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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good news and bad news about money today We have a very very very very very Important uh show it’s about your spirit And your soul and You know getting out of the insanity That we’re swimming in right now and We’re talking about a special guest Hal Elrod is most well known for the book Miracle morning and is going to be Promoting his latest movie coming out The miracle morning movie but before we Begin I want to talk to you about what You’ve done for our marriage here is This it’s long before I met hell was in Lake Tahoe or something Kim has always been practicing Miracle Morning she gets up and she does her Routines it’s not quite your routine but She’s always studying spiritual things And she sits in silence and meditates And looks at trees and meanwhile I’m Sucking down the coffee And what and watching CNBC and going Nuts but other than that as I go up to Lake Tahoe and I meet this guy hell Elrod And he tells me about this book called Miracle morning so your book was just Fantastic because it translated what Kim Does naturally every morning

Which I wasn’t doing If you can understand that was that my Miracle morning was if I didn’t have a Cardiac going out the door Anything you want to say yeah but but Now your Miracle morning is like you’re On it every single morning you’ve been Doing this for how many years many many Years so I want to thank hell you know For this book Miracle morning because Um I’ve lost probably I don’t know how Much weight I’ve lost but my pants fit And then my health has gone up blood Pressures come down beat diabetes and uh So you’re a little bit a little bit Calmer you’re a little bit calmer not Much but you could catch yourself more Often than you used to it’s it’s only One cup of coffee and then I’m but I I Still I still check the markets and all That stuff but I do Practice what Kim does we you know we Read a spiritual book every morning a Little bit I listed on books on tape Like tally and all that and you you like Alexa yeah every every morning I I’m I’ve got like six different spiritual Books I read from one of them every Morning and my goal is that each day What I read then I do my best to put That into practice for the day I do some Journaling sometimes I meditate yeah Yeah but yeah I would say being married To Robert Kim requires a miracle morning

That’s just my guess How’d you know that how did you know That so anyway uh Miracle morning Translated between Kim’s morning and my Morning I still like my morning it’s high drama I stress you know high tension but I do Take the time because as you say it’s That first hour you know that first Morning that first hour in the morning That sets up your day And what happens is after four cups of Coffee sometimes five I was wired man and it was killing me it Really was killing me but anyway Hal Tell us welcome to the show Hal nice to Have you here very excited about your Movie so tell us about your book Miracle Morning how you came about it and how it Is more it’s morphing into the miracle Morning movie Yeah into a movie um so first of all I Just I have to I have to express my Gratitude uh to both of you and for Having not just have me on the show but Robert you’ve been one of the biggest Advocates of the miracle morning I get Messages from people saying hey I’m here In South Africa and Robert was on stage Today talking about this book The Miracle morning that you wrote that Changed his life and like you know it Just uh so grateful for your support so Thank you for that um

The when I had to do that self-published Copy of the miracle morning thinking He’s never going to read this who am I Kidding but well you miss all the shots You don’t take so I’ll give it a shot so Um the miracle morning started as my Little morning routine back in 2008 when The United States economy had crashed And I crashed with it I had lost over Half of my coaching clients therefore Half of my income my house was Foreclosed on by the bank my body fat Percentage had tripled and I went into Kind of a depression and Um it was the six-month downward spiral Where I was looking for for Solutions Trying to turn my life around and I kept Coming across when I was searching they That people were doing morning routines And morning rituals some of the world’s Most successful people that was their That was their what they swore by but I Wasn’t a morning person so I’m like nah What else can I do and finally uh one of The Articles opened my eyes and shifted My thinking and I went okay if I want to Change my life I have to change myself I’ve got to become a better version of Myself in order to create a better Version of my life and then I thought Well when am I going to do that and you Know it was really obvious that doing it First thing in the morning would set the Tone and the context and the direction

For the rest of my day so I then Googled What are the best personal development Practices practiced by Millionaires and Billionaires and athletes and CEOs like I tried to combine what’s the best and Created these six practices which you Know well they’re now known as the Savers it’s an acronym Savers silence Affirmations visualization exercise Reading and scribing and and Robert I Often paraphrase you when I’m teaching This and I say you know Robert was Interviewing me on Rich Dad Radio when The first book first came out and at the End of the interview you know I’m Paraphrasing what you said but you said Something along the lines of how any one Of the Savers will change a person’s Life but the way that you’ve combined All six it really creates miracles for People you know and and that really is True it’s stacking these six habits and So Um I practiced this within two months of Doing it my life changed so dramatically Where I doubled my income in 2008 when The economy was still tanking I doubled My income I went from being in the worst Shape of My Life physically to running a 52 mile ultra marathon and my depression Went away in a matter of days and I went To my wife and I said sweetheart this Morning routine it feels like a freaking Miracle she goes it’s your Miracle

Morning And I go yeah I go that’s catchy I like It Miracle morning so when my schedule Every day is Miracle morning but it was Never a book idea it was never a movie Idea for sure but I started sharing it With all of my clients and one by one Almost every single one of them went From not being a morning person to Saying this miracle morning thing was Now changing their life the way it had Changed mine and then that’s when I felt I have a responsibility to share this With the world and it took me three Years in 2012 on 12 12 I published the Book self-published it uh now it’s been Uh published by traditional Publishers In 36 other languages and translated in 36 other languages Um and about three five years ago five Or six years ago a good friend of mine This leads into the movie Um reached out and he said Hal I’m I’m In your Miracle morning community and I See people sharing these profound Transformations they’re having from you Know one guy lost 90 pounds after he Started the miracle morning where his Entire life he’s life he struggled with His weight now a lot of people overcame Their depression people started all These amazing results he said we should Create a documentary a movie that shows People the the the the the these amazing

Transformations people are having in Their life and I said I love that idea Circle back I I can’t imagine I don’t Even know what that looks like I’m Really busy and he kept pinging me over The next few weeks and finally he called Me one day and he broke through my my Resistance he said Hal what is your Mission in life and I said it’s to Elevate the consciousness of humanity One morning at a time and and I knew he Knew that and he said what percentage of Humanity reads self-help books I said gosh I think it’s like one Percent it’s it’s pretty low and he said What percentage of humanity watches Television watches movies And I got where he was going I go gosh You know in developed countries at least The other 99 I would say Um I guess we’re making a movie and then Robert you I had just met you you had Just interviewed me and I said hey if we Could get Robert Kiyosaki in the film And then name drop him I said you know He’s got such a such a great reputation Such credibility I said I think that we Could really get to the Showcase the Morning routines of some of the world’s Most successful people and this six-year Journey Um we filmed the morning rituals of you Know you and Kim uh of um Brendan Burchard and Laila Ali Muhammad Ali’s

Daughter and Mel Robbins and Robin Sharma and you know the list goes on and On and on And um and the last thing I just want to Share is halfway through filming I was Diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of Cancer Um in fact your voicemail that you left Me is also in the film wishing me well Uh but I was given a 30 chance of Surviving and didn’t look very good and I called our filmmaker and I said hey The movie’s on hold you know I I can’t I Can’t believe I’m telling you this but I Actually have cancer and I’ve got a 30 Chance of surviving this cancer so I’ve Got to focus all my energy on healing And he said I want to film your journey Because this is going to be part of the Movie it’s part of the story and at First I was really resistant and and I’m So glad that I let him have his way if You will because now the first hour of The film is exactly what we intended it To be and the final 30 minutes is a very Intimate look at me and my cancer Journey and fighting for my life and I Feel like what the world needs right now Is a paradigm shift that says it doesn’t Matter what’s going on in your outer World you you are in control of your Inner world and the way that you feel And the way that you think and how you Act how you show up in your everyday

Life isn’t about what’s going on around You it’s about what’s going on inside of You and I think the most important thing For all of us to do is optimize our Inner world right now so that we can Take control and create the outer world The circumstances that we want and so That um yeah sorry that was a long Answer but but that that’s the the movie And the book and everything in a Nutshell well you the auto world is a Reflection of your inner world you know Yes exactly like if people right now are Hurting either health-wise or wealth Wise they lost their jobs and all that It started on the inside You know and and Um it’s it’s hard it’s easier to blame You know blame stands for be lame well It’s it’s the president’s fault it’s Called it’s fault it’s the capitalist Fault it’s this and all that But that’s that’s where most people are At but it’s also Um you know with all the negativity in The world right now and all the drama And all of the chaos to not to retreat To your inner self but to know that You’re in control of your own life and I Sit there in the morning and I’ll read One of my books and it just like calms Me down gives me a perspective going I Don’t participate in all that other crap And meanwhile I’m yelling at the TV

But there’s something very uh very Powerful about knowing that you’re in Control of your life knowing that the Outer stuff around you is not does not Define who you are so Emma said that You’ve actually had you’ve nearly you Died for six minutes Yeah I came back they brought me back to Life I was clinically Dead uh I was 20 Years old it head on by a drunk driver Uh and died for six minutes without you Know heart stopped for six minutes Wasn’t breathing of course and they Revived me on a helicopter flying to the Hospital and uh brought me back to life And I spent six days in a coma was told I would never walk again and that was my First kind of wake-up call at age 20 That really shifted the direction of my Life and and I decided to dedicate my Life to the work that I do now which is Like how can I use my experiences uh and What I’ve overcome to help other people Realize that they can overcome anything In their life and what would you say When you had cancer have you have you Beat that now yeah yeah so I was Diagnosed with cancer a little over Three years ago Um and I just got off chemo about four Months ago which that was the the that’s The right the chemo is what beats you up You know worse than the cancer in a lot Of ways and so um yeah so I’m I am

Cancer free and um the uh you know Spoiler alert the movie when you’re Watching it you know it looks like I’m Not gonna make it but I you now know That I did I’m very grateful to say that I’m cancer-free so uh congratulations And I I know you know you’re practicing Miracle morning and all of this is there Something that you else you did Differently what did why did you survive Or other people don’t Yeah it’s a great question I think There’s two things Um number one is I the day I was Diagnosed with cancer and I met with This oncologist who I didn’t I had never Met before Um I said hey I said doc no no offense You know I know that you you uh Prescribed chemo I said I don’t want to Do chemo I don’t want to put that poison In my body I want to cure this Holistically and he said Hal um you Don’t have that luxury I appreciate that You want to do that but you don’t have a Cancer like a slow growing tumor that You can change your diet and see how it Responds at the time I was in the Hospital I was there because my my lungs Were failing my kidneys were failing and My heart was on the verge of failing and Um he said if you don’t start chemo in The next you know 24 hours uh you’re You’ve got a few days to live maybe

Maybe a week or two at most And I didn’t know this doctor so and my Wife’s sitting there squeezing my hand As hard as she can and in tears and I’m I kind of was a little bit I thought you Know he was trying to scare me into Doing chemo and so I said hey well I’d Like you know give us 24 hours to go Home and talk about this it’s a major Decision and I went home and I googled My particular cancer and and and Basically he wasn’t exaggerating it Kills people in a matter of days maybe a Week or two and so almost by force of Hand I felt like well I I kind of have To do chemo in fact we called some of The best natural holistic doctors in the World and they said we cannot prom it Like go do chemo with your cancer that’s The best thing you can do and so I was Really resistant but I did the chemo but Here was the big decision the two Decisions number one was my mental and Number two was logistical what did I do The actions that I took the actions were This I decided okay if I have to do Chemo I’m also going to research and do Every holistic practice that’s available As if I were not doing chemo and it were All I was doing so I did chemo but I Also did Um you know acupuncture and ozone sauna And I took you know 70 supplements a day And organic juicing every day and I did

Um coffee enemas which you know that That’s about as you know outside the box And difficult as it gets but Um and and so that was it doing The Best Of Both Worlds and I was in remission Within a matter of a month or two and The doctors kind of like when I had my Car accident they could hardly couldn’t They couldn’t believe how well I was Responding to the chemo Um and I kept on that and still to this Day I don’t do chemo anymore but I still Do coffee enemas twice a week I still Juice every day I still I have ginger And garlic right I’m I’m living in Anti-cancer lifestyle which I’ve been Doing since the day I was diagnosed and The second and maybe maybe more at least Equally important is unwavering faith I Made a decision that I will live to be a Hundred years old alongside My Wife and Kids no matter what there is no other Option and whenever I was faced with Fear I didn’t dwell in that space I went Nope not gonna dwell there I’m going to Replace that fear with faith whenever I Was afraid what if I die what if I leave My kids without a dad I would pull out My affirmation during my Miracle morning Which I did every single day that said I Am committed to living to be 100 plus Years old alongside Ursula and the kids No matter what there is no other option And you know that mind-body connection

Where here’s the Layman’s explanation we Have a trillion cells or 40 trillion Cells in our body it’s our little army And they do what they’re told and if you Live in fear they manifest what you’re Afraid of but if you live in faith they Manifest what you’re investing your Faith into that’s my you know simple Explanation and that’s why when I was Told I wouldn’t walk again and I told The doctors I’m going to walk and then Two weeks later I took my first step and They couldn’t explain it and then with The cancer the same thing So for anybody Listening you know unwavering faith an Extraordinary effort in whatever it is In your life that you want and that You’re committed to I believe those are The two decisions that may make anything Possible well thank you for that uh uh Everybody listen to this that really is A thing we’re not saying don’t do chemo We’re not we’re not prescribing Medicines we don’t prescribe Investments And all that But I think we’re talking about the Power we all have but it’s a faith and Spirituality so we come back we’ve been Going more into what a person can do to You know I’d rather be preventative than Reactive if you know what I mean that’s Yeah and so that’s what’s your uh Miracle book Miracle morning did from Avis Kim was already practicing

Is that you start your day off calm and Ready to go for the day so we come back We’ll be talking to more to Hal Elrod More about his Miracle morning movie and His book The Miracle morning we’ll be Right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad um Rich Town Radio yesterday I was Going to say the Rich Dad Miracle Morning but anyway And well the good news hey the good news And bad news about money uh you can Listen to the Richter radio program Anytime anywhere on iTunes Android or YouTube And please leave a review in your listen And all of our programs are archived at Rich Dad Radio just go to Rich Dad Radio Look up LL Rod Miracle morning And the reason we do that Is listen to this program again you’ll Gain twice as much but more importantly You know share this podcast with friends Family and business associates discuss It and you’ll find out your intelligence Will actually grow not diminish your Comments Kim uh yes so something that You don’t know-how is a friend of ours In South Carolina we’re having lunch one Day and Robert mentioned Miracle morning And that we didn’t know much about his Life and so Robert was talking about This book well a few months later we Were playing golf together and we he

Said can we just stop for a minute I Just want to talk with you for a little Bit I’m like yeah he goes I started Practicing Miracle morning and and what He told me is he had severe for for many Many many many years severe depression Highs lows highs lows highs lows he’s Tried everything he’s done all sorts of Treatments he’s very much into holistic He said with Miracle morning and there Was another practice he was using Utilizing at the time he said those two Things together have brought everything Calm yeah he said I’m a new person he Said my wife doesn’t know who I am Anymore and she’s very happy with her New husband yeah it was really quite Amazing so that’s incredible thank you For sharing that that means so much I Know it I know it does because I know That’s why you do the work another thing Too is our medical doctor uh Dr radical Pollen His story as he’s from Sri Lanka and he Was in med school in the Tamil Tigers Shut everything down just like What’s going to happen in America They’re going to take care of everything They shut everything down and so it’s Med school got shut down so he went the Only school that was open was an Acupuncture School so he went to the Acupuncture school To prove how phony acupuncture was and

So he signed up as an acupuncturist and He he saw religion you know he says holy Mackerel he says the body can’t heal Itself And so he’s our Dr radical pollen and he He’s a guy who did my open heart surgery He’s a heart transplant cardiologist I Mean he sees Both Worlds yes oh yeah wow His his book is a second opinion Because many doctors as you know are Closed it’s it’s hardcore you know roach Poisoning called chemo yeah or nothing Yeah you know and what you’re providing Is the other side of it where it’s the Spiritual healing so I’m with that Anyway please continue on Hill yes so Savers tell us about Savers and tell us What what can we do today so the miracle Morning as I mentioned it’s made up of These six practices Savers s-a-v-e-r-s Um I’ll run through these real quick and Before I run through them I just want to Say because this question always comes Up okay do I have to do all six of these In the exact order do I have to do them For a certain amount of time I just want To say that what I’m about to share is Completely customizable you can do these In any order you could do an hour-long Miracle morning which is what most People do but in the book there’s a Chapter called the six minute Miracle Morning so really anywhere in between And then some people on weekends will do

Like a two or three hour you know Miracle morning as well Um so the Savers these are the six Practices that make of Miracle morning But also as Robert said you know back When you interviewed me a long time ago These are the six most proven effective Ancient wisdom you know practices in the History of humanity and they’ve been Practiced for centuries and most of the World’s most successful people in fact Robert you said every successful person On the planet before the miracle morning Did at least one of these practices and Swore by it but you had never heard of Anybody yourself included that had done All six and so the first s is for Silence and that’s starting your day in Meditation and or prayer time it’s Quieting the mind to allow the wisdom of God or higher Consciousness or your own Infinite intelligence to rise to the Surface and for most people right most Of us if you just wake up and just go Through the motions you hit the snooze Button you wake up at the last minute You don’t have that time then you just Keep repeating the same life every day Over and over the same thoughts you wake Up you eat the same thing you check your Phone you’re like Robert you watch CNN Right and without that space Not CNN I don’t watch the Communist News Network I do watch there are Affiliates

CNBC but I like Fox Business better but Anyway it’s just my blood pressure going And then I pump I’m pumping down three Cups of coffee I’m screaming at the Stock market and then I go to work so And that’s why Robert now starts his day With silence before he gets into the News Um so starting your day with that Meditation the a in Sabers is for Affirmations and I want to I want to Dive into this one for a minute because Affirmations yeah I’ve heard a lot of Different things on affirmation so when You’re referring to affirmations Specifically what they are the most Misunderstood and therefore ineffective Form of personal development if you Don’t understand them and so the reason Is they’ve been taught by self-help Gurus for decades to either number one Tell yourself something as if it were True that is not yet true in other words Lie to yourself so if you want to be Thin and you’re overweight you say I am Thin I am thin I am thin but if you’re Not then you’re lying to yourself and You’re you’re fighting with truth and The truth will always Prevail so lying To yourself this is exactly the problem I’ve had with affirmations so thank you For this yes yeah you’re welcome lying Is there for the awesome strategy charm Is called that’s what it’s

Called don’t yourself So instead of I am statements these are BS statements that you’re talking about Robert Um so the second problem with Affirmations is that we’re taught to use This flowery passive language that Provides a magical result such as I am a Money magnet money flows to me Effortlessly and in abundance like you Guys are laughing because I’ve heard it I’ve heard it you built a fortune not Because you’re a magnet and you sat back And stared at a vision board and waited For stuff right we busted our ass I lost everything immediately Here’s three really simple steps to Create affirmations that are practical That are actionable and that create Tangible results in your life step Number one affirm what you’re committed To no matter what there’s no other Option you heard me reference my Affirmation around cancer in the first Segment so I am committed to blank no Matter what there’s no other option in Life we don’t get what we want we get What we are committed to so to affirm That every day over and over I am Committed to blank no matter what There’s no other option that is step one Step two is affirm why it is crucial for You why is it so meaningful so important That you’re going to do whatever it

Takes that’s the second step to get that Deeply meaningful why and affirm it Every single day and then step three is Affirm which specific actions you’ll Take and win so if you follow this Formula and I have this for every area Of My Life as a parent as you know in my Finances in my business for my impact And my health every area of my life Follow follows these three steps is the Foundational affirmation formula what Are you committed to why is it crucial For you or deeply meaningful for you and What are the specific actions you’re Going to take and when and when you use Affirmations this way you’re programming Yourself you’re aligning your Subconscious mind your conscious mind And your actions to be in alignment with The outcomes that you’re committed to in Your life and so again it’s not woo-woo You’re not lying to yourself you’re Dealing in reality in a way that’s going To move you in the direction of the Things you want to create for your life Well there isn’t that’s important is Because you know like um I I read I have Tally on uh Because anytime I’m upset I listen to Him yeah you know he talks about going Going Beyond silence because Stillness But the other thing I became aware of is What my friend Blair single talks about The little voice I get up I don’t I’m

Not even aware I’m talking to myself and I’m saying crap to me you know I’m Saying garbage to myself and I get more Depressed as I head to the shower and All this stuff I’m getting more Depressed because my mind is out of Control so what you’re saying is the Purpose of the affirmation is to take Control of what you’re saying to Yourself is that is that accurate yes And in the simplest form I know I just Gave everybody that three-step formula But I just I want to Broad I want to go Zoom out a little bit in the simplest Form an affirmation is simply a reminder Of what is important for you to focus on For you to think for you to feel for you To believe and so Robert to your point On the same way I’ll wake up sometimes And I feel happy and then as the the First 10 20 minutes I start thinking About oh I got to do this I upset that Person I’m stressed about this thing oh My God I forgot I’ve got seven other Things I have to do and all of a sudden You know you’re getting and that’s where If someone doesn’t have that morning Routine where then I go to my Affirmations and I read them and I go oh Yeah Oh it’s okay breathe this is who I am This is what’s important this is what I’m committed to and it’s and no matter What’s going on in my outer world I can

Choose to be at peace with my inner World I always say that you can be Stressed out or you can be blissed out Life’s gonna happen you know either way Yeah with me is as to uh as Kim always Tells you says how can you I start off Negative every day Yeah but I use my negativity to inspire Me but not a very good practice I’m not Recommending it But uh so I’m doing my best to change That yes you are yes you are and you’re Making great progress so V so V so V is For visualization and in terms of if You’re wondering ah should I do Visualization consider that if you if You go back to the archives of Interviews of the world’s most Successful athletes almost every single One of them from Tiger Woods when he was The number one golfer in the world to Michael Jordan or you know Serena Williams they all talk about Visualization and they use visualization To visualize themselves performing at a Peak and rehearse that in their mind Body and spirit before it’s game time And the way that visualization’s been Taught similar to affirmations I think Is counter it’s it’s counterproductive We’re taught to visualize just the end Result right make a vision board and Stare at the house you want and the body You want the problem with that is you

It’s literally counterproductive in that You trick your mind into thinking those Are inevitable outcomes if you see it so Many times you start to think yeah you Get numb to it the most important part Of creating those outcomes is your drive And your actions in doing so so two Really simple steps to effective Visualization number one yes visualize Your ideal outcome because it fuels your Drive and your desire to make it happen But the most important part of Visualization is the second part which Is every morning visualize yourself Engaged in the in the crucial activities That you must do for the day while in an Optimum emotional state and condition That so here’s an example when I was Training for an ultra marathon I hated Running I still hate running I was doing It to challenge myself to get out of my Comfort zone physically mentally Emotionally and spiritually to do Something that was so far beyond what I Thought was possible every morning I Would visualize myself crossing the Finish Line I actually printed a picture Of the Atlantic City Marathon finish Line so I could see it and and feel what It would feel like to cross that finish Line and that fueled my drive and desire But if I would have left it there I Would have been I would have felt Complacent like wow I can see it I’m

Going to do it the most important part Was every morning I visualized my alarm Going off on my phone at 7am walking Into my bedroom closet getting dressed In my running clothes heading out the Front door and I would always see myself Opening the front door staring at the Pavement and smiling and flooded with Emotions of this is going to be a great Run I can’t wait for this and guess what Happened every morning at 7am when the Alarm went off I picked it up and it was Automatic I walked into my bedroom Closet got dressed in my clothes headed Out the front door with a smile on my Face and I wasn’t thinking I hate Running because that’s not what I Rehearsed that morning it was that Visualization and you can apply this Whether it’s cold calling people or Engaging with your family visualize Yourself engaged in the ideal activities That you need to do each day a in an Optimum emotional state so how how Important is that smile Right you’re going I don’t want it is The emotions that the smile Invokes right yeah Yeah I’m going to show the time so how Uh what’s next all right we’ll go Through the last three very quickly Exercise you don’t need to go to the gym For an hour in the morning but you need To stretch for five minutes do some

Jumping jacks get your blood flowing the RN Sabers is for reading and if you just Read five pages a day that’s nine 200 Page self-help books a year right 10 Pages a day you’re looking at 18 200 Page self-helpics a year so every Morning consider your only one book away From learning one strategy that can Transform your marriage your health your Finances or anything else and then last But not least is scribing which is a Fancy word for journaling and just every Day I write down three things I’m Grateful for and then I look at my to-do List of 10 things and I write down the Top three activities that if I follow Through with today it’ll move the needle In my life and in my business more than Any other and those six practices is my Friend Robert Kiyosaki says any one of Those will change your life when you do All six it truly is a miracle morning so Anyway thank making with hell but how Can people sign up for the movie the Movie go to miraclemorningmovie.com and We are doing a full blown not only is The world premiere happening on 12 12 2020. it comes with a live training it Comes with a live q a you get a digital Download of the movie like it’s a Full-on package for 19.95 and if you go To miraclemorningmovie.com go there First watch the trailer I’m really Pleased with how the trailer came out so

Watch the trailer and then if you want To join us for the live experience this Is really the next step in my mission to Elevate the consciousness of humanity One person at a time one morning at a Time and I’m so grateful for everybody Listening I’m happy to hear you’re so healthy too Yeah thank you so run through the Savers One more first just spell it out again The acronym what does Sarah stand for Silence affirmations visualization Exercise reading and scribing and we Interview some of the world’s most Successful people like Robert and Kim in The movie to show you how they apply Each of those to their own life yeah you Know a lot of the multi-billionaires Like Ray dalio he says you know he’s he Meditates all the time he’s a meditation Place for all I remember I remember my My mom’s friends when I was in college They I was in Hawaii and Um they had a family they had a friend Vacation and like four couples got Together and there’s one guy and he’s by Far the most successful of this whole Group of friends by far he was the bond Trader yeah he’s a bond Trader and by Far the most successful he meditated Every single day and I know this because We went out to dinner one night and he Hadn’t meditated that day so before Dinner he pulled himself off to a corn

Owner in the restaurant outside and he Sat there for 20 minutes and did his Meditation so there’s a lot to be Serious commitment that’s amazing yeah So anyway thank you Hal keep up the Great work and I want everybody to go Check out the miracle morning movie I Mean we will and uh Miracle morning Movie.com yeah okay we’ll do that thank You thank you for the great work thank You so much appreciate you guys glad You’re back from the dead Take care and when we come back we’ll be Talking about your morning enema Kim and I will be summarizing what we do In the mornings okay thank you very much We’ll we’ll be right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki Richard Radio show good news and bad news about Money I want to thank Hal Elrod he’s got He’s a book The Miracle morning and now The miracle morning movie you can listen To Rich Dad Radio anytime anywhere and ITunes Android or YouTube and please Listen I want to listen to this program Again go to Rich Dad Radio we archive All of our programs because we don’t Sell anything we’re not saying don’t go See your doctor or meditate we’re just Saying If you listen to this program again You’ll learn twice as much and if you Share with friends family and business Associates and discuss this especially

This program with Hal Elrod you’ll learn Twice as much any comments Kim well I Think what Hal is saying is um is Crucial and I know how many of us you Know get up in the morning and they shut Off your alarm and you jump out of bed And you jump into the shower and you Catch some coffee and without even Thinking it’s all Autumn people are on Automatic and I think what Hal is doing Here with Miracle morning is he’s taking You off automatic and kind of putting You more in control of your own life you Tap into your spirit yeah that’s crucial The thing I want to say about Kim is That you know she was doing this long Before Miracle morning And like our house in Payson You go up there because of the stream Right right I’ll go up there for two Three days by myself and there’s a Stream and I’m in nature there’s trees All around I I find I have to be in Nature I crave being in nature because That’s where I feel connected to the Earth Um in South Carolina our place there is On a pond it’s with trees there’s birds There’s deer I when when he when Hal Talks about meditation I oftentimes Don’t do a traditional meditation where I close my eyes and just sit but I but I Sit and I just look out at nature for I Can be there for an hour and not do well

We’re just look and see and experience And just be with nature so I I I’ve been Practicing this for many years now and Um I guess the more I and I literally do Practice it takes practice I mean you Don’t just read and then put it down you Got to actually breed and then and then Put it into practice and I journal and Yes yep so it’s you know it’s a miracle Because you tap into the spirit So with that said I want to thank Hal Elrod please check out his movie The Miracle morning movie And please tap into your Miracle morning Thanks for listening to the Rich Dad Radio show [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] Foreign

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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