The Truth Renting vs Buying a Home – It’s cheaper to..

How to Make More and Spend Less

Spending more than you earn means you are accumulating debt. Therefore by spending less than you earn you are accumulating wealth. The answer then to creating wealth is two-fold: make more and spend less.

Learn How a Mutual Fund Works

Mutual funds are the most common investment in America. This article will give you a better understanding of how a mutual fund works.

Love and Money – How to Be a Team Player When It Comes To Money for Married Female Entrepreneurs

When we talk about money with our spouses one of the biggest challenges that often comes up is that we feel like every time we have a money conversation that we have to suit up and prepare to go out to battle. If we’re women entrepreneurs, we feel like our spouse doesn’t understand the importance of reinvesting money in our businesses. If we have different spending behaviors or money management styles than our spouses this can become a major source of conflict and tension.

How The Government’s TARP Bailout May Have Benefited Ordinary Americans

The TARP bailout is considered one of the great disasters of modern American history. A number of causes, most notably the subprime loan fiasco, pushed the American economy to the brink of Armageddon. Economists predicted we were facing the next Great Depression. Something had to be done and done quickly.

Live Green on the Little Stuff – And Improve Conditions of Life for Your Wallet

When people try to think of ways to save money, they think right away about cutting down on their gas bills, their grocery bills, and even their clothing bills. There is one kind of expense though that seems to escape any regular scrutiny even if it’s a regular drag on your budget – your bills for the little stuff. The great thing about cutting back on the little stuff is that keeping these doesn’t really contribute to your quality of life at all.

Double Dip Recession – How To Profit?

There is no doubt that the US is now heading for another double dip recession in 2011. With this being the case a lot of people are panicking. But did you know it is easy to profit even when the economy turns sour?

Bankruptcy and Job Loss – Starting Anew

When you have filed for bankruptcy, you start thinking of so many negative things. You keep thinking that this is the end of your career, that this is the end of your life. However, you could not be more wrong. Bankruptcy and job loss is an opportunity for you to start anew. You are given a second chance at life. This time you know what steps to take and you know which steps to avoid. You are aware that you cannot make the same mistakes again.

Erase Debt – 5 Things To Do With a Tax Refund

Do you get a tax refund every year? Well, this is not going to be a discussion about whether you should or should not receive a tax refund. Rather, these are tips about what to do with a tax refund, should you receive one, while you Erase Debt. So here are 5 Things To Do With a Tax Refund.

Important Things to Know When Choosing a CFD Broker

CFD trading or contract for difference trading is a very effective and highly profitable alternative, however, it is also very important to know the guidelines that need to be followed before entering this type of trading. It is very important that you do not get into a CFD trading without a good broker for it is vital to have a good broker when you enter get into this trading activity for the first time.

What to Look for In A CFD Broker

What are CFD’s? Contracts for Difference or CFD’s are actually a form of financial derivative wherein there is a contract between two parties, typically between a buyer and a seller, stating that the buyer will pay the seller the difference between the value of an asset and its value at contract time. In other words the buyer has to pay the difference in the price of an asset from point of purchase to point of sale.

Solid Financial Tips for Getting and Staying Out of Debt for the Generation Y Crowd

Want to get out of debt and stay out of debt? Here are some great financial tips for keeping your finances in order, especially for the Generation Y crowd.

Financial Concepts: The Time Value of Money

The time value of money is the most fundamental concept in all of finance. Having a grasp of this concept will make anyone a savvier consumer of financial products. From buying a home to leasing a car to saving for retirement, each of these financial decisions cannot be made effectively without understanding the time value of money and its trade-offs.

Social Security Trust Fund Shortfall – Why You Need Not Worry

The Facts About the Social Security Shortfall… OK, OK, OK, the Social Security Trust Fund is insolvent. Or…it’s going to be insolvent…or maybe not…but not until 2040. Enough already! On any given day you can scour the Internet for horror stories of how Social Security “isn’t going to be there” when I retire. And often times, current retirees have the mistaken belief that the benefit will be taken from them.

Easy Guide on How to Run Your Bank Account – Part 2

While Part 1 of this guide series dealt with running a smooth bank account when it comes to receiving money, the following guide will cover the ways you can make payments from your bank accounts for expenses. Debit Card Generally, when you open a current account the bank or building society will supply you with a debit card, which allows you to both make cash withdrawals or pay for goods at shops and businesses. The funds will normally be deducted from your available balance immediately, although it may not be taken from your account until the next day….

Easy Guide on How to Run Your Bank Account – Part 1

A bank account is crucial for financial management – it allows us to make and receive the payments that facilitate our daily lives. The following guide will cover the ways you can make payments of money owed to you into your account, as well as what you can expect from your bank or building society in return. Ways to Pay Money into Your Account These are the main ways that you can deposit cash and cheques payable to you into your bank account: At a Local Branch: Use an ATM and follow the simple…

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