Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

What You Need to Know About Doing a 401(K) Rollover

Learn what you need to know before starting a 401(k) rollover. There are important rules you need to keep in mind to set yourself up properly.

Your Personal Budget Depends on Keen Negotiation Skills and Understanding the Fine Print

This month RBC is running “break up with your bank” ads to get folks to switch their home equity credit lines for a 0.5% interest rate savings.  Do you really think your current bank won’t match their rate to keep your business?

Russian Expatriates and Cyprus Pension

The social insurance scheme in Cyprus is based on the Social Insurance Law of 1980 with amendments and regulations issued thereafter, and has the objective of protecting insured persons from financial hardship. Some of the benefits provided by the social insurance scheme are: old-age pension, social assistance, unemployment and maternity benefits, as well as grants for marriage, childbirth and compensations for industrial accidents. In this article, we shall look into the old-age pension as applicable to non-EU countries nationals (say, Russia expatriates) who come and work in Cyprus for number of years, after which return in their home…

Depressed Home Value and Market Instability Make Short Sale Schemes More Common

Short selling, where a lending institution agrees to accept less from the borrower than the value of the bank-held mortgage or lien, is susceptible to shady practices by third parties, like real estate agents. It’s a rather simple scenario: the borrower faces a foreclosure and opts to short sell.

Foreclosed Upon Homes Are Deep Bruises for Neighborhood, Carry Stigma

A recent Federal Reserve study out of Cleveland has found that homes sold at foreclosure auctions are harmful to the reputations of neighborhoods, depressing local market value of all homes, and carry a real estate ‘scarlet letter’ for years to come. The federal study concluded that foreclosed upon homes are more likely to stand unoccupied years after they are sold at auction. Though there many contributing factors to this phenomenon, the most significant is a stagnant national housing market overloaded with supply.

Short Sale for Short Sighted

I wish I could say that as a financial consultant I’ve always made the best choices for my personal finances, but that would be untrue. Actually, often our mistakes teach us more about what not to do than our successes. In any case, what may seem like a good financial decision at the time, can end up disastrous; and what may seem like an investment not worth the risk can end up being a gold mine.

Investing After the Debt Ceiling Crisis

So we averted the potential threat of defaulting on our debt by passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling. While most of are now breathing a little easier, the truth is that we are not out of the woods just yet. There are still other issues on the table that will continue to affect each and every one of us.

Economic Predictions for 2011 – How To Prepare and Profit

WOW! Thank goodness a deal was reached so America could avoid defaulting on its debt for the first time in our history. Even still, the American economy is in a very fragile state.

7 Good Things About The Credit Crisis Hangover

With all the drama going on in 2011, and with the world economies still in a shambles. Some say the hangover from the credit crisis, here are some positive facts you should know.

10 Money-Limiting Beliefs

Your limiting beliefs about yourself and your relationship with money can be keeping you stuck in your financial life. By uncovering and addressing these limiting beliefs you can have a breakthrough to take your income and finances to the next level.

Using Trusted Financial Advisers And Getting Organised

Have you ever decided to clear out the garage or box room that is full of junk that has gathered over the years? It’s a great feeling when all the hard work pays off and you suddenly find you could actually fit the car back into the garage, or have a new room in the house you can actually use! We find that this happens time after time with the subject of financial planning.

Ways to Survive an Economic Collapse

Any economic collapse is characterized by the common man going in frenzy since it’s his hard earned money which all of a sudden seems to have vanished owing to the doubtful and risky investments made by the banks and certain political cues which lead to a drop in the value of money. Most of the economic crises are followed by the government imposing cuts and extra taxes which are a blow to an already troubled common man. However; under the prevailing conditions it becomes an imperative for the individual to wisely manage his finances to survive the failure in the…

All About Economic Collapse and Its Hazards

Owing to the intertwining of trade and businesses between countries there is an increased dependency over the economies which run in various nations. Considering the current global political and financial scenario a dip in one nation’s financial markets directly or indirectly affects the trades running between states. An economic collapse is the accumulated result from all such small indicators such as a lapse in Political or Financial conditions of a country.

Is Credit Insurance Worth It?

If you have ever financed anything from a furniture to a refrigerator, you’ve most likely been asked if you would like to obtain credit insurance or credit life insurance. The salesperson or the person who you sign the finance agreement with will ask you “would you like the peace of mind to know that if you get this insurance, your purchase will be paid in full if you die or turn out to be permanently disabled prior to it’s being paid-off?”

National Debt Ceiling Debate Has Raised the Ire of Everyone, Who Is to Blame?

An inconvenient truth of many of the Nation’s perpetual debt woes is this: America is made up of Americans. If politicians are accountable for anything, it is making bad decisions with taxpayer money. Amidst the finger pointing on Capitol Hill, the President and congressmen are avoiding the not so insignificant reality that the national debt ceiling crisis is the result of fiscal irresponsibility by the many.

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