Warren Buffett Is Selling Out Of His Stocks & The Reasons Behind It Are Scary

How to Sell Mineral Rights?

Selling mineral rights is often a big challenge for several mineral owners. Though oil and mineral gas rights are valuable assets, they are a risky investment also. People sell their rights because of various reasons. You may also have your own reasons but you must be very cautious while selling your rights.

Five Tips: Saving for College

As parents, we know how stressful it can be watching the cost of tuition skyrocket. Annual increases are averaging twice inflation, meaning that college tuition for today’s preschoolers could be 3 times what current college students are paying. Aside from playing the lottery, what can we do? Here are five tips to help get your child on the path to affording college. Using these tips, as an average family you could set aside an extra $1500 – $2000 per year on purchases you are already making.

The Future of Financial Advice and Its Essential Advantages

The future of financial advice (FOFA) is proposed regulatory framework. It is being brought in to improve the quality of financial advice and consumer outcomes as a result of the failures of financial firms in the late 2000s.

Executive Perspectives – How Do I Choose A Bank That’s Right For My Business?

Most entrepreneurs initially try to utilize the bank where they currently maintain their personal accounts to start this process. This may be a mistake, so let us explain why. Banks usually classify themselves as either a retail bank or a business bank. Retail banks cater to the general public and specialize in providing all manner of bank accounts, credit cards, home equity loans, safe deposit boxes and general individual banking services.

Self-Confidence – The Key to Financial Success

All over the world there are people with more self-confidence than others. Mostly, they manage to achieve more than people with less self-confidence. They believe in themselves and consequently they are going to have more success. How does this situation look like concerning financial success? In this article I am going to talk about the relationship between self-confidence and financial success.

A Checklist for Planning for Natural Disasters

Do you have a plan in the event of a natural disaster? Getting caught off guard is never pleasant, so we need to plan for the worst. Here is a handy checklist for planning for natural disasters.

What To Do If Interest Rates Rise?

There are several aspects of your money to look at when asking this question. The first area is debt. When interest rates rise, the cost of paying any kind of debt will go up on average. The exception might be credit cards, but the rate on this type of debt is very high to begin with. If you have debt, prioritize it into debt that has a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. The fixed interest rate debt is typically mortgages or loans with a certain time limit as per the debt contract. Variable rate debt would be lines of credit, or a mortgage that has a variable interest rate. The variable rates should generally be paid down first in the event of rising interest rates, since these will be affected the soonest.

10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Debt

The average household has at least $54,000 in debt, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Indeed, this is a lot of money but sadly, many people treat this as a way of life.

Investment Fees: What’s the Deal?

Don’t be scared by all this talk about fees. Think value not cost. As long as you are getting value, cost should not be an issue.

Manage Your Money

The best part about fixing your personal finances is that it’s never too early or too late to start. The only way you will start is if you are truly tired of that paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

What Drives People to Spend All Their Money?

We live in a world where consumption is a big topic. Most people want to seize the moment and don’t think about the future. They spend their money for all kinds of things without thinking whether it is absolutely necessary to have the certain kind of product or service or not. In this article I am going to talk about the point how important consumption really is and why people spend most of their money.

Freight Factoring Companies – How Do They Work

An invoice factoring company is very similar to a freight factoring company; the only difference is the freight factoring is used specifically by transportation companies which include brokerages and freight companies. In the freight industry, these companies have loyal shippers and clients, but sometimes we cannot avoid the fact that some clients pay their invoices weeks and even months after the due date which can cause serious cash flow problems and can affect the growth of your trucking business. The Solution to Cash Flow Problems Most trucking companies experience cash…

Benefits Of Hiring Companies For Factoring Accounts Receivables

Factoring accounts receivables or invoice factoring is a process wherein companies sell invoices to settle outstanding payments to ensure that a company runs smoothly and that all dues are paid properly. In today’s society, every company will experience lack of funding and will need to find alternative sources to settle payments for their own expenses.

Direct Cash Advance Lenders Won’t Solve The Root Problem

Fast direct cash advance lenders may be able to help with a quick cash emergency but they will not help solve the root of the problem. If you find yourself with a negative cash flow too often, the fees for these loans may interfere with other budgeted demands. Temporary fixes are good to have, but once the problem has been relieved the cause should be analyzed.

Australian Shareholder Centre Reviews

This is a list of the top Australian Shareholder Centres which are reviewed and updated regularly. Australian Shareholder Centres commonly function as share registry record keepers and are an intermediary between the shareholder and the stock exchange.

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