“This Is A Sign Of A Bubble” (Charlie Munger)

Why Debt Might Not Be So Bad After All

Remember that debt is in many ways the foundation of growth and prosperity in societies around the world. While it is important to never be irresponsible with loans or with the prospect of taking on debt, sometimes it can provide the means to achieve your dreams and improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors.

Budgeting Your Finances By Priorities

Do you have too much month at the end of your finances? Budgeting can make your money last longer. Budgeting by priorities makes sense.

Credit Repair Tips – Ways to Rebuild Your Credit

A low credit score effects almost everything these days. But, you don’t have to pay too much because of low credit! Most negative items on your report are highly repairable. Find out more!

How to Manage Emergency Expenses

Preparation is the key to managing unexpected costs. These extra costs will appear out of the blue and take you by surprise if you haven’t planned your finances to take a blow now and then. For some people, these are reoccurring nightmares. A financial blow every now and then is almost tolerable, but when they begin to occur more often than not, a financial plan is in order.

Getting Started With eBay

Getting started with eBay may seem like an extraordinary task. It is actually quite simple, and this article will post you in the right direction, and get you selling within a day.

The US Government Is The Biggest Benefactor of the 2008-2009 World Economic Collapse

Did you know that the biggest benefactor of the 2008-2009 world economic collapse was the US government, AKA the US Treasury AKA The FED? How did they benefit, you may ask? By keeping interest rates as low as possible, this has benefitted the US Treasury in many ways: 1) Millions of people re-financed their home mortgage to about half what it was in 2006-2007.

5 Common Investor Mistakes

Mistakes are to be avoided, right? But to avoid them, you first have to recognize them. Take a look and see if you’ve made any of the top five investor mistakes:

Stop, Think, and Save, At Least Once a Year!

If you will be receiving an income tax refund, have you considered how you will use it? Before you give in to the pressure from family, friends, and retailers to spend your refund, why not buy yourself a little time and consider some options.

Is It Worth Buying and Selling US Coins in Gold?

The economic depression has taken over America and almost every other country of our world. That has prompted many people to invest funds in American coins made from gold. Though there are many options available for investing funds, many opt to invest all their capital in valued metals, or coins made from those metals.

Conflicting Priorities-Planning For Retirement vs Planning For College

Many parents struggle with conflicting financial priorities. Should they focus more on saving for retirement or their child’s education?

What Is a Second Chance Bank Account?

If you are employed, or if you do business with the public, and receive checks for payments, a checking account is a necessity in most cases. However, once a customer has had their checking account closed for excessive overdraft checks, the only way they can open a new checking account is with a bank that offers “second chance” checking accounts.

Payday Loan Provider Help Cannot Mask A Leak For Long

Are you masking your personal debt problem with safe payday loan provider help? The sooner you take a real look at how debt affects your overall financial outlook, the less mess there will be to pick up. Once debt takes over, budgets struggle to manage everyday living expenses. Credit card use becomes part of the budget plan. When you borrow money to pay for household expenses, it’s time to reevaluate the current money situation.

Seven Steps to Develop a Great Relationship With Your Money

The steps to maintaining a love relationship can be very similar to the strategies required to succeed with money. Read these seven do’s and don’ts which can help you to create a long and lasting financial love.

Why Do Happy Times Always Create Foolish Investors?

What happened to the common sense logic of buying low and selling high? It is as if a person who wants to buy a pair of shoes that are selling for only $66.26 said, “No, I will wait until the price goes to $165.58 to buy them.” I am scratching my head on this one, I guess something will never change, and Forrest Gump’s mama was right; “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Teaching Our Children About Money

Teaching our children is critical to their future success. This is a category which is typically not taught through formal education. It is our duties as parents to give our kids the best chance at financial success by educating them about money.

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