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Are There Different Ways On How to Send Money?

There was a time when sending money was needed, but it was wasn’t convenient. Now, with the Internet it has become easier. Now, with the Internet what took weeks can take just 24 hours in some cases to complete. It is even considered safe either when being sent overseas or just to a neighboring town.

Are Money Transfer Companies Useful and Reliable?

The beginning of the Internet was the beginning of many businesses or the expansion of many businesses. Money transfer companies were some that benefited from the Internet. This is a business that has expanded from having a few options for this service to many different companies being available.

Easy and Quick Ways To Transfer Money Abroad

Has your college student taken a semester overseas? Do you have relatives overseas? Do you do business overseas?

Send Money Overseas

Send money overseas safely, quickly and easily. Businesses need to send money overseas frequently as a way to broaden their business. Nearly every country in the world is accessible through money transfers.

Do You Need To Shift Your Pension Overseas?

In this article, I want to tell you how QROPS helped me and my hubby move our pensions abroad. My husband and I have both been fortunate enough to have had safe careers and from a young age, decided to save towards retirement. When you are young, many people put off the idea of saving for retirement.

A Real Case Of Missold PPI Injustice

PPI complaints are at all all time high, but the real injustice is who the PPI policies have been sold to, and why? Regulating this for the last 10 years may have stopped the tidal wave of current complaints.

How Will You Thrive in the New Economy?

The New Economy – which will emerge during a tumultuous upheaval during the next few months – does not need to be something to fear. We are in a change the likes of which no one alive has experienced; more intense that WWII, or Vietnam, or the ’70s energy crisis, or even the recent financial meltdown. We’re facing unbelievable inflation, unemployment, and shortages of food and energy. But you do not need to be a victim during these times; there is always a silver lining.

Exercise Financial Discipline by Not Spending Outside Your Means

Worried about making it through the Christmas season debt free and present laden? There are simple ways that you can alter your daily spending habits to save bundles this season and all year long.

Avoid Identity Theft This Holiday Season With These 5 Tips

We’ve all heard about the growing statistic of victims affected by identity theft, the invasive crime that threatens your personal information by using your name, Social Security number, credit card numbers, and more with the intent to commit crimes such as fraud. During the holiday season, you are likely spending more money both in-store and online, making yourself a more frequent target for would-be thieves. But don’t live in fear of your nearest department store or favorite online auction site. It’s important to be proactive instead of reactive.

Confirmation Bias

One of the most important things that impacts us in personal, professional, and financial life is an effect called confirmation bias. Put more simply, this is a tendency for people to only seek out information that confirms what they already think. In many cases, people will examine the same information and come to wildly different conclusions because of their internal biases.

Christmas Help For Low Income Families – Three Awesome Resources For a Better Christmas

Christmas time can be very stressful if you are in financial straights. There are many ways to find Christmas help for low income families. If you are having difficulties this season here are a couple ideas that just might help.

Retirement: Can I Afford to Retire?

Are you approaching retirement age? Will you have enough money to last after you retire? Will you need to earn Supplemental Retirement Income, by working at a minimum wage job? Should you just postpone your retirement indefinitely?

What Is an ETF?

Most investors are familiar with a few types of investments that can be traded on the market. Stocks are probably the most popular and followed the closest, as these are tied to the perceived value of a company. Bonds are another common investment that investors will hold, as these are also commonly traded on public markets.

The Deficit Commission and Your Retirement

You may or may not agree with the Commission’s recommendations. Additionally it appears unlikely that these suggestions will be enacted into law in the near-term by Congress. None the less there does appear to be a trend toward fiscal austerity and deficit reduction across the country. The potential implications for our retirement planning should be pretty obvious.

Things That a Financial Advisor Can Help With

Looking to make money in the stock market but unsure how to help? Heard of a financial advisor, but not sure what they do? Read on to learn how a financial advisor can help you make better decisions about your finances.

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