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Foreign this is the Rich Dad radio show The good news and bad news about money Here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the best time radio show The good news and bad news about money As you know we broadcast from beautiful Old Town Scottsdale that’s either heaven Or hell right now it’s heaven or perfect Weather We have a very important show to you for You today it’s a person I’ve been really Looking forward to is Infamous Throughout the world I even spent money And bought his book online it’s called The United States of socialism his name Is Dinesh D’Souza very controversial Person but he says things that really Need to be heard today in the comments Kim yes well I’ve watched some of his YouTube videos and this is going to be a Fascinating discussion Um such such eye-opening takes on how Things have developed and how we’ve been Moving towards socialism and Dinesh has Just an amazing uh perception of and and Knowledge of of what has happened and What’s transpired over the years Fascinating so let me read the this is The opening line in the back cover of Your book it says a specter is haunting America the Specter of socialism Suddenly out of almost out of nowhere we Encounter a melange of strange socialist Characters

Alexandra ocasio-cortez Rashid tab Iman Uh Iman obar Bernie Sanders I’d like to Ask at Mrano from Hawaii the dumbest senator in The world anyway Drawn towards a socialist camp this Development itself is surprisingly Strange because socialism is arguably The most discredit idea in history And so that’s why I’m very excited to Have Dinesh on this program because you Know I’m a I was a U.S marine I went to Vietnam to fight socialism and communism And then Nash I got into a lot of Trouble when I returned from Vietnam in 73. Because I was interviewed with a local Paper And they asked me what it was like to go To war I said she’s I want to kill Communists I just stay home you know Like that comment at all Anyway so that’s why you can say Whatever you like on my program and Dinesh de Souza is also an award-winning Filmmaker and has been one of the top Young public policy makers in the Country what and welcome to the show Dinesh thank you so much for being with Us thank you I’m very pleased to join You and Um yeah I think a lot of my work is just Based on the fact that I grew up in a Different culture in my case

Um Bombay now called Mumbai India Um and the left in America now says you Know we don’t want authoritarian Socialism we want Democratic socialism Well I grew up under Democratic Socialism and my family had a ration Card which basically told my mom you can Only buy so much rice and so much sugar And so much cooking oil Um and then our family was on a seven Year waiting list to get a phone because The phone company had been nationalized By the government so to me socialism Represents misery uh scarcity uh India In the 70s was the begging bowl of the World and India only began to see more Prosperity when it moved away from Socialism so I saw all this in my Childhood and then only later I began to Think about all this and think about What made America unique a lot of my Work has been motivated by understanding The uniqueness of America But thank you so um when you see this Cast of characters What goes through your mind well they’re Um in some senses most of these people Are complete losers in the sense that They have not accomplished anything in Life they haven’t built anything they Haven’t done anything uh but this is not To say that they are untalented because They are talented in the art of creating A sense of grievance they are

Professionals at massaging this idea That you’re entitled to something that The stuff in your neighbor’s house Really belongs to you envy is a very Powerful force in human motivation and These people are experts starting with Obama But continuing with the the Socialists like ocasio-cortez and so on They basically give people the idea that Uh they that the reason they haven’t Achieved much is because other people Have been stealing from you uh and so They um they use socialism as a Mechanism uh for really trying to Confiscate the wealth of hard-working People and entrepreneurial people and Transfer to themselves and International Over time how has this happened over Time that you’ve seen here in the U.S What have been some of the milestones Well the early Milestone was of course FDR in the 1930s Um what FDR discovered was the politics Of fear now of course the the Depression Was real and so the fear was real but FDR we realize when people are full they Go into a crowd Stampede and you can get Them to do things and agree to things That if they thought about it in a calm Deliberative way they never would agree And ever since then the left has been Trying to push the politics of fear in The 1970s when I first came to America Oh the world is running out of food in

The 1980s we’re all going to be blown up In a nuclear Holocaust in the 1990s the Ozone layer is going away uh then the Last 20 years climate apocalypse and now Coronavirus so in every case they’re Trying to manipulate uh fear in order to Achieve a political agenda that they Could not otherwise achieve doesn’t it Also true that with this um I don’t know If this pandemic is real or not I have Some suspicions about it but anyway the Economy was collapsing anyway So the coronavirus just accelerated the Whole process but isn’t you know like One of the definitions Of socialism is victims recruiting Victims And so in your experience how accurate Is it I mean how much does socialism Require a person to feel they’ve been Victimized And that doesn’t recruit other victims Yeah that is absolutely the key now um What’s unique about the new socialism in America is it is I call it identity Socialism because uh Marx uh divided Society into the rich against the poor Or the working class against the Capitalist class so the victims were the Working class right but um for the left Today they’ve created all these new Categories of victims so it’s uh White Against black and male against female And straight against gay and legal

Against illegal so while Marx divided Society just one way the left today Divides Society many different ways and The goal is to try to create a majority Coalition of oppressed victim groups why Why what’s why why is this the agenda Because because Um they want to Um see the left ones Democratic Socialism so for Democratic socialism You need to get to 51 that’s how you get Political power then you can Loot and Tyrannize over the other 49 But first You have to get to 51 so how do you do That well the left goes okay well we Can’t just rely on the working class or The unions in fact today many Union guys And working class guys are to be found More likely in a trump rally so they’ve Lost the working class so they go okay Well how about if we get the blacks then We get the Latinos then we’ll get the Asians then we’ll go after the gays and The idea here is let’s keep adding all These groups women are 51 so if we can Get a big bunch of these groups we’re Going to add up to 51 then we have power And then we’re going to be able to go After the wealth and even the Liberties Of the remaining 49 so uh you know she Already made my latest book it’s called Infinite returns And I’ve uh quoted you I put that little That little uh blurb on the from the

Back cover of your book into the book Because you as Kim says the definition Of intelligence is if you agree with me You’re intelligent and you’re very very Intelligent but one of the things that Uh I am concerned about since I’m a you Know Boomer And I graduated from high school in 65 I Went to Vietnam I came back I got spit On eggs thrown at me and all this stuff And America had changed so that I came Back in 73. and then I went to my high School Union in 75 and the war was still On you know I still remember going to my High school reunion and three of my Closest friends were about communists You know I mean As a U.S marine you never admit you’re a Communist because we just shoot you I mean it’s not the way you do things But these guys are so blatantly Communist there was a black panthers and All this other stuff there’s no blacks In our class but they were Communists And one turned out to be under if he was The FBI was after him for sabotage uh You know he bombed something the other Guy was a politician who went to jail For stealing money which is probably a Democrat but they The third person became the editor of The local newspaper And so in 1975 the national public Before you were born I was sitting there

Watching this transition come across America And that’s why when the whole little Papers asked me what I thought about the War and I said if I want to kill Communists I just go back to City Hall And shoot them there you know that that Didn’t get that didn’t make me too Popular no but you’re touching on a key Point here which is that it’s starting In the 1960s many of these leftists who Who initially saw themselves as Revolutionaries think of a guy like Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorne they Tried to blow up the Pentagon they were Part of armed robberies they were part Of all kinds of Mayhem but then they Settled down and said look if we’re Going to have a revolution the way to do That is to take over the schools and to Take over the colleges amen amen amen And so right now you see how these I Call them the big megaphones of our Culture Academia the media Hollywood Very dominated by the left one reason I Started making movies initially Documentary films but I’ve now also made A feature film that’s in the theater now Called Infidel the reason I do all this Is I’m trying to compete with Hollywood On its own ground I’m trying to create Because very often uh conservatives pay Very little attention to culture they Allow the left to become very dominant

Uh not just in Hollywood but the whole Entertainment industry the music Industry Broadway all the Comedians and This means they can do a Relentless Propaganda drum beat uh that is part of The reason why even when Republicans Seem to be in control we’re never in Charge because the other side is still Setting the agenda because they dominate The culture yeah so let me ask this Question you know in the uh early 70s When I graduated from went to school in New York And I was in San Francisco near Berkeley And I saw this whole culture in Berkeley Shifting And today this is my question to you you Talk about the media But you now have big brother called Silicon Valley And You know just lately Hunter Biden’s case Comes up And he’s caught with his hand in the Tail in the Ukraine and China and all This but Silicon Valley or Google or YouTube or whatever Twitter you’re not Allowed to say anything What is your opinion of that So there are two aspects to this one of Which is a mere puzzle and the other Part of which is actually very Disturbing the mere puzzle is why it is That these uh hippie capitalists if you

Want to call them that uh are so wedded To the Democratic party because after All they are part of the Innovations of Technological capitalism and they surely Can see that the Democratic party is Pulling away from capitalism and towards Socialism so that’s an interesting Puzzle but of course they have every Right to be whichever on whichever side They want this is the disturbing part These are people who have benefited from Free Speech they’ve created these Platforms and now that they’ve created These platforms a tyrannical impulse is Kicking in in which they basically are Now using these platforms to essentially Throw people off digital media Disempower them prevent them from Speaking reduce their reach and they’re Willing to do this even to Republican Senators or the president of the United States and to all kinds of ordinary People who have no recourse who can’t Actually Pro protest against this Because they don’t have any power Compared to these guys so how free Speech suddenly became an endangered Commodity in America is I think a very Chilling development and uh nor can we Count on groups like the ACLU to come to Our defense because today they’re part Of the problem So let me ask this let’s give a little Your work promoters promotion here so

What are some of your documentaries that People can subscribe to or watch or be Educated from what you’ve what you’ve Talked about what you’ve been talking About all these years well uh I’ve Written a bunch of books I mean I think 17 at last count the United States of Socialism being the latest one so I Would suggest starting there with regard To the films I’ve made a film on Obama Called Obama’s America one on Hillary Called Hillary’s America the most recent One is called trump card and that’s Based on the United States of socialism Now all my earlier films were released In the theater but the latest one is Just on demand so you have to go to Trumpcardthemovie.com you can obviously Order a DVD but you can also watch it on Any device you can watch it through Apple iTunes or Google or YouTube or the Movie site called Fandango also through Xfinity or comcast so many different Ways to watch the movie on any device Well the thing I thought was interesting Because Kim and I were just at Jekyll Island you know with the Federal Reserve Bank was born and there’s an Organization called the red pill and you Know that comes from the Matrix red pill Or blue pill and most people are sucking Down the blue pills the red pill is when You open your eyes and there are several Over there guys like me one guy one guy

Did vaxed another one did uh clandemic And all this but we’re all social Outcasts it’s just it’s it’s very very Interesting where citizens but we have To go into hiding like a place like Jekyll Island Just to be heard with other people And the first red pill I went to was Four years ago it was in Bozeman Montana And the Press said it’s a the red pill Is a bunch of white supremacists and and I said but I’m not white Anyway they have no sense of humor hey When we come back to nurse we’re going To be talking more about We’ll be talking about the United States Of socialism and what we can do and and And and I also want to talk about when We come back Um Dinesh you say that socialism has Been attempted 26 or has happened 27 Times and never has it worked ever and So I want to find out why are we heading Down that path who’s who’s doing this And why why are we going in this Direction we’ll be right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about money today we have a very Special guest who’s named Dinesh D’Souza His latest book is called the United States of socialism it’s probably one of The more controversial subjects you can Look at or study today is why is America

Going socialism to Communism anyway radiation program Anytime anywhere on iTunes and Android And please leave us a review when you Listen all of our programs are archived At richdadradio.com we archive them for One reason we are purely educational Show we don’t sell anything And we suggest you listen if you like What you heard in this program listen to This one more time you’ll learn twice as Much because repetition is how we learn But also discuss about friends family And business associates it’s a very very Important subject Because Um You Know Rich Dad was very apolitical And not Republican or Democrat but it Really disturbs me that we’re losing our Freedoms we’re losing our freedom of Speech freedom of assembly freedom of Religion and possibly our guns and That’s what’s happening when socialism Takes over and socialism has never fared I studied economics at school I went to Military school Dinesh and what we all Talked about is who killed the most People socialists or capitalists and Socialists have murdered the most people Over time in any time in history and That’s where America is going now So Dinesh d’souza’s award-winning Filmmaker his films include 2016 Obama’s America and America imagine a world

Without her Um Dinesh so I’ve heard you say that you Know Socialism has been attempted or actually Has been instilled 27 times throughout The world and never once has it worked Never once has it succeeded it’s almost Gone to murder like Nazi is National Associates not a socialists party yes so Why why has it failed every time and why Are we heading in that direction well The reason it’s failed is because Um by and large Um it’s based upon a false view of human Nature and it’s also based upon turning Over power to the centralized State or The central government now we see even In our own society that by and large Whatever the government does it usually Does badly and this is true from the Post office to the DMV to the defense Department it costs them 400 to buy a Coffee maker because the government is Inefficient at every level Uh now socialism was tried in about a Little more than half the world and all The big countries moved away from it China India Russia uh It produced Enormous body count Um almost 100 million casualties now of Course the left will say today we we Don’t want the authoritarian socialism We want Democratic socialism uh but Democratic socialism has also failed it

Failed in India for example Um and it’s failed in other places as Well In in Venezuela my wife is Venezuelan uh The Venezuelans voted for Hugo Chavez he Came to power democratically the first Time now he rigged the subsequent Elections but the first one was a free Election and he took this once Prosperous country and ran it completely Into the ground Um so socialism has really never worked Uh the left says well what about Scandinavia it works in Scandinavia well The Scandinavians first of all are Capitalists in wealth creation even if They are socialist and wealth Distribution uh they have low corporate Tax rates 20 about the same as here they Have no minimum wage in Scandinavia with The exception of Norway they have no Wealth tax they have no inheritance tax They have less regulation than here in America so the Scandinavians do not kill The goose that lays the golden eggs and While they have a big welfare state they Make sure that all the citizens pay for It the rich have to pay the poor have to Pay the middle class has to pay so There’s none of this let’s demonize the Rich Let’s go after after the Millionaires and billionaires let’s Rob Peter to pay Paul in the hope that we Get Paul’s vote all of this madness that

Is part of American politics you won’t Find in Scandinavia and also one more Thing you won’t find any Scandinavian Politician uh who goes from zero to 100 Million dollars on a government salary The way that the clintons have or the Bidens or Obama or Obama or Al Gore Right anyway you know they make one of The old-fashioned way it’s called Robin Hood to take from the rich they put in Their pockets and uh it’s really Disgusting in Hawaii Force magazine Called Hawaii the People’s Republic of Hawaii And today in Hawaii there’s not one Republican in office in fact so many of My friends have left they bypass California and they just keep going Because California’s gone left so I’ve Always been left so anyway it’s a very Important part at the high risk of uh Censorship What are your what are your thoughts on Black lives matter and antifa and Whatever else they got out there Coincidence that it’s all happened at The same time as covid and it’s just a Crazy it’s a crazy situation I mean the The left has been exploiting kovid uh They like the fact that there are lots Of people sitting on their couch and not Going to work uh because uh in a sense The left would like to do to all of America what they’ve already done to the

Inner city black community create Dependent classes of people who Um rely on the government for a basic And meager provision and in exchange They have to give up their vote every Two or four years now with regard to Undefined black lives matter these have Become at least in on the street the Paramilitary operations I never thought I would see this in in this country uh This is a phenomenon that goes back to Europe in the 20s under Mussolini and The early Nazi party in the 30s we’re Called brown shirts and black shirts Exactly black shirts of Mussolini now What made the black shirt so dangerous Is that they weren’t just street thugs They were street thugs that had allies In power powerful places and the same Here when these antifa and black lives Matter guys show up to a riot somebody Puts bricks for them to throw at the Street intersection Hollywood people put Up money for the for bail uh there are Lawyers on hand there’s medical Personnel on hand uh they have powerful Friends in the mayor’s office in Portland and Seattle and Berkeley and New York City so these are a Paramilitary attached to a powerful Political party and that’s what makes Them especially dangerous yeah I was Reading a report on uh black lives Matter the two Founders are proud of

Proud to be they proudly state they’re Trained to be Marxist you know I’m going Wow yes and if you look at their agenda A lot of it has nothing to do with Blacks it’s things like overthrowing the Patriarchal family now really in a lot Of the black communities the problem is The fact that you don’t have a dad and Young people are attracted to gangs Because they don’t have an authority Figure in the family that they can that They can establish as a role model so How is overthrowing the patriarchal Family going to help that situation it’s Only going to make a bad problem even Worse so Dinesh with all of this Happening it’s like we all see it and we All go this is crazy this is bizarre yet It’s like how do you how do you fight Against it what do you do It’s like we get shut down on YouTube we Get shut down on Facebook we get shut Down all over the place What this tells me is that we have been Uh we as a group very negligent in Allowing the left to become so dominant On these platforms because they control Them uh I’m trying in small ways to Create you know to support alternative Platforms so one good alternative you Know to Twitter uh is parlor uh and Another alternative to YouTube is called Rumble so I’m trying to build up these Platforms encourage them because that

Way uh you know there’s a sword hanging Over my head on these mainstream Platforms and if they drop the sword I’ll get banned now that hasn’t happened To me yet but it could happen and I want To make sure that if and when it does Happen I’ve built up strong platforms as Alternatives the reason I make movies is It’s an end run around the media so Here’s my movie it’s you know 300 Million Americans could watch this movie At home and there it is on Apple iTunes Just go on your big screen TV click and Watch so these are ways that we we make Uh we find our own way to reach the Consumer and to educate people and Enlighten them and movies are very Powerful tool to do that I mean a book Is useful because a book lays out an Argument it has references but a movie Is an emotional narrative that appeals Both To The Head and the Heart and my Movies at times the the horror movies They make you horrified and scared but They also are moving and at the end I Think they’re also very inspirational And motivational so let me ask this Question Um You know when you look at This defund the police you know I’m I’m Going on Fox To kind of debate this uh hedge fund guy Because he and uh Bloomberg and Soros

Found the Deep defund the police Why would they do that Why wouldn’t they pay to get these Prisoners released and defund the police In my opinion their goal is different Than it appears on first glance they Don’t want a society where there’s no Police because many of these guys as you Can see are pretty rich guys the last Thing they want is a bunch of thugs Smashing their front door and pulling Down their art collection and taking all The nice stuff out of their homes that Would happen if there were no cops Um so what they really mean is they want To intimidate the police they want to Domesticate the police they want the Police to bow down to the ideological Left it’s kind of what they achieve with The NBA and the Boy Scouts they Ultimately go and make these groups into Adjuncts of the left they want to be Able to take the police and say listen When we break the law look the other way But when the other side does something Wrong we want to be able to tell you to Go after them they want to turn the Police into weapons that are at their Beck and call all socialist states have Tried to have a police but not a real Police the police are basically a group Of armed gangsters that do what the State wants I think that’s what the left Is trying to achieve with this bogus

Slogan defund the police well that’s why You know when I was coming to military School and we started economics a big Part of the study was the brown shirts And the black shirts because that was Hitler’s private police which became the SS a lot of them and and that’s how they Murdered all the Jews and all this Because it all started in school You know Hitler started making little Pamphlets about why people should hate Jews and that’s what Hitler Youth came Up and all this and my concern is you Know as a former Marine I see that Happening today and that’s why I talk About being in Berkeley California During the 70s And being terrified of what I saw going On so let me ask this question what About this guy Biden and his son Hunter And was it the New York Post and then YouTube and Twitter block it and they And you know Zuckerberg and was that Dorsey they say screw you where It’s okay for us to do this what do you Think about that All these guys know that the bidens are Thoroughly uh corrupt now by the way uh You know you don’t find this corruption In Scandinavia you won’t be able to find A single Scandinavian politician who has Gone from zero to 50 million or 100 Million euros that doesn’t happen but it Does happen in Venezuela it’s a corrupt

Gangster socialist class and the bidens Are like the clintons now the clintons Did it through a foundation uh the Bidens do it through extended family so When Biden goes on a foreign trip he Takes a family member sometimes it’s Hunter Biden or sometimes it’s one of His brothers James or Frank Biden and While uh Joe Biden is having official Meetings the family member is making Side deals with the foreign government That result in large amounts of cash Ending up in the Biden’s Pockets so this Has been going on for years this is how Biden has multiple homes private planes Domestic staff I mean how can he afford This on a government salary so the media Knows that Biden is corrupt but they’re In his Camp uh and so what they want to Do is hide the corruption not report on The story censor it where they have to And try to drag this crook across the Finish Line in November It’s actually a precedent Kabbalah That’s another issue that’s that’s the Real president uh but it seems like the Media and all of the left have gotten so Brazen that they don’t even care that we Know it’s fake we know that it’s corrupt We they don’t even care that we are Finding these things out it’s like They’re just putting it out there anyway And they’re going to do whatever they’re Going to do it’s

Like there’s no opposition to this this Is very important in the past there was A pretense of objectivity uh and you Could the advantage of having a pretense Of objectivity is you could sometimes Call the media to a higher standard and Say look you’re covering Reagan in a Completely different way than you’re Covering Mondale and I’d be like oh yeah Maybe we should at least pretend to be Fair but now they don’t even pretend to Be fair and it’s kind of silly to point Out their double standards because They’re so blatant and it’s very clear They don’t even believe in any Objectivity or higher standards so I Think we just have to reduce the power Of the media in our own minds and Recognize that when you’re dealing with Media these people are not a media or a Press in the traditional sense when you Think of a press a free press you know The founders the right to a free press They were thinking of an independent Group of people who were outside the Government not captive to any side that Would apply critical scrutiny to the Government and give the public Information that they could use to make Their own decisions about what’s true What’s false what it’s believable what’s Not well we don’t have a media in that Sense the media is kind of like a Lobbying arm of the democratic left so

The message this is the biggest question Of all you know talk about divided America You know today we have families that Won’t talk to each other I was just Talking to my really good friend My friend Chad And his brother won’t talk to him Because Chad likes Trump and his brother Likes Biden and his brother’s a Capitalist I hate each other he’s a Capitalist he’s a business guy I mean Have you seen that too Dinesh I have Seen that and it’s puzzled me initially And I think it has to be I think that These business guys are economically Conservative but socially liberal and That their social values are trumping Their economic interests because anyone By and large who’s an innovator or risk Taker a capitalist making money Um it’s illogical it makes no sense Unless you’re profoundly stupid Individual for you to be voting for the Democrat so it’s got to be that there’s Some other Factor uh and I’m assuming That it’s the social liberalism that is That is uh predominant uh so that these Entrepreneurs and even these Silicon Valley guys are on the left for that Reason Final words here how does a person fight Back and I highly suggest people read Your books and what your

Documentaries and movies and stuff like This because a well-informed uh group Has more power than one who is just Hiding from uh YouTube and Big Brother Any any comments for people yeah I think That um just to give my own example the Reason that I can say and speak freely Is because I’m not captive to Hollywood Even though I have a film company Um I I’m not part of their world and I Don’t care about them and there’s Nothing they can do to me whereas there Are conservatives in Hollywood who has Screenwriters and they’re actors and They rely for jobs on the studios so Look at the leverage that those Institutions have over them if they say The wrong thing they’re out of a job They’ll never work in this town again so Naturally there’s an element of fear That goes with that I’ve tried to to Develop my career in a way that I’m Independent of all that which gives Gives me a freedom to speak and I think We should those of us who are in a Position to do that need to break down These taboos ridicule them mercilessly I Would love to see a comedy channel of Young people who are Politically Incorrect to the max who absolutely Savage every piety and ridicule every Pomposity and make fun of all kinds of Taboos and uh absolutely uncensored and What can you do

Um nothing this would become probably The biggest show on the internet Worldwide so if the world is crying out For the intellectual freedom of people Being able to truly speak their minds And give all these sensors the middle Finger so well said well that’s awesome What’s one of the best ideas The power and the uh wherewithal to do That so anyway thank you International Keep up the great work thank you Dinesh I’d love to have you back on the program Yeah I appreciate it because like I said The definition of an intelligence is if You agree with me you’re extremely Intelligent and dinesha’s book is the United States of social ISM buy that Book now United States of socialism Excellent thank you very much I appreciate it it was a pleasure thank You and we will be right back for our Final words thank you Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki this might Be the last program we ever hear from us Will probably be D platform from this Way but anyway I want to thank the Nashik Is D-i-n-e-s-h-d-s-o-u-z-a I mean he’s got A lot of guts to say what it does and uh I give him credit for the courage so Once again let’s generate a show program Anytime anywhere on Rich Dad Radio I Mean uh good news and bad news about

Money we’ll do our best to not get the Platform you can listen to the Rich Dad Read at any time anywhere on iTunes or Android and YouTube and please leave us A review whenever you listen And to hear this podcast again go to Richdadradio.com we we repeat the Program we make it available to you so You can listen to it again because You’ll learn twice as much the second Time But more importantly especially this Program Listen to listen to what friends Family and business associates Especially if they’re Communists okay I Think they should really listen to this Program well you know what one of the Things Dinesh said that was like oh man I can’t believe he I can’t believe but It’s true when he said you know us is Like Venezuela like Venezuela he goes Yeah it’s a corrupt gangster class They’re a corrupt gangster class they Vote in the person that kills them okay So what do you think sir so the one Thing that I wrote down kind of close to The beginning of the interview was you Had asked him how are people like Ocasio-cortez or Bernie Sanders how do They come into Popularity and he said it’s the art of Creating a sense of grievance which is So true because it’s that like mentality Like oh and I’ve been harmed in some way

And that’s what I I have my new book Coming out soon hopefully as soon as I’m Working a whole year now it’s called the Infinite return and Dinesh plays right Into it because you know I’m a U.S Marine I fought against socialism and Communism I mean I fought for the freedom to choose but Anyway the definition of socialism is a Victim recruiting victims and so they Have to have victims and they get you All in one big pot and then they kill You like I said when I studied academic Economy economics at the Academy it Really was body count who killed the Most people and over history socialists Have murdered the most people Hitler you Know the Jews got it up to 6 million Butler really he was National Nazis National Associates National Socialist He murdered 18 million total you know When you count all the other races who Aren’t Jews and then Lennon and Stalin It was 26 million and then mild see Tongue was something like 28 million And so that’s why socialism always had To kill the victim that they recruited It’s happening right now with kovid with Coven more people are going to be dying Out of mental problems and financial Problems then are going to actually die Of covid and even those numbers are False don’t say that too loud because oh Geez but yeah it’s happening right now

The left has done this whole worldwide Global thing against kovid isolated People done everything that is going to Jeopardize people’s lives and they don’t Care they’ve taken away their income Income I mean Freedom like they have Freedoms in your house stripped Everything away like in the beginning Um we were in a group chat with my Family and it was like oh not dangerous We’re gonna typically it is well they Were like oh we’re gonna they’re we’re Hearing that the states are shutting Down the government Trump’s going to Shut down the country and my response Back was impossible it would never Happen in America what happened a week Later everything was shut down I mean It’s to me unimaginable that we’re Experiencing this in the United States But the other thing Dinesh said is one Of the outcomes is to have every single Person dependent upon the government That’s socialism and that’s what’s Happening it’s also called Big Brother It’s also called Silicon Valley now on The good side of it Silicon Valley does A lot of good and the good news today as We speak is October 20th or something The U.S I mean Big Brother ice Google And Facebook and all those guys are Being sued or being called to on the Carpet for our antitrust And that’s what you know democracy

Should democracy should be we should be Able to call the little sons of Habitious onto the carpet and say how Can you censor I mean how can you censor The New York Post article That that exposes job I mean Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden do you know I mean how Can we censor that what has happened to This country and why is why is it I’m so Afraid to be Politically Incorrect and Why have so many comedians been taken Off air Because we can’t tell jokes anymore and I think that’s great as of all tragedies We’ve lost our sense of humor so that’s I think the ultimate price of socialism Final words Kim well I do like what Dinesh said you know we do need to speak Up when we can and not be afraid to Speak up I also like that he said he’s Building his presence on the site’s par Parlor and Rumble so when the Facebooks And Googles and all of the others Um YouTube when they start getting out Of hand and start taking off everybody That does not sing to their philosophy You still have a voice we need to keep Our voice I like this idea of having a a Show much like Saturday Night Live yes That you can be dark right you know Whatever the show would be it’d be funny I tune into that wouldn’t you sir oh Yeah definitely in a heartbeat brilliant Idea yeah let’s have fun this time we

Get our sense of humor back anyway thank You for listening to the Rich Dad radio Show thank you to Dinesh D’Souza and Thank you all for listening [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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