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Foreign Welcome to another program of Rich Dad World thank you so much for joining us Today Um as always you know we always say the Most important asset you have is right Between your ears and nothing’s more Important than today than your financial Education so today we’re going to be Talking with a couple new experts who I’ve got of course Robert here with me Um and then we have a couple other Experts who are going to talk about you Know there’s always all kinds of Investments that will cash flow and we Always want to look at new opportunities What’s coming down the pike where the Opportunities where the threats so we’ve Got a very full packed show for you Today and as I said just thank you for Tuning in thank you for watching Um and please do your best to you know Not just educate yourself but educate Those around you as well because these Are uncommon that’s an understatement Uncommon times And we want to prepare as much as Possible for whatever shows up at our Doorstep so welcome and I will pass it Over to Robert Well welcome too and I’m very happy to Have Andy Tanner an expert on the paper America business America Tusa who uh I Wait I call on my brother we grew up

With the same town or city together Vancouver British Columbia for Generations apart but you haven’t lived Until you’ve invested in Vancouver It’s it’s what the wild west used to be Has now moved to Vancouver so uh I Remember when I first went there years Ago in the 80s and people and people Were investing in NASDAQ and uh you know New York Stock Exchange and I said I’m In Vancouver and everybody said you must Be a crook then I said no I just like I Just I just like the characters in Vancouver better Because they’re they’re wild events we Have Andy Tanner but we have America too So who is Um adenosine of the Vancouver exchange Markets but he is a Uh you know he was freaking genius of What he’s doing and he’s going to be Talking about some of the biggest Investments coming down and the reason This is an important time I think Andy Would agree with this is when people ask Me did this Jim records was a friend of Mine he also describes complexity and People don’t know what complexity means And what’s happening in the world today Things getting more and more complex not Less complex so my description of Complexity is it’s like you start with a Little house of cards But you got to keep it up so you put

More how more cards underneath of it but You got to keep that up so you put more Cards underneath of it and pretty simply Got this house of cards this big And so the question is what do you Invest in I said well right now invest In standing clear of that house of cards And so that’s really what this subject Is about is how you can still profit no Matter what happens in the coming Markets So Andy I mean you love that 401k don’t You yeah and let me just enter let me Just interrupt for a moment if those of You who do not know Andy Tanner by now Um standards are rich dad advisory he Wrote the book stock market cash flow And one of the things we love about Andy Is I never knew until I met Andy that You can actually get cash flow from the Stock market so I just wanted to let People know in case because you look a Little different Andy you’ve lost a lot Of weight and you’re very healthy so in Case people didn’t recognize you take it Away well thanks Robert and Kim and to Answer Robert’s questions no I do not Like 401ks because they’re the ultimate Retail investment Uh if if a person were to read your book The cash flow quadrant they learned that There’s four different ways they can Pursue uh an income being an employee Being self-employed owning a business or

Investing in businesses and when people Say should I put money in a 401k I say Well decide which quadrant you want to Be in if you want to be an e then you Know maybe that’s going to be the best You can do but I think they make Wall Street rich I don’t know very many People at all in fact I don’t know one Person that went from poor to very very Wealthy because they invested in a 401k And so uh so no I don’t I don’t care for Those much Robert Kiyosaki is the Best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad A 10 Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at richdadfree.com go to Richdadfree.com So mayor would you give us your Background I mean I know um It’s really been enjoyable working with You because you’re one of the smartest Guys I’ve ever met but you’re a calculus Teacher at one time yeah so I start from The Academia I got bored with that Really quickly teaching calculus and you Know what I realized was if I could take My skills with you know my quest for Knowledge and traveling it just happened That I was born and raised in Vancouver Here British Columbia and Canada on the West coast and as Robert mentioned it Was the wild wild west of resource Development historically it’s the Finance capital of the world for mining

For gold copper silver most uh hard Commodities and and I started out in Tungsten very early You know I became with what many called The tungsten king of Canada and then Uranium very big in 2004. so by starting There then was the founder with Jim O’Rourke and Rod Shire on Canada’s third Largest producing copper mine youngest Person ever on the TSX as a director and Largest investor I had the benefit of Understanding the math side of things Understanding the risk but learning the Geology side and the engineering side And I traveled the world for 20 years Doing that and I think today is the Largest independent financier of Resources in the world I’ve taken a very Different approach I’ve been there and Done that I’ve gone to the risky parts Of the world put body armor on had French Foreign Legion as my bodyguards On whether I was in Iraq or Kosovo Places were literally uh your life was At risk because the the concept was go To where the gold is and you need a big Risk to get big returns Then when you go through that you Realize that that’s not necessarily true Look I’m a math guy from the background But I’m I’m a you know known as a gold Guy or you know all these Commodities That I’ve been involved in financing and Building but I think it’s it the risk is

Mispriced in our markets right now and I’m hated for it because the bankers Don’t like me bringing these things up Because investors start asking questions And that’s a No-No in the banking world Don’t ask questions right so Marin You’re saying that investors are are not Going to go into these risky areas Anymore well they are but I think what’s Going to happen the cash flows are going To be significantly impacted because the Governments are changing the structure They want more of a good thing that’s The one thing politicians are going to Do and if you’re in Chile or Ecuador or DRC Mongolia how much more easier if You’re a politician to blame the foreign Company for pollution and say we need More of the ownership they’re not paying Their fair share it’s it’s it’s it’s It’s so simple to see but the investment Community is not pricing that risk in Kim you and I know that really well Because you know we started a gold mine You know I traveled to Peru Mongolia China And we found gold in China We struck gold in China we took it Public on the TSC Toronto Stock Exchange And as soon as it was proven the Chinese Government said thank you And they took it so that’s called they Call it nationalization I call it theft So anyway Afghanistan to me was the

Start of the downfall of what Marion was Talking about they’re going to start Taking back what they think belongs to Them which it probably does But uh like when Biden shut down the Keystone Immediately Tim and I Started buying U.S You know because if he shuts down Keystone And now Afghanistan and all that shut Down the price of oil started to climb So the investment opportunity that Kim And I saw was just to be back into Texas And invest there but if you’re kind of Worst of all I think Andy if you are my Age from all the Baby Boomers coming at A 401k And the House of Cards has never been Bigger what would you say to every baby Boomer who’s waiting for the 401K Well I I hope you’ve enjoyed your past Because your future might be rough Um and on a serious note I do what a Smart person does I’d get me sell I get Myself some help And I’d say look get a coach Get someone that can help you one of the Things I say often that that I got from Robert Uh that resonated with me is When I we read the rich we read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad my wife and I and when

We read it the first time we said well I Want to buy real estate I want to buy Assets not a liabilities asset Liabilities and we failed completely And I said well let’s read it again And Marcy uh said Okay and she grabbed The cover she says I think I’ve got it I Said you’ve got what she goes it’s in The cover Rich Dad Poor Dad we’ve Already got the poor dads we’re halfway There and that shift and then not to Disparage my own dad but that shift was We stopped looking for deals and we Started looking for people that could Help us learn And when we stopped looking for deals And started looking for people that Could help us learn things seem to got Better so if you’re a person that uh is In this house of cards and you see it Might fall on you and you might not be Positioned well maybe you stop asking Advice from Aaron Roberts saying well What should I buy with ten thousand Dollars and maybe start looking for People that can help you at least that Worked out for Marcy and I pretty well So Kim would you mind talk about Frank Who is our He was our coach our guide our Mentor in Vancouver the Wild Wild West I’m without Frank Lublin even alive well we did get Eaten alive but without Frank it’s His best education we ever got right

Yeah Frank Frank was a great mentor he Since passed Um wonderful mentor and I learned I Never knew anything about the stock Market much less taking taking uh Companies public Um but I learned very very quickly how The game is played and it is a game Um and He and I look back on some of the best Mentors and best coaches I’ve had in my Lifetime and Frank is right up there Um taught us a lot taught us the inside Um asked asked us the best questions I Think that was one of his gifts he knew How to ask the question to get us to Look and to learn so yeah a great mentor Not only that you know man what he did Was he put us in charge of the Exchange So immediately we had access You know to Credible people but when What I was laughing about is there’s Something happiness days of my life on The streets of Toronto they come in off Vancouver because I heard I heard every Bad deal possible I heard goldfish deals I I don’t know what else I heard but They’re pitching deals constantly it was Just a deal pitching you know Vancouver Was a deal pitching town And so without Frank to guide us and to Have uh Tom Allen and all these other Guys we ran into But that’s what a coach you know guy

Does so when Marin called up and he said I have a great New Deal It’s carbon credits there was always There was already a simpaticum because The moment said Vancouver I said okay Kind of an idea who I’m dealing with And then Marin started to talk but I I Also knew that Marin had access He knows what he’s doing and a lot of Them also those guys in Vancouver don’t Know what they’re doing they’re just Pitching deals most of the companies are Run by guys that would be underqualified To wash cars never mind parked cars but The way it’s structured they pop on a Suit they look good they have a good Story or they’re a good storyteller They get the right lawyers and Accountants they de-risk themselves but All the risk goes on to the investors And that’s the scariest part of the Whole Market uh it’s not the management Teams that are going to go down and There’s a few Simple Rules why would you Ever buy stock in into a company that You know is trading at ten dollars but The Management’s cost base is one penny Are your interests aligned right off the Bat no so you don’t need to be someone Like me who’s been you know doing this For 20 years and is you know if there’s A deal that comes through Canada I’m one Of the first places it comes because It’s I’m a big source of capital but

Just some general rules of thumb would I Take my family to this location where The project is and if I don’t feel Comfortable doing that would I want to Build something there if not you Probably shouldn’t go unless the value Proposition exceeds the upside exceeds All risk what’s The Insider’s cost are We at the same price in certain deals You can get in cheaper than what Management bought that’s a Warren Buffett type of thing to do am I buying It considerably under its true cash flow Value or do I gotta jump through crazy Hoops to even potentially build this Thing and maybe one day get cash flow I’m not a high-risk guy I don’t like going to places and when I Was young and single who cares I love Traveling around the world I lived a Rock star life for 15 years it’s Fantastic but when you want to make real Money you don’t need to go to Mongolia Or turkey or Argentina remember these Places are where dreams go to die and Money goes to heaven so it’s about cash Flow buying it very cheap at a discount To its net asset value and if you follow The biggest guys in the business it’s Not rocket science it’s about Positioning yourself and if you feel Like you’ve missed the boat you already Have wait for the next one there’s Always something new coming along and

Any comments on that Andy because that’s What you’re not a buy and haul guy are You I mean the the you’re not a Financial planner should I say I’m not a Financial planner and I’m I’d like to Thank Marin for being here because he Just said everything I’d like to say Yo when I if I can make this simple one Of the things I do is I have my kids Play the cash flow game And I recommend that for adults too Because you learn what a financial Statement is And when you do that you can act like a Businessman rather than a financial Advisor or Trader and what I mean by That is if you really list what Marin Said Is he’s not buying a piece of paper he’s Buying a business And when you and we call this Fundamentals I mean if if I go to the Doctor there’s certain fundamental Things that should be ordered my pulse My blood pressure if I go to a business There’s certain fundamental things that Should be in order and you learn that by Playing the cash flow game So I won’t trade stocks but I won’t buy And hold them either I’ll look at a Business and exactly as Marin said uh I’m not buying the paper I’m buying the Financial statement and so just like a Real estate investor doesn’t flip houses

Uh they’ll keep the house as long as the Fundamentals say keep it and that’s the Same way I look at at the businesses That I like to buy you know with real Estate we get a bunch of people together And we get a distribution with stocks we Get a bunch of people together and they Get a dividend it’s the same thing so I Couldn’t agree with with Marin Moore is He’s looking at the business uh not the Not the stock itself and the ups and Downs and the the craziness of that buy Good business Talked to me about a couple of years ago Now I got interested because my teacher was Buckminster Fuller and Marin was talking About he says on planet Earth today There’s four billion billionaires when I Was in the 80s today there’s eight But um he started talking about Cosmic Accounting and all this so I’m talking To Marin about Cosmic accounting which Is the energy of the sun Plus Um About being in Vancouver then he started Talking to me about carbon credits and I have no idea what carbon credits was But I trusted Marin because I knew he Was doing because I know his reputation And so would you so we in fact Kim and I Invested in carbon credits [Music] Printing is

Control the Fat market and now they’re coming for Everything else take real estate for Example in June the FED said the housing Market needs a difficult correction but Robert called them out just last week he Said don’t get swept up in the Propaganda If the Fed can’t print it Invest in it they can’t print oil they Can’t print real estate and they can’t Print a new van Gogh Masterpiece that’s Right experts know the Art Market is Ripe for opportunity since it isn’t at The mercy of the FED look at the data While the s p is down over 24 this year The Art Market has soared past its Pre-pandemic levels now the average Piece is worth 26 percent more than this Time last year so how do you take Advantage of this momentum and invest in Art without needing Millions by Investing with Masterworks Roberts Talked about them for months because Masterworks lets you invest in shares of Paintings by Warhol Picasso and Banksy And the results so far have been Incredible six paintings sold for an Average net return of 29 to their Investors including a sale as recently As August for 33.1 percent return no Wonder there are over 500 000 users have Invested more than a half a billion Dollars on Masterworks and here’s the Best part you can skip their wait list

And try Masterworks for free by going to Masterworks.art Rich Dad that’s Masterworks.art Rich Dad see important Disclosures at masterworks.com CD feeling powerless over current events And your financial future Financial Freedom is your freedom Robert Kiyosaki Is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad over 40 million people have Taken Robert’s advice now it’s your turn Attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at richdadfree.com don’t wait access Is limited go to richdadfree.com that’s Richdadfree.com So would you mind explaining what carbon Credits are because I think I agree with You I think they could be bigger than Bitcoin What carbon credit is they’ve been Around for 20 years but they were Thinking of Bitcoin in the early days They weren’t legitimate there was no way To quantify them or certify them as real Uh what one carbon credit represents is The equivalent of one ton of carbon Dioxide or Co2e equivalent because there’s Nitric Oxides there’s there methane all these Different Greenhouse gases taken out of the market Out of the atmosphere so one ton of Greenhouse gas sequestered you get one Carbon credit certified Now by companies

Like Vera or gut gold standard that are Recognized by Google Microsoft Amazon Exxon shell BP and the SEC this is the Key feature that people are not paying Attention to carbon credits are a Commodity they’re also a Geffen good a Geffen good means is as the price goes Up the demand actually increases that’s Very different than most commodities When the price goes up people will buy Less of or people will finance new Substitutions and we sell them right now Companies are asking to buy it for the Next 10 20 years at three times higher So imagine if I could produce gold for 500 an ounce which would be the lowest Quartile and sell it for two thousand That’s a great cash flow opportunity so Marin what what’s the benefit of a Company why would a company buy it Carbon credit so there’s a few reasons The first reason why for example Exxon Uh BP shell they have to buy because It’s been legislated by their board Whether they like it or not that they Have to reduce their carbon footprint Why because both the bond market who Invests remember the bond Market’s a lot Bigger than the stock market the bond Market is demanding this of their Investments and the shareholders have Voted at the annual general meeting that They want this or management get Replaced so they have to do this to

Reduce their carbon footprint but in the End it and if they follow this game plan Their cost of capital decreases Lloyd’s Of London came out and stated We have done the research here’s our Math of the smartest Actuarial science That we have and using evidence that for Example they stated that the the 20 Centimeter rise of Manhattan since 1950 And the sea level costed 30 percent more On Hurricane Sandy on insurance claims All the insurance companies are now Putting these numbers in before uh There’s something called the ipcc Which is funded by the UN us EU UK Harvard Oxford they all work together to Publish this 3 900 page report the Biggest takeaway that I got being a Numbers guy was one in 50-year climate Occurrences Are going to increase by 38.9 fold that Means the cost of insurance is going to Go up so either you play the game of Decarbonizing or if you want insurance Coverage and you don’t play this game It’s going to cost you way more money to Get coverage because you’re not playing Ball and there’s going to be less money Available meaning at the end if you take Two mining companies and one says Ah Climate change is nonsense and I don’t Want to reduce my carbon footprint They’re going to be paying between 12 And 15 percent for money which makes

Them not attractive to the investor the Mining company that does go green and Reduces its carbon footprint Their cost of capital will be between Two and four percent these guys who are Doing the green route are going to Gobble up these guys and grow bigger and Their shareholders are going to benefit Because their cost of capital is lower So that’s why ultimately it comes down To balance sheet Secondly the big change now I’ve been Talking about this for a few years the SEC the chair of the SEC came out and he Said we really pay attention to uh the Decarbonization the central banks are Paying attention to this remember it’s The bank of England that controls the Insurance Market the the UK Insurance Market is the largest non-medical Insurance Market in the world the Central banks are saying we have to only Fund decarbonization And on a balance sheet when you have Assets and liabilities there’s going to Be a new line item your carbon footprint Companies like Exxon and shell Have to go in and reduce their carbon Footprint well how’s an oil company or a Cement company or a steel company going To do that carbon credits it’s about Offsetting you can’t green wash Greenwash is a totally different thing That’s kind of like what politicians do

They just talk and cut ribbons But you have to offset your footprint And the fastest way to do that Is carbon credits And so how do how our way manufacturing Carbon credits so there’s three Different types of carbon credits my Favorite are what’s called blue carbon Credits those are ocean credits like Mangrove forests which a lot of people Don’t realize are being Um uh cut down on a faster rate than the Amazon rainforest why Dynamite rolls People like dynamite rolls shrimp and It’s the best environment to farm shrimp And who’s doing it the Chinese fish Companies they’re doing it illegal off The coast of Mexico off the coast of Brazil off the coast of Indonesia these Habitats are getting significantly Impacted so you can go to these areas You prevent the illegal fishing but that Costs money the governments aren’t Funding this stuff so companies are Buying the rights to these tracks of Land one square mile of of ocean absorbs 10 times the amount of greenhouse gases From the atmosphere than the same one Square mile on land of a forest of What’s called green carbon credits so The blue carbon credits are more Valuable because you absorb in a smaller Space the same space 10 times but you Also have a massive positive

Biodiversity effect you save the the Coral reefs the turtles the Sharks the Dolphins all of the other bird Sanctuaries all these other biodiversity Factors then you have so what happens is As you prevent the illegal harvesting or Chopping of these mangroves then you get A company like Vera to certify The decarbonization or the absorption Remember trees they absorb algae absorbs Greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and They calculate and then they certify you That is recognized by the SEC by all the Big banks by all the big companies Affirm and it costs a lot of money to do This it’s not like you can just do it in Your backyard because you know you get a Buddy to certify this there’s a process To it and that’s why it’s become a Commodity and that’s how you go about it And that’s what Delta Airlines is now Advertising if you go to Google you just Type in buy a flight it’s going to have Its price and then it’s going to say Your carbon footprint it used to be how Long the flight would be between Connections and your total time that’s Been replaced by carbon Footprints right You’re gonna have you know MasterCards Already come out with a credit card that Calculates its carbon footprint so now When Exxon and shell and Google the next Phase is they’re going to put this on to Their employees and your bonus remember

Gas companies are doing this already Their bonuses are based off of the Carbon footprint reduction so you want a Bonus you gotta hit all your key metrics You know your key metrics like uh your Efficiency your cash flows your Environmental standards and eventually Carbon footprint when that comes into The balance sheet once it becomes Prime Time nobody’s talking about this yet but That’s how you make the big fortunes as You guys know you want to be buying Things before they’re popular and that’s Exactly what it is with carbon credits Right now so the companies like an Exxon Or a BP or Delta they’re not necessarily Reducing their own carbon credit but They are supporting and funding projects Exactly So that’s so uh that’s what exactly what I’m writing about right now is that you Don’t have to be this or that you can Work together on it totally but Capitalism Robert you said that you and Kim are the first people and you guys Had the great wisdom that I because I’m Such a math guy and I beat focus on the Balance sheet but when the two of you Said capitalism is going to save the Environment that was the key line like That was like the you know when you look What Andy said about you know the Rich Dad Poor Dad the solution was in the Title you nailed it you and Kim said

Capitalism is what’s going to save the Environment any comments are adding Yeah one of the things you and Kim have Always said as you’ve mentored me is That entrepreneurs solve problems And when some people politically see a Problem they think they can fix it with Legislation and make a rule and make a Law and reduce freedom And other people when they see a problem They say well let’s innovate and let’s Solve it and to me I loved what Marin Said that capitalism is just a contest To see who can solve the most problems At the lowest costs and if you can solve A problem at the lower cost than the Other guy you’re going to do well and The other guy’s not so I I couldn’t Agree more with what Marin said yeah if If I could say another thing Robert and Kim Um how important is it for us to always Be students and for everyone to be Updated I mean the education I had 10 Years ago is obsolete Uh I’m I’m I do I’d say 80 percent of my Time right now is in study and uh and I Think I’m just grateful I have the time To do it and it’s fascinating because as A father with two kids Uh we need capitalists including those Two to innovate to make their world Brighter and so this idea that I go to School I spend four years I’m done with

School and now I go work work work Um there’s an innovation for a need for Learning and I will tell you that I Think and maybe the more valuable thing Than a uh credit a carbon credit is is a Disposition to learn And a and a value of learning and Educating oneself to stay up on this and Stay ahead and if someone’s listening Says what can I do about this my message Is always the same as an education Advocate I says boy it’s tough to lose If you’re going to learn all the time And that’s one of the biggest things I’m Grateful to being on panels like this Mayor and I thank you I’ve learned a ton Just in this so it’s been very valuable Thank you when he started talking to me About carbon credits it was a spiritual Side what can we do to solve a problem And solved many problems at one time And that’s my way of fasting Um I what I love is When it’s all about learning Learning great mentor Mentors Um this whole carbon credit every Everything that’s happening in the world Right now is changing so rapidly that It’s so it’s hard to keep up with the Learning because there’s so much out There Um but this was really really valuable And I thank you Marin I thank you Andy

For being part of the program and I Think that the people that have viewed In that are listening that are watching Right now thank you because Um you’re doing what needs to be done The most important thing to prepare is Is to get educated and then take that Education that information and take some Action and we always say to start small Take small steps especially when you’re Doing something new for the first time Because you’re going to make a lot of Mistakes there’s going to be a learning Curve but the most important thing is You get that education and then you’ve Got to get in the game you’ve got to Take some action in order to be prepared So I thank all of you for being part of This program and Andy I’d like to hear Your final comments Well just a big thank you and Congratulations for everyone tuning in There are so many people that do a lot Of talking about wanting to get better Talking about wanting to you know Improve their lives and Elevate their Well-being financially but the fact You’re here the fact you’re watching Attorney means you value your education And it’s just uh grateful to be a part Of this Robert and Kim and I get to hear From people like Marin because I know You guys so Mary and I uh appreciate Following you and I thought your Insight

On fundamentals buying the business not The the paper was uh was wonderful today So thank you Robert thank you Kim thank You Marin and uh Rich Dad world and Everybody thank you thanks Marin the System is inverted uh I sought firsthand But look there’s a fortune to be made in Solving these problems yeah Andy Kim You know Robert they have it spot on Anyone watching this you know there’s Some great aspects of being rich and There’s some negative aspects of being Rich but if you want to go down that Quest and you’re willing to spend the Time in education we’re not promoting Anything I just want to yeah have Kim And I have invested with Marin but we Invested in because it solves a very big Problem Is a very good man so it’s contusa Research Now this is a final saying as all people Watching this stats broil it’s about Having a coach and a mentor And today I think most people’s problems Are because they had crappy mentors Called School teachers My dad was a school teacher a PhD and I Also gave him crap on it PhD poor Helpless and desperate that’s all I ever Told him And my my rich dads and both of my Mentors Both taught me the value of one thing

Education And so the reason we have Rich dad’s World is for you to be educated and take Action because action Without educational action is nothing You have to do something as Maria Montessori of she’s a entrepreneur in Education as Maria Montessori said what The hand does the Mind remembers And that’s why we created the cash flow Board game I learned I learned real Estate playing Monopoly you know four Green houses 10 31 text to exchange red Hotels What I learned by moving the pieces Around So the reason I have Rich Dad world is These guys look for your new Mentor your New teacher a new person to take you to The next level of your life Kim thank you thank you Robert thank you Marin thank you Andy uh wonderful Teachers wonderful teachers thank you Thank you all for tuning in and thank You for making your financial education A priority in your life [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you

[Applause] [Music] [Music]

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