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Financial Help For Single Mothers – How To Apply For Financial Assistance

There are two main ways to be able to obtain financial help for single mothers, and this is either through state assistance or through private organizations. State assistance in itself comes in many different forms. There are, for example, certain types of federal welfare services that are aimed directly at single mothers. This is more of a nationwide level of assistance. There are also various kinds of state specific types of assistance available.

Financial Help For Single Mothers – How To Get Assistance From The Government

For single mothers facing the vicissitudes of financial management, life can be very tough. There are many expenses, and only one source of income. If that income is not enough to meet the normal expenses of the family, then the situation is very tough indeed. In fact, many single mothers across the country have household that are assessed to be at or below poverty level.

Inflation! Here Today, Here to Stay

Just looking at the gas station price board will tell you that prices are going up and up but the government says inflation is under control? How can this be? What is the real inflation rate? And more importantly what can you do right now today to protect your family budget?

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

How much is your daily coffee costing you? The answer will surprise you…

Money Market Accounts – Safety and Flexibility

A Credit Union money market accounts may offer exceptional flexibility and may prove to be the right and optimal choice for those who will not need to access their savings on a regular basis or instantly. When opting for a money accounts, members should be aware of the benefits and differences when compared to traditional savings accounts.

The Piggy Bank – Is It Time To Add Some Brothers and Sisters?

I noticed that my adult account (the average bank account) was very much like my childhood account – the “Piggy Bank”. Everything was put into one account and not really kept organized or separated.

How Can Your CPA Help Your Business Save Money?

Saving business money is not as simple as it sounds. A business starter might be unfamiliar with the useful ways of saving money or may indulge in practices of blindly saving money. It is crucial to identify the areas that help you build your business savings.

Why Should One Hire a CPA to Avoid Tax Audits?

A certified public accountant or CPA helps a business owner learn about various tax deductions that reduce the latter’s tax burden. A CPA can also help a business owner organize his financial records so that tax preparation becomes easier at the end of the year. Besides, a CPA performs another function which is beneficial for a small business.

4 Ways To Increase Your Income

There are always two sides to the equation of your personal finances. I have spent numerous articles discussing the expenses. This time, I would like to take a look at the income side. There are basically four ways to increase your income.

Tips on How to Save More Money

Everybody aims to save more money for different purposes. Parents want to be financially prepared for their kids’ future while some singles want to put up their own business. Others want to save for the sake of saving. Kids too, are learning to value money in a more mature way.

How To Improve Your Personal Finance By Avoiding Late Fee

Protecting you personal finance life can sometimes be overwhelming. Although it is not always the case, when you see late fees beginning to build up the trouble has already begun. With the current changes in the finance reform legislation, it is more critical now than ever before to avoid having payments be a few days late. The penalties of fees and higher interest rates from just one account can affect all of your accounts.

Pre-Need Plan Investing – 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pre-Need Firm

Consider certain factors when choosing a pre-need plan as several pre-need firms have failed over the years. Make sure that the pre-need firms you’re investing in are backed by stable banks or international corporations or have shown strength during downturns.

Life Without Credit and Debt – Part 2

In most cases our “emergency” expenditures are only an emergency because of our lack of planning. If you plan ahead for those purchases that occur less frequently, and save aside some money each month to cover them when they come, you won’t be caught by surprise and end up going into debt. It is possible to live without credit and debt, but it will take some old-fashioned self-discipline, patience and diligence.

Life Without Credit and Debt

Is life without credit and debt even possible? Being in debt seems to be the American Way. Very few people spend actual cash anymore. A few more use checks for their purchases, and many use debit cards. But, millions of Americans use credit cards every day. Add to that car loans (fewer than 5% of cars are purchased today without being financed) and home loans, and you will find that the vast majority of Americans have some kind of debt.

I Need A Second Income – Answers

I need a second income. Have you been saying this? Find the answers online.

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