What Is Going On With The Stock Market (Gamestop, Bitcoin, Tesla)

Payroll Loans: As-Needed Funds to Protect Financial Goals

As Americans shed their debt, will advance payroll loans remain an important alternative money option? There are many households focusing their efforts on decreasing debt, the stock market prices have increased and mortgage debt has fallen a bit, are these signs of the end to fast short-term loans?

Selling And Buying Gold To Pay For College Tuition

Historically, people have been considering purchasing gold as an excellent form of investment. Of all the precious metals known to us, gold is definitely the most admired. The reason is not difficult to guess.

Buying A Home

It is a great time to purchase that first home, but what does it take to be a homeowner? This article takes away the guessing for the potential homeowner and provides a road map that can be followed into a successful mortgage approval and eventually home purchase. A little planning of the management of debt, a good job history, and a down payment will start your future of home ownership in the right direction.

Stock Price Evaluation: Earnings Per Share and Diluted Earnings Per Share

There are many ways for investors to evaluate company profitability and stock prices. In fact, it is suggested by many advisors and analysts that multiple financial measures be used to fully understand a company’s existing and potential performance that could lead to an increase in dividend payouts and returns from an increase in stock price. Two of these important measures are the earnings per share (EPS) and diluted earnings per share.

4 Personal Financial Self-Improvement Tips

We can all use a little financial cleaning up, can’t we? It all gets a little out of hand sometimes. But, it’s never too late to start improving on what you have and who you are. Reducing your financial stress is a great self-improvement start! Here are 4 tips to get you started!

Suddenly Unemployed or Furloughed? How to Prepare for a Sudden Loss of Income

Almost 1,000,000 US federal workers suddenly found themselves temporarily jobless this week, and hundreds of thousands more are affected with lost income due to the government shutdown. How do we prepare for a sudden loss of income? What if a contract doesn’t happen, or we get stuck with supplies for a job that gets canceled?

6 Advantages Of Personal Life Cover

Life insurance is seen by most as a safety net that can provide for your family after you have died. However for others it is seen as a savings or investment plan that can be cashed in when you or your children are going through a life changing event, such as having children, retiring or your own grown up children going off to university. This article is intended as a basic guide to the advantages of insuring your life.

College Is Expensive – Save Money Using Alternate Forms Of Transportation

Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo, Mich., recently made a top twelve list, being noted as a “budget college.” This meant that a degree from the university was more worth the cost when compared to other universities.

Received A Foreclosure Notice Today

For millions of Americans the receiving of a foreclosure notice from your mortgage company’s trustee is a harsh reality. It is an eye opener you have just become one of them a dead beat in the eyes of the mortgage company. You have seen news reports, and read articles on how people have lost their homes to foreclosure, and now you are about to be one of those people. Your first thought is that you do not want your neighbors or friends to know the situation that you are in.

Save Money With These Practical Tips

Saving money may be easier said than done but with these tips that serve as a reminder, you might be well on your way to learning how to save. Your daily expenses may not be needed if you apply a practical approach.

Investing “For Fun”

Some investors wonder if it makes sense for them to invest in a company because they like the products or services it offers. This question often stems from their familiarity with the famous investment principle of legendary fund manager Peter Lynch, which is, “Invest in what you know.”

Retirement Research Reveals Higher Confidence But Lack of Financial Readiness

Just five years after the onset of the financial crisis, Americans’ confidence about retirement appears to be rising with the strengthening economy. Yet the steps people are taking to prepare financially for this milestone has remained relatively unchanged over the past for years.

Tips for Adults Going Back to School

If you’re an adult who is considering going back to college, whether it’s to remain competitive in your field, advance in your career or learn new skills, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that a record 21.8 million students are attending American colleges and universities this fall and roughly 8.7 million of them are older students, ages 25 and up.

Smartphone Processing: A Smarter Way to Increase Business

It is no wonder why iPhone processing is so successful to a lot of users. It is easy to use and almost everyone has one of these phones.

Have You Committed To A Personal Financial Plan?

How many times have you heard the adage that most people don’t plan to fail, but that they often fail to plan? Few individuals purposely or at least consciously decide to avoid planning for their financial planning, but at the same time, many people never formally create their own financial plan, and even fewer actually commit to following that plan. Everyone has certain financial needs, and these include: planning for retirement; creating a funding source for a child’s education; having a reserve for emergencies and/ or contingencies; having an opportunities fund, etc.

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