The Feds are Creating a Liquidity Tsunami – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and Richard Duncan

Some Tips For A Successful Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is something that people wish to avoid as long as possible and this is because of the fear they have about their future. They think whether they will be in a position to meet their wants or at least their needs after getting out of their job due to age factor.But, the fact is that there are people, who are leading a better and peaceful after their retirement with respect to finances as compared to the level of security they had when they were working.

Save Big Money As A Coupon Mom

These days saving money is a must! If you take a little time and effort and use coupons, daily deal and coupon websites, you can be a money saving coupon mom.

Better Financial Management With Confucius

Recent studies show the highly educated, highest income group in the United States are the Asian Americans. They are said to be more satisfied compared to other Americans when it comes to their lives and can handle financial management better. According to Yu Kong Zhao, an expert in business strategies on China, these Asian Americans follow the teachings of Confucius.

Take Control of Your Retirement Assets With an In-Service Distribution

The recent turmoil in the financial markets has made us aware that we need to have the ability to manage and protect our retirement assets better than we are currently doing. Many of us have seen our retirement savings experience a roller coaster of returns since 2000, leaving balances pretty much where they were back then and the only growth being the additional contributions we have made. For those that are nearing retirement, ready to retire, or past the point that they wanted to retire, the loss of market value of these accounts have left many with no other option than to continue working.

The Story of Gold

Gold has been knocked down in 2013 because of massive gold contracts sold into the market and worries over scaling back by the Federal Reserve in its economic stimulus policies. It is used primarily as bullion for Precious Metals Investing and in Gold IRA accounts.

Using a Reverse Mortgage for a New Home Purchase

A reverse mortgage can now be used to purchase a new primary residence. Knowing how to help the growing baby boomer demographic find a more suitable home using the proceeds from a reverse mortgage will give a real estate agent an advantage over their competition.

What Is Financial Freedom and How Can You Attain It?

Financial freedom or Financial independence is described as a term generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

Cash Advance Online Loans Expose Financial Threats Within Budget

Just because a fast cash advance online is simple to obtain should you continue to allow your financial weaknesses go without correction? Are you even aware of any weaknesses within your finances? It might be safe to assume that if you are looking at applying online for a fast cash loan; your financial situation is not strong.

Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme

The law regarding workplace pensions has recently been changed, giving way to a new plan to Auto-enrol employees into their company’s pension scheme. The background and implications of these plans are discussed within this article.

How Is Chinese Gold Investment Affecting the Gold Price?

However, it seems the growing size of the Shanghai Gold Exchange is bringing competition to this market. This much more physical of gold markets, where 240 tonnes of gold bullion was delivered in April compared to 3 tonnes at COMEX, is quite different to its dynamics than London and COMEX.

Preparing for Changes in Pension Legislation

Many people will already be aware that over the coming years, it will become a legal requirement for all employers to provide a workplace pension scheme for their employees. These pensions reforms began being phased in for the biggest employers in October 2012, and will continue until early 2018 based on how many people you have on your payroll.

Where Can I Get A Small Bad Credit Loan?

If you are searching for financial relief but have debt issues in your past, you may be able to get the assistance you need by securing a bad credit loan. These are funding products that are offered by financial institutions that cater to consumers with unimpressive consumer histories.

Best Cash Advance Advice: Not A Good Fit For Just Any Budget

Not everyone will use a best cash advance application to solve their money problems. As much as they are extremely helpful to those who had success with them, there as many or more stories of those who say they would never use them again. Since there is no one-size-fits-all debt relief options, any person looking for financial help will have to customize their options.

Should I Use a PPI Claims Calculator?

This article provides some information on how to use a PPI claims calculator. It also asks the question whether utilising such a calculator is something that you really need to do.

Out of Sight, Out of Your Mind

I know many who, once they leave an employer, file any details regarding that employer’s pension scheme in a box not to be reviewed again until they reach age 65. This is probably even truer for expatriates; out of sight out of mind and all that. However two stories caught my attention in the past couple of weeks that illustrate perfectly what a flawed strategy this may be.

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