Top 4 Alternatives to Entrepreneurship – 4 Other Ways to Make Serious Money

We’re Having A Baby, Now What?

Mandy and I are very proud to have welcomed our third daughter this past weekend. Everyone is healthy and we are extremely excited. If you have ever had children, you understand what an extremely happy, but somewhat terrifying time it is.

Future and Option

Allotting the right to buy or sell something in future is the main gist of the Option market. When one gets a call option in Dow index future options, he’s buying the right to purchase that Dow future at a particular price (called ‘strike price’) and time (called ‘expiration date’) in the future.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Finances

Many people become confused with financial matters because there is so much information published. Just remember to consider the big picture and make sure you are following proven financial principles. The specific strategies is where you can customize an approach to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Taking Advantage of a Snow Day to Get Your Documents in Order

Taking a day to review, organize and protect your important documents can prevent you from experiencing huge loss in the event of a tragedy. While this task can seem daunting at first, the piece of mind you will have from knowing that your assets are protected makes it all worth while.

Your Personal Financial Statement – What It Reveals About You

If you are like most people, you have a financial report card that explains what you have achieved financially on a personal level for all your efforts at your job or in your business. Now the question is whether you know what your financial report card looks like, let alone what it reveals about your financial habits.

Unclaimed Checks and Unclaimed Assets

The dimensions of the problem is remarkably large there are simply billions of US dollars of unclaimed checks and unclaimed assets being held in suspense ready for his or her rightful owner to return ahead to take what is lawfully theirs. The problem is that in case you are not aware of your title to an unclaimed check or an unclaimed asset why should you trouble searching for it and if that’s the case how are you going to do this? As ever the place there’s a downside a solution will current itself and on this case numerous firms specializing in uniting you or reuniting you with what are rightfully yours have come into the market.

Save Money Even If You Have Never Been Able to Before

Save? Most of us say that we can barely keep our heads above water. After the monthly bills are paid there is nothing left.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Making a Purchase

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on groceries? I’m sure you’ve gone through the checkout counter and wished that the total was a little lower. Who knows?

Save Money by Reducing Household Purchases and Payments

This article provides many useful tips on reducing your household purchases and payments. One easy way to have more money is to reduce your living expenses. Thus by using a little time and effort, you can save money that otherwise might be spent needlessly.

Saving Money: How to Say No to Great Deals

Believe it or not, it can actually be a good thing to turn down a great deal. Here are three ways that you can say no to a great deal and still save money.

Fastest Ways to Cut Off Unemployment Debt

When we experience a job loss, most especially for an unexpected loss of income, we oftentimes incur an unemployment debt. During the first days of our job-free life, we still have expenses due to the lifestyles we lead. As days pass by, we learn to cut back, but at first it will be very difficult. To get by, we borrow money and figure out ways on how to pay it off.

Cut Your Spending By $11 a Day and Save $4000 a Year!

Save your money by saving money everyday by eliminating small expenses that add up. It’s all part of frugal living! Cut $11 a day & save $4000!

Health, Wealth and Happiness in 2011: Strategies To Beat The Recession and Improve Your Finances

Most people want to be financially independent and not rely on someone else for security. During these uncertain economic times, this is becoming harder and harder to do. But, there are still a few ways to earn a good income, own your own business and work from home. Will 2011 by your year for Health, Wealth and Happiness? Here are some strategies to help you beat the recession and improve your finances in 2011.

Mobile Banking Advantages

Mobile banking provides the ability to obtain account information and to complete certain financial transactions using a cellular connected device. With an increasing number of institutions providing banking apps, mobile phones and tablet PC’s are being transformed into portable banking centers.

How the World Financial Crisis Opened Our Eyes and Taught Us a Lesson

The world financial crisis had made us lose sleep for more than a year. Almost each and everybody in this world suffered various kinds of financial problems during that particular phase and it was almost called as the massive financial meltdown. It affected millions of people and their livelihoods due to the credit crunch.

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