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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good news and bad news about money today We have a very very important show as All of our shows are important It’s about how We changed the world By Servicing or supporting one of the most Important communities in the world is The Latin speaking or the Spanish-speaking world As a it’s a it’s a It’s a I don’t know what do you call a Race a people things but they’re very Near and dear to my heart you know Because uh We have uh Marcos our yard guy and he’s The best guy in the whole world and I See his workers And they bust their butt in the middle Of the summer they don’t quit they keep Going you know white guys are gone but Mexican guys keep going so there’s a Tremendous respect for the work ethic But like most races or it doesn’t make a Difference where you are in the world we Have no Financial education But it affects especially in Arizona is The Latino and Latina Community the most And every time I see the workers out There my heart breaks

You know because they really don’t have A prayer if they just keep being Hard-working people we’re the best People on Earth any comments yeah so one Of the big initiatives of the Rich Dad Company is to bring the Rich Dad Education Rich Dad philosophy to the Latino market and the Latino Market is U.S is South America is Mexico Spain so Today we have with us a very dear friend Who is working with us diligently around The clock to bring The rich dad to the Spanish world and That is Fernando Gonzalez so welcome to The show Fernando thank you very much Kim thank you very much Robert it’s an Honor for me to be here in this radio Show so uh Fernando where’d you learn to Speak Spanish I feel like English Spanish Japanese And French I everything so how’d You learn Spanish Give us a little bit of your background Fernando before Rich Dad yes of course Well a 21 years ago my wife and Anna Cecilia gave me the book Rich Dad Poor Dad but what did you do before yeah what Did you do before Rich Dad give us your Background okay I don’t want to speak Spanish yes Well I am from Peru and I was an officer In the Peruvian Navy so I didn’t know Anything about money and in my family my Father my three brothers we all worked

For the government so we didn’t have any Financial education I’m my biggest fear Was to be poor because I saw that when My father got retire his income went From two thousand dollars to 150 dollars Per month per month after how many years Dollars After how many years of service after 35 Years of service 35 years still going on Today yes it is it’s still going on Today and when my father passed away my Mother was 88 years old and she started To receive 75 dollars per month and she Lives on 75 a month so what happens to The mother yeah So my mother Received as her Pension Plan 75 dollars Per month 75 that’s 75 to live on yes And so that’s that’s fairly common in Peruvian yes in Latin America Latin America the question is what about Medical Well We have assisted like Social Security Okay for medical but it’s a disaster so If you have to go there you are going to Be dead okay Your mother’s 88 years old she’s getting 75 bucks a month she’s got to pay for Food shelter this and if she gets sick What happens I mean I know you take care Of your mother yes because that’s not The story the story is what does she do If you weren’t taking care of her she

Has to be in a public system which is a Disaster medical system medical system Have you been to one yes what’s it look Like oh you see it’s like is it very Poor they don’t have the physical Conditions they don’t have the Skills the technology is really really Very basic so for somebody let’s say in Your mother’s situation 88 years old Living on 75 a month and possibly not Well what happens to what would happen To her well they are miserable and then The debt is coming soon that happens to Many people yes because they don’t have Assistance So I mean the reason that’s important Because because Kim and I had a similar Story it’s a reason I have Rich Dad Poor Dad is my poor dad died poor because he Took on the governor You know as a my father’s a Democrat and He shifts to the Republican Party Because Democrats are Crooks in Hawaii There’s not one Democrat there’s not one Republican in Hawaii today maybe in the Supreme Court Justices Were put on trial because Hawaii is so Corrupt and my father being an honest Man he shifted from Democrat to Republican and ran against his boss but In the process he lost his pension And so that’s why a PhD was poor that’s Why I call him poor debt because he went To school at age five

And then he Becomes ahead of Education gets his ass Kicked and then he finds out he is poor But he has PhD so that’s how I make the Joke you know PhD stands for poor Helpless and desperate it’s not funny Another level because we have to take Care of him and Kim it is some of the Things she took on What happened to your father my father When he was in his early 50s he was Working uh he’d worked many years for a Printing company he was head of sales For the printing company and when the President was resigning stepping down it Was either my dad who was head of sales Was going to be president or the Chief Financial Officer the accountant was Going to be president and as often as The case sales and accounting often do Clash and they clashed so when push came To shove the CFO got the presidency and The CFO said to my dad bye-bye and that He was fired But your your dad remained a Democrat Unfortunately No he was really funny because her dad Her dad watched with Martin Luther King And all that very very hard man her Father’s fantastic man yes High Principles yes but he belonged to the Richest country club in Oregon but he Was the only Democrat only because he Wanted to be different

I say Bill keep your mouth shut because You’re gonna get killed in here But I was I’m gonna support all this but But to that point I mean that was that Was that was a big wake-up call for me When he got fired because he had also Taught me work hard get a job work your Way up the corporate ladder exactly what He did and so when I saw that happen to Him I’m like I’m not taking that path I’m going a different path One more thing about because uh not that We’re not that we can vote for who you Like you know I mean but um My dad shifted from Democrat to Republican President Reagan shifted from Democrat to Republican and Trump shifted From Democrat to Republican for the same Reason corruption and uh it’s just Tragic not that the Republicans aren’t Corrupt but they steal in different ways So back to Fernando So Fernando how did you get to America From Peru well because I I know when I Got to retired from the Navy I had the Entrepreneurial toll and I know that in My country at that moment we have we are Talking about 1980 90 89 so at that moment we have Inflation the evaluation it was a Disaster so there was not hope for me Over there so I decided to come to America to find my American dream and I Found it yeah but but Peru was also

Under attack from shining path yes Because I was in Peru at the time Climbing your mountains uh looking for Gold for Frank Quarry another capitalist Guy but uh and Peru is a spectacular Country I mean just spectacular so I’m Up in the mountains so you know one of One one gold mine was at 13 000 feet Looking for gold And the other gold mine was at 17 000 Feet And but I learned so much about Peru and The people But I think I learned the most when I Went to your bank Because the banks were run by white guys Spanish guys yes right yes bank or VISA Yeah there’s those white guys Spanish Very handsome could have been a Politician of the John Kennedy look and All this stuff And this guy was we knew we all know the Game has played different on here on Their side of the table So when I met Fernando it was about the Same time because I was in Peru in the 80s 89. Yeah And so I understood when you said we’re Here to we have to teach the Spanish Speak people and so that’s why we’re Here today Because you know Arizona is what they said it was a book

Called a day without Mexicans in Arizona The Arizona economy would stop because Nobody else works here except the Mexicans here right I mean that’s true Yeah they’re the best people So that’s your mission right yes that’s My mission to be the bridge We between Latin America and financial Education from which that company and Today you live in America yes I live in America for the past 27 years what do You live now I live in Miami not of Miami And a lot of Cubans there too oh yeah Yeah they’re all running from the same Thing right yes they’re running from Hahaha Honey I don’t know if you see it but America’s going socialist right yes I’ve I saw it for the first time and it Reminds me of Latin America and what I See today in America I never saw in my Life before yeah And that’s why you know the Rich Dad Brand the Rich Dad message and financial Education Not that socialists are bad people But they have murdered the most people All on planet Earth I mean you know Nazi Is and National socialists USSR United States U.S Soviet Socialist Republic China is Chinese CCP Chinese Communist Party They have murdered the most people in

History In history so when the capitalists go to Warlock I went to war it was against Communism yeah because you know I think Mao has killed I think 46 million people That they can count And Stalin killed 26 million and Hitler Killed 18 million So capitalist kill But they generally killed socialists but We don’t have to we don’t have to go Overseas now because they’ve landed in America Unfortunately so the way we fight back Is we’re a little cash flow games yes so I wanted to ask Fernando so so Um with Rich Dad and the Rich Dad Education what happened with you and Your family that led you to really want To take on this role of bringing Financial education to the Latino Market What happened for you in Cecilia and Alexandra well what happened is that for Example in my family we never talk about Money so we didn’t have money okay and After I started receiving my education My financial education here in Phoenix I I saw a big opportunity for my family To step up Starting with my wife Ana Cecilia He was a she was a real estate agent she Was a real estate agent until she’s Forgiven me because I trash I trashed Real estate agents and financial

Planners up one side and down the other What did Robert say to Cecilia well Robert said to Cecilia what did you do For a living and she said I am a real Estate agent and Robert said so you work For tips And she was upset yeah because I said to Her and she’s the best person one thing I love about Fernando and his family They’re toughest Nails man you can you Can pound on them and they fight back You know but anyways Real estate agents work for tips because I said to her I tip my waiters or Waitresses 20 percent I tip my real estate agent six percent And what happened to Cecilia and she got Very very upset I said to me I don’t Want to get back here Whoever said that I work for tea plant But she started to realize so what what Did she do from real estate agent to Now she’s a big investor she’s a very Successful investor and she said I don’t Like tips anymore she’s a capitalist now Yes she uses other people’s money yes Yeah she doesn’t work for money she Works she uses other people’s money she Goes for infinite returns yeah and she’s Kicking butt in Miami right yeah yes I’m Very proud of her very proud of you and Your family and thank you your daughter Alexandra here is running our social Media site yeah and um it’s been really

A great story about the transformation You know you guys paint the bridge to The Spanish speaking the Latina Latino Community and you know what else is very Cool is we run into people all over the World and and there’s every once in a While somebody pops up and they’re like I want to bring this education to to my Community I want to bring it to my my People basically and so now we have we Have people like Fernando but not at the Level Fernando’s taking it to a new Level I mean Fernando has done events With us in Latin America where I mean Thousands and found thousands you did The biggest rich woman event ever in Mexico City Um so you’ve taken it to a new level and It’s going to be exciting to bring the Rich Dad education to the Latino market So we come back we’ll be talking more About how Financial education Can be bridged just by changing the Language so like like I said I flunked Out of Japanese I flunked out of Spanish I flunked English and I flunked French But I’m now fluent in Spanish via my Games and books remember Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about money and consider the Rich Dad program anywhere anytime on iTunes I Enjoyed on YouTube and please leave us a Review and all of our programs are

Archived at richdadradio.com we are cut Them for one reason we don’t sell Anything we do have fight we do support Education not the stuff they teach you In school but anyway listen to this Program again and you’ll learn twice as Much but he discusses with friends Family or business associates and They’ll learn twice as much but more Importantly if you have a friend family Member or business associate who speaks Spanish This is a very very important program Because you know what They use money in Spain also you see Money is a universal language except There’s no Financial education in Schools so our guest today is Fernando Gonzalez he’s he was been he’s been with With been with wrist stats since the Start As I first came we started doing Seminars he’s never left Um and now he’s he’s taken myself and my Team all over the world the biggest the Biggest events in Barcelona Spain that’s Where Spanish has spoken to All over South America except did we go To Brazil too no because over there is Portuguese yeah yeah in Brazil I got Thrown off the stage there because why Did I say something really stupid but Anyway not you Did I speak Portuguese I didn’t

Understand me there you so so Fernando Is is you know he’s very Um he’s very dedicated to Rich Dad he’s Very dedicated to the Latino communities Of the world and he has taken on the Role of Rich Dad Latino bringing the Rich Dad education and philosophy to South America Mexico Spain to all the Spanish-speaking communities of the World which is a huge task and one that Is desperately needed at the Rich Dad Company so let’s go to The Human Side You know first of all you live in Miami Right yes and you know Cubans will Escaped Cuba yes Do they like communism and socialism They hate it what what do they tell you Well what they tell me is that their Salary was between 10 to 20 dollars per Month number one in Cuba everybody you Can be a doctor whatever is 20 dollars In Cuba same thing in China yes yes they All work for the same Pace except if you Were part of you’re close to the party Yes and also what they told me is that They don’t have any freedom everything Is controlled by the government so their Spirit is killed because no matter what They do they are gonna receive 20 per Month so there is no free market Everything is controlled by the Government there’s no incentive to do Well because yes so they so they escape Cube or whatever which way they did it

But do they see the same thing happening In America today For the first time they tell me that They they see people liking Cuba Radicals going left and they are scary Because they say there is no other Country to go You know if if USA goes down with by Radicals where are we going that’s what They saw in Cuba happen yes Venezuela today Mr maduro’s a little Hero there right in Venezuela The people are making between two to Three dollars per month Per month is a disaster and they have a Lot of oil but there is a lot of Corruption in Venezuela Venezuela is the Biggest oil producer in the world They’re broke because of the government Yeah and I’m afraid that’s where our Government’s going in America today yeah You see it right I see it yeah we can See it but Americans can’t see it Because they were they didn’t grow up in Cuba or Venezuela or Peru like like in Peru it was a shining path I was I wasn’t afraid but I remember how Depressed your country was it wasn’t Lima you know driving the streets Everything was dark it wasn’t happy and Latins are they like to Olay Olay Olay And party but they weren’t happy there Yeah you were saying path was blowing Out all the towers and all this stuff

And killing people It’s frightening I don’t think people Know how frightening socialism is but It’s hitting us today and you know I Forget who we were talking to recently On the Rich Dad radio show but they Talked about the countries where they Were socialists and were Communists and Now they’re more towards democracy they Have no desire to ever go back to Socialism and communism unfortunately The countries that are heading that way Have never to your point have never ever Experienced it and they have no idea What’s in store for them you see the Same thing Fernando the same thing they Always say that they are coming for four Years and they they stay for 50 years Yeah what other so the point is Americans don’t know what you guys are Running from you know just like you were Saying your your father worked all those Years he’s got no pension well guess What my generation Americans there’s no Pension for them because what America Did you know for the last uh 40 years Was they packaged these toxic assets and They stuffed them into our pension plans Yeah so that’s why uh Ted sadell and I Wrote the book who stole our pensions You watching it’s already happening I Saw it uh just this morning on TV Was a thing called cmbs’s collateralized Mortgage-backed Securities they packaged

Them up these are these are the The um the financing between the biggest Hotels the big shopping centers and the Big Office Buildings they’re defaulting So the default The fault is now at 40 billion dollars Up from 20 billion two months ago So those toxic cmbs’s are sold to the Teachers firefighters and police officer Pensions So oh it won’t happen it won’t happen in America sweetheart it’s already Happening this goes back to the point if There’s no Financial education you can’t See how they’re stealing or robbing you Blind right but it took Heaven you’re Going to see your father working all These years getting 150 dollars then Your mother gets 75 dollars yes sir and The medical system’s trash But that’s where we’re heading so that’s Why that’s what motivates fernet what I’m getting is why does Fernando want to Put up working with me But why do we want to bring Financial Education in Fernando’s world to the Latin speaking the Spanish-speaking Committee am I correct yes um I why what I see also is that we as Latinos we are Hard-working people we without Financial Education so we work for money we never Knew how to build assets that’s the Problem so we depend on the on the Pension plan because it is there is no

Other choice right So what is the change you see happening Or that you want to see happening in the Latino communities well I I really like when we travel together To Latin America People started to change their lives Especially when we get back for the Second chance sometimes we met people That are financially free because they Apply the Practical knowledge of Financial education so once we open the Door there is no way back because we Want to be free so so the argument we Always hear is it can’t be done here and You’re telling the Latino communities That it can be done in your neighborhood In your in your city yes because they Learn from The Rovers you and the Advisors how to build the team because We as Latinos we used to have all the Answers and the wrong answers but once You have a team with real teachers there Is another dimension is when you take Your life to the next level yeah Fernando is just the best man If it takes his huge risk he puts like Four or five thousand people in the room But he fly he flew our advisors with me Because you know everybody knows I know Nothing But we had Kenny McElroy we had Andy Tanner and his boys Garrett Sutton and His children and all this and I remember

It was an Argentina they speak Spanish Right yeah it was in uh they had 4 000 People in there and Andy Tanner’s two Boys Along with Kim your wife Cecilia And the two and these two boys and you Guys were talking about infinite returns Right remember that that’s correct That’s correct and the two boys were Explaining what an infinite return was Um it was just and the audience was just Blown away because these boys are They’re 11 and 13 years old so it was it Was pretty it was pretty fun yeah but You don’t need money to make money and They had and we had two women myself and So actually three women and Cecilia’s Friend Um who were all Real Estate Investors Talking about infinite returns as well So and they’re enjoying it in Miami yes Yeah they took a what an eight Plex and Turned it in it before it took a four Plex and turned it into an apex and you Visited president macri with Kim and he Told you that the problem is the Educational system yeah he cannot change The educational system that’s how they Control our minds right and the power of Education this is universal all over the World most School teachers are Communists but they don’t know it Because it never studied economics yeah You know there’s different kinds there’s

Marxist economics There’s Keynesian economics Malthus Economics and mises economics And then there’s military economics So though economics taught in our Universities are Keynesian and Malthusian which are marxists but they Don’t know it I call it you know to keep It simple I just call Marxist economics Robin Hood you take from the rich and You put it in your pocket well that’s What Biden’s Clinton and Obamas do That’s why they’re so rich they made They made it the old-fashioned way they Run for political office and they steal It well the trumps don’t have to steal It because they made it before they were There So I started my father you know my poor Ted years ago he says the thing I like About Kennedy he’s all very rich he Doesn’t have to steal And every politician as you know is There to line their pockets they can say No no no no no no no But you know a politician makes nothing What do you expect them to do you know But help themselves God helps those who Help themselves So that’s why you know I really Appreciate what Fernando Gonzalez his Whole family and the whole team and the Dedication to all the cash flow clubs Across the Spanish-speaking world we can

Teach capitalism Because I’m definitely you can choose You can be a socialist you can be a Marxist you can steal from the rich if You want you can tax them But as you know rich don’t pay taxes Anyway Right yes By the way it’s it’s a completely Different world you know anything else You want to say Kim well I always want To say your your website Fernando is Richdadlatino.com yes and we can also Announce that we are having a three-day Event in December 8th 9 and 10 Robert King and the advisors are going to be Online for the holy Spanish Community Okay and go so go to Rich Dad Latino to Find out more about that December 8th Yes perfect Okay so well thank you very much Fernando thank you Robert Kim thank you Thank you for the work you’re doing Thank you thank you for bringing Rich Dad education to the Latino markets all Over the world and Fernando taught me to Speak Spanish hola como esta that’s all I know Roberto Roberto Anyway thank you Fernando You can buy a listing out there be very Clear on this I went to Vietnam to shoot Communists There’s a reason we do that is because They kill the most people

And I’ll be very clear on that because I’m very upset what’s happening in our Country it doesn’t make a difference Who’s Republican or Democrat is not the Issue it’s our academic system is Teaching people Marxism so thank you Thank you Fernando thank you for a final Word thank you thank you Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki wish Everybody to share the good news and bad News about money and I want to thank Fernando Gonzalez for taking he’s been It’s been really been with us from day One you know 25 years almost now or 20 20 something years But every time we had a seminar he’d Show up and all this and then he finally Stepped up and he says I need to take This to the Spanish-speaking world any Comments come well what I’m so excited About is you know we’re our number one Initiative at Rich Dad is to uh is to Expand our cash flow Club Network all Over the world we have thousands of cash Flow clubs where people get together Spontaneously and they play the cash Flow game it might be six people it Might be thousands of people and so you Are Fernando is spearheading uh the Latino Market in in expanding the cash Flow club network there which is very Exciting and we’re just launching now Our revised our updated Cash Flow game Which I’m so excited about it’s very

Pretty it’s very exciting and we are in The process of translating all of the Nuances into Spanish so that you will Have Fernanda will have that game Available for his communities can I say Something else as uh when we again there Was another He was from Mexico it’s Marco real and He’s a huge television star in America And he came to us immediately when we Started out just like Fernando You know it is because they love their They love their people and the people Are hurting You know I mean Like I said every time I look at the Workers in our yard I just wish I could Transfer knowledge But I can’t do it I don’t speak Spanish But anyway and they’re green carded but If they played the game to the game Would transfer the knowledge And so by having it in Spanish and then Having Fernando start this whole network across The Latin Latin speaking World Spanish-speaking world It supports our Ambitions which is to Elevate the financial well-being of Humanity not just Americans but I’ll Tell you something that Marco said to me This is you know 20 years ago I said and He was always he was he was going out For the price is right and all that he’s

Kind of like that other guy um on TV now A lot Very handsome Spanish Latin guy I said what drives you and he says you Know what pisses me off I said no what Is it he says when people think of Mexicans Mexican They think of this guy leaning up Against a cactus with a sombrero over His head He says that drives me he says how dare They that is so stereotyping us And we’re very hard-working people and I Would agree 100 any comments that’s my It’s been my experience every time we’ve Been to Mexico as our experience in Latin America the people are driven They’re also so eager to learn and to Improve their lives and make a Difference so yeah so the cash flow game In Spanish will transfer the knowledge My rich dad gave me years ago and we can Now transfer to the Latin speaking world And the game can go to throughout the Latino World Um to when where Robert and I could Never get to so that’s very exciting it Would take me a while to learn to speak Spanish So anyway thank you all for listening to The Rich Dad radio show thank you Fernando Gonzales thank you very much Thank you all for listening [Music]

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