The Formula Millions Have Used to Become Rich

Should You Turn To Bankruptcy When In Credit Card Debt?

Claiming bankruptcy will affect your FICO score and without a good credit score, you will pay higher interest on loans and credit cards. The amount you end up paying on a home because you were given a higher interest rate due to a post-bankruptcy credit score, could turn out to be a lot more than what you will have written off with a BK. You can’t get rid of your debt altogether, either, since students loans, auto title loans, and payday loans cannot be written off.

Beware of Higher Taxes

Was your 2013 tax bill higher than you expected? You can probably thank the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. “RELIEF” is a misnomer. Reality is several changes are what tax professionals refer to as stealth taxes – under the radar burdens that are hard to see coming. These stealth taxes primarily affect high income earners.

Where to Invest for 2014

What asset classes were the leaders in 2013? Small cap stocks as represented by the Russell 2000 Index led the way with gains of 38.8%. Growth stocks did well posting gains of 34.2% as represented by the Russell 3000 Index. International stocks also reported double-digit gains (represented by MSCI EAFE NR USD Index), while bonds experienced net losses for the first time in a decade. What are the expected winners for 2014? Probably not the winners of 2013.

Which Financial Quadrant Are You In?

This article is deeply inspired by a book written by the New York Times Bestselling Author Robert T. Kiyosaki in Cash flow Quadrant. In in, he talks about the different quadrants in which your money is earned and which quadrant is taxed the least and earns the most.

7.5 Key Aspects for Destroying Your Debts

Here are 7.5 Key Aspects for Destroying Your Debts. When I say destroying, I mean killing off all debt from your life. Credit cards, student loans, car notes, business loans, and your mortgage. Now this is not a discussion about good debt vs. bad debt. This is about you getting control of your money and becoming debt free.

How to Protect Yourself From Fraud

Fraud costs banks, consumers and merchants billions of dollars every year. Taking the proper precautions against fraud will help keep your information and finances protected.

Tips for Picking the Right Mortgage Advisor

When you make the choice to buy a home instead of renting, you think that the hardest decision has been made. However, the hardest decision is yet to come.

When Opening a Business, Should You Lease the Equipment?

When some people open their new business, they want to buy their equipment outright because they don’t want to be spending money every month. They want the equipment to be their own and they want to reduce their monthly outgoings. However, is this the best option for them? You might look at that question and think that they will have done the right thing because they won’t be paying interest on the monthly payments.

Applying Systems Engineering Methods to Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Systems engineering is well suited for solving risk management and insurance planning problems for clients. All of the mechanisms and processes used to develop complex engineering solutions, whether it developing and software solution for a business to improve operations and gain an edge over the competition, to designing and building spacecraft to explore the planets or carry people into space, can be used to design optimal insurance solutions for clients that eliminate pain points in their lives and businesses. In this article, I present an accepted systems engineering approach used to craft systems and repurposed it for developing risk management and insurance solutions for clients.

Budgeting For Brand-Name Clothing For Your Family

Getting your budget to allow for purchasing brand-name clothing for your family can be very expensive. A few simple tips can help you buy those wonderful and much sought after big-name clothing items.

Budget-Friendly Loans

News Flash: The government is trying to raise minimum wages. Why? Because the average paycheck just doesn’t cover the costs of living today. So, what can you do to make that inadequate paycheck stretch? Shop budget-friendly.

Which Assets Return 100% Tax-Free In Ten Months And Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg?

How many investments are 100% tax-free? How many investments can sometimes produce a 100% return in nine months? How many investments are about to lift off over the coming years and for good reason? Read this article and find out the facts.

How To Trade Effectively If You Are A Beginner In The Stock Market

Trading may seem to be a risky path for complete novices who have no prior experience of actually handling a stock portfolio. It is not only the fear of losing money that haunts people in this stage, it is the selection of the most appropriate financial securities and the applicable strategies which really generates a concern in beginners.

Multi-Generational IRA: A Gift of Love to Grandkids!

The American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) was passed by Congress on January 1, 2013 and signed into law by President Obama the next day. For high-income taxpayers: tax rates rise from the prior maximum 35 percent to 39.6 percent; and the maximum tax rate on capital gains and dividends rise from 15 percent to 20 percent.

The Benefits of Buying a Home

With the worldwide economy struggling to recover from recession and people having a lot less money than in previous years, some might say that this is a renter’s market. Even in housing industries that have more of an emphasis on buying, a lot more people are renting because they can’t afford to have mortgages, especially when jobs aren’t safe in a recession.

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