Warren Buffett: How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners (In 2021)

Post-Truth: Facts Pale by Comparison

Chuckling to myself, I could not pass up the opportunity to highlight the Oxford Dictionaries’ international word of the year for 2016, post-truth, an adjective defined as: “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” Why was I chuckling?

Funding Your Retirement With After-Tax Dollars

Funding your retirement account can be achieved with either pre-tax, tax-deductible contributions, or after-tax contributions that allow you to withdraw tax-free money when it’s time to retire. It is possible to participate simultaneously in both a pre-tax and after-tax retirement plan, if it is permitted by your tax-deductible retirement plan.

10 Financial Opportunities to Consider in 2017

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your financial life. Have you done all that you can to put yourself in the best possible position? Or, have you missed out on some important financial opportunities?

What Everybody Should Know About Credit Scores

For starters there are different classifications for what is considered a good credit score. They can also be described as poor, average, good, great, excellent, or even exceptional based on the credit score number that you have. Your credit score will fall within one of these categories, but keep in mind the names for these categories differ from industry to industry but to give you a general idea of how good, or bad your credit score is, we have provided you this article outlining what most lenders or banks, even credit card companies and car dealerships, use to determine the likeliness of providing you with a loan at a reasonable rate.

Year-End Tax Planning: Funding Your Retirement

The year will soon end and if you have not yet done so, consider putting together a tax planning strategy that includes saving for retirement. Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and all business owners are our own employers and we must secure our financial futures, whether we’ll squeeze a few thousand dollars from modest billable hours or roll in the overflow from a lucrative year. Under no circumstances do we want to be old and broke in America and if one is single and female, that is a real possibility. Fortunately, there are good retirement plan options available to those with a few thousand dollars to spare and the discipline to save. Mostly, taxes are not due until it’s time to draw down on the account (age 59 1/2 the youngest and age 70 1/2 the oldest).

Tips for RMD Season

Required minimum distributions, or RMDs, are the taxable payouts that investors must take out of their traditional IRAs, 401(k) plans, 403(b)s, 457s, Simple IRAs and SEP IRAs after turning 70½. Retired households oftentimes have to tap into their retirement accounts for monthly income needs and have no issue meeting the minimum requirements.

The Importance of Gifting

With the holiday season in full swing, most people begin to think about what’s on their loved one’s annual wish list. While the latest high tech gadget might be a great idea, have you ever thought about how far a monetary gift can go?

Don’t Be Scared to Save

re you spooked at trying to save more money? Everyone knows that the sooner they save, the farther it’ll go in the long run, but saving is more than just spending less, it’s about maximizing your income.

What to Do If Your Bank Tells You Your Savings Rate Has Been Reduced, AGAIN!

With returns on cash accounts having fallen by an average of 75 percent since 2012, this article looks at how to grow your money with low risk investments. Leaving your money languishing in the bank is actually shrinking your wealth – you need to make the transition from saver to investor.

How You Measure Risk Will Affect the Success of Your Retirement

Read our article on why financial planning tools are dangerous for the well-being of your retirement. We will discuss fear tactics used to sell you and how you can use dynamic, up-to-the-minute risk assessment for your portfolio that will lower your volatility and increase your rate of return.

Sometimes Doing What Is Viewed As the Wrong Thing, Is So Right!

The Government have decided not to go ahead with a secondary annuity market in the UK. Some think this is wrong but I think that they have made the right decision on this occasion.

Concerned About Having Enough Money For Retirement?

Are you dreaming about retirement or are you having a hard time sleeping at night because you’re not sure when and if that will ever happen? Whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s, you will want to know that there are options for creating and living the retirement you want. If you’re tossing and turning over your retirement concerns every night, this is for you.

Endowment Fund Performance Numbers Posted

A few interesting statistics caught my attention recently as I start to look to planning for 2017. Per Pensions and Investment Magazine – the largest educational institutional investors posted their annual portfolio returns for the year ending September 30th. The average returns posted was -1%. The best in bunch was Yale University which posted a positive return of 3.4%.

How Can I Pay the Rent?

Through Money Order Money order is a secure form of payment (just like a cashier’s check), and is derived from prepaid funds that are issued by post offices, banks, groceries or drug stores. Though money orders are great for one-time payments, they are not practical for long-term payments for rent since the tenant needs to go out every month to get one. Through Email Transfer or Direct Deposit Since email transfer and direct deposit are easy and convenient to instantly…

A Few Ways to Pay the Rent

As a landlord, your return of investment comes in the form of rent. If your property is not leased, it does not earn the income that you need to pay the mortgage. However, many landlords have difficulty in collecting the rent.

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