The Fed Has NO Power – Robert Kiyosaki’s Private meeting

What Is ID Theft Doing To Reputations and Credit Scores?

What is ID theft doing to harm your credit history? This article briefly covers identity theft and answers some important questions that consumers should be asking.

How a Powerful Vision Can Rock Your Financial World and Provide Financial Freedom!

A few years ago, on my talk radio show, I had the great privilege of interviewing John Yokoyama, owner of the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. People come from all over the world to watch the “fishmongers” at work as they toss the fish and joke and call out to each other. They are drawn to the Fish Market because of the fun, playful, boisterous and connecting environment that the employees have created.

Are You Making These Money Mistakes?

There are many money mistakes that could be costing you and you may not even realize that you are making them. If you continue making the same financial errors, you could end up with a financial disaster. Take a close look at your finances, figure out which mistakes you’re making, and then ensure you avoid making them in the future.

How Not To Fall Prey To Cheaters

People search for some assurance that what they are working for will be met and is something worthwhile. However we at times end up disappointed due to scams and other criminal activities that hold us back from our dreams.

Money Management – 7 Tips on How to Survive on a Small Retirement Income

Money management skills are vitally important especially if you have to live on a small retirement income. Learn how to cope with your income shortfall and money worries.

Limited Finances Affect Existing Wills

The long-term recession and slow recovery means that many families have been forced to sell off some of their assets in order to remain solvent. According to a recent study carried out by Engage Mutual Assurance, around 15% of those who had made a Will, had subsequently sold off some of the items which were originally contained in the document, over the last two years. In addition to the obvious disappointment and potential grief caused, it of course means that a significant percentage of existing Wills are now of date.

Alternatives to Final Expense Insurance

The life insurance category known as final expense insurance is also called funeral insurance or burial insurance. This kind of insurance is simply a life insurance plan with a low face amount. It is rarely the appropriate life insurance tool for the vast majority of people who buy it.

How Safe Are Your Financial Secrets?

Identity fraud is now being recognised as a major issue affecting people from all walks of life, particularly as people head online to share more information with the world than ever before on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Security experts are advising users of social networking sites like these to always check the security settings of the site, and avoid revealing any personal details that could be taken advantage of by criminals when updating their profiles and sharing statuses. The huge number of financial scams that happen as a result of online activity are claiming more…

Largest Banks in North America

Bank of America is one of the top largest banks in North America. It has been ranked No. 1 in The Banker Magazine Top 1000 World Banks ranking. The bank was named best consumer Internet bank in the United States by Global Finance magazine.

Keeping Up With the Inflation Forecast in 2011

Every year, numerous reports and studies surface on inflation. A new inflation forecast in 2011 was previously been released and has many consumers and businesses concerned. Inflation is always a concern; but now with the crises in the Middle East, inflation forecasts for 2011 are changing on a daily basis.

Stocks and Shares ISA’s Tax Free Savings

UK Government figures show 11.9 million cash ISAs were opened in the 2009-2010 tax year compared with just over 3 million shares ISAs. Returns though on shares ISAs according to Virgin money were almost 4 times higher as investors who put £5,100 into Cash ISAs during that tax year would have earnt £145, while a Stocks and Shares ISA with the same investment amount made returns of £593 before charges.

How To Find A Financial Advisor With Your Best Interests At Heart

A financial advisor is a person on whom you rely for advice on how to best run a very important area of your life: the area of finances. We are all aware that in this day and age, it is money which makes the world go round. If many of us are to be honest, we would confess that our worth depends to a very great extent on the money we happen to have in our pockets, our accounts, or in the form of our assets. It is hard to feel as if you are a worthwhile human being when you don’t have any money. Money makes life easier, and money makes life enjoyable. Without any money, it is almost a cinch that you won’t be in a position to enjoy life, and in fact, that your life will be very hard – as you will inevitably start experiencing difficulties getting the basic necessities.

How Modest Income Earners Can Benefit From The Services Of A Financial Planner

There are many of us who live under the impression that ‘only rich people need the services of planners.’ The reasoning is usually something to the effect that only such affluent people have money that is ‘substantially enough’ to warrant the enlistment of the services of a professional to help in planning its expenditure! But this way of thinking is largely informed by a misunderstanding of what a financial planner really is, and what their role is all about.

Online Shopping Can Save Money

As the world wide web has developed all that has changed considerably. Now you can choose anything from anywhere. Maybe you want some wine from France or a Swiss watch or to get some cheap home appliances from China or India.

Choosing A Professional Financial Planner

Choosing the financial planner that is right for you can be very confusing and somewhat difficult. Finding the person or company that you will be able to trust with your planning and finances is important. So learning where to start takes some consideration.

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