The Rise of America – Robert Kiyosaki and Marin Katusa

The Game Of Monopoly Can Make You A Millionaire

Not everyone likes this game, though. When Fidel Castro took power over Cuba, he ordered all Monopoly sets destroyed. Even with his and other bans on this amazing game, over 5,820,000,000 little…

Planning for Retirement

With so many sources of pension information available, how do you decide when to start putting your money aside? You can start planning for retirement at any time, and with quality advice you’ll be able to live well now and in the future.

How to Handle Your Finances the Right Way

Managing your finances might prove to be a little bit difficult for you in the beginning considering the present deplorable state of the economy which is embroiled in a bitter struggle to cope with recession. Therefore, you need to try and plan ahead on your finances so that you do not have to face any trouble later on. As the price of objects rises slowly, it can become harder to stick to a planned budget. So be sure to take all these factors into consideration when coming up with a strategy to handle all your finances in an efficient manner.

Scottish Trust Deeds – What You Need To Know

With the current fluctuation of the economy, you need a way out of the increasing piles of debt. A Scottish Trust Deed is one fine way out of the increasing debts. It is a legally binding agreement that allows a debtor to pay off all his debts at once, reducing the hassle.

Term Insurance Policies – The Best Policy For Family To Keep Them Financially Secure

Undeniably, everyone loves their family very much; we try our level best to offer the best possible things to our loved ones without compromising. Most the time, you may go out of your track just to see a smile on the face of your loved and dear ones. But, you are aware with the fact that life is full of uncertainties.

4 Ways to Become a Better Consumer of Research

We are inundated with research studies that are intended to make sense of the complex world we live in. But how do you know if the research you read about is valid?

Bridging The Disparity Between Child Trust Fund Accounts And Junior ISAs

For many parents with more than one child there’s a bit of a problem if you have one child who was born during the period the government was running their Child Trust Fund solution, and another child or children born after this period who may be eligible for a children’s ISA. What are the options, and how can you make sure that neither child is penalised compared to the other?

Why You Need to Know All the Facts

Are you working out your retirement planning strategy? If so, you need to think about what may happen as your retirement grows closer. Will you be receiving an inheritance, or will you need to build your nest egg from your own resources? Communication with your parents is important in order to know the answers to these questions.

What Is Your Personal Collateral Capacity?

Learning how to become financially secure in life doesn’t come from traditional education. Financial security comes from learning the concepts early and applying them to a personally developed success plan.

Junior ISAs – Three Areas Of Confusion

There are quite a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to opening and maintaining a Junior ISA or children’s ISA for your child. In this article I’m going to take a quick look at some of the common misunderstandings or areas of confusion people have regarding their child’s ISA.

Make The Right Decision When Choosing A Junior ISA

It is important to think about why you want to set up a Junior ISA in the first place. Knowing what you would like to think that the money will go towards will enable you to work out how much will be needed, and therefore how much needs to be invested on an annual basis between now and then.

3 Reasons the UK Housing Market Remains In The Doldrums

Why is the UK’s housing market so depressed even with Government initiatives to persuade banks and building societies to lend at more competitive rates and a mini mortgage price war between lenders? The number of mortgages approved in June 2012 was the lowest for 18 months with fewer people applying for new home loans than at any time since 2010.

Best Money Saving Schemes Available in India

With persistently changing financial market scenario and increasing number of banks, financial institutions, and online resources that give ample opportunities for savings, many people in India are unable to decide the right place to save their surpluses to meet future financial obligations. Hence, people are seeking advise on the most suitable and workable saving methods from the numerous schemes made available by the banks, so as to manage their personal finances in a better way.

Important Points To Be Aware Of When Opening A Junior ISA For Your Child

If you’re thinking about opening a Junior ISA for your child then you may well have a few questions. In this article I’m going to look at some of the main points which often come up when people ask about children’s ISAs.

Junior ISA Advice – Common Misconceptions About Children’s ISAs

Ever since the Junior ISA was introduced back in November of 2011 there have been a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings relating to exactly what they are, who is eligible and how they work. In this article I’m going to look at some of the most popular misconceptions regarding children’s ISAs.

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