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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good news and bad news about money And we’re gonna have a fantastic program Today it’s probably the topic of the Of the day of the century the time I Don’t know other than Donald Trump of Course but we have the infamous Simon Dixon you know he is the the leading Opponent and expert and the first guy to Ever speak about Bitcoin you know and he Complimented me that he read my book I Should have read his book but So uh his claim to fame is if he is the Bitcoin um way ahead of his time guy and The date today is important because it’s Around January 12th the reason why I say That is because Things are changing so fast That if you you don’t have the reference Of what what data we’re talking about You know you have you you can get lost Really quickly So uh you know Simon I want to thank you Because because I listen to your your Work and all that Being an old guy I finally got into Bitcoin and um we’ve done extremely well So thank you very much on that but I Wish I had read your book earlier Because it wasn’t even better Anyway here’s Kim yes well welcome Simon

And Simon Dixon just for everybody that Who maybe doesn’t know him he’s the CEO And co-founder of banktothefuture.com And largest global online investment Platform Um Robert you’ve been studying Bitcoin Excessively in the last year now so this Is going to be a this is going to be a Great show Um I have to say going into 2021 my my Wish was that we have a peaceful insane 2021 and obviously that’s not happening So can’t wait to get your take on all That’s going on right now and Simon Might be the smartest guy on Earth Because he lives in the Isle of Man and Then this morning on Fox the FBI came Out and says they’re putting out Warnings at every 50s every capital in America they’re putting warnings for Rioting and all that and going holy Mackerel anyway with that Simon I’m just Giving a context of where we are on Planet Earth and you’re on Isle of Man Very very smart move so welcome to the Program and let’s start by giving a Little bit your background and how did You get to Bank of the future and become The Bitcoin uh Guru yeah sure actually a Story you won’t know um Robert is that Uh I was working in Investment Banking Um and uh I was going from Market making To trading to corporate finance Um and somebody handed me a book in 2006

Uh called Rich Dad board at Um and uh I really it really related to The rat race and right after reading That book I decided to quit my job and Return to my passion Um and returned to my passion of Economics Um and uh I decided that uh the business That I wanted to create Um as well as be an investor but I Didn’t have any money to invest in fact I was about even though I had a Well-paid job I was about a hundred Thousand pounds in debt Um and uh deep in the rat race and Consuming rather than investing Um and uh so in 2006 I decided to throw In the corporate towel and I started Trying the business I tried to create Was actually a non-fractional Reserve Bank because I was really Um studying the fraud of money and how It’s actually created and so um that led To me to writing the book Bank to the Future protect your future before Governments go blast Um and that led me to actually speaking At the very first Bitcoin conference in The world well and uh when when I spoke There Um I realized that the Bitcoin Community Was actually creating that Infrastructure so I bought my first Bitcoin at three dollars

Um and uh we started investing in all The companies and um so the Bitcoin did Well so we I was looking at the cash Flow quadrant reinvesting some of my Assets Um and uh we started investing in Companies like coinbase and Kraken and Bit stamped and bits in X Um and many of those about 10 of those Have gone on to become the the the Exchanges that built our industry so Um we built banktothefuture.com to allow Other people to co-invest in the stocks And shares of early stage Bitcoin Companies Um and the rest is history so you’ve got A part to play in those in the story That you may not know about well I am Very I’m honored I’m honored I’m honored And I um excited I’m so excited for what You guys are doing quick question what Is the educational background are you English or your yeah so I I did a moss As an economics at University but um you Know money was my subject really Um and I started losing the game of Money As soon as I went into um the rat race As it were Um and so even though I was in the game Of money it was a really good education For me learning how money moves how the Investment banking industry Works Um but as soon as I’d learned what I

Needed to know for me it was really About Um getting on the right side of money Because Um it wasn’t working for me at the time So uh yeah but I didn’t do too well at University College you know I uh had to Go to a low-key University but it was That economics and um really getting out Of University when I really started to Learn economics that did it for me right Yeah it’s funny when you get out of when You get out of school out of college at A university is when the real learning Starts yeah It’s it’s really a surprising sign that You know a lot of people who do well in University or that well you look at some Of the some of the biggest of the Brightest like Clinton’s Obamas bidens You know they don’t they have to go to Politics Yeah Anyway well for me I I had to actually Um relearn economics yes um because what I what I learned about money in Economics was so detached from reality Yes Um that I needed to completely relearn Economics from austrians and because I Was taught classical and Keynesian Economics Um and you know the assumptions around Money was really that led me into this

Journey Um because the how University teaches You about uh how money is actually is Created is so Um different to when you read great History books I know you’re a big fan of The creature from Jekyll Island Um you know that re-teaches you the History of how Um Central Banking actually was Political Um and how it came to be and how wars Were fought over trying to really keep Control of money and eventually the Banks ended up taking over the whole Digital currency system uh because every Time a bank issues a loan when you take Out a loan with a bank they’re actually Creating a digital currency they Invented digital currency and Bitcoin Found a way of doing that and Circumventing the banking system which Really captured my imagination early Correct you know because you know Kim And I have a home office And we don’t you know I stay out of Stocks and because I don’t have control Of it you know the CEO is a counterparty Risk in that thing I just don’t I worked For Xerox for a while and got a bad Taste of corporate and you know and I Should have bought Apple because I love I love Steve Jobs and all this But I just want to stay away from them

And I don’t know why but it’s a kind of A personal discipline So I’m I’m in Gold Silver and Bitcoin Simply because exactly what you said The banking system is based upon a Fractional Reserve System and the Average person out there has no idea What I just said when just says sure Yeah and even if you learn that it’s Based upon a fractional Reserve System It turns out that there’s no fraction And no reserves that’s true you know the Reality is is that the you know it’s not Even you know stocks are away you have To you’re pushed to stocks just to try And beat inflation right um but the the Bank deposits are just as risky you know There’s counterparty risk in the bank Deposits and you’re betting on the Credit risk of the bank and they’re Taking excessive risks and it’s only the Federal Reserve and the the how the Whole system’s connected Um that keeps it and it’s not even Insured you you think your deposits are Insured Um only one percent of those is actually Covered yeah Anyway that’s um it’s interesting how we We come to our paths You know securitasly we just keep going Different places but we can Congratulations on all your success any Comments Kim yes so so Simon you know

Going forward here we’re in a crazy Crazy time and we hadn’t I don’t know Where this is heading Um what is your what is your take on the Banks with Bitcoin or the what what do You see happening coming down the road Yeah so there’s two types of banks at The moment there’s Banks which uh have Sold off all of their toxic assets to Your pension Um and the 401K is holding all of those Toxic assets or the Federal Reserve is Holding all those toxic assets Um and then there’s Banks which Essentially plugged my book because who Stole my pension because you’re saying Exactly What I’m really concerned about the old Guys like me they’re going to find out There’s nothing there you know It’s just toxic acid sitting in there Yeah absolutely Um and the second type of bank is one That has excessive risk um in and Um I believe that the the way that Everything’s moving right now is we’ve Entered this two-tiered economy where You have a new superpower China which Was built off a quasi-communistry Capitalist experiment and then you have America which seems to be if you look at The two you’ve got America which is Looking more and more like China every Day and China that’s looking more and

More like America every day and Eventually you converge in this Socialist Um ideal Um and so when you look at politics Right now Um the IMF called out for Bretton Woods 2 I know Kiyosaki you always talk about So Robert and the you know 1971 the Rules of money changed and that’s Exactly right but in 1944 was the Precursor to 1990 um 71 uh where this Debt based bat by gold but for fractions Of gold really started to be now I think We’re mentoring into a new monetary Phase so for governments all around the World to pay for all of these Obligations that they’ve made that they Seriously cannot meet Um we have to move to a completely new Monetary renegotiation and so a Brettonwood’s two-style moment and I Think that moment is going to be Central Bank digital currencies where they’re Going to be issuing money based upon Allowing Banks to go bust so insolvent Banks rather than bailing them out and Rather than bailing them in Um they’re going to let them go boss and It means that any money that you held at A bank you can download an app in the Future and you’ll and you’ll have this New Central Bank digital currency now The problem is with that money is it’s a

Deleveraging of the economy but that Money is going to be surveillance it’s Going to be removal of all your privacy Removal of all your freedoms when you Take that money the helicopter money That’s going to be issued and used to Allow Banks to go bust we’re taking out These intermediaries and Banks and Technology companies are all going to be Built on top of these Central Bank Digital currency Um and then you have Bitcoin which is The exact opposite so the money that you Hold at a bank you don’t own it but a Bank is the legal owner you can’t spend It because of the surveillance and Anti-money laundering laws and all sorts That make innocent people not be able to Spend their money and it’s being printed Out of existence then you have Bitcoin On the other side you can own your money You can spend your money and the money Supply is completely fixed so that’s why It’s a frenzy of companies right now Trying to protect their balance sheets From the dollar and putting a percentage Of it into Bitcoin because the writings On the wall in terms of these Trends and I think we’re in the mid the one of the Largest wealth divides that we’ve ever Seen Um with these you know incredible wealth Inequality that’s causing people to Really push for socialist ideals because

Everybody’s deep in debt and the Inequality has got crazy and they’re Going to push for that Central Bank Digital currency which is going to be Signing away your freedoms your personal Liberties and privacy the question about Wants to know you know because it’s it’s When you know when Gaul was I was buying I was buying gold at 35 you know so Quite happy But everybody wants to know how high is It going to go and I keep saying it’s Not how high is it going to go it says How many ounces do you have And when I when I talk to people about Bitcoin my answer is the same this is How many Bitcoin do you have who cares About the price Almost you know I mean that’s almost my Attitude towards it because when you Look at the macro It’s coming apart that’s that’s all so What’s what can you trust out there And that’s why I thank you because you Know like um I started listening to your Stuff and a whole bunch of other guys Like pompliano and Ralph hell and then Of course uh not Peter Schiff but Max Kaiser you know having that war Going on those two guys But it’s I don’t know why people get so Involved in the dollar amount the price Versus the quantity that’s how and the Reason I like Bitcoin is because of the

Having the the supply goes down so we Have a lot of questions I want to ask You about that But the question right now is that the Price of Bitcoin went to like over 40 I Think today is trading around 35 or Something What causes that fluctuation that’s the Question I have yes so um gold is what I Call a store of value and by store of Value it means it’s not designed to Increase your wealth it’s designed to Preserve your wealth for 5 000 years is Preserved people’s wealth and so the When the wealthy and the central banks Use gold Um as a store of value whereas Bitcoin Is a 10-year experiment it’s a Speculative store of value and that Means that it has many of the properties Of gold but it’s digital so that it can Be used the utility is greater in Certain extremes Um but it’s speculative because you know It’s not got 5 000 years of History so That means that the majority of the World you know I’ve seen my 30 Bitcoin Crash to three dollars in a day I’ve Seen my 1 250 Bitcoin crash to 250 Dollars in a couple of weeks I’ve seen My twenty thousand dollar Bitcoin crash Um to 250 dollars in less than a month And the reason is is because people are Speculating on whether Bitcoin can

Become a store of value And so that means that some people the Vast majority of the world still think That Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme a scam a Currency just for drug dealers Um or it’s uh you know a get rich quick Scheme Um but each year more and more people Realize that the value of goal of Bitcoin is owning your own money Spending your own money and having a Fixed Supply so over the years all these New cases come along where people Actually discover the latest case is Really actually the people on a mass Scale understanding about money Printing And uh you know why people are asking Questions on a simple level why am I Paying tax if you can create trillions Of dollars overnight in order to you Know these questions people are asking And it leads them to things like Bitcoin Because we’re in the information Age and Information is readily accessible so This speculation means that until the Day comes where everybody knows that Bitcoin’s not a scam I’m a Ponzi scheme A currency just for drug dealers and a Get rich quick scheme it might act more Like gold but digital gold and therefore Will be more of a wealth preserver than A wealth Creator so you have to have a Thick skin and be willing to go through The ups and downs as the emotions of

Fear and greed cut in as people get Scared of is it going to fail is it Going to succeed correct yeah we’ll come Back we’re going to uh fantastic talking To you and we come back we’ll have more Questions for you a lot of questions a Lot of questions and things like this And I really appreciate it so we’ll come Back we’ll be more with Simon Dixon his Book is called Bank to the Future he’s a I think he’s the number one guy that Ever got on to bitcoin even Max Kaiser Acknowledges you which is pretty good Chef hates you too but anyways I like here but but his knees and goes Yes yes I think it’s the old guys first With the young guys I think that’s what It comes down to so anyway we’ll come Right back with Simon Texan Welcome back Robert kiyosaka Rich Everybody to show the good news and bad News about money today we have Simon Dixon and he is the leading Guru on Bitcoin and it’s a very important Discussion especially at this time of History all hell’s already broken lose Which is good for Bitcoin like close to The Rich Dad radio program anytime Anywhere on iTunes Andrew and YouTube if You don’t get deal listed and please We’ve been hit several times Simon we Don’t say anything bad we had Trump on Which was not the best thing but we got Nailed for him I mean what’s going on

But anyway listen to the he listens to This program we archive everything at Richdadradio.com because repetition is How we learn listen to this one more Time you’ll hear what Simon is saying About Bitcoin But more important we have friends Family members and business associates Who know nothing this is a good program To listen to So with that we’ll welcome back Simon And um you think it awaken yes well and Simon’s also the author of back bank to The Future protect your future before Governments go bust and the way things Are going governments could be going West any day now Um yes so Simon um we were talking at The break and Robert you were talking About the difference between Um trading and investing Bitcoin can you Elaborate a little bit on that salmon Simon yeah absolutely so um I’ve seen a Lot over over the years having been from The beginning I’ve seen people that were Involved in the highest performing asset Class in the history that still didn’t Accumulate wealth there’s a couple of Reasons for that one they spent their Bitcoin because they needed to meet Their living expenses and they weren’t Spending their Fiat money they were Spending their Bitcoin Um and so treating it as a median of

Exchange and unit of account rather than The store of value and but the second is Because they over traded it Um and every time you trade you create a Taxable events Um and you also create the opportunity To be wrecked by insiders so Bitcoin Every what do you mean by sorry react is A is a crypto phrase where you lose all Your money Um sorry there’s so much jargon in our In our industry Models and fomos and racks and all these Funny phrases you see on Twitter nothing Changes right yeah yeah Um but yeah so over trading is a real Killer um and I’ve seen so many people That have tried to invest in the next Bitcoin killer and end up with no Bitcoin Um and it’s it’s a very big mistake and Especially when new people join they Come along and they say well bitcoin’s 35 000 I could buy something else that’s Like a couple of cents and try and Replicate the story Um and while there may be a time and a Place to do that but you don’t want to Get caught with no Bitcoin so the Difference between investing in trading Is Um an investor really looks forward to The bull market and the the bear markets And so for me I really like it when

Bitcoin cracks because it allows me to Accumulate more Bitcoin at a lower rate I’m not going to be selling that Bitcoin And if it crashes like crazy I don’t Really care because I’ve got a long-term Perspective on it Um and I don’t want you know and the Bitcoin is a very manipulator Market Just like every other Market short term Um you know you’ve got people with vast Wealth the hedge funds the exchanges and That push the price up and down like Crazy and they’re just trying to scare You out of your Bitcoin they’re Long-term holders of Bitcoin and they’re Trying to get your Bitcoin and if you’re In a Trader you can be you know 90 I Worked in the traditional markets I was A I was a market maker and 90 of Traders Lose money to the 10 of insiders the Same is true in Bitcoin traditional Markets gold markets everything Everything Um so short term you are trying to beat The these people and they know more than You they’ve got access to better Resources so the great equalizer is Becoming an investor you know traders in It’s it’s a losing game you’re creating Taxable events and you’re trying to be The Insiders now you might be great at That but most people aren’t yeah what Simon’s talking about the tax and what About like

Because Kim and I make most of our money In real estate and in business And we save our money in gold silver Bitcoin because we don’t trust a dollar And these people come in and they’re Flipping real estate And it didn’t make any sense to me Because you buy let’s say you buy it for 10 000 you sell it for a hundred Thousand you have a taxable event You know plus you put all that money at Risk you know it doesn’t make sense to Me so where I think Kim and I we’re long Term on everything everything yeah Everything well you look at real estate I mean it takes a lot of time to find a Great property so once we find it we Want to hang on to it Um but flippers have a whole different Mentality the same the same is good They’re expensive we’re never going to Sell it but I just get my teeth get soft When I see the price going down you know I want to jump in and buy as much as I Can Where other people are panicking they’re Selling because it’s going down I mean There’s kind of a different mindset Isn’t it Simon yeah so this is the whole Um you know currency versus money debate And when I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad That aha moment of accumulating assets So currency is what the governments Create and it always dilutes and it

Always goes down in value and every Single fiat currency in history Eventually goes to zero and fails money Stands the test of time and as I said You know Bitcoin Um is a speculative money Um but is beta point is based upon the Principles Um so when someone says to me are you Selling Um Bitcoin I hear I am I buying currency Um you know and why would I buy currency Right well the reason I buy currency is If I need to meet my short-term living Expenses Um and I don’t mind you know currency is Very good for that the stuff the Government creates is very short term For meeting your mortgage obligations or Your living expenses but it’s useless For savings and so if someone says to me You know sell Bitcoin I’m like well I’d Have to buy some currency and why am I Going to hold currency right right so I Don’t hear what Simon is saying is that Our partner Ken McElroy who run real Estate together the biggest liability we Have is cash today And what we’re in real estate what we’re Attempting to do is take cash US dollars Or whatever it is and convert it to debt And then the debt is inside an asset Called an apartment house And and that’s how we think but

Everybody wants to save cash we’re Trying to get out of it you know and the Average person is trying to get into it But before we go let’s let’s go into This up and down and all this stuff Because You know when Bitcoin was up at 41 000 You know the first thing I say I should Have bought more And then it drops down to like 30 000 I Said I’m gonna buy more Yeah I have no patience you know I just You know I just want more and more and More of it but I’m never going to sell The damn thing So what you know Kai’s was talking about What 150 000 or 225 000 an ounce or Something a per coin you ever do stuff Like that speculate on what the future Price might be Um so no for me I’ve avoided Um I’ve avoided it because actually even When I’m trying to be conservative with Price Forecast Bitcoin has usually Beaten there over the years so it’s been The highest performing asset for 10 of The last 12 years Um and every you know you’re not you’re Not alone the emotion of investing into Bitcoin ever since I’ve been involved Everyone has always thought I’ve missed The boat the price is too high it can’t Go any further Um and that’s been the same everybody’s

Celebrated when they sold it at a dollar Everybody celebrated when they sold it At ten dollars a hundred dollars a Thousand dollars ten thousand dollars And I do expect people to be celebrating When they sell it for a hundred thousand Dollars you know we can’t give Financial Advice but to me it’s supply and demand Economics 101 and the supply of Bitcoin Is there’s only ever going to be 21 Million Um 18 and a half million have already Been created probably four to six Million of them have just lost because In the beginning people didn’t know that They needed to Value them in the early Days and so now you’ve got you know it Was originally in individuals realizing That they needed it now Wall Street and Corporations are starting to realize That they need it and next central banks Are going to realize that they need it And governments are going to realize They need it and so this is the only Asset class in history where it went Backwards the individual got in first The corporation got in second and the Government gets in Lost normally it’s The complete opposite Wall Street first Working crony capitalism with the Government and then they’re doing IPOs And selling it to you for your pension And this is the first time it’s gone Backwards which created

Um such an interesting time in financial History and such a wealth transfer from This group of Geeks and you know Missionaries that just wanted to take on The banks that turned into what it is Today and it’s been you know I never Imagined that Bitcoin would succeed in The early days I really didn’t it was Just something that had to succeed so I Started investing and and investing in The infrastructure Um but Bitcoin has just become this Force Um and uh you know whatever whatever the Market throws at it it seems to recover But you’ve got to be you’ve got to be You’ve got to have a long-term Perspective because short term you’re Not going to enjoy the ride at all well So other than the emotional Um roller coaster that sometimes goes Along with Bitcoin is there a is there a Downside to bitcoin Um yeah so there is a downside to Bitcoin you need to with the Responsibility of owning your own money Comes the responsibility of securing Your own body which is a big pain in the Ass one of the problems with owning gold Is that you um normally end up storing It in Switzerland or Singapore because Putting it in your house is either very Inconvenient or unsafe Um now you need to learn a new skill and

The good thing is is that this is a Skill for the future that everybody Needs to learn the future is about cyber Attacks and everybody trying to steal Your data steal your money steal your Emails hack into your accounts and the By learning how to secure your Bitcoin It’s um there’s you know when we first Started when we first got involved that Was a very hard task entrepreneurs have Created amazing tools and amazing Technology to make that a lot simpler Nowadays and but it’s still a new skill That people need to learn but as I said You know when you have money on the line And your savings on the line is a pretty Good motivator to learn how to protect Your personal be personally suffering And that is the same skill everyone Needs to learn in the future because we Are in a cyber terrorist environment in The future everybody needs to learn how To protect their data that’s a good Point well a quick quick question Because we’re running out of time here What is to prevent somebody else from Starting their own Bitcoin Um well 10 500 other people have tried To create their own Bitcoin and no one Has quite ever replicated the network Effects for a few reasons Bitcoin was Created at a time when nobody cared and Nobody was pricing it and nobody was Speculating on it and so it had this

Time frame where somebody somebody Created it that nobody knew who it was And the fact that no one could go to the Central bank and say oh Bitcoin has I’ve Stolen my money can you compensate me With ethereum with everything else That’s been created since there’s always A central figure that is connected to it And so there’s always someone that can Change the code manipulate something Because this Bitcoin is now the world’s Largest super computer that is secured By tens of thousands of computers all Around the world with no Creator which Gives it commodity like features that Nothing else has ever been able to Replicate Um and so therefore Bitcoin has its Unique space at our world’s best shot at Ever achieving Digital hard money and no Other cryptocurrency they can copy the Code but they can’t copy the network Effect and have an anonymous Creator and The security behind it has never been Replicated and so this is this is what I Wrote I wrote about in this book called Fake fake money fake teachers fake Assets and I called Golden because I’m a Gold and silver guy I started my own gold mine in silvermine And gold and silver are God’s money They’re they’re elements on a periodic Table I mean they’ve been here this Earth was formed and I say Bitcoin is

People’s money and by people’s money It’s the network of the people that’s What you’re saying isn’t it the people I Love that it’s it’s Bitcoin is is is Freedom it’s the ability to earn your Own money spend your own money and don’t Be at the mercy of anyone else’s money Supply right no but the network is the People who want children it’s not a Central system it’s a people system Exactly it’s secured by mass and code And that is the people only the people Decide whether that mass and code has Changed and it’s very hard to change Because you won’t get consensus on the Change so when some people say what Gives Bitcoin is why can’t I just you Know I just start one you don’t have Millions of people watching you or Already it’s like having a Ford Dealership you know you can produce Ford Cars But the dealership sell them so you have All these dealerships that’s the network And that’s what’s hard for people to Understand it’s not just about writing Code It’s the people who are watching it with Their little computers they’re watching What you’re doing something you cannot Do with Janet Yellen or this other Character who’s in the FED right now They do what they want to do they don’t Have to tell you a thing that’s that’s

Why I stay away from the dollar yep Absolutely so yeah the the network Effects and the security behind it um The decentralization the fact that it’s Not been Um it doesn’t have a central Authority That you can turn to to change things to Shut down to send into prison and if it Did it would have got shut down a long Time ago right at the beginning but they Didn’t have any door to knock on and That’s exactly how it got here um today So Simon um I just want to back go back To the uh comment you made because one Of the arguments I hear all the time is Oh well I’m not going to buy Bitcoin Because my friend got hacked or my other Friend lost their money so in your book Bank to the Future do you talk about how To secure your Bitcoin or where does Somebody start to understand and learn About that Okay so yeah uh Bank to the future is Actually a 10 a 10 year old book it was The world’s first book published that Included Bitcoin Um and just I actually went back to Reread it there was a few things I got Wrong like privacy Um but I did forecast the Great Depression of the 2020s in the book and I published a video on YouTube for that Um so it doesn’t go deep into that but Uh more recently I created a video

Series Um on uh on a four-part video series on Everything one needs to know to build a Pension around it you’re absolutely Right you should be concerned about Hacking but not hacking of the Bitcoin Network it’s the most secure network in The world it’s that you need to learn How to store it and there is lots of Solutions today that never existed in The past so those stories you hear about Are from people that have not been Implementing it correctly so Um yeah I created a four-part video Series on that and that’s free for Everyone on the domain underneath my Name So Simon thank you very much for sharing Your wisdom and your Brilliance and uh You know keep sharing and that’s the Best best way we make the world a better Place so thank you for sharing your Wisdom yes thank you I learned a lot Today and and we’re going to be talking Awesome thank you so much for having me And writing that book because that was a Historical moment uh that that drove me To bitcoin so thank you for all you do I’ll take complete credit for that no no I just love it you know because I meet Young young people guys like you and Women you know and they’re so different Than my generation Our Generation So anyway everybody thank you and keep

Sharing what you know we come back with One of the final comments from Kim and I On what Simon just talked about But especially the idea of Gold Silver And Bitcoin we’ll be right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki with chair Radio show the good news and bad news About money I want to thank Simon Dixon And his wisdom on bitcoin and his book Bank to the Future it’s a fascinating Subject fascinating time any comments There Kim well I learned a lot about I Learned a lot right now and of course we Always have these guests on and they Talk about gold and silver and now Bitcoin is like if we think we finish This show and I’m like okay we need to Buy more Bitcoin okay so I’ve now been Somewhat converted thank you because You’ve been talking about this for a While so it’s good to understand it more And uh I will I’m going to be talking to Simon a little bit more and learn more About this yeah I have a new book coming Out about this he wants to write a book Together but I’ve been I just don’t trust my government I hate To tell you that but I don’t trust them So I don’t trust the dollar I don’t Trust Wall Street you know I don’t know Who else don’t I trust out there that’s Why I like goals over Bitcoin because I Can trust it yeah and that’s that’s all It is I don’t like stocks because

You know Kim and I took two companies Public and the three companies public And when you see how stocks are Manipulated you go oh my God this is Criminal what they’re doing But exactly as Simon says that one or Two percent rips everybody off and if You don’t you can’t control your own Money why are you saving the dollar with A Yen a Euro the peso right yeah and the One key point for me that Simon said he Said that the central banks will create This digital currency and you’re going To trade your fiat currency for this Digital currency and in doing so these Were the magic words for me you will Have to sign away your privacy and your Freedoms and when he said that because I Fight hard for my privacy and my Freedoms and if this is another way that The governments can take more away than That was a big turning point for me Right it’s the same as a vaccine I think It’s just a control mechanism I think so Too you know if you don’t have a vaccine You can’t get on a plane you can’t go to The toilet or whatever you can’t do Anymore so that’s why I’m Ever since I came back from Vietnam I Stopped trusting my government and That’s I hate to say that but you know I’ve stayed a lot of politics I’ve been Politically neutral until my friend Donald Trump ran for president

Unfortunately And he’s still a great guy in my book And what’s going on he’s being attacked By social media I think that is Horrifying absolutely horrifying I think It’s absolutely horrifying that they can Take you off the air for if they Disagree with you oh my god what Happened to the First Amendment so That’s kind of the stuff that I’m Concerned about now But I’m more dedicated to being a what a Sovereign individual an independent Person with gold silver and Bitcoin and We can run anywhere we want to run if we Have to as long as we get vaccinated First we can get on the stupid plane Anything if I say it just inspires me to Make more money so we can have our own Plane and I don’t have to deal with These vaccines oh good idea I kind of Like that idea but anyway I want to Thank Simon Dixon because I listen to Him all the time you know he is a Character of characters they’re talking About listen to him he has some he has I Guess because it’s kind of an English Whip to him it’s a little sarcastic but It’s funny you know it’s cutting and It’s it’s to the point so I want to Thank Simon Dixon I think all he’s Listening to the Rich Dad radio show And keep an open mind because you’re Gonna need one this time the 2021

Assignment said it’s gonna be worse than 2020. Thank you for listening to this radio Show [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Run run S [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right [Applause] Foreign [Music]

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