Top 10 Business Motivational Quotes

Later Life Mortgages

Later Life Mortgages (Equity Release) – allow older people, who otherwise would not be able to release equity – cash – from their homes, generally by way of a mortgage/remortgage, for whatever reason, to do so. Many (but by no means all) reasons for releasing cash from your property are listed below. The Equity Release market is growing massively as people realise that they may as well be enjoying the growth on the value of their properties, rather than leave all the equity tied up until the last partner passes away especially if they have no close relatives to leave it to – even if they do have relatives people are deciding more and more to enjoy the fruits of their labour – while they can.

Top 5 Binary Option Strategies

Your Binary Options strategy determines whether you will win or lose money as a trader. Consequently, many traders are constantly looking for a better strategy to increase their profits. This begs the questions whether there is such a thing as a perfect Binary Options strategy, and, if so, how to find it. In this article, we will answer this question.

Three Simple Tips to Manage Your Money

Having defined goals, controlling your expenses, and planning are connected. You can develop a plan to achieve your goals and control your expenses.There is always a way to improve your financial situation if you know exactly what to do as a business or private individual.

January’s Financial Stress

Christmas is over and the bills are arriving. It’s time to figure out how you are going to handle the January financial stress. Following are some hints that will help you to get back into control again:

The RESP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An RESP is a “Registered Education Savings Plan” and it is a popular tool to save for education. The idea of the RESP is that you would contribute money into an account, and the government would contribute 20% of what you put in up to $500 per year. There are additional grants available, but there are conditions based on having lower income.

10 Ways To Teach Kids About Money

Did your parents teach you about finances when you were growing up? Would this knowledge have made a difference about how much money you have as an adult? Here are ten things you can teach your kids to help them feel confident about money.

10 Personal Finance Tips That Will Change Your Perspective

You’ve heard all of the common financial advice at least 100 times. How about a few tips that you might not have heard before? A new perspective can generate new thoughts, ideas, and actions. A new perspective might change your financial future and your life.

Taking Bold Financial Risks

‘There is a way that seemed right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction’ The above saying can be said to be true in some instances, but from the moment when I discovered the true meaning of wealth, I have never met a wealthy man who came into his fortune without having to take certain decisions, actions that seemed futile at that particular moment. It is an obvious fact that making a headway in life requires a certain level of risk taking ability. Your ability to take the ‘bull by the horn’ in seemingly difficult…

Your Children Can Become Better Personal Finance Managers Than You Are

We live in the era of technology. Websites and mobile apps can help your children to become better personal finance managers than we are.

Equity Trading – 5 Blunders Almost Every First Time Investor Make

By no means is equity trading like rocket-science. However it is complex enough for the new investors- without a good broker by their side- to make the same mistake time and again; like not diversifying the portfolio, unrealistic expectations, short-term vision, believing in rumors and diving straight to day trading. Resolve these mistakes and even novice stands a chance for a higher return.

How to Increase Your Investment Portfolio Efficiency to Outperform

We will discuss how to increase your portfolio’s efficiency through a series of proven disciplines. You can increase your investment performance by double digits by implementing our 4 Phase system that we have been providing our clients for two decades. Whether you own stocks, mutual funds or ETFs, knowing when to buy, sell and hold according to your objectives and risk tolerance will increase your rate of return without keeping you up at night.

Year End Outlook

Since November 9, the stock market has rallied about 5%. I am comfortable with this rally and I am cautiously optimistic that it can continue. First, as we have discussed all year, the stock market often moves higher after a Presidential election because the anticipation is over.

Stay Healthy and Wealthy in 2017

It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions for 2017 and a fresh start to the year ahead. When you are thinking about those resolutions you might want to consider some resolutions that could save you money. What are your financial goals for 2017. Here are some tips to help you get into financial shape this year!

Why the Germans Do Not Prefer Electronic Payments

Industry experts are predicting that cash will be obsolete in a few coming years. However, there is a European country which is following a totally opposite trend. In Germany, the use of physical cash is more than any other country in the world. According to a research conducted by Federal Reserve, the people of Germany use cash in 82 percent of their financial transactions.

Banking Problems

Bank fraud is on the rise. When a close friend shares with you their banking problems you begin to realize just how close to home the problem really is. A close friend who takes care of our one hundred old mother checked her bank account on Friday and noticed the balance had dropped.

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