The Real Story about Afghanistan – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Marine Veteran, Ryan.

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Shopping

With the economy in the toilet and the cost of food increasing rapidly it is extremely important to save money where you can. Shopping smarter can be a great way for you to save money and here are some great tips on how you can save money when you are out shopping for food.

Bizarre Secret Places to Hide Your Cash During Economic Collapse

With the roller-coaster on the stock market at the moment Many Americans are Nervous about losing money. Nowadays many investors are out of the market and stashing the cash in funny hidden unknown places. It is a smart move to ensure they will not lose it.

Live By These Rules and Stay Out of Debt

It is surprisingly easy to accumulate debt and can be very difficult to eliminate it. The best course of action is to avoid creating debt in the first place and manage your finances effectively so that you will be able to handle financial emergencies without relying on debt. Living by these simple rules can help you stay out of debt and make your financial future much brighter.

Short Selling Ban – Why It Doesn’t Work?

If you keep listening to Obama and his lies at the moment you have rocks in your head. Over the last two years he has put many people in a false sense of security. Many people want their questions answered, as he has been up on the pulpit telling everyone how good the economy was, when this was not the case at all.

Inflation Forecasting in Personal Finance: It Can Help You to Save Better for the Future

Predicting the future with a high degree of certainty is not usually possible. However, there are ways to anticipate your financial future. This is where inflation forecasting becomes relevant in financial planning.

Set-Up SMSF: Know What Documents You Need to Set-Up a Self-Managed Super Fund

As the set up of SMSF or self managed super funds has become more popular in Australia, it is now easier to find all the documents and requirements you need to know about online. Although the term self managed fund implies managing your superannuation by yourself, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a financial adviser to help you set it up and ensure compliance.

Guarantor Loans – Helpful Tips

Balance is important in our daily living; this is also true with our finances. If we are not balanced financially; we will inevitably fall short of our daily cash requirements. Chaotic finances are never a positive circumstance to find yourself in. In most cases, everyone strives to avoid disastrous financial management and the negative circumstances that follow.

Types of Online Savings Account – Become an Online Saver

Online savings accounts have been around for quite some time now, but it is only recently, probably because of the economic downturn, that they have really become something people put more thought into. The fact of the matter is that a savings account gives people a little more control over how they manage their money. In this article I will describe some of the options available.

Structured Settlement – Get Your Money When You Need It!

The legal term known as “Structured Settlement” is explained as a permanent settlement or an agreement between two parties, namely the plaintiff and the defendant to pay a certain amount of money, which is the compensation, in an installment pattern. It is during a court case where the defendant has decided that he or she would provide the compensation in this manner. The only difference in the payment of the structured settlement is that the defendant will bear fewer responsibilities financially, rather than by paying the entire sum at once.

Have a Better Retirement With a Stocks and Shares ISA

With UK pensions providing a very bleak outlook in the main, other investment vehicles are often looked into by people trying to give themselves a quality of life when they finally leave the working world. Many financial products impact on personal allowances, which for many defeats the object of investing in a different type of investment vehicle. The stocks and shares ISA however, changes the game as it has some quite wonderful tax rules.

12 Personal Finance Tips To Survive The Credit Crunch

Use A Budget – You won’t know where your money is going and what kind of financial situation you are in if you don’t have a budget, or spending plan, to track your spending habits. Write down how much you bring home and then, beneath it, start to subtract what you spend the money on.

Offshore Investment Tips

Offshore investment involves depositing your money in a foreign jurisdiction. Many people prefer to invest their money offshore because they want to reduce their tax burdens. Usually, countries with poor tax regulation are tax havens for foreign investors. The loose tax regulation aims to attract wealthy foreign investors.

Can Credit Cards Help You Rebound After Job Loss?

You have lost your job. You are struggling to find a new one.

How Celebs Get The Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards

Celebrities are known to whip out a card to pay for just about anything. Have you ever wondered why they bother to use cards when they obviously have so much cash from movies or music?

Money For Adoption – The Top 10 Sources

So you’ve been through the gamut of deciding you will adopt a child. You’ve read the articles, you’ve talked with friends and family, you’ve made some calls (including on your knees maybe), and now you’re ready to move forward. Except that there’s one thing looming over you now… adoption is expensive! Here are 10 sources to check out as you are making your adoption plans.

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