took down my Facebook Page I think was about four years ago And because I didn’t like the head of The company it was less than honest and Twitter I took down as well and then Said goodbye to my loyal followers and Thank them for the patronage and I said But uh when when censorship is practiced I cannot support it Amen brother amen say we come back we’ll

Have more you know with um Bert Dorman He’s the 40-something years in the Wellington Letter he’s our neighbor in Hawaii every Time I go to Hawaii I have to talk to Him face to face because I gotta watch His facial expressions also I don’t see It right now because he’s not on Zoom But anyway ladies and gentlemen I’m Talking about fake news there’s also Funny news it doesn’t make you know most Of the stuff I’m reading today I don’t know why anybody would read it But then there’s birds real news or real Information you don’t get anywhere else So that’s why I recommend the well into Litter when we come back and last but a Little bit more bigger picture questions Rather than what’s going to happen to You know well I’ll ask you a Bitcoin Because you have your opinions that Everybody loves to hear about that and Then Gall silver but one other question I want to talk to you about Is this it’s you know that’s called Cmbs’s collateralized mortgage-backed Securities there was you know there was A subprime mortgages but what’s going Bust in 2021 or cmbs is cloudized Mortgage-backed Securities they’re the The most The highest end mortgages there are and They’re going bust so then with the Subprime guys went bust nobody really

Cared But I think what’s happening in 2021 It’s already started or chloralized Mortgage-backed Securities which is the Prime of all mortgages given to the Biggest richest com companies hedge Funds in the world and if that goes down What does that mean so we come back with Bert Bert Tillman again his letter is a Wellington letter please subscribe to it You know I look forward to every month So I can stay ahead of what’s really Going on in the world thank you we’ll be Right back Welcome back Robert your second Rich Dad Radio show the good news and bad news About money you listen to the Richard Radio program anytime anywhere on iTunes Android or YouTube as long as we’re not De-platformed and uh you can always Listen to our program we we archive them At richdadradio.com we archive them for One reason we don’t give Financial Advice we’ll make recommendations we’re A peer education company and we want you To learn And most importantly is that if you Listen to this program one more time That reason is archived is you’ll learn Twice as much but more important more Importantly that get together with Friends family and especially business Associates and listen to this program And discuss it your your qua your

Education well your what your attention Will go Quantum you’ll learn stuff you Never understood before any comments Kim Well I just I appreciate Um I appreciate Bert because he is such A wealth of information and I we have so Many questions and I don’t wanna I don’t Wanna let’s get started I just want to Promote his letter against a Wellington Letter there’s fake news and this is Real important news and Bert has Insights that you will never hear Anywhere else you know it’s Priceless That’s absolutely Priceless I mean I Look forward to it every month and I Study it there’s lots of pictures which I like and I’m always making notes in it And stuff like that so so glad to come Okay so so Bert uh We have you know um the monster Grandpa Munster you know who’s Janet Yellen and She was fed chairman and now she’s Secretary of Treasury in your mind what Does that mean to you Well it’s uh she was known as the easy Janet and it came from her easy money Policies okay not anything else [Laughter] So really she she loves Easy Money lots Of money out there and so that really Confirmed to me uh last December that we Were going into a very highly Speculative stock market environment and I said this can be like the late 1970s

From 78 to 1980 we had that kind of Environment it was extremely profitable And in early March uh I think it was in March 78 The Head of the Federal Reserve was fired And they installed somebody else G William Miller and he said that was one Of his first speeches we’re not going to Fight the inflation with tight money We’re going to do with interest rates in Other words by raising interest rates And I said oh boy that means the stocks Are going to become inflation edges Wall Street rang the alarm Bell and said bear Market ahead because higher interest Rates always cause the bear market and I Said no way when when you have lots of Money in the economy it’s easy to get Loans and then you could have high Inflation Rising inflation and then Stocks will become an inflation Edge Because companies can pass on the Increase in the cost of their materials Their their prices and that’s exactly What happened that’s how we got to 15 Inflation and then finally uh Paul Walker came in and early to a thousand He tightened up and then because of that Money friend we got a prime rate of 21.5 Percent that was December 10th of the a Year eight I’m sorry 1980 and so in fact I remember there was a seminar of Goldman Sachs the chief Economist Gary

Wankowski was there and he talked about Well we see a peak in interest rates of 12 percent and uh in the Q a session I Said well our forecast is 20 prime rate And he said oh no it’s a possible hour Financial system would never tolerate That and I said yes it would if Inflation is high enough because you Always want to look at the after Inflation cost of money if if the Interest rate is three percent and Inflation is four percent you know You’re actually borrowing your money Less than the inflation rate and you’re Getting free money Right so a lot of people Um I hate to say this but a lot of People are too young to remember those Days You know I mean I remember going to my Favorite you know he hang Chop Suey in Honolulu and they had to keep Whiting Out the the price of the Chop Suey Because the price was going up so fast You know I think you remember those days Too yeah so we’re entering then we’re Entering that era right now but so You’re saying that Jetta Yellen Grandpa Munster or whatever it is I mean she’s She’s not there by accident I mean Biden Put it there so they could pump money Into this system what does it mean today And what is the connection that she was The FED chairman and now she’s the

Treasury secretary does that mean it’s Always the same people it’s just a Globalist you know and it’s just like Christine Lagarde you know she went for Of the uh what was the IMs to the head Of the European Central Bank you know The age is a paid musical chairs you Know almost the same people look at all The Biden cabinet appointments they’re Awesome uh from the prior Um You know so it’s always same people and The because they get what they have a Certain agenda and that’s why I say you Have to know what the agenda is and then You will be able to figure out things Very easily you will not no longer and Research it late last year I said this Is a marketing environment where Fundamentals were ever absolutely Nothing to do with myself right right Forget about dividends forget about all This beers that you’re on TV all day Long you know this stock market is based On speculation that’s it right right so So Bert so Bert we know that right now Okay we know that the reason that I want To recommend your letter is because you Go into detail explain what it means It’s like the call option put ups and Ratios and all this you only get that in The Wellington letter and that’s what I Want people to understand this is not Just about gambling I mean bird is so

Accurate in his forecast is shocking so Look the question I have for you okay Because my our list is a little bit more Simple like me So if inflation goes up what happens to Gold Silver and Bitcoin It’s like the big bullion banks are kind Of sitting on the price of silver and Gold I expect those prices to go much Higher but I have a feeling that the Building banks are accumulating is by Making people negative and you know we Do have trading services that come out About three four times a week and we Give specific recommendations of stocks And we have another one for ETFs and We’ve been making great profits so Especially the stocks yard one stock was Up 72 percent in one day another one was Up about 38 one day you know but these Are speculation so we tell people put Only a small amount of your money in There don’t put yours or your whole Portfolio these are speculations and you Can make a lot of money in speculation If you keep your greed in check do not Right In your December newsletter you had the The grade Factor charts which are found Fantastic because it’s as high as ever I’m asking this another question is you Have all these Robin Hood guys coming in Now because they’re getting greedy Because they don’t you know they don’t

Have jobs they got student loans and They’re living at home So they’re they’re like biting hiding in The basement and trading stocks what do You have to sell these young speculators These Robin Hood guys Yeah also many different ones there are Some who don’t even take a minute to Check out the stock that they’re Investing in they have no idea what the Company does and Um the other people are much more Serious about it and the event should Have made the even become greater hedge Fund managers you know I started trading When I was in college and then right out Of college and I started speculating and Because I didn’t have much money I Started with 400 and so I had to be in a Hurry and I was fully marginal most of The time and so on I really had to pay Very close attention we didn’t have Monitors computers and all that so I had To go to a brokerage firm every morning Sit in the back Gallery in Washington or Tape you know these little green letters That doesn’t go floating by you may Remember that and it was a great Education you know that I have to say I Saw many of the same people who in the In the gallery with me and they got two Green foreign Speaking of greed there’s also Bitcoin But there’s also uh country Bitcoin

Coming out now you the U.S crypto what’s Your comment on bitcoin versus country Crypto like Chinese crypto The Chinese crypto are you referring to A governmentally issued right yes yeah That’s going to be uh the thing of the Future I think Bitcoin and the cryptos You know the what a thousand different Ones probably right now uh they’re all Going to be Um the busy legislated out of business This was an experiment to see that People would accept a digital currency Now they see people will accept it and So now it’s for the the second phase of This experiment is uh we were into a Governmental uh digital currencies That’s because Central Bank digital Currency CBD and Um so and they will take the place and Then they’re going to legislate all the Private ones out of business and one day You will wake up and your Bitcoin book Is zero okay those are nobody and Janet Yellen actually just came out and said I’m very worried about Bitcoin exactly Very concerned I’m very concerned about It yeah exactly and these are the Warning shots sorry they don’t want to Have people say later on oh you never Warned us no even the warnings that are Going out now and they’re going to get Stronger and stronger and stronger Because they want anybody be blaming

Them for losing their house okay but It’s gonna happen and all these private Cryptocurrencies are going to be gone And so you also said with gold and Silver that the bullion banks are Sitting on the pricing they’re Suppressing the pricing what what what’s Going to happen with gold and silver in Your opinion wow Golden Corral have been Manipulated for decades by the big Billion Banks they finally have had a Number of lawsuits out by The Regulators In the U.S and also in Europe against These big banks these are the world’s Biggest banks like Deutsche Bank and so And so on and uh Morgan Etc and they have been manipulating the Price of the precious metals and Also they consider on it and I always Tell people whenever you get into this Be sure that you know that these prices Are manipulated but they may be able to Keep it down for a while but eventually You have to give up because the public Demands will overrun them you know and By that time they would have accumulated Enough themselves then they want the Price to go up right so this is the Other question answers on real estate You know like what I see is they’re Called cmbs’s yeah you know there was a Subprime mortgage thing in the whatever It was in night whatever a long time ago But now the biggest mortgages are in

Trouble collateralized mortgage backed Securities yes that’s all the Office Buildings the shopping centers the Cruise ships Um etc etc etc what’s going to happen When the shopping centers can’t make Their mortgage payments and Office Buildings yeah what’s happening right Now the default rate on the cmbs is up To an all-time record of 16.8 so almost 17 is defaulting and uh that’s huge that Is huge The big big investor is Big institutions Even pension uh plans have their money On these because their yield is higher You know and they’re gonna they’re gonna Take big losses which goes to your point Robert about pensions coming down it’s Just one more hit they’re going to take Yeah exactly So the the so the other thing then so Everybody now is excited because the Price of real estate is going up and as You see the greed I should have kept That page in your the Wellington letter Is Bert has this little grade Factor here It is at all time highs and people are Jumping in buying real estate you know And every time I see that I go oh oh the End is near I call it the Wily coyote Moment you know while I cut it it goes Off the cliff and it falls So everybody’s jumping into residential

Real estate so what is the correlation In your opinion Between commercial real estate which is The office buildings and shopping Centers and cruise ships and all the big Guys And the mom and pop owning their house Yeah see that’s a big difference what You just said the cmbs is that Commercial mortgages okay shopping Centers cruise ships all the stuff that Isn’t making any money huge losses They’re empty and hotels Etc you know and so I wouldn’t touch Those for a 10-foot pole and Um so having said that let’s go to Residential residential is different People want to get out of the big cities Especially the ones like Los Angeles Maybe I don’t know Los Angeles a special Animal because you got the entertainment Industry you got the professional uh the Football teams basketball teams out There but let’s say Seattle San Francisco Chicago New York city so Um the the other real estate people now Want to have a gated community if they Want a house instead of an apartment And they want a swimming pool you know And so these are things I noticed Because I have one of my houses on the Market right now in Los Angeles yeah and The realtor loves it because it’s got The pool it’s got the Gated Community

It’s got all the things that I mentioned And it’s only 17 minutes from the Airport Etc you’re very convenient so these are The kind of properties that are in Demand now it look there’s a shortage There’s a shortage of Residential Properties okay the inventory is very Low at the same time we’ve got mortgage Interest rates at a I think it’s a Record low okay so that’s an unbeatable Combination for the real estate prices To rise the residents but but Bert you Know I would I wouldn’t buy a property Today because of the greed factor is too High what would you say to somebody who Has the great fact of saying oh I better Jump into real estate or jump into a bit Whatever jumping you know what do you Say to them those guys Is it good for you to live For no speculation you know you have to Define that most people unfortunately Never defined right people they ask me About it said what are you buying for What is your own encourage is it is it a Week is two weeks is it a half a year or A year oh I never thought of that the Answer you know the people who buy a Stock and everything go along uh what The time Horizon is that’s a mistake you Gotta you gotta know what’s your time Horizon is and you should write it down So you don’t forget it

So Bert you know again I’m recommending Everybody get your little you use the Wellington letter in the world of fake News this is the most important Investment you can make is food for your Brain but I want to give you the last 30 Seconds or so can you tell a group of The audiences what other services you Have for more specific professional Investors what other services you Provide well we do have a smart uh Smarter stock Trader and that’s a three To four times a week and we give Specific stock of recommendations our Time Horizon is anywhere from a few days To maybe three to four weeks or holding Period and that does very well that we Have another one with a similar Commentary but we recommend ETFs that’s easier for people who don’t Have a lot of money I mean a lot of time To look at individual investors but you Know the most important thing for Investors to know now we’re we’re in a Very speculative period and it’s going To continue and this is the time you can Make a fortune if you know how to use Risk control you have to have mental Protective stops don’t put them into the Market don’t give you a stop to go to a Broker you write it down and you keep it In your computer and you say when it Hits that I’m out I don’t want to you Know they call it stop loss orders okay

So you can make a lot of money this is Also like 19.99 early year 2000 was Great for us we said this doesn’t make Any sense I had a stock it came out of Two and a half Commerce one and there Are no sales no earnings that’s a that’s A that’s a good buy but I bought a Little late it was over over a hundred Dollars already and so I was late but it Kept on going up I finally sold Above 960. because I said it’s not gonna Make it all without that was a nice gain The company still had no sales and no Earnings And then of course I went to zero then Went through here you have to know when To get out Hey Bert but you’re you’re you you are Very aligned to us you’re all about Education don’t be investing if you have No education if you’re not informed Um that’s the that’s the bottom line and That’s what your Wellington letter is About yeah so thank you very much my Friend and uh Thank you very much and it’s always a Great pleasure speaking with you and I Have to say you have the greatest Listeners in the world we get so so many Comments when people hear this interview And so on that we really love your Listeners they’re really great people so Um keep up the good work Well thank you that’s a compliment

Because our listeners are Learners That’s why we tune into Rich Dad I kind Of want to thank Bert Dorman and uh you Know old friend and neighbor in Hawaii And his wisdom is priceless so thank you Thank you Bert thank you okay let me Come back we’ll make a final wrap up and Discussion about our com our friend Bert Doman and what he had to say about the Future in 2021 we’ll be right back Welcome back Robert kiyosuck at the rest Everybody to show the good news and bad News about money I want to thank our Very special guest an old-time friend Bert Doman he’s the editor and chief of The Wellington letter and a fabulous Fabulous investor support material And um anyway you can listen to the rich Chat radio program anytime anywhere on ITunes Android or YouTube we make no Money we don’t recommend you know don’t Say I told you to buy something because We don’t do that I just had to buy this Newsletter because you make you a better Investor and Nick listen to our podcast At richstadradio.com we archive our our All each one of our podcasts so you can Listen to it again so you’ll pick up Twice as much because repetition is how We learn but most importantly you have Friends family and business associates Listen to the this Rich Dad Radio Especially with Bert Doman and discuss It when you discuss it people agree and

Disagree but that’s your your learning Will go Quantum any comments Kim well Yes at the start of the show Bert said Something with that went right along With the cliche of ignorance is bliss Right and I say got all these scary Scenarios he goes well yes it’s a scary Scenario if you are informed and I’m Like that’s not what I wanted to hear But if you are informed it’s scary Because you see what’s coming down I Have spoken to so many people about What’s happening oh everything’s fine no Everything’s good we’re going to be fine Every don’t worry about it it’s coming Back the coldness is bliss sometimes Because I’m I’m scared to death because Maybe I know more than I really want to Know but that’s what this was all about And the other part about ignorance is What what you think Sarah well it Reminded to your point Kim it reminded Me of when we spoke with Rao pal and he Said the same thing now that Biden’s in Office everybody’s in this Utopia this He called it the Hope phase you know the Skies are clearing but I but but I think It’s the ignorance yeah yeah so the Thing here is this reason I love the Wellington letter you know there’s a There’s this Banner but it’s got Pictures it’s got colors which I like And this hairs is greed fear and greed Index you know so it’s extreme grade

Today and he talks about in here that You know the put and the call option Ratios there’s everybody is so bullish They’re only calling up they’re not and They’re not hedging with a put option And you have to read the same but it’ll Explain it the op the optimism is so High And that’s ignorance yes and I’m Guessing as greed goes up intelligence Goes down yeah and so here he’s got his Grade Factor here his charge these are The this is Apple Facebook and all those Criminals out there that you know Driving the stock price up he’s got Tesla in here And it’s got in pictures and colors so I I’m not promoting birth I don’t get paid I’m not saying you should buy anything He says but it’s for your education and He puts it in a macro big picture Comprehensive Scenario and you know one thing we Didn’t talk about with Bert he’s also Deals in the psychology a lot of the Psychology of investing which is the Greed piece but so he watches Behavior As well as the numbers and the charts Which is probably as important if not More important when making those Financial decisions yeah that’s this is The most I agree wholehearted people are Saying 2021 will be the worst and some People say it’ll be the best well that’s

Up to you You know it really is up to you and it Could be the best and it could be the Worst final words though Sarah well I of Course we love bird around here but he Did say something too that we’ve now Heard three other times with other Guests and that’s about the Central Bank Digital currency and so I think this Should be a warning to our listeners Like something if all of these experts Are starting to say the same thing they Need to start looking into it more Because this will be the future anyway The thing that I’m cautious about Bitcoin and I Kim and I have substantial Holdings in Bitcoin Is Jim Rogers and Bert and some other People have said if you mess with the Franchise of the central bank which is Printing money you know the fed and the European Central Bank and the bank of Japan they control the money system and So all us bitcoiners out there running Around saying we’re going to screw the Central bank As Jim Rogers said on our show he says Remember who has the guns And they will come and knock on your Door you know if they can if if Zuckerberg and Dorsey can deep deep Platform you the central bank can send The Gestapo after you too So we’re messing with people’s franchise

Here what I mean that if if you threaten McDonald’s they come after you you can Kentucky Fried Chicken they come after You well when you mess with crypto you Mess it with Essentials Bank And those guys and they got more guns And power you know in this book his Thing in the Wellington letter he talks About Comey he was the head of the FBI You should read what he says about who Comey works for it’s shocking that’s Shocking these guys are criminals but in Their world they’re public servants well To your point Trump tried to mess with The Deep state Same scenario a lot of power a lot of Corruption there yeah if if if Darcy you Know this nerd and Zuckerberg another Nerd and basil is another nerd can take Down the president of the United States Who are you So don’t mess with the Fed so pay Attention we’re still in we’re still in Bitcoin and all that we’re watching but We’ve got to pay attention so anyway That’s that’s the lesson that’s the Message from the rich dad radio show Will make no recommendations we just Want you to be well informed so again Thank you to Bert Dorman and thank you All for listening to this show [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] All right [Music] Thank you [Music]

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