The Real Estate Mindset YOU Need to Have – Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Robert Helms, and Russell Gray

Open Online Savings Account – 3 Tips on Using High Interest Rate Saving Accounts

There are many reasons for an open online savings account today. Although the high interest rates of prior years have dwindled substantially there is good reason to hope they will return. In the meantime it is still a good idea…

How To Get Rich On Minimum Wage

If you have ever worked a minimum wage job you know how difficult it is to get ahead. There never seems to be enough money to pay the basic living expenses. There is another way.

Debt Free Living: Track Your Expenses

Debt free living is everyone’s dream. It is achievable and everyone can do it. Find out how easy it is to live debt free with simple budget plan set up.

Should You Refinance?: Difference of Refinancing and Getting a Line of Credit

Most people think that saving up for a purchase is much better than buying it through credit. While this may be better for the individual, this line of thinking has the capacity to pose a serious threat to the economy. Believe it or not, credit drives the modern market.

How to Save Money and Earn Extra: A Short Guide

Saving one’s money is one of the key elements to survival. This will establish future security, peace of mind, and happiness. Money isn’t something that one places under the ground and waters, and in a few weeks a tree and bears more money.

The Consumer’s Guide on How to Save Money

The almost limitless number of ways on how one can blow all of his or her cash away is simply astounding. Ever heard of that super lucky multi-million lottery winner who practically screamed his uvula off because he has become one of the world’s fortunate individuals who, by chance, can finally have everything that he wants? Well, most of the time that “winner” also ends up filing for bankruptcy.

Will You “Stay the (Financial) Course” or Make a Change

In any election, at every level, the basic issue presented to voters is, in some fashion, a question of whether to stay the course or make a change. When the vote is between candidates, one (often the incumbent) is a proponent of staying the course, continuing things as they are, while the other candidate offers a change – a new list of priorities, a new way of doing things. When the vote concerns an issue (taxes, public funding, laws) the decision is still whether things should stay the way they are or be changed.

Wise Tips to Spend Your Money

Have you ever need money but you do not have any? You should read this posting to stop that occurrence.

Ten Tips for Becoming a Smart Shopper

If you are looking for ways to cut down your outgoings in order to spend less than you earn then one of the things that will help you to do this is to become a smart shopper. There are lots of things you can do to become a smart shopper but here are just ten to get you started.

Keeping The Family Together During Job Loss And Debt

A job loss is never easy. It means a loss of a primary source of income. The lifestyle that you and your family once enjoyed has to change. It may mean letting go of certain properties and it can even lead to unemployment bankruptcy. With these things in mind, a lot of people end up experiencing anxiety and depression which in the long run, hurt them, their families and their chances at finding a new job. So here are a few tips to keep you and your family together during a job loss.

Taking The Edge Off Extended Unemployment

Countless people are suffering from extended unemployment. Today’s economy isn’t in the best condition. Because companies are still recovering from the recent economic crisis, employment opportunities haven’t really opened up yet. If you’ve just experienced a job loss then chances are you might stay unemployed for quite some time. With the possibility of extended unemployment it’d be ideal for you to take steps to prevent the financial instability that usually comes with long term unemployment.

Get A Free Credit Score With ID Theft Security

People should make sure their credit score remains as robust as possible for self-evident reasons. But lots of us want such a service to be able to defend us from the threats of internet crime as well. This short article reveals a provider which can do exactly that.

Easy Ways to Save Money

Do you want more money? Of course you do.

Bad Credit Consolidation Loans: Best Ways To Get Approved

Many people want to know what lenders offer bad credit consolidation loans, and also they ask how can I be approved? This article will explain this and get you on your way to your loan approval.

Some Ways to Make Money Without Leaving the House

If you are looking for ways to make money without leaving the house, you should first be aware that working from home actually requires you to work in order to make any money. With that being said, know that there are a few common ways to make money, depending on your interests and skills.

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