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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Roberta the good news and bad news about Money and we broadcast on beautiful Old Town Scottsdale Arizona it’s either Heaven or hell and right now it’s cold As hell anyway we have a fantastic Program for you because in the Rich Dad Tradition There are four basic asset closets and The poor asset classes are business real Estate paper which is stock spots mutual Fund ETF and cash And then Commodities gold sober Bitcoin Oil and food So today we’re going to be talking about The asset class that most people are in Which is paper assets And I really know very little about it Uh I’ve taken three companies public To say about making sausage if you saw What went into a sausage he wouldn’t eat Eat the stuff so after taking three Companies public on the Toronto Stock Exchange I stay away from paper assets But nonetheless ninety percent of all People are in paper assets so in keeping With that we have two of my personal Advisors is Andy Tanner And um John McGregor Andy Tanner is a rich debt Advisor on paper asked is the author of Stock market cash flow and the popular

401 chaos And we have John McGregor who’s been his Neighbor in Hawaii 25 years uh assisting People as a financial planner and he’s Authored the book The 10 the top 10 Reasons why the rich go broke so today We’re talking about what we see for the Future into 2021 because as you know 2020 Could have been the biggest Year from Hell but I don’t think hell is over yet So um 2020 I think is the appropriate Number because 2020 you can look Backwards and you can look forward And so we’re going to look backwards and We’re going to look forward because 2020 Was for many people a disaster and for Others was the best you ever had So with that said uh Andy welcome to the Show and John welcome to the show and uh Let’s talk with Andy what did how was 2020 for you go to our bed Uh it’s one of the best years I’ve ever Had in a lot of ways Um you know with the uh with the coven Hitting It created a buying opportunity for a Lot of great stocks in the dip Um you know we were telling people we Don’t think this is the the big one Because we think the government will Print money and try to save it So we felt like we picked up a couple of Good Bargains and uh I think that’s

Actually going to continue Robert I Think in 2021 stocks are actually going To go higher because I think they’re Going to continue to print But uh I I will tell you personally I Love 2021 uh you know I I like staying Home and uh you know I had just great Time with my family so both Professionally and and uh personally uh It was a great year felt bad for those Who have lost uh loved ones of course And those that have struggled but uh I’m Very optimistic 2021 Um for where things will go All right thank you and then Mr McGregor What do you have to say John Well I can’t wait for the ball to drop In New York City on December 31st and I’ll call it a year but um um and I know A lot of people have struggled this year I’ve get I’ve gotten the emails and the Messages from people you can just hear The sheer desperation in their voice Um so I’ll be glad to see this this year Gone but for me personally it’s been a Great year I’ve just put my head down I’ve worked my tail off and gotten a lot More done than I probably ever have and And um and I think like Andy said there Are just tremendous opportunities in This in this Kobe crisis that many People took advantage of and then did Quite well so I’m ready for 2021 I’m Gearing up for it the time has flown for

Me I can’t believe it’s December and um And I think this once this coveted thing Gets under control which it looks like It will I think 2021 in the markets are Going to go exceeding are going to be Exceedingly uh strong as as Annie says So I’m very optimistic okay do you guys Know anybody who’s been hurt financially Like uh the closest businesses down Oh it’s been you know particularly those That congregate right obviously Um and the ones I feel bad for the you Know some of my favorite restaurants you Know around uh aren’t going to be around Anymore Uh and there’s been others uh you know There was a coffee shop that basically Put on Facebook and said look if we Don’t have a good month we’re gone and The line of cars was clear down the road You know so people rallied uh to save The business but uh you know it’ll be Interesting to see how it unfolds for Sure yeah for me personally I know Several friends that are business owners Particularly restaurant owners not only Locally but uh Robert in our home state Of Hawaii That have shut their doors for good Um and they will never they’ll never Come back sadly Um I’ve had numerous calls from former Classmates saying I Can’t Live Here Anymore

Um I gotta get out where would you Recommend me moving to so Um pardon me from Hawaii or California Hawaii from Hawaii yeah and then also We’re seeing a mass Exodus out of California to places like Idaho Texas Florida there’s rarely a day that goes By that I’ll meet somebody a new person At my gym Is talking about Idaho of all places Leaving California to move to Idaho Um so yeah it’s really affected a lot of People a lot of close people that I know Good all right so um I hate to say good but uh I hate to say this people were warned Yeah you know what I mean you know to Sit there the reason this is a very Important show to sit there and hope the Economy comes back I mean you may also go see a Proctologist you know I mean because Uh this one this one this one changed Everything And so if I could toot my own horn That’s why I wrote Rich dad’s prophecy I Said the biggest crash was coming in 2016. It was four years off and uh So today we’re sitting and that’s when I Was on a wolf BloodSource show in CNN You know the Communist News Network And um just They they don’t like what we have to say

But anyway so rich dad is a capitalist Show and we’re not socialists or Communists so that’s a very big Different show And I think people are deserting the Communist republic of Hawaii and California and New York and droves right Now So same with Washington and Oregon It’s a very different time so with that Said Andy why did you write the book Stock market cash flow in 401 chaos I Mean what was your motivation for doing Because there’s a lot of work to write a Book Yeah especially for me Robert because I Don’t spell but uh Uh we’ll start with 401ks I just feel That you know to be blunt uh people with 401ks you’re going to get screwed And as you often say there are three Sides to every coin there’s heads There’s tails and intelligence is found When you can come to the edge because That’s where I can see both sides And uh all four on chaos is is The other side you know you have Wall Street what do they get out of it you Know what is their Vision with 40K how Do they see it you have uh the tax Ramifications and you have the the Employer who gets a great break when he Can just cut you off and Say Goodbye so All that book is is the other side of

The coin so people can walk into that With their eyes a little bit more wide Open as far as stock market cash flow Goes I think that so many people want to Buy low and sell high and think that you Know investing in paper assets is about Trying to time the market and they don’t Understand that much like a real estate Investor could be a flipper well a stock Market guy could be a Trader but a a Cash flow real estate investor is going To get money on a monthly basis and in a Consistent amount and that’s possible in The stock market as well so that’s why We wrote that book yeah but also uh with Stock market cash flow and 401K you can Make money going up or down whereas a Lot of time a lot of times people who Are in paper assets They drink the Kool-Aid which is invest For the long term in a well-diversified Portfolio let’s talk about ETFs And then the market crashes on them and Then they learn nothing Yeah I mean if you were to have a house Burned down you would have insurance and As that house burns down you’re going to Get paid for that and most people you Know don’t know that’s possible in the Stock market when it crashes you can get Paid and that’s why guys like Mark Cuban You know Mark Cuban sells his company to Yahoo for six billion dollars in Yahoo

Stock why didn’t do cash well I only Thought the stock might go up well he Was wrong but he got paid tremendously Because he bought insurance so those are Those are the things a lot of people Don’t know are available they’re Certainly not available in a 401k and so That’s uh that’s our message you know You mentioned uh you know you don’t like To say we told you so but we told you so And I’ll tell you Robert one thing about 2020 that that I thought was interesting Is we had so many Johnny come latlies so Many people all of a sudden uh when Things got bad well now I want to get Educated now I want to get educated and Then the government props things back up And says we’re going to send you a check They go oh I guess I don’t need to be Educated now I’m just telling you I Believe strongly that you know we’ll Have another rise in the market as we Stimulate and stimulate but I also will Tell you that that this Market doesn’t Reflect the True Value that’s behind it It’s it’s detached from what we call Fundamentals it’s just detached from Reality and so it’s not going to last Forever I don’t know when it’ll it’ll uh Go but the time to be educated isn’t Going to be you don’t put your seat belt On during the car wreck and so we had a Lot of Johnny come lately he’s wanting To get educated for a while and then I

Was like oh government’s going to take Care of us I guess I don’t need to know This no uh people uh well it’s their Choice they can they can choose to learn Or not but don’t don’t be a Johnny come Lately right get it done now Uh that’s my biggest message And I think that’s why John McGregor is A certified financial planner with over 25 years he’s also trained financial Planners and the reason he’s an advisor Place is a good friend Rugby player but the top 10 reasons why The rich goal broke is people are not Ready for changes are they John I mean They think everything’s going to be the Same as yesterday Oh absolutely yeah everyone just go Ahead No I was just gonna say everyone thinks Everything will work out on its own and Uh I mean I think Andy nailed it on the Head I mean it’s always after the fact That’s when people want to get educated Or that’s when they want to take action I wrote that book because of the 25 Years I’ve been working with thousands Of people Um and and have seen just countless Train wrecks and I really focused on the Wealthy because those are the the Alluring stories right that I used to Tell you about Robert and uh and that’s What prompted me to to write that book

And although the book is about why the Wealthy go broke and these are specific People that I knew that I saw had Everything and they lost it all this Book is really about why so many people Go broke and why so many people are Living paycheck to paycheck and can’t Get out of their own way Um they’re stuck in their old habits and And wait and and behaviors and um so That’s why and then the overarching Theme is learning learning from people’s Success is as smart but learning from People’s mistakes is genius and that’s What this book really is about learning From people’s mistakes and so you’ve You’ve dealt with people with money and Then they lose it all and I’m quite certain there’s many people Today or during 2020 who lost it all you Know like those small restaurant owners And things like this so really that’s Why we’re going to be talking about what You see in the future but I think the Biggest lesson I have for people Listening to this is don’t think 2021 Would be like 2020. You know because it’s going to be Changing so rapidly from here And I think you’ve you know that’s That’s a secret to success So with that I’m going to be talking About uh let’s start with Um Andy you know like with me I I sit

There and I you know I don’t trust the FED because a bunch of academic radical Left liberals you know like Bernanke and Those guys are college professors and Same as Janet Yellen so does Biden and So is Clinton and so is Obama you know And they see the world differently Because they went to Great Schools Yeah and they’re out of touch with the Guy on the street that’s the biggest Problem with them And as my rich dad always said you know The trouble with the FED is they take From the poor and they give to the rich And that’s what’s happening today you Know they take money from the poor via Taxes inflation and all this and they Print money and they Jack it into the Stock market so everybody’s sitting There fat dumb and happy with this stock Market going up but meanwhile the gap Between rich and poor gives exceedingly Wider And if there’s another crash you know The guys like Andy and John will get out Early Let the poor and middle class would be Left holding the bag as they always do Any comments on that Andy and John Well I I would say I couldn’t agree more With the FED being out of touch Um you know I I think the FED is back Then you know they painted themselves Into a corner I don’t think they have

Much Choice Um with what they they can do or can’t Do I think they have to print Um you know you you look at you know it Really kind of the FED I think it’s Important to study history right And as you look at the fed and how it Came about and it’s developed really Changed Um with long-term Capital Management When they were going under you know they Said hey we’re going to go under and you Know our our liability is supposed to be Another person’s asset so when we go Down bear Stearns goes down there’s a Domino effect and that was a blow to Capitalism in my opinion because they Said well for the greater good of Society we can’t let these Big Rich guys Fail so let’s pump money into them Capitalism is about having a little bit Pain once in a while Guys are going to succeed guy’s gonna Fail that’s part of the system so as Soon as as soon as they went from just Buying bonds uh you know government Bonds to bailing out private banks that Really changed and the FED at that point They opened up a can of worms where when You think about Robert if you’re a bank Aren’t you gonna go Max leverage to make As much money as you possibly can if you Know that if you fail they’ll just buy Those assets from you

Um I I would go crazy if I was a Wall Street institution I’d lever up as much As I could because they’re going to bail Me out Well that’s the game like I said the FED Has one game which is a take from the Poor and gives the rich now the Education system is part of that process That’s why there’s no Financial Education in our schools we’re going to Go to break but when we come back we’re Going to John and we’ll be talking more About what you see what you can do Because I miss I’m I’m more optimistic About the future You know we made so much money this year But we’re prepared for it of course I’m Not in the stock market I don’t have Stock spots mutual funds and ETFs so I Thought that would be right back Welcome back Robert cure circus Chad Radio show the good news and bad news About money our guests today are Richard Advisors Andy Tanner his books are the Stock market cash flow and 401 chaos and John McGregor certified plant financial Planner top 10 reasons the rich Club Broke if you listen to the Rich Dad Radio program anytime anywhere on iTunes Android or YouTube And also all of our programs are Archived at richdadradio.com we don’t Sell anything we don’t give investment Advice or tell you what to do with your

Money it’s a John McGregor does but Anyway So you can go to Rich Dad Radio listen To this program again because repetition Is how you learn best but most Importantly you have friends family Members or business associates who are Thinking 2021 would be like 2020 Or 2019 even worse I think your twinkle Toes and you’ve been drinking the wrong Kool-Aid so with that we’re going to go Into what people can do with paper Assets remember those four types of Asset classes businesses real estate Paper and commodities And so we’re talking today about all of You guys with stock spots mutual funds ETFs and cash so John what do you see John McGregor what do you see coming for 2021 or what do you what are you excited About what are you concerned about Well I’m excited for it Um and and I’m anxious to get to get Into it and I’m just worried about so Many of the other people that aren’t That are just sitting on the couch Hoping that things are going to work out For them Um and the Johnny come lately is as uh As Andy talks about so I think if you’re Proactive and you’re willing to learn And educate yourself there’s a myriad of Opportunities for you regardless of Who’s in the president who’s in the uh

Oval Office I mean I look at my 90 year Old father and he is knee-deep in Andy Tanner’s option options class and he’s Killing it in options he’s making 10 to 15 000 a month trading options it’s a 90 Year old and he’s doing it for fun not That he needs the money it’s more of a Hobby for him but there’s a perfect Example of something that somebody can Be doing right now So uh Andy what are you excited about 2021 for I mean besides uh John’s father Doing your options course That’s pretty impressive age 90. my Dad’s 83 and he wants nothing to do with Anything I say so that’s pretty good John yeah I I looked at uh you know I Robert one of the blessings I’ve had From hanging out with the advisor team Yourself Kim and John is my context has Shifted tremendously And it really becomes clear to me where Where most people’s context is is very Very different for example two things A lot of people think that success in Stock market is about your ability to Predict the future and say well Andy What’s your prediction is it going up or Going down and my answer to that is well I don’t know and I don’t care so it’s a Totally different context Another thing I’ve learned is people Think that success is a function of the Investment rather than the investor in

Other words they’ll say well anyway Should I buy stocks or should I buy real Estate or is gold better is this and It’s really not about that I can find Failure in real estate business Commodities called Bitcoin I can find Success so if you look at you know Richard Branson in business or Kenny McElroy in real estate or Warren Buffett In stocks I see that success as being a Function of the investor rather than Investment and when we’ve done the Rich Dad Radio Show Invariably people write in and ask for Advice all the time And if I say well go buy gold you didn’t Learn anything if I say don’t buy gold You didn’t learn anything if I say well Gold is fungible well now we start Learning something about gold so when People say should I invest in stocks or Not I say what are you good at investing In stocks because if you’re not educated You’re going to suffer I’ll just say This the stock market to me is a machine That transfers money from the uneducated To the educated end of story All right that sounds good to me John What do you want to say a few people About that but the reason I talk about Paper assets is a as a category Is because paper assets are liquid and Real estate Is Not Gold cover Bitcoin or Liquid real estate is not businesses are

Not liquid And so in somebody says well should I Jump into a real estate I go you got to Be an idiot you know stay with your 401k So I’m not against a far away and K I’m Not against dark spots mutual funds What’s exactly as Andy says if you’re an Idiot hey you can lose your money and I Don’t care what asset class you’re meant Robert you you just made a really Important point about liquidity you know Uh Warren Buffett on Delta Airlines and The own Fruit of the Loom underwear one Is traded one is not he woke up one day After coven said I’m done and sold all His Airlines in one day gone liquid out If you wanted to sell through the loom You wouldn’t be able to do that because It’s not a traded business and then the Other point you made that’s really Important about paper assets is paper is The most widely held asset class by the Average person because a 401ks and IRAs And stuff like that I would say and I Don’t have data to back it up but it’d Be my opinion that there is no asset Class that that people are more involved In with less education education than Paper assets if I find a real estate guy If he’s been around a few years he Probably has to know some or he’s been Wiped out long ago so the reason this Program is important is does it make Sense to you and to your spirit to say

Should I invest my money in something I Don’t understand you know if the answer To that is no well then start to Understand or get out and invest in Something else Correct and then this unplug my book Here it’s called who’s stole my pension Came out in January of 2020 and that’s Going to be the next crash Is when people find out that Wall Street The fed and the treasury ripped them off Through the shadow banking system anyway John What do you have to say to people about Investing in paper assets yeah no I mean That’s that’s my thing I I’m a firm Believer in paper assets Um I also believe in real estate I just Don’t know much about it and in Commodities and I certainly have my own Business but I’m a paper assets guy Particularly because of liquidity and The ease and ease of being able to get In and out Um I will say I you know Andy and I Debate on the 401K uh Topic and I am in favor of a 401k for Most pieces most most people and um but I’m willing to look at an alternative if Someone has a better idea uh to help People save for retirement I’m all ears But right now that’s the system we have I’d much rather have a 401k today than a Pension at least I can see my money I

Can roll it out it’s a lot cheaper than A 401k I do have the ability to manage It a little bit myself Um so for those reasons I encourage People who aren’t willing to educate Themselves who aren’t willing to be Proactive to at least take advantage of That in many cases you’re getting free Money from your employer so Um you know the average balance if I Just looked it up today the average Balance in a 401k plan is a hundred Thousand dollars that’s not great but if It wasn’t for a 401k the average savings For an individual would be zero would be Goose egg if there was no 401K so well Done anyway that’s my so that’s why we Have Andy with his uh his his book Called 401 chaos what warnings I mean It’s not a right or wrong as Andy talks About the three sides of a coin heads Tails and the edge of the coin you’re Going to see both sides So with the person sitting there with 400k inside their 401K 100 000 the 401K What risk do you see for them Andy Well if you want to look you know I Think one of the big mistakes people Make Robert is they see a pension and a 401k is similar and they could not be More different if you read the book Reached out Poor Dad on about page 37 is Where your life changes where you see a Financial statement drawn out in a

Picture that’s where that book changed My life I was like okay now I understand How this works well if you look at a Financial statement a pension is a Function of the income statement a 401k Is a function of balance sheet so Pension is about income from a company That lasts you for the rest of your life If it’s solvent a 401k is a function of Net worth where you’re building Something in your asset column Supposedly but it’s really in wall Street’s asset column assets under Management so even that shift from Pensions to 401ks think about that you Took a fundamental shift from a function Of cash flow To a function of net worth and no one Even freaking knew the difference So if you’re going to be in a 401k you Know John says the average balance is a Hundred thousand but the median is 70. Robert that means half the people in Those things I mean the bottom half That’s a Year’s worth of money So you’re gonna go from 65 to 90 with 70 Grand and if the market crashes and cuts In half now you got 35 000 so the issue I have with a 401k is If you’re expecting to retire with Dignity in a 401k well you know read Somebody’s book you know mine or Somebody’s but I’m just saying the data Says that look when I went to school I

Got about half the answers right and I Got an F anyway if you only do half as Well you get an F in school if half the People have 70 grand that’s a failed Program now if you’re an executive that Makes a million a year and you pack it Away in your 401k you might have Something but for the average guy that’s Probably listening to this that wants to Do better you name one person name one Person in this world that said I was Poor and broke I put my money in a 401k And now I’m rich I I just don’t think that happens all Right well tell that to the United Mine Workers 86 000 retirees whose plan is Going to be insolvent in three years That’s a pension plan I wouldn’t Disagree with that you know that to uh Iron Workers Local 17 in Ohio they just Reduce their their benefits by 30 and They say well they’ve got the PG pbgc Which is the insurance that’s insolvent In two years so here’s the here’s the Example Andy Put fifteen thousand dollars into a 401k And the average return in the stock Market has been 10 roughly Let’s call it let’s let’s say let’s give Them eight an eight percent rate of Return over 30 years what that’s one That’s 1.8 million dollars Well so you saw a financial Planner right now

I I would much rather have a 401k where I know I see the money Rather than some hope and promise that Hey John if you were if you stick with Us for 30 years you’re gonna get eighty Percent of your salary you’re going to Get five grand a month for the rest of Your life maybe maybe we think and now We know these pensions are blowing up Here let me step in here a pension is Called a defined benefit pension And a 401k is a defined contribution Yeah exactly as Andy says they’re Opposite they really are not right Thanks And you know when I when I got out of The Marine Corps my classmates went to a Fly for a little company called United Airlines and in 2005 Wall Street ripped Off their pension yep so that’s why I Wrote this book here who stole my Pension And so before we end I want to say this Much is because being a Hardcore Perma bear pessimist on the Stock market reason I’m not in it Is my my guys who are They’re saying the biggest crash is Still coming in the stock market So if you’re sitting there with a Pension and you’re sitting with a 401k And I think it’s chef and um see the Other guy they’re saying by April There’s going to be this crash because

You can’t keep pumping fake money Remember the FED takes money from the Poor and gives it to the rich And so the riches the stock market so Everybody’s floating around happy as Larry you know with the stock market Going higher than higher But the pessimists like me are saying it Can’t last forever So I just want to know I mean you guys Well you John will you guarantee eight Percent every year on the stock market Oh absolutely not no way Andy would you No so that’s the point That’s the point you see as a person who Invests in real estate and in businesses And goals over Bitcoin I control my Returns the reason I’m not in the stock Market is I don’t have much control and It gives more control By trading options and all that what Your dad does and John does the same Thing right John I mean yeah Yeah oh Robert you hit my thumb you Don’t sit there and diversify and hope For the long term do you that’s right That’s the point yes You you hit on the head I would not I would not be involved in stocks Without options I’d be like buying a House with no insurance I wouldn’t do it By driving a car without insurance Absolutely look an option is a guarantee That’s where you get your guaranteed

From I can sell at any price I want or Buy it any price I want if I have the Option to do so and and I can’t imagine Being involved in stocks without options Any more than my real estate would have No insurance correct John what do you Want to say about buy hold and pray for The long term for 30 years in the 401K Oh that’s the old buy buy hold and hope Right you know that is not an investment Strategy Um I don’t believe I mean that’s what That’s what financial planners teach That’s true that’s true Um because they’re buying hold they’re Buying hold they don’t have a buy hold And sell strategy or an option or an Insurance strategy like Andy’s talking About totally agree well anyway so I’m We’re a financial education company I Just wanted to make sure there was a Differences for you guys the advantage Of stocks paper assets is a liquid it’s Also the disadvantage and so yeah oh the Disadvantage then there’s things you can Do which is what Andy teaches which is Options which is what John does which is Options call insurance if you understand That you have you might have a prayer You might actually make more money off Of options than you do from the stock if You know what you’re doing I took Options trading for three years and my Brain I’m a real estate guy I’m very

Slow I don’t understand it so with that Said final words of you know 30 seconds Handy final words for anybody who loves Paper essence If you own paper assets you can look at It two ways you can say I’m either Owning a business or I’m trading a stock If you want to do it like Buffett does Own the business understands its Financials understand the balance sheet Understand the income statement Understand the debt understand the Assets and liabilities then you’re a True business owner with the advantage Of if you like if you don’t like what You see anymore you can leave with Liquidity but if you’re just trading a Stock look Warren Buffett wants people To buy cans of Coca-Cola so he can get a Dividend in the same way Robert would Invest in Kenny to to share in the rents Buffett buys Coca-Cola to share in the Profits from Cola drinks he has no Interest in the price of Coca-Cola stock Going up and down he owns a business not A stock if you’re in paper assets treat It like owning a business not a stock Thank you and with that John McGregor Who says you should own a stock not a Business Let me be clear when I take ownership in A company I buy that stock I believe in That company I’m a owner of that company That’s how I view that purchase of that

Investment Um you consider yourself you can buy a Share of Coca-Cola you’re the owner of That company I am a part owner of Coca-Cola absolutely yeah Um and I think that’s just talking about Is you own a share of a company Yeah yeah no no and I think we talked About this earlier it’s really the Difference between Someone successful in this and someone Who is not is all in mindset and Um and Andy talked about that earlier And and that’s the difference between Success and failure it’s your mindset Around your money and um when you treat Your money and uh when you invest and You treat it as if you are owning that Business That’s a whole different mindset than Just trading a stock for a quick fix or A quick profit it’s a completely Different mindset so as we approach the End of the year I just I just urge People Um get educated get involved get Proactive whatever asset class that that That excites you or and interests you Because I’ll tell you although we do Believe the Market’s going to go up this This coming year the big fall is coming I mean there’s the FED just cannot Continue to print money to no avail Without any kind of harsh ramifications

Or Consequences down the road the Tsunami’s coming so just prepare Yourself Now’s the Time to do it so I Would highly recommend you get Andy Tanner’s book stock market cash flow and Then 401 chaos so you understand both Sides of the coin because you can make Money either way and John McGregor’s Book the 10 the top 10 reasons why the Rich girl broke You say because Final question yes or no Andy if the Stock market crashes will you get richer Yes John the stock market crashes will You get richer absolutely and that’s the Answer You don’t give a that’s the answer Okay so what that says that takes Financial education get their books and You’ll be a lot happier you sleep a lot Better and you’ll make more money so Thanks you guys We’ll be right back thanks guys Welcome back welcome back Richard I’m Ready to show the good news and bad news About money you listen to the Rich Dad Radio program anytime anywhere on iTunes Android and YouTube and you can also all Of our programs are archived at Rich Dadradio.com we archive them because we Do not give Financial advice And we don’t sell that stuff but we want You to listen to this program again Because repetition is how we learn best

And if you listen to this program again You’ll learn more but more importantly If you have friends family and business Associates who love the stock market of A 401k this is your best program for Them best Christmas gift you can give Them And I also want to thank John and Andy Tanner uh John McGregor Andy Tanner Andy Tanner’s book and stock market cash flow At 401 chaos and John McGregor’s the top 10 reasons the rich go broke and you Understand they both are in paper assets But they see it differently yet they Don’t plan on being losers and that’s The biggest difference of all because You know if what I suspect is coming Everybody knows it’s coming Is this giant crash is the people who Are fat dumb and happy but get wiped out And that’s what we do not want so it Gets their books as a cheap insurance Policy so final word is this is that in 1974 when I got out of the U.S Marine Corps I got a job at Xerox And so I’m in downtown Honolulu on Bishop Street this beautiful office Building and all this and in 1974 was When the first 401K came out Now all of a sudden they were looking For financial planners The difference was I had already started Investing in real estate while I was Still in the Marine Corps I got on 74 I

Already had a couple of properties and So I would go there there were hiring School teachers and everybody who Followed the mirror you know and a Guidance councils whatever it is so They’re advertising come be a financial Planner So at night after working at zerobox Where I was learning how to sell because To become an entrepreneur because Entrepreneurs have got to sell that’s Why I was there I would go and listen to these guys Pitch me on the 401K and why I should Sell them the difference was I had a Rich dad and a poor dad and I was Already in real estate and the more I Listened to that 401k The more I wanted nothing to do with it Now it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t Have something to do it and that’s why We have John and Andy on board because You have to know the pros and the cons The biggest problem with real estate is You have to be pretty smart because if There’s a crash you can’t get out And that’s why you have to be 10 times Smarter for real estate and you can be The village idiot in a 401k as long as It keeps going up But the moment it comes down which Everybody thinks it’s due to correct Like 2008 again Then the 401K will get wiped out so

Anyway that’s my kind of my lesson the Rich debt company we don’t sell any Assets and all that you know don’t don’t Definitely don’t do real estate Definitely don’t start a business unless You’re willing to invest first in your Education so again I want to thank Andy Tanner and John McGregor get their books And I thank you for listening to the Rich Dad radio show Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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