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Foreign this is the Rich Dad radio show The good news and bad news about money Here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show The good news and bad news about money And today we have a very important show As all of our shows are Because we’re purely informational we Don’t promote or sell or you know I Don’t say buy this stock without share All that stuff but the reason this show Is so important it’s about the number One cause of bankruptcy not only in America but probably in the world the Number one cause And every one of us will face it every Single one of us will face this possible Tragedy in an impossible And the number one reason people go Bankrupt is Health Care They lose their health and then Catastrophic happens to them they can’t Afford it You know I mean I don’t know if you’ve Seen how much it costs to get cancer Treatment or heart treatments now you Can’t afford it So it bankrupts people so our guest Today is a longtime friend John McGregor He’s the author of the book the top 10 Reasons why rich people go broke and one Of them is health care because at 75 Years old right now I’m fighting for my Health and what I used to do 25 years

Ago was not And I struggled today as health so all Of us if you’re fortunate you will face It you’re not maybe not you but somebody In your family Will come to you say can you help us out You know So John welcome to the Rich Dad program And um I’ll give you a little bit of your Background is that your cfp certified Financial planner Which which explains the difference Between that and just a regular Financial planner because there’s a big Difference there’s a massive difference It’s like being a tax preparer versus a CPA you know to become a financial Advisor today it typically takes six Weeks to pass your series seven six Weeks and you’re a financial advisor You’re the steward of people’s money Within six weeks and actually you can do It sooner if you get through that test Quicker but a hairdresser we always we Always laugh about this it takes a Hairdresser about a year to a year and a Half to become a hairdresser not to Demean hairdressers but you can just see The disparity in what it takes to become A financial advisor versus a hairdresser And if you mess up as a hairdresser the Hair the hair grows back right 30 days Later it’s back

You can add more color to it or do Something So cfp it’s a rigorous program you have To qualify certain years in the business Um rigorous background checks and then Um and it’s it’s basically about a Two-year process then the exam is Excruciating Um I was grateful to get through it so Yeah so it’s almost like a law degree Because that’s what people have the same Time frames yeah yeah so and then you Also were teaching other financial Planners and cfps and all that because That’s how well you know that’s Considerable in my my career and I still Do coach and um and Mentor other Financial advisors in the industry yeah Because they need help because I’m Laughing because I’m much older than John but I remember in 74 When I was getting out of the Marine Corps the 74 was the first year of Orissa in Employee Retirement income Security Act today is known as the 401K And I remember everybody was being Hustled you know become a financial Planner become a financial planner And I’m going holy Michael so every School teacher was quitting their job to Become a financial planner and I was Very rich that was just cracking up my Poor death that was a good idea a good You know School teachers can make extra

Money But my but my rich dad was a you know an Entrepreneur he says oh this is going to Be a tragedy so you’re going to have This you’re going to have the poor and Incompetent leading the stupid He just thought it was the most horrible Thing but I went I checked it out I you Know I went down to uh right on Bishop’s John and I from Honolulu one on Bishop Street and interviewed with a couple of These financial planning firms and all That and my skin crawled I just couldn’t Take it You know I just said I don’t know Anything but you guys know less than me The guys who are trying to sell me into Becoming one and so that’s that’s why I Went to work for Xerox and still it was A little more honest selling copiers So John what is this um what do you have To say with people about this Catastrophic Illness for health care what what do you See happening in the future Well I’m so glad you uh you decided to Have this this show and it’s always a Pleasure to be on the show this is an Extremely important topic not only for Individuals but families and I’ll tell You over the many years of working with Thousands of people this issue of Nursing care or long-term care has been One of if not the most

The biggest Financial threat to families Actually not just financially but Relationships as well I mean you see a Lot of sibling infighting when parents Need this type of service as parents Have little to no savings they end up Living with one of their children Because they can’t afford a long-term Care facility and this always always Causes problems and it can be a terrible Strain on families and now suddenly they Have to take care of a grandparent or a Parent on top of their own family and It’s a huge strain on time and money and Most people think long-term care is Covered by the government it’s not well I should say not the kind of care you Want and we can get into the differences Uh in a little bit but yeah this is a Serious issue for everybody Um and and then the statistics just say It all when you consider every day 10 000 baby boomers are turning 65 and 7 Out of 10 people will require long-term Care in their lifetime seven out of ten The seventy percent and of those who Need it on average they need it for two Years Twenty percent need it for five years so It’s a huge financial strain and how Much how much is long-term Um old age care for at the clinic how Long how much does it cost on average Yeah so in fact I just pulled up the

Recent numbers uh yesterday And it’s it’s it’s amazing and it really Depends on where you live and there’s Three types of care you have home care You have Community Care and then you Have a facility like a long-term care Facility like like you own in Arizona But the average cost and and I’ll just Pull this up and I’ll just use Arizona As an example for a semi-private room You’re looking at seventy nine thousand Dollars per year that’s on average A private room is about 96 000. and Using our state of our old lovely home State of Hawaii Semi-private rooms 150 000 per year in a private room’s 170 000 per year I mean think of what that Does to someone’s 401K a lot of people Don’t make that money when they’re Working You know I mean it’s like twice as much As they earn when they’re working And imagine what happens when the family Gets saddled with the bill Yep so that’s where the fighting starts Yep 66 percent of caregivers use their Own retirement and savings funds uh to Pay for this And within a year it could just be wiped Out when you consider the average 401K Balance for someone 65 or older is about 250 000 dollars that could be wiped out In a in a year or a year and a half

And health is something we all face he Means I don’t care how healthy or Unhealthy you are you’ll face health Health health problems And that’s that’s why we um Want to have this program have you on it But how you prepare for it because as John made their comment is I decided the Best way to provide for my health care Is on the building and stuff So it’s really a great deal I make a lot Of money I own the building you know I’ve reserved the penthouse in it and uh I’ll get the I’ll get the best health Care because I own the freaking building And I hope you’re saving me a room Robert And uh anyway I mean the classic quote I I see often it’s a cartoon it’s it’s a Husband and wife talking about the Retirement they said well honey if we Just delay our retirement and have an Early death we’ll be just fine I I hate to say that that was my Saving Grace was both my mother and father died Almost instantaneously my mother was There one day and dead the next yeah and The same as my father he was just there There for like three months and did wow So it was kind of a blessing in many Ways But uh Kim’s parents they’re blessed With long longevity so I’ve caused a lot Of money yep you know to care for them

So that’s that’s why we have this Program today is what the heck do we do So what kind of insurance is there Against You know you don’t even have to get old You could have a car wreck or you could You know it could fall down or do Something like I met this woman whose Son played football he got injured with An ACL you know tear And they the orthopedic surgeon screwed It up now the kid can’t walk so now She’s in this lawsuit because the kid Can’t walk it lost his football career And all that so it could be any it could Come from anything you know beyond old Age right I mean health health is very Important expensive subject what I’m Trying to say No question about as you said it’s the Leading cause of bankruptcy so if you’re In your 20s or 30s watching this and you Have parents or grandparents I would Seriously encourage them to get a Long-term care policy to cover this need Because they will need it if you’re in Your 40s or 50s or 60s you should Seriously consider getting a long-term Care policy for yourself and your spouse If you have one because as we talked About earlier it’s absolutely Devastating so what the type of Insurance that you would need is Basically a long-term care policy and

There are all kinds of long-term care Policies with all different types of of Bells and whistles but on average On The Low End you’d be looking at something That would cost about 900 a year and Then it’s Unlimited on the upside in Terms of Premium based on daily amounts That you want to cover yourself for and Then a maximum cap on how much you want To cover yourself for and then there’s All kinds of bells and whistles in Between but this is extremely extremely Important because you do not want to end Up in a government subsidized facility For the remaining part the remaining Years of your life because that is not a Place where you want to be you want to Be living in your building across the Strait in Scottsdale where they have all The nice accommodations and fun things To do so let’s say one of the reasons I’m such an advocate for financial Education and all this Is number one I don’t trust financial Planners as you know you know I have Long discussions on that one it’s six Weeks and they’re planning your future Of going holy Miracle these guys came And walk and chew gum at the same time And they’re going to plan my future But also I got turned down for long-term Health and that was kind of a wake-up Call they said your health is too bad Yeah and I went wow because you know and

Sometimes though you know if you let Life be your best teacher sometimes it Is the best teacher if you’re open to Being taught so when I this is years and Years ago I got turned down from my Health care And because I had you know I’ve had to Have open heart surgery that’s what Dr Gopalan’s part of our team and Dr Nicole’s part of our team because health Is a very important part of our lives so I I not only did I have to get healthier And especially after covid because what Dr copalian said to me he’s a heart Transplant specialist and a doctor of Acupuncture he says covet is a function Of bad health He says if you have good health you Won’t get it You know but it doesn’t mean that you’ll Not get it but he says it’s not as bad Yeah so anyway it was a good wake-up Call for me and but that was kind of my Response to it is when I had a chance to Buy the um Healthcare facility I bought it because I couldn’t get Health insurance And and now I make millions millions a Year from this Healthcare facility plus I don’t pay tax on it but not too many People can do that yeah does it make Sense you know I mean so what does a Person do when they get turned down Let me just keep going

Well you they get healthier like you did With Rana and Nicole Um that’s one Avenue yeah because Because your medical history will have An impact on whether or not you qualify For a long-term care policy or it may Cost more because you have medical History medical issues in the past so The first thing you need to do is just Apply get that process going Who would they talk to is it just an Ordinary insurance agent or how do you Find that you can go to an ordinary Insurance agent most of them do offer Long-term care in terms of in on top of Other types of insurance or even a Financial planner um when I was a Financial planner I was I was offering These plans as well many years ago so Um yeah those would be the two people That you would go to okay And then um It’s such a serious thing I’m going holy Matt because I I was Yesterday was 9 11 you know and I was Walking around the Prescott Fairgrounds Looking at all the people and Americans Aren’t that healthy no you know what I Mean You know they had the big the big turkey Legs and the enchiladas and all this Stuff they’re going sure is good life Here in America but boy I tell you it’s Not healthy because I yeah it took

Everything my power not to buy a turkey Leg Those people are going to pay the price Unfortunately Um not only physically but financially As well and so many people think that The government is going to take care of Them in the end and that’s just not the Case so what do what do you know about Medicare Medicaid Social Security yeah All that what do you know about that so So there’s a lot of confusion over this And people think they have Medicare Um that will cover them for long-term Care insurance Um and by the way long-term care is used When you can’t do two out of seven ADLs Activities of daily living so once you Cannot do to that’s eating uh dressing Bathing those kind of things then you Would qualify to enter a nursing care Facility But Medicare does not cover you for Long-term care Medicare only kicks in When you’ve been hospitalized and and You’ve been in the hospital for three Days Um and you’re admitted to a Medicare Facility within 30 days of your prior Hospital stay and you need skilled uh Nursing care so for example my dad as You know Dad uh Robert 40 days ago he Slipped in the shower and he fractured His spine and broke two ribs 92 years

Old so he was admitted to the hospital For about 10 days and then they took him To a Skilled Nursing Facility Where he was in for another 10 days That was covered under Medicare because He came from a hospital and he was in Rehabilitation now Medicare will cover The first 20 days of that Skilled Nursing Facility after that from day 20 To day 100 it covers up to about 195 Dollars per day anything over that is Out of pocket and right now the facility He is in costs 500 a day oh and since He’s a yes since he’s a and this is a Small town fairly affordable place to Live I mean you look at places like San Francisco or even downtown Scottsdale or Or other uh more you know Richer communities it’s going to be way More than 500 a day so he is just coming Up on his 20 days and then after that We’d be we’d be responsible for about 300 a day after that and then after if He’s in there for a hundred days and and Over then it’s a hundred percent out of Pocket so that’s that’s Medicare Medicaid on the other hand is when you Have no assets you basically have You’ve drawn down your assets your Savings to two thousand dollars or less That’s when you would qualify for a Government-run facility it’s a it’s a Joint federal and state assistant Program

Um that finances uh health care for Low-income people it’s really just a Skilled Nursing Facility And again this is not where you want to End up for the remaining years and you Could be in this facility forever as Long as you you you draw down your Savings yeah exactly and you have no Income yeah so you can only imagine what That facility is like okay when we come Back we’ll go into more questions about One last hour to ask questions on this Because it’s a very very important Subject that’s oftentimes not discussed Until it’s too late so we come back Again we’re talking to a good friend John McGregor a fellow from Hawaii who Had to leave the People’s Republic So many people are leaving Hawaii Because it’s too woke it happens too Woke and it’s frightening oh Not see us getting there yeah I mean I Love Hawaii the sunset’s a beautiful Sunrises are beautiful but boy I tell You that the government is communist It’s horrible so we come back with Playing the John McGregor dear friend From Hawaii we’ll be right back [Music] The elite backed by the accreditation Laws have had access to all the early Investment opportunities They have had the opportunity to invest In tech companies in the private markets

Before dumping their winners into the Public markets for huge gains But now you can take back your power Introducing the chainrace platform the Platform built for the People by the People On chain Rays you will find blockchain Companies Tech startups real estate Deals and more that you can invest in Anyone 18 and over across the world can Create a diversified portfolio with Under one thousand dollars go hunting For the next tech unicorn or look for Cash flow opportunities all through one Platform Join us in taking back your power go to Chainraise.io today Feeling powerless over current events And your financial future Financial Freedom is your freedom Robert Kiyosaki Is the best-selling author of Rich Dad For Dad over 40 million people have Taken Robert’s advice now it’s your turn Attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at richdadfree.com don’t wait access Is limited go to richdadfree.com that’s Richdadfree.com Welcome back Robert kiyosak the rich Celebrity show the good news and bad News about health care and how expensive It can get and especially today for my Generation the boomer generation 10 000 Of us retiring every day the question is

How much money do they have and the Stats are showing right now because of This wonderful Biden plan of build back Better or whatever the heck he’s doing Is Americans are dipping into their Savings because they can’t afford the Inflation inflation’s killing them so The savings are being depleted from the Inside via inflation You can listen to the Richard radio Program anytime anywhere on iTunes Android or YouTube and leave us a Comment whenever you listen and all of Our podcasts are archived at Richdadradio.com we archive them for one Reason is because we’re purely Informational educational we sell Nothing we don’t make a recommendation With the buyer what to sell But also if you have friends family Members or somebody who needs to listen To this program go to richdadradio.com And ask them to listen to it especially If you’re let’s say you’re in your 30s And you have a parent that’s in their 60s this is a very important program to Listen to because it’s something the Family should discuss so our guest today Is John McGregor he’s a fellow from Hawaii but he had to leave Hawaii like I Had to leave because it’s just too just Too woke anyway uh we’re talking about Healthcare Sarah what what comments so During the last segment you know John

Shared some staggering statistics about What it costs per day Um to have his father in a Medicare you Know facility or under the care of Medicare right long term long term So I was doing the math and those 80 Days then that aren’t covered right That’s 24 000. that would yes that would Cost twenty four thousand dollars to Keep my dad in this facility for for 20 From day 20 to day 100. my point is so I Have two parents that are 75 this is Obviously something that’s going to be Or is a concern for my siblings and I Because they’re getting at that age but Yes but this is a crushing this this Could crush a middle class family is an Expense like this and so the alternative Is Medicaid facility which John you’re Saying Nobody wants to go nobody wants to go There can you talk about that for like What the alternative is if they if you Can’t pay well there’s two Alternatives You move back in with the your parents Move back in with you Sarah and you take Care of them and sadly that’s what Happens to so many families that can’t Afford this stuff where they don’t want To be in a Medicaid facility if If they need that type of skilled Nursing that you cannot deliver or Provide they would have to spend all

Their assets down to less than two Thousand dollars in savings then they Would qualify for Medicaid But then they would go into that Government-run facility so Sarah’s Siblings you’re you’re would have to be Also come destitute and poor to qualify No just the parents So the alternative is either we take Care of them or they would have to Divest them yeah yeah and I’m just Thinking even so I looked into like the Facility you know the house the senior Living that Robert Um owned the property we called it to Ask how much it would care what how much It would cost and if you lived in a one Bedroom it looked like an apartment you Know but meals include it was four Thousand dollars a month which not to me That wasn’t terrible if everything’s Included but the more services you added So if you needed long-term you know to Be in the long-term memory care portion Of this facility you’re talking eight to Ten thousand dollars a month yeah and by The way these costs are increasing way More than inflation Um the average cost of Home Care Services increased by about a thousand Dollars annually between 2004 and 2020 And the average uh private room in a Nursing home jumped by about twenty five Hundred dollars each year during that

Same time period so these these things Are going up and the reason is covet had Something to do with it because these Nursing care facilities had to adopt to PPE and new regulations and compliance But it really boils down to a supply and Demand issue we talked about ten Thousand Baby Boomers turning 65 every Single day and 70 percent of them are Going to need this type of service or Are going into the service that’s a huge Strain on Supply and trained Professionals there’s just not enough of Them hence that’s why that’s why these Rates are going up and by the way I Didn’t mention this the sooner you buy Your long-term care policy the cheaper It is the longer you wait the costs go Up that’s why really strongly encourage People to to shop for a policy today not Tomorrow because every single day you Wait the cost of those premiums will go Up So again they um because I I’ve never This was we’re teaching the Arizona State University this Saturday this last Friday And that’s the one thing that Tom will Writing our CPA was talking about he Says part of your team you have to you Have to have a good insurance agent and I never I don’t even think that way so Anyway so how do you recommend a person Find a good insurance agent yeah because

There’s a lot of a lot of scum out there Too right you know what I mean oh yeah Absolutely and I’ll get into that in a Second but there are these policies now That I didn’t have when I was when I was Selling these is that uh they combine Life insurance and long-term care Insurance together so there’s a lot of New things that have come out that make It more affordable make it more uh Flexible Um but to answer your question yeah you Have to be very careful with who you Decide to use and do not choose the First person you bought you know don’t Go to the free or the the first person You met don’t go to the free chicken Dinner and be enamored with them and Then suddenly sign up on the spot I’ve Seen that way too many times you have to Interview at least three professionals Before you decide who you choose from And be very careful with insurance People a lot of them are good people but They they believe they can solve every Problem in America with insurance and Um when when all you have is a hammer Everything looks like a nail right and Insurance people are typical typically The ones that will just use Insurance to Solve all of your financial problems so Um what I would be looking at I wouldn’t I would definitely interview an Insurance agents but also look for

Financial planners that offer this as Well and and and get a variety of quotes Um from different people and uh and Really do your due diligence So I I really see this as you know just As important as I would get car Insurance I may not ever need it yeah But there probably will be a day that I Know you know so and so I can’t ER you Know I urge people especially like John Was saying do it younger then later it’s Going to save you a way more money but Also the reason why I encourage you to Listen to this podcast I get a rich dad Uh Radio.com this is a discussion for the Family for your how many how many uh Siblings five three other siblings yeah My sister and two brothers yeah and then Wow and plus you have your husbands and That’s a whole other story because my Parents planned very you know early on So I I feel pretty comfortable that this Won’t be a long discussion with them Um because they’ve planned for it on my Husband’s side and on the other hand The total opposite I mean his mother’s 74 years old and she’s still working Because she has to not because she Enjoys it mm-hmm Any comments John yeah it’s so common I See that so often and you know it’s a Serious discussion Sarah that you’re Going to have to have with your husband

To figure out what the game plan is Because these these health issues don’t Gradually occur they happen immediately I mean one morning I’m I’m sitting there Having my coffee the next morning the Next moment I hear my dad slip and fall Boom fractured spine and two ribs so There’s no way to plan for that so you Got to have a you gotta have a game plan Now Sarah going into this because Anything can happen at any time Especially at that age so once again we Have Rich Dad radio.com just for this Play this for this reason get together With friends family and Associates and Listen and discuss now And then take action Anything else there I mean Terrifying to aside John is there any Other Um Aside from the long tear long tear Long-term care policy is there anything Us in our even I’m in my 40s Um that we could be doing now Um so my you know children or nieces or Nephews don’t have to take care of my Siblings and I yeah yeah I I think just Going back to exactly what we’ve been Talking about is is I would meet with a An insurance professional someone who Really understands this and seriously Consider getting a long-term care policy Even if it’s an inexpensive

Um you know kind of kind of SK skimmed Down version gets something Sarah you Really need that got it so this episode Is really just a warning just a dire Warning yeah again I think in the years I’ve been doing this this is if not the If if not one of it’s the biggest Financial threat a family will face this Need for long-term care seven out of ten People are going to need this care most Of them will need it for two years A handful will need it for five so you Can just imagine what that does to Someone saving into retirement well and Just as Robert had opened the show it’s A number one cause of bankruptcy is that This is a question this is a question I Have so let’s say my parents have to File bankruptcy you know something Tragic happens catastrophic happens how Does that work does that pass down to us Kids does that bank in there no no no No unless you are dependent no that does Not so And by the way you can’t just spend down Your money thinking you can get into Medicaid because they’re going to do a Look back on your money to see where it Went because a lot of people think well I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars Yeah I’m gonna hide it you can’t do that It’s got to be a legitimate situation Where you’re in dire Financial Straits In order to qualify for Medicaid

A lot of people try to play games and Then it comes back to bite them and then The final thing in your life for me is I Have siblings who are my age And they’re in um so there’s not the Best Financial Health Yep and then so that’s that’s going to Backfire on me plus Kim has siblings Yeah Robert This is a major major problem And the boomers are getting older and Older and older And the kids are not prepared and They’re kind of saying that After after covid-19 a lot of middle Class are not eating into the savings Just to cover inflation So this is not good the eating into Their savings and increasing their Credit card spending yep yep and and the And sadly the the overall strategy that I see from most people is they just hope Everything will work out in the end Right right and I will tell you hope is Not a strategy Financial strategy So John what’s What’s the title of your Book again oh thanks Robert um got a Copy right here it’s the uh top 10 Reasons the rich go broke powerful Stories that’ll transform your financial Life forever so good and John’s done Dealt with a lot of these people who Were rich And they’re all poor yeah tragic stories

Of people that I knew and you knew Robert right that had everything and Then lost it all and one of the stories Is health related just this topic that We’re talking about yeah so John if our Listeners had additional questions is There a way to contact you or get a hold Of you if they need have further Questions oh absolutely they can find me On my website and they can contact me There through the contact form and yeah Feel free if anyone has any questions or They need a referral for a professional Happy to do so and you can reach me at John McGregor that’s macgregor.net I’ll include a link in the show notes Thank you okay yeah thank you well You’re going to be a swamp my friend You’re going to be swamped well I’m Happy to help anybody yeah so and I Don’t sell this stuff anymore so there’s Nothing in it for me I just want to make Sure as many people are protected and Looked after as I can so yeah So once again John thanks very much you Know fellow rugby player from Hawaii and All this stuff when he is a good friends With a guy named Barack Obama oh God John John John and Barack went to the Same school and he wasn’t a poor black Kid was he no not at all not at all He lived in a very affluent neighborhood Once Upon a ho you know it’s an influent Private high school the mom was quite

Successful yeah I couldn’t afford to go Punahou and so my my father wouldn’t Send me anyway because but anyway but he Now is one of the owns one of the Biggest Estates in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard and all this yeah and uh as I Always say people not don’t look at what They say don’t listen to what they say Watch what they do and the first people He bailed out Obama bailed out was General Motors and the banks that’s Right you know that’s where he gets his Campaign money from so anyway this is uh Interesting time in the world right now And so I’m glad people are listening to Rich Dad radio and John thanks for being A part of the Rich Dad team thank you Always great to see you take care so we Come back we’ll have a final word with Sarah thank you we’ll be right back [Music] Robert Kiyosaki the good news and bad News and this time is about health care And you can listen to the rich type Raider program anytime anywhere on ITunes Android and YouTube please leave A comment but most importantly we don’t Sell anything you know it’s John McGregor he’s a dear friend from Hawaii A friend of Barack Obama and um you know All the stories they tell about Poor people and all this stuff But anyway Um

Please listen to this program again at Richdadradio.com and discuss with your Family because Health Care is a family Issue and if you have Like you know Sarah you have you have Siblings brothers sisters I have Brothers and sisters and all they have Are master’s degrees and they think They’re protected I’m going oh my God And then you get that phone call and you Say you know I can’t afford this can you Give me the money and so it’s best to go To richdadradio.com listen to this with Your family and friends and start the Discussion Then decide what you’re going to do Final words yeah I think even just Starting the discussion right is is the First is the first step yeah we we’ve Had shows on with Dr Nicole and Rada you Know health is wealth and if you’re Healthy Um you don’t think about it you don’t Have to and you don’t have to right Um so there’s that aspect of it but then As John described accidents happen Something can happen in the split of us At you know a second and change the Course of your financial life forever Right and so it’s better to plan and Prepare Um and get protected now while you can Before the emergency happens because Once the emergency happens like fan you

Know he described if you’re on Medicare Um generally you’re probably in the Upper middle class anyway but still he That’s 24 000 you’d spend in 90 days It’s a lot of money that’s a lot of Money for most families right so Um I this was an important show because I think especially as the baby boomer Generation is aging Um it’s a big concern for their children But it goes Systemic goes wide you know kids Grandkids Futures right you know Absolutely college education If the kids aren’t working if they’re Lazy I had one one friend His daughter somebody hit somebody with Their car right and they lost everything I mean they were Rich one day But just because the daughter’s Boyfriend or husband in their car hit Somebody in the park in a crosswalk they Got sued and lost everything because They had no um asset protection So this is not you know that’s why the Rich Dad radio program is to let you be Aware But but most importantly you know go to Richdadradio.com and start your Discussion with your friends and family Especially your family right now yeah And as John said he’s welcome to make a Referral or help you if you have any Questions just I’ll put the link in the

Description below it’s John mcgregor.net Um because it there’s no time like the Present to get started on this when You’re healthy when you’re healthy Before you need it yeah So once again thank you Sarah thanks for John John mcgurkin thank you all for Listening to the Rich Dad radio show Thank you [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you All right [Music] All right [Music]

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